Q-Tip Chaos: Fails of the Week (August 2020) | FailArmy


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    It's time for the Fails of the Week! This week we have a drone fail, a fishing trip gone wrong, and more!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 3 ماه


    1. Dingo Dave

      I don't know how I would've known where to look without that pink circle 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

    2. Dawn Gallagher

      Fail Army, stop with the slow motion! It ruins clips that otherwise would be funny!

    3. Shaman Dickman

      Random guy: Are you OK?" Then girl actually falls. *Guy starts laughing XDXDXD

    4. The Chocolate Dealer

      0:27 I got some serious "Another" flashbacks there

    5. Jeremiah Crawford

      God these videos were awful

    6. Roeger1024

      I wish people would turn their phones 90 degrees when doing a video. SMH

    7. Gilad Fadel

      4:42 thats a loving husband right there! xD

    8. Laure Mehrkens

      I was groovin’, with the music near the end😁.

    9. Mariano Rodríguez

      1920s people failing: "I feel deeply ashamed, gladly witnesses are non" 2020s people failing: "Did you get it on video!?"

    10. Sims Simms

      3:33 lmao

    11. Chico Little

      4:02 LMAO I bet he was pissed when there was no cop following her!

    12. Kearney Lambert Chico


    13. SMASH P0W

      Ax girl said hold up Did that hurt hurt?

    14. Ben

      Dude laying on the steps is best vid by far outta all these other clips 👍🤣

    15. Michael Vincent

      Yooo 1:18 girl is so fucking lucky the axe didn't impale her.

    16. Helen Macklin

      Fair play to the girl with the axe, she was composed.

    17. Amatullah Seymour


    18. JoeWaylo Gaming

      0:35 - The reason you use a baby lock on trash cans.

    19. Justin Cadle

      Didn't he know we in a pandemic? Who throws away a whole roll of toilet paper?!

    20. Laura DePass


    21. Linda Lloyd


    22. sol pakuk


    23. Adella’s World

      came on with a bang 😂😂

    24. My x

      3:28 need this video 😂

      1. FreeFunniest


    25. Noble

      3:36 moaning😂

      1. Gamer SaurusRex

        I’m trying to find just this vid clip and can’t in case someone can point me to it. Lmao.

    26. Eduardo Solidario

      0:11 how to clean your brain

    27. G.P Reads

      1:13 for real? butter makes ship slippery lol 1:17"Women can do anything a man can do" yup i agree just not this particular woman lol

      1. G.P Reads

        2:51 why is everyone on this mans ass? yes he looks foolish no he didnt stick the landing now focus on those two faces behind him? those are his kids they wont forget their dad doing this it will stick with them, he is a man he is taking care of his buisness he is being a father. I get ignorant fatherless kids fail to grasp what that means but dayum... let a brother be a father

    28. exequiel muñoz


    29. soadboy66

      "Fails of the week" 1:50 shows a guy literally sledding on a mountain in the middle of winter....

      1. Gina Powell

        Ummm.. No

    30. Regoč Stribor

      UFO on 2:14

    31. Ariel Jones

      3:24 The fact that he popped back up right after XD

    32. Ariel Jones

      Thank goodness that was a Q-Tip. If that was a booger, I was about to punch my screen through.

    33. Can i have 1k sub before 2021

      Wife to her husband: Wake up. Some thieves have broken into our house. I think they are now eating the food I made last night. Husband: Oh! Let's better call the ambulance then.

    34. Randi ??

      why he doing tht why tell me??!!

    35. blux

      4:05 divorce


      1:17 OMG she gonna kill her friend by throwing the axe 🪓 1:20 OMG she almost AXED her own fuckin face off.

    37. Run-Kings

      1:28 Zelda Botw in a nutshell lmao

    38. cod gamer

      i cant stop laughing 3:32 🤣

    39. Mona darling

      0:57 Han Dong sleepwalking..😜

    40. Lavan Smith

      That is one strong ass dog

    41. Harshit Satone

      Last one was savage 😂😂

    42. Ghost_Fazbear

      FailArmy Season 9 Episode 1 on Snapchat had literally 0 new clips. Same goes for the last 285962959363 episodes.

    43. S00N2B3

      2:28 is the most boring thing I've ever watched.

    44. Suner78 Suner78

      1:18 she could have died...

    45. CFC thegreatesttherecanbe

      Just knew the guy with the exercise bands was going to have a painful encounter!!

    46. Tj Webb

      4:00 gets rkoed and asks if she’s okay lmaooo

    47. Dr. Heisenberg

      3:29 I'm actually concerned about him...he might've got some serious internal injuries.

    48. Back Beat

      Show offs hurting themselves..... Proof that karma is a real thing

    49. Poj Dub Yaj Hmong Funny Channel

      Great video!

    50. Bunni_UwU

      go 10M 😎

    51. David Kowalsky

      1:18 had a very high potential of being fatal. Learn how to do a thing before you do a thing.

    52. Shelby Seelbach

      It's almost like fail army is actually trying again.


      firts minute was *amazing*

    54. Cysiek

      Explain this to me because I don't understand, she was recording her lie to get out alive from the police?

