Broner vs Vargas FULL FIGHT: April 21, 2018 - PBC on Showtime

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    (April 21, 2018) Four-division world champion Adrien Broner and two-division world champion Jessie Vargas fought to a highly entertaining 12-round majority draw Saturday night on SHOWTIME in the main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING in front of 13,964 fans at Barclays Center in Brooklyn in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.
    The back-and-forth battle was a tale of activity vs. accuracy. Vargas was by far the more active fighter, throwing 839 total punches, 300 more than his opponent. Yet the flashy Broner was supremely accurate, connecting on 44 percent of his power shots and 38 percent of his total punches, compared to just 27 and 24, respectively, for Vargas.
    Broner (33-3-1, 24 KOs) came on strong in the second half of the fight, picking up rounds eight through 10 on all three of the judges' scorecards. The 12th round was crucial in determining the draw, which was scored 115-113 Broner and 114-114 twice. The judges agreed on eight of the 12 rounds but couldn't agree on the final round, which was ruled differently by the two judges who scored the fight a draw.
    "I want to thank Jessie Vargas. He's a two-time world champion for a reason," said Broner, who was working for the first time with Kevin Cunningham as his head trainer. "He came to fight but at the end of the day, you all know I beat him. Point blank, period.
    "I was connecting with rights. I got warmed up in the early portion of the fight. My trainer was a big help tonight. I want to thank Coach Cunningham as well as my original coach, Mike Stafford, for realizing I needed to do something different.
    "I would love to fight Vargas again, but let's go back to my town to do it."
    Vargas (28-2-1, 10 KOs) worked off the jab and was incredibly effective with his body shots in just his second fight with trainer and former world champion Mike "The Body Snatcher" McCallum.
    "I thought I won the fight," Vargas said. "At the end of the day I can't argue because I was fighting on the inside of the ring so I don't know what you saw from the outside. I was landing clean blows. It was a good fight but at the end of the day I can't dispute the decision.
    "It must have been a close fight for the judges to have scored it the way they did. I felt that I won the fight and I was up two rounds. I'm relying on the judges to make the right decision.”
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    1. Elin Brittany

      The nostalgic toy sicily terrify because server annually launch from a berserk latency. irritating, mighty red

    2. Jose Moran diaz

      Broner te has engañado que eres boxeador .eres un saco de entrenamiento te corres mucho del golpe pero tú no golpeas eres un estafador del box .que dirá el publico deberías pelear en interbarrios no eres para ser profesional .retiraré por favor que así quedas mejor eres un costal de nervios en el ring .tu no le pegas a nadie .que dices he .

    3. dakidjahsiah

      Lowkey classic

    4. Poppy Jones

      Broner won the fight if you think different you don’t know boxing 🥊

    5. Maria Moonfang

      Broner is a desperate cheerleader 😌

    6. Dmoneyflow

      Broner actually won this fight. Barely but he won. He was tearing vargas up... he should of let his hands go more but his precision can be seen in Vargas face and everytime his knees would buckle. If some of these rounds were 30 secs longer Broner would of knocked him down in a couple of those rounds smh lol

    7. Kota Lz

      27:27 “You a Bum you a bum” lmao

    8. Kota Lz

      I like this ref he’s letting them talk a lot of refs are soft and tell them to stop talking like if it’s a rule that u can’t

    9. Kota Lz

      4:47 try it try it that left hook waiting lol

    10. welcome2 thazoo

      broner is a waste of talent...

    11. PhoenixIceable

      Since A. Broner just won his last fight maybe we can get A. Broner Vs. J. Vargas 2.

    12. Cyril Ebeh

      Must be terribly frustrating for Broner’s trainer to watch this shit show by his fighter. Broner would have won this fight if only he listened to his trainer.

    13. Ongaudbruh

      @27:25 AB was calling him a bum while blocking his punches 😂😂

    14. Caleb Foster

      If Floyd is Ultra Instinct then Broner is SSJ 1 🤦🏽‍♂️

    15. war lock2069

      Broker could be a very great boxer if he take boxing more serious

    16. Roy Dela fuente


    17. Wonder Keisha

      I hope broner fought pacquiao like that

    18. jamar hefflin

      Broner was in world class shape.. Vargas sucking wind 8-12.. Vargas has that Mexican heart and power tho,, every punch looks like it hurts fatigued or not

    19. Yassin Yahyawi

      Something in my heart makes me believe that broner is a nice guy.

