Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone


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    1. MOSAB TAJ


    2. Alan M

      Romulus and Remus be like 👁👄👁

    3. Pink.Dementor877

      This song is great! Just still not a fan of autotuned hobo

    4. M.T.F Squad

      The music video I had in my head was wayyy better this music video is tooo weak for this good of a song

    5. John Doe

      I thought this was the OST of "Raised by wolves" in HBO. 😂

    6. Beha Z

      Best song of December 2020

    7. Enrique Ramos _t

      BUENASOOOO 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

    8. Swervo

      Beetle juice 🥷🏾

    9. Saske

      Pretty good

    10. Subhan Mohammad

      This should've really blown up by now

    11. O sapato que a Cardi B jogou na Nicki Minaj

      Waiting some mashup channel make this song ft. Nicki Minaj

      1. O sapato que a Cardi B jogou na Nicki Minaj

        if it helps, i think her verse in plain jane would match

    12. SHONSL

      Post Malone is constantly evolving while maintaining qualities I like in his work!

    13. Chris Beatz 221

      Dammmnnnn Post Malone🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂🤦🏾‍♂️ OMG 🤤

    14. Ericka Love

      Ayeeeee 🔥🔥🔥

    15. DJ Shawty Swag


    16. DJ Shawty Swag

      Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯🔥💯

    17. Shakina Frink

      Wolves 🐺 🔥🔂

    18. Suhmuel Mar

      Gives me the flow from Asap Ferg- Plain Jane 🔥🔥🔥

    19. royaltyfreeloops


    20. Jerimiel ArchAngel


    21. Zac Koehler

      Music getting good again? 🧐

    22. terrace Robinson

      Niggas still doung songs with post after he dissed hip-hop smh

    23. leKoraxx

      I was waiting for this video so long.

    24. E.M.D Gaming

      Who else is here because of post Malone

    25. Sid

      Sheeesh 🔥

    26. Toxicfox

      i swear post never fucks up a verse

    27. Jill Thompson


    28. hanzo hattori

      Posty lookin like a villian

      1. hanzo hattori

        That gets killed by John Wick in the opening act

    29. Saske

      Sick ⚡️

    30. Өрісбай Әбдіраманов

      Pizdatyi trek


    32. Magvilson Fon

      If you're here, mean you have taste for good music

    33. muhd firdaus abu hussin

      Like plain jane ?

    34. KAGE .43.

      well theres a ground

    35. Muhammet Karaman

      so good

    36. Donald Wambua

      No one: Post Malone:Paid all my doose

    37. Matheus Ndeshitila

      "this ain't tattoos this is scars"

    38. Torombo Wanelou

      💊💉💊💊💊💊 I listen it when am die drug

    39. andreyheyhey


    40. noga mendox

      What’s with all the occultic symbolism . Yea I said it , don’t be blind call it cinematography

    41. bingzaniGercel

      Is post malone not dead?

    42. Jeezzzy 286


    43. A2Z With MoonEqualist

      Dam this is dope

    44. Arianne

      the beat go hard af🔥🔥 love the vibes

    45. Scree S


    46. Huy Huy

      Showed this to slim shady Now he is salim al shaheed

    47. E.P.L productions

      This deserves way more views. 3M AINT ENOUGH

    48. La Flame


    49. Spare

      Post killed this shit. 100%

    50. pm Pm


    51. kellia kaneza

      sounds like plain jane

    52. it's me Neer

      Nonstop copy music

    53. Blah Blahblah

      i don’t get it. dmx on the remix

    54. Ian Peter

      Big Sean sounds like Hopsin and this whole vibe gives it

    55. Atos Isme


    56. Osborne's chronicles

      Howl on big sean🐯

    57. Andy O.

      If you enjoyed this song/video, I think most people will appreciate this one too. "NO LIVES MATTER"

    58. werewolf LVyt

      this is good

    59. Aaron Alexander

      Bars Bars🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Its Heroo

      Post Malone looks like somebody off of breaking bad now

    61. Ajwadd Anwarr

      wait did Poste tatoo his skull?

    62. Force Unleashed

      Why is this not getting more view?

    63. Bayraa Bayraa

      Post malone my broooo

    64. NazifZuh

      Justice’s On’n’On mv vibess

    65. Thanasis Moderat

      This is a breath of fresh air. Love these two together in a song

    66. Tan Trinh


    67. Vefour Christine

      J adoreeeeeee

    68. Hernan Medina

      Quien viene por Kylie King la gringa 😅🤣

    69. Quezia Vargas emck


    70. Quezia Vargas emck

      Música maravilhosa e Pist perfeito como sempre.

    71. Clean Boyyy

      Malone look like Bedoes( Bedoes is a singer from Poland) Anyway beautiful song. ;)

    72. Saucyyッ

      That drop with the visual effects honestly make the video

    73. Tianz LYV

      Big Sean flow - 💎

    74. Salman Johnson

      Post Malone looks like he’s about to make some meth in an RV

    75. LuLWeeb

      Fire :c

    76. Zaccrusher 2

      Posf Malones part is sick, that was it ngl

    77. RoLando

      This is the men who sings "I don't fuck with you?

    78. Silent War

      Weeeee see the symbols ... 666 we see you

    79. anwion

      Goes in but I want to hear a collab with the Don, Tyga, and Drizzy. Sounds impossible 😂 but you never know! Twenty88 can't w8

    80. brendan murphy

      Big Sean likes wolves huh...he sounds like my ex fat, old, white co-worker. #beforebigsean

    81. Peter Aiden

      Who else here happens to be watching the "Raised by the wolves" series

    82. Young T


    83. Lewis Furrier



      This would be a fkng lit song for game of thrones!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    85. its khan


    86. Doung Sopanha56

      Love Malone 🥶🎹🎼🎸🪗💙

    87. Angel G

      Que flow...

    88. Saabir Irfan

      These ain't tattoos these are scars🔥🔥

    89. Miss Jada

      This bangs!!! Had this on repeat since I heard it

    90. Aleyna Soysal

      I like it

    91. Realizmz R

      SWEET! Visuals are dope!

    92. Joshua Abenchuchan

      is that supposed to be big sean's grandma? i know he's got a lot of love for her as a matriarch.

    93. perrin robert

      This song seems real safe not a good song

    94. mohd hazwan mohamad

      big wolves energy

    95. Joann Cunningham

      Posty brings the class and fashion as always!

    96. Jake Peralta

      we live in a time where bts gets nearly 100M in 1 day and this masterpiece is still at 3M.

    97. Ykqcz Vdqs

      Post Malone looks like he should be a villain in a movie

    98. Andile Nhlamba


    99. Britney onokwu

      i hated this song at first but now i cant stop listing

    100. Epic Ly

      I was raised by the 🐺🐺