2021 Reese's Senior Bowl Practice : American Team vs Nation Team

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    2021 Reese's Senior Bowl Practice : American Team vs Nation Team

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    6. David Huff

      Tutu Atwell is 4th round at best.

    7. David Huff

      Why don’t they add the penalty to the end of the play?

    8. David Huff

      These dudes should get paid for this.

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      1. Franklin Ushiyama


    12. Just chuck

      American is the nation. They played this Shit of a game but not the Pro Bowl? Well. Makes sense

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    15. Mikey Preston


    16. Demetrius Melvin

      Mond has progressed!

    17. Alex Akumpo

      norte dame.. your ass

    18. davidcarson71


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    22. cc pranks

      50:22 yo ngl that was the funniest thing I've seen all day 😂

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    24. wilshan68

      🐯GO TIGERSZZZZ 🐅 #3-ROGERS #14-POWELL DID WHAT THEY DO!!! 👍🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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    27. D P

      Only time I wanna hear "your gonna see some penetration" while watching men only on my phone.

    28. Jordan Mcfadden

      Shout out my boy demetric felton!! He gone be the next diggs type ucla underused him but any smart coach is gonna see the potential and the ability of his after catch production excited to see the future for him.

    29. W Wodey

      Sam I am was the best for Texas the last 4 years. The big 12 was really fun to watch sad to see it end. Cause if Spencer is the new era he sucks

    30. Justin Shattuck

      this game is trash !!

    31. Joe Howard

      Fun to watch

    32. I.P. Freely

      Thank you for posting this..looking for this for a few days..

      1. Kelvin Dean

        Hope these new graphics will be used for TNF 2021-2022!

      2. SpadeWayTV

        The game was sunday🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

    33. CNR nation

      You telling me same ellinghger has been playing for only 4 years. It felt like he played a decade for the longhorns

      1. J U G G

        @Legendzzz 2002 morning e i

      2. Legendzzz 2002

        That’s why we call him papa ellinghger

    34. Duce Duke

      How Amari Rodger’s dad last name Martin and not Rodgers lmao

      1. Polo

        Probably took his moms last name or sum

    35. travis graham

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    36. frostisbestinworld

      Sam Ehlinger looked pretty good in the short time he played! He looks so young in his picture too 😂

      1. frostisbestinworld

        @Diego Salazar it is. His names Jake

      2. Diego Salazar

        i think that picture was his brother who also plays for the longhorns

    37. Vlad the Impaler

      That mock draft in the bottom is a joke. Niners picking a tight end when they need an o line, corner, and qb

      1. Titus Roberson

        It's not about team needs, that pick was made because pitts was best available

      2. CNR nation

        Lotd of mock drafts made have them taking a TE

    38. abvult ツ

      lets go kelen mond gig em

    39. Stressy Poo

      Team National! LETS GKO BUCKS!

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        OH sadly the last college game of the year

    40. Kwasi!!

      So they can have a senior bowl but can’t have a pro bowl🤔😒 OK EA

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Pro bowl a joke

      2. Bark-aholic

        I used to love Pro Bowl. Senior bowl, this year more than ever, talent show that's crucial to these guys future. Pro Bowl, biggest risk to those guys future (for nothing).

    41. Cameron Davis

      Where my Oklahoma boys at

      1. mark staten

        tre Brown is out there doing it and remondre running the ball

    42. Andre Nevarez

      Atm QB wack tbh, get him out of there



    44. Sports Are For Women

      This is better than the current NFL

    45. Basement Kidz

      Amari Rogers stock is goin up📈📈

    46. JDMBOI7

      senior bowl>pro bowl

      1. David Huff

        Pay them and they’ll play

      2. D P

        Yeah cause these kids still have something to prove and haven't let it go to their heads yet. 2 years from now half these guys will be selling insurance as well, so they still have a dream. Wait for their dreams to be crushed and get a crazy old lady who got knocked up to lock em down and all that shit will change.

      3. Mitchell Goldschmidt


      4. Jeff Gayzose

        The pro bowl is fun to laugh at

      5. RollTideRoll8


    47. Miller Watcher

      Oh yes love the rules now Scouts really going find out who can cover, Pass Rush, And make throws no Blitzing helping secondary, no motions helping QB get open passes oh boy got prove yourself here. Next year they need keep this most definitely better way of scouting the talent.

      1. Miller Watcher

        @Oliver Emsick Facts Talent will show what you can do

      2. Oliver Emsick

        Agreed much less sorcery going on. The talent will show through.

    48. Quis 1on1

      That's good they have no Blitzing in certain rules for the practice cause its going to show how good certain players skills are. It's going to help show who covers good who blocks good cause sometimes schemes and Blitzes can help somebody look like they cover a route when really they didn't the blitzed helped them with throw away passes or certain schemes can help QB get wide open throws so taken away certain things in limiting them to the basics help with scouting see who is what.