    20. Action_Bastard85

      A draw! Come on, in the beginning AB was slow but towards the end he was fk’n him up.

    21. ZedieLiam EL

      Floyd recognized early that AB was a got-damn 'PROBLEM" so Floyd wandered off to wherever Floyd goes after being disgusted with a boxers immaturity... Hence whats left is a self-generated - self-proclaimed delusional performer raising the brows of fans and commentators with trashy accolades and phrases of grandeur ... Now its not that AB is not regarded as a great talker- particularly when actions speak louder than words when its backed up -- but the prize in AB's 10cent Cracker-Jack 'BOX" isn't worth the cost of the peanuts and caramel Popcorn, especially after the cavities set in !! We will always love AB, but his "COULDA-WOULDA-SHOULDA done his 'HOME-WORK"excuses including the DOG ate his notebook, collectively ended with his "CHOICE" not to, make up the failing grade and 'PERFORM" on the next level of his rhetoric still resulted in another "F" whether or not the Ref's gave him the "W"... AB should be renamed to AF - "'About Failing" - Once upon a time AB was consistently considered the one to call to official gunslinger O-K Corral shoot-outs,... yet he kept showing up with dingy, unclean Butter-knives - AB has guns... but he never checked his ammo, never cleaned the barrels, checked the sights, and never filled all the chambers. - He really never drew and didn't pull out his guns because they are stuck in his holster - The fact remains - when he does pull the trigger, he shoots himself in the foot- every time - Geez !!

    22. Stan Fischer

      Broner is Clearly a Bum - evidenced in several bouts

    23. alex montanez

      Have those people booing ever watched the first round of a boxing Match ever? Haha who did they think was in there, Tyson? Lmao

    24. Padro Gonzo

      This was a tough fight for Broner . Jesse did a great job defending and bring the old to AB. Both guys did great .So it was appreciated .💯💯

    25. Tone Jr

      Broner won this fight looking back at it

    26. Thomas Hammond


    27. Azizi Sakri

      Two guys loses fight with pacman.. pacman is the great fighter in the worlds..

    28. Everett Hairston

      Sorry Adrian but you lost homie

    29. Jose Lebron

      En el 10 ya Vargas estaba agotado

    30. Jose Lebron

      En el 6 ya varga estaba peleando por la raza mexicana .pero no podía mas

    31. Jose Lebron

      Bruner tiene poca defensa ,es casi como munguia

    32. Jose Lebron

      Bruner tiro menos golpes ,pero conecto los mejores. Fue más preciso.

    33. Shawn Scarlet

      Broner walang kwntang boxer

    34. Jose Oblianda Sr

      Broner Dirty Fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      You can tell the commentator is a hater

    36. Robert Angeles

      And Vargas is asking for a Pacquiao fight? SMH

    37. coelho sports & rec

      Good fight. Broner made a decent comeback but the math doesn't work out for a draw. He didn't win enough rounds to avoid a loss.

    38. Tavieon Langley

      That slip in the 5th rd tho. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    39. 👑RichardTheGreat

      No one Absolutely no one Black people: BrOnEr WaS rObBed

    40. 👑RichardTheGreat

      I like that you can hear them talking to each other 👍

    41. black knight30

      This was AB last good fight & he should have won it i see no draw here

    42. natasha bass

      The commentary on here was bad

      1. Jakeem Crenshaw

        This is not the original commentary. I think the networks own rights to the original

    43. Chris Taylor

      Who here right now cause he fights tonight 😂

    44. ruben A.J

      Good fight vargas won

    45. Francisco Terry

      No… Vargas won that fight …broner waited too long … but it was really good fight and could had been even better if broner didn’t wait too long 🤔

    46. Benjamin Welkens

      I think AB should work his jab more.. he'll look more active, create more opportunities and set up more shots

    47. Edward Jones

      Yeah commentary was not that good on this one, this voice over from the original just didn't work well

      1. Jakeem Crenshaw

        Idk why they take out the original commentary.

    48. Mr Grandi

      Broner is actually a great fighter, but unfortunately he's his own worst enemy

      1. MIKE ISRAEL

        Isn’t everyone

    49. Nick P

      Hmm. I feel like without that cut Vargas would’ve taken it, Broner landed a lot of power shots though. Draw was the right call IMO.