    55. ENVY ME

      You want too see how stupid you are ? 6:20

    56. Orlando Everitt

      The only reason I watch these is to hear the poeple videoing’s reactions 😂😅

    57. Random Demon

      I haven’t watched this channel in like 3 years bro the nostalgia isreal

      1. BestForexList

        Maybe better. Now there r just boring clips. Nothing funny at all

    58. Naughty _Bear_79

      What was the deal with the heavy slow mo with the guy on the trampoline, thought that shit wouldn't end

    59. shallowlord

      Wonder how many filming themself in the hope that something goes wrong so they can put it online in the hope that it goes viral...

    60. Dane Bryant Frazier

      1:26 George McFly laughing

    61. Anish Reddy

      i had a very bad day and this made my day

    62. hXc Hector

      Hmmm, I saw the EXACT SAME set up at 4:04 from some guy and his mother in the UK. One of the two has to be copying....

    63. Geoffrey Hamilton

      We've only had smartphones for a decade now... Long enough to know to turn your phone 90 degrees to record

      1. Gina Powell

        Damn it yes! I can't believe there are still that many idiots out there

    64. MajkiPL

      Guy on the steps made my day.

    65. jr4chargers

      1:19 She's like, "hold up, let me process this pain."

      1. Laugh Nation


    66. Lorenzo Farinotti

      I loved the one at 00:38! So educative 🙈😂

    67. Heniovsky

      0:38 where is fail at?

      1. Heniovsky

        @Gina Powell yes

      2. Gina Powell


    68. Vibin Vijayan

      2:05 could become the next windows background.

    69. Lola

      4:41 if that ain't true love Idk what is!

    70. Eastsidedirtykid

      Wait what? When did you all start uploading in IRvision again (the main fails of the week). Did you work out something with them??

    71. Abby Meaker

      1:50-1:57 all right I’m gonna do that now!!! 🥰😊😍😘🥳😻😽😁🤣😎👍🏻

    72. Computist40

      1:53 that was dangerous. With my luck, i'd land the wrong way and break my neck.

    73. Wyatt Payne

      0:26 When the weather hates that the governor didn't allow indoor dining yet.

      1. Laugh Nation


    74. Lisa Gibson

      5:30 that cat is like "holy shit thats a big ass mosquito :O "

      1. Laugh Nation


    75. Tetra3Ne56scur

      What about people getting COVID-19 tests ? The faces they make when that thing goes up their nose

    76. Glenn

      Me: how many videos can they make about cue tips? Fail army: ONE as clickbait

      1. Laugh Nation

        Hahaha yep

    77. fancyramen

      The guy making the dog pick up the mess he made 😂😂🤣🤣

    78. HeyItzNs

      Nobody: Me on mother's day: 1:09

    79. Atheist Orphan

      3:11 - Two hours later the house was completely burnt to the ground.

    80. Bashcrash 914

      I like how the girl blasted herself in the face with an axe and proceeded to completely no-sell it.

      1. Laugh Nation

        It was dangerous though😱😱

    81. Raisa Frolova

      I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago and now these videos cause me pain

    82. meme me

      Imagine If everyone died and this i the only evidence If us

      1. Laugh Nation


    83. SAMI MA


    84. Ryan Fisher


    85. OriginalGaucho

      People who shoot vertical should never be allowed to use a camera.

      1. Laugh Nation

        True lol😂😂

    86. hcfriel21

      I have watched this channel for years, this was the worst videos I have seen

    87. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂😂😂

    88. Jklmnopski

      Congratulations, you just incriminated yourself.

    89. Joni Heikkinen

      How fucking difficult is turn the phone

    90. Jonathan Montreuil

      The idea of finishing your video with some cheap music is the worst idea you ever had.

    91. Justin Parisien

      Rotating the video doesn't make the video new again

    92. PIG OUT

      5:47 IT'S A GIRL! Congrats

      1. Gina Powell


    93. Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir

      3:04 Just let the cake go!

    94. fillg

      1:28 Horse says "I ain't going in the water, you go in the water"

      1. FreeFunniest


      2. Laugh Nation


    95. Bryce Eichelkraut

      Girls: Oh,Are you okay? Boys: 3:19

      1. Laugh Nation

        A good one😂😉

    96. Larry Reese

      Best one in a while

    97. Ace Trainer AJ

      3:44 The ultimate trap

      1. Veronica Starre

        What internet trolls take their shenanigans into the real world

    98. Kaizer Melrakki

      4:04 hahahaha I take my hat off

    99. movies lovers

      subscribe for new movies scenes

    100. Lets_Emanuel

      1:15 She nearly killed herself with that axe😨😨

      1. RandomE

        @TunnelSnake9337 ohhhhh i see what you mean, okay

      2. TunnelSnake9337

        RandomE girls just have less muscle

      3. RandomE

        @TunnelSnake9337 i mean she did it wrong doesn’t mean her husband should do it, she is independent enough my dude

      4. TunnelSnake9337

        Leave it to the men

      5. Laugh Nation

        Damn it's too dangerous 😱