      1. Niel Thomas

        Say that again plz

    49. Leroy Xiong

      It looks like Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos

    50. Rex Mortiferum

      Cooper, Browning, Borland and Hilliard!!! Go Bucks!


      Bruh all these damn ads 🤦🏾😤

      1. Vayo

        Ain't none for me

    52. Sheila Harris

      Jamie Newman Jamie Newman Jamie Newman

    53. SDXJ

      Wtf this Arthur guy talkin about

      1. Hannibal Barca

        Lmao honestly

    54. John Jones

      I like the tackle from Alabama

      1. I'm a Celtics Fan bitch

        Alex Leatherwood

    55. soonersdevil

      #47 tackle & penalty from using body weight is a dumbass rule

    56. Mb Tez

      My guy dez fitzpatrick showed out L1C4‼️

      1. Ben Dover

        12:08 those yards

      2. Ben Dover


      3. Trey Laynes


    57. Arthur Boulling

      Let's keep that real

      1. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    58. Arthur Boulling

      Matter of fact this is a top-five of the racist country is America

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Stfu bro

      2. clarence Grier

        Bruh quit trolling you’re not fooling me

      3. Ak41 Nola

        Wtf is you talking about



      5. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    59. Arthur Boulling

      Long as you play basketball Football Or are you have a Or any other sport

      1. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    60. Arthur Boulling

      I hate this country This country hates me

    61. Arthur Boulling

      And I don't like it For real Like I said they don't like me cuz I keep it real

      1. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    62. Arthur Boulling

      They won't like me I keep it real I know where the money's at And the power

      1. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    63. Arthur Boulling

      I keep it real That's the only thing I like about black people Sports

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Keep that shit out of college football

      2. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    64. Arthur Boulling

      This country is so unjust

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Shut up

      2. Sullivan L

        Nice bait

      3. RedHog1 Arkie

        Move to another country,and see how it is.

      4. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

      5. Jeff Gayzose

        Please explain further

    65. Arthur Boulling

      This country so divided We should have our own League People want to make money At the black players Let's keep it real

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt


      2. SV GITANA

        So you want to segregate yourselves?? Fine by me, hopefully that would stop all of the crying on your side! 👎🏻

      3. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

      4. Daniel Harris

        Keep your politics out of college football

    66. Arthur Boulling

      We should have our own League

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Shut up

      2. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    67. Arthur Boulling

      I can understand just country It's so much and just in this country

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Shut up

      2. Abram Holterman

        Quit commenting

    68. King of Kings

      Did anyone notice Sam Ehlingers picture 😂😂 7:10

      1. David Huff

        He looks special

      2. Max Blackburn

        that's his little brother who is also on texas

      3. DefenseKILLER4/ Justin

        thats ehli samngers

      4. Abhi Singh

        Haha yeah that got me 😂

    69. Ur Mom

      Kellen mond is horrible lmao idek why he’s starting 😂

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        How the hell did he do well this year

      2. SV GITANA

        We have known this at A&M for the last 3 years!!! Imagine if A&M had an actual QB this year how much better we would have been!! Mond was Jekyll and Hyde.....never knew who you were going to get come game day, also the fact that our coach basically NEVER brought in the back up for a series or two during some of our games when Mond was stinking it up doesn’t make me feel very good about our HC decision making skills. 😳🤯

      3. RollTideRoll8

        @fred chinn I thought my friends were joking...



      5. tyrone sanford

        If he get drafted it will be the 5th round

    70. OmarQB1 Bayo

      Team America going all the way

      1. KAEP

        @OmarQB1 Bayo, actually I watched this when it first premiered

      2. OmarQB1 Bayo

        Your late keep talking you watched this 20 hours ago

      3. KAEP

        Either you’re making a joke or you’re late

    71. Empty Giddy

      I thought it would be "Seniors" playing.

      1. Empty Giddy

        @OmarQB1 Bayo Hmmmm. Omar. sounds like a....

      2. OmarQB1 Bayo

        Your a noob

      3. ASAV85

        🤣🤣 nope not that kind !! 😂🤣

      4. Mark Benavides


    72. Gelato

      11:50 you don’t want to make no money lol I’m dead

      1. Antonio Dupree

        Fr u gotta catch everything



      3. LEX .P

        Facts tho lol

      4. hubert bryant

        was boutta comment this 🤣🤣

      5. Jdonaldson 901

        I had to rewind like did he say.... lol he did

    73. 78 GREATONE


    74. Wöö x ßæ

      Thank you I thought I was the only person who thought Sam Ellender been in Texas forever🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. W Wodey

        Sam I am is the best thing for Texas the last 4 years

      2. Anthony Davis

        What thats at least 6 years lol

      3. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        Lol yea ikr

      4. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @soonersdevil nice

      5. Wöö x ßæ

        @soonersdevil no one cares