      1. Arturo Besina

        I’m BFF

    50. Nano Brazi

      Hope AB comes back and take it serious man he a good fighter when his locked in to boxing. He a good rapper but one or the other cus now he ain’t doing none of them.

    51. Grace M L.Z

      Is Fake

    52. ojo por ojo

      Damn blind how will it be a draw!!! Vargas won that fight !!! corrupt, pigs, thieving judges!!!.

    53. Tyler Nichols

      Broner got played in this one. It was competitive but it wasn’t a draw tho

    54. Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi

      how about another glimpse on marcos maidana vs adrien broner?

    55. Puppet Master

      Fuck, Broner drives makes me so frustrated, bc he’s prob the dumbest fighter I’ve ever seen. Here’s a guy w/ more talent than anyone except Floyd Mayweather & a couple others, but who’s scared to throw a punch. He goes rounds w/o letting his hands go, & that’s why he’s not undefeated. He’s so precise & won’t throw a punch unless he thinks it’s the perfect time to. Perfection is the enemy of greatness, bc no ones perfect, but Broner easily has the talent to be great. He just needs to get out of his own head, or start using his head 😂


        Floyd has no talent lol

      2. Dmoneyflow

        This was an excellent break down!

      3. Caleb Foster

        What? I saw the exact opposite...


        If he is scared to throw a punch then he doesn't have any boxing talent. Boxing talent is indistinct

      5. Jose Martinez

        You are absolutely right 100% talent just wasted on that thing (Broner).

    56. Nate Francis

      Vargas clearly won this fight.

    57. real talk with mr. A ford

      Adrien Broner have a lot of talent but his decision-making outside of the Ring is his downfall just looking back on this fight let me know if he was Focus it will be hard to beat him

    58. Drew Price

      Vargas was hurt alot in this fight iono if it was a draw i could see if he fought the fight he fought and wasn't really getting hurt but he was...

    59. Drew Price

      They should have took a point from Vargas for that shot after the bell that was ridiculous the bell been rang.

    60. Reynaldo

      Broner have become one of the borest fighteres ever known.

      1. Jason Moody

        RIP the English language

    61. Ssgt. Silva

      Draw.... great fight!

    62. Halfman Halftree

      AB did more damage

    63. Donovin Foxx

      Them 2 was thump'n , I would love to see them go at it again... real thump

    64. Rah-Saan Naga

      22:09 - 22:12 nice movement

    65. Ulises Constantino

      Genio cuando la revancha con el chino 😅 no seas canijo

    66. Ulises Constantino

      Vamos broner

    67. Ulysses Morando

      That clip where Vargas landed that shot!😲😶😎

    68. Free World227

      Great fight


      I almost stopped watching after the first round. But god damn did that turn out to be a great fight. I don't agree with the draw though. Vargas won that.

    70. MEECH !!

      AB won this fight he was hurting Jessie

    71. Shabazz Prophet

      The marathon continues

    72. Darrin Clark

      Broner low key has lost about 8 fights

      1. MEECH !!


    73. jimmy whispers

      The commentator talks too much

      1. Macho_Pale _

        He's a commentator it's his job

    74. Silver Fox

      I see corona was at this fight. haha

      1. heavy rain


      2. Jp Morgan

        @Silver Fox yeah youre high

      3. Silver Fox

        @Jp Morgan did you even watch the fight? The ropes have a binding holding them together with the word Corona on it. Use yer eyes that God gave you ffs

      4. Jp Morgan

        @Silver Fox i guess your really high smh

      5. Silver Fox

        @Jp Morgan look at the ropes advertisement ya nob

    75. The Mayor

      AB got robbed this fight.

    76. Jared Lopez

      After watching this fight a second time, I have it Vargas winning 7-5. Work rate was too high and he outlanded Broner, though Broner was the harder puncher and did more damage. Close fight, the Draw was fair, I too had a swing round. A rematch would be a good fight for both.

    77. King of bubbles

      You guys seem to be hyping up the upcoming Broner fight with all these other Broner fights, I'm just kinda sick of seeing Broner fights.

    78. Ysl Jae

      Ab won this fight hands down almost finished Vargas in the 9th

    79. Avarski Boston

      Good fight but if we going to tell the truth broner beat vargas this shouldn't have been a draw

      1. Avarski Boston

        @Julio Garza 🥱🥱😴😴

      2. Julio Garza

        Did you run out of beer and left for a few rounds

      3. RCE 23

        I agree broner definitely got robbed

      4. Avarski Boston

        @Tone Jr he was hitting vargas with lead rights and ducking right after the punch just like mayweather does multiple times... Vargas was landing clean to the body but with no power I had this fight 7-5/8-4 AB

      5. Tone Jr

        @Avarski Boston yea he def won looking at again

    80. Ruthless Inu

      Don’t know why this was a draw. Thought Broner fucked him up. Vargas did well but he got wrecked.

    81. Louis Sanders

      Vargas deserved to win

    82. peter sparshot

      When was this.

      1. Nicholas Haakanson

        Read the title

    83. Michael Wiggins

      Wow Broner had Vargas stunned in the 9th and had him seeing double clearly 👁👁

      1. Honest Fan

        @Puppet Master And if he put in some real work

      2. Puppet Master

        Too bad Broner’s to arrogant to listen to other’s advice & let his hands go all of the time. He would one of the best fighters in boxing if he threw more punches & wasn’t so worried about getting hit. 🤦‍♂️

      3. NatTurner DevilBurner


    84. Michael Wiggins

      You can see Vargas take a deep gasp for air after getting hit with the counter left to the ribs in the last 30 seconds of round 9! He hid the fact he was hurt, and looked doubtful after that exchange 😳🥊

    85. Michael Wiggins

      Broner was making Vargas grimace in pain with the sharp 1 2 in the 6th!

      1. Vxlitile

        Yea too bad he still couldn’t win because he wasn’t letting his hands go. good fight for vargas and broner

    86. babs awal

      Adrian broner isn't serious about his boxing career

      1. SuperTruthful

        Nope, he's not...he just wants the attention without doing the work

    87. Michael Wiggins

      Broner cracked a little "Yea I'm turning up the heat grin" when he started ripping hard shots back to Vargas!🥊😂💰

    88. NatTurner DevilBurner

      Broner won this fight , should've been a close UD

      1. NatTurner DevilBurner

        @veterans for equality na Vargas didn't do enough to win Broner landed bigger lunches throughout the fight and started to run away with it in the second half

      2. veterans for equality

        He lost

    89. Noel Roman

      This commentary is ass, watch the original broadcast with Al and Pauli. Superb commentary right there.

      1. 👑RichardTheGreat

        I agree, paulie is one of the best commentators in the game imo

      2. tyreebyrd2

        Facts this guy sucks I hate that they dub his voice over the original commentary

    90. Emmanuel Kapitao

      Broner should of gotten the nod, I’d like to see a rematch tho.

    91. EmmanzinoHD

      Broner is one the most athletic boxers I’ve ever seen. No one can disagree on that I don’t care if you hate him. His natural reflexes, crazy handspeed, crazy agility. People forget hes still fairly young. He’s up with the greatest handspeed tho (sugar ray, Roy Jones, Gary Russell and Ryan Garcia ) . I think he’s faster than Floyd.

      1. Theblkwolverine89

        @EmmanzinoHD I see what you are saying now. I mostly agree with your statement at this point. Floyd is sharper than Broner ever was and that's what matters more than speed.

      2. EmmanzinoHD

        @Theblkwolverine89 bro Broner is faster with his combinations than Floyd but Floyd is more accurate. I think broner has more fast twitch muscle fibres, boxing wise he’s not elite but he’s an incredible athlete.

      3. Theblkwolverine89

        @EmmanzinoHD He is not faster or more athletic than Floyd. Are you on crack?!

      4. EmmanzinoHD

        @WhyNot You? facts

      5. WhyNot You?

        I agree for sure. He’s got cat reflexes man.just his twitch will make you dizzy in the ring

    92. jojo papagei

      Very nice fight

    93. a pimp named Mdot

      Man this fight was truly amazing. They should've had a 2nd.

      1. Oscar Garza

        @a pimp named Mdot shit maybe they will now. I’d want to see it

      2. RekeMun Gaming

        @Darrin Clark he don't fight like Floyd tho 😂 AB is a pocket fighter the only similar thing is the shoulder roll he dont try to dance around like Floyd

      3. Darrin Clark

        Broner wanna be Floyd so bad it fucked up his career

      4. a pimp named Mdot

        @Mr. Deez what's so funny?

      5. Mr. Deez


    94. The BrotherHood

      Broner got robbed in this fight, the Pacquiao fight, and the Mikey fight. Dont @ me

      1. Noel Guillermo

        @The BrotherHood dam even Errol Spence said broner lost to Mikey that fight was never a controversy but you no nowadays people that be on the internet all day always no more than the professionals lol

      2. RekeMun Gaming

        @Ruthless Inu facts I agree after this fight he should get right back in gym 💯

      3. Ruthless Inu

        @RekeMun Gaming I hear ya. I’ve always supported AB. Only thing I get disappointed with, is how much weight he puts on between fights. He’s still young and should be staying in shape between fights. Like I’ve said before, AB can’t afford to get complacent between fights because if you look at his pops, he is genetically susceptible to becoming fat.

      4. RekeMun Gaming

        @Ruthless Inu not disagreeing on that part but my I'm argument is that fans over do it when he lose if you would only listen to fans and not watch his fights you would think AB be getting knock out and dominated but that don't be the case that's my only agreement. And they even overhype the chino fight low-key

      5. Ruthless Inu

        @RekeMun Gaming closer than what most would like to admit, yes. But I can say the same for so many other fights. The point is, Broner did not do enough to win that fight. Had he tried harder, he would’ve put himself in harms way and that could’ve given pac a better opportunity to hurt him. Pac thrives off of exchanges and Broner did not want that. He decided a “pick ‘em” type of fight was safer for him and in turn, he limited his own output.

    95. DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR

      Broner vs Santiago is an interesting fight. We will see if Broner can let his hands go and win. Or Santiago becomes a new good fighter on the scene with a win.

    96. phone jack

      AB was so disrespectful back then 😂

      1. RekeMun Gaming

        @DOUBLESNAKE 007 3 years ago

      2. DOUBLESNAKE 007

        back then.... this was in 2018

      3. BigTex 123

        He still is , nd he racist . Don't believe me . Search up broner racist. You'll see

      4. RekeMun Gaming

        He said rice and chicken 😂

    97. Gd Dd

      Broner should have won this one in my opinion. . We can agree to disagree

      1. Gd Dd

        @Huncho Ched yeah at the times I had the same feeling

      2. Gd Dd

        @zzxzz That’s your opinion

      3. zzxzz

        @Huncho Ched like when broner robbed ponce de leon

      4. Huncho Ched

        i deff agree the judeges rob broner because they dont like him as a person thats not fair at all

      5. The BrotherHood

        They be trying to rob Broner

    98. HMG ENT.

      This rematch should’ve been his first fight back. & they like each other

      1. JChrisgaming Chris

        Broner been out two years Santiago is a tune up for Ab maybe after that fight

    99. Sy Ahmed

      Broner gets a lot of stick but credit to him win, lose or draw his fought Malignaggi, Maidana, Porter, Pacquaio, Vargas, Garcia.

      1. Tyshawn Denard

        @DaaBoys2138 No tf he didn’t. He had no volume at all, this is boxing not patty cake.

      2. Big Myth

        Fights some of the top contenders and gets stick for it yet you all hype , hup these boxers who are 20-0 but have fought bums. Give him a bit of respect for taking these fights, yes he’s cocky but that’s what you’ve got to do to make sales. He’s very underrated and he has a lot of talent but he doesn’t show it.

      3. DaaBoys2138

        @Tyshawn Denard Paulie fought well against him I’m not sure what fight you watched. The magic man has more heart in his pinky than AB has in his entire body... a younger Paulie could very well beat him. AB is one of the most overrated fighters of all time in terms of quality wins!

      4. Benjamin Welkens

        @Puppet Master ab is more talented than pacman?? In what way

      5. Puppet Master

        @SuperTruthful I know, it makes me mad bc he has more talent than every one of those fighters listed. And all Paulie did when he fought him was throw a bunch of soft punches that Broner didn’t feel, & hoped Broner wouldn’t let his hands go. Fortunately, he did let his hands go just enough, but even to beat Paulie 115-113 is weak considering Broner’s ability. He should’ve K.O.’d him by the 6th round 😂

    100. Gary Dell’Abate

      Broner lost this fight!