iPhone 12 Buyer's Guide - DON'T Make these 12 Mistakes!

Max Tech

Max Tech

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    Thinking of ordering the new iPhone 12? You MUST watch this video to avoid 12 common iPhone 12 purchasing mistakes.. & I'll also recommend the right iPhone for you!
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    Apple's iPhone 12 lineup is the biggest it's ever been, with 4 different models, making it a pretty tough choice this year!
    In this video, I go through 12 common iPhone 12 purchasing mistakes that you need to be aware of in order to avoid buying the wrong iPhone.
    I then get into each iPhone in Apple's lineup, including the iPhone SE, to help you decide which iPhone you should buy in 2020!
    This video focuses on the iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max!
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    Timestamps ⬇️
    Intro to iPhone 12 - 00:00
    Mistake #1 - 0:47
    Mistake #2 - 1:08
    Mistake #3 - 1:28
    Mistake #4 - 2:31
    Mistake #5 - 3:16
    Mistake #6 - 3:45
    Mistake #7 - 4:32
    Mistake #8 - 5:08
    Mistake #9 - 5:36
    Mistake #10 - 6:25
    Mistake #11 - 6:57
    Mistake #12 - 7:29
    Who should buy the iPhone SE? - 7:57
    Who should buy the iPhone 12 mini? - 8:42
    Who should buy the iPhone 12? - 9:19
    Who should buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max? - 10:38
    Who should buy the iPhone 12 Pro? - 11:51
    Conclusion - 13:06
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    1. Max Tech

      Do you agree with Mistake #5 and Mistake #12? Comment your thoughts below! CHARGER NOT INCLUDED! Buy this one on Amazon ($14) ➡ geni.us/w332T If you STILL NEED HELP choosing the right iPhone 12, comment below and we will help! Like my Apple Product T-shirt? Find it here ➡ teespring.com/stores/max-tech-store Subscribe for our Full Comparison videos COMING SOON!

      1. Harold THE ABMINIAC Knox

        Been using Anker the last 4 years at the least it also let’s Your battery health stay on top double the time than using apple chargers and cables

      2. Germain M

        So I’m guessing the Anker charger in the video ain’t on sale anymore because the link takes me to another charger

      3. No Big Dreams

        BIGEST Mistake IS😋Still i want to stick with apple...🐵

      4. Quantum BlaZe

        F*ck the home button I’m so freaking annoyed with it

      5. SoulsBorne Geralt

        *Great phone untill the battery runs out,* *Then you have to choose to either cut 420,000 trees OR buy a new phone*

    2. Elizabeth Sandidge

      Does the 12 add any accessibility features? I’m visually impaired and need larger text sizes, does the 12 offer larger text sizes then the 8?

    3. HD_POWER

      iPhone 12 Mini issue is only battery life? I can use MagSafe Power Bank.

    4. Parmjot Singh

      Iphone 13 :- ASSEMBLE AT HOME

    5. hoshirisu

      The Pro Max is almost the size of a small tablet.

    6. Nic Eracleous

      Couldn’t even start to watch this video his voice is too annoying!!

    7. Junta Koshimizu

      I have a question, I am considering getting 128GB either iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. I am choosing 128GB because I use iPhone 8 64GB and I only have 10gb left on my storrage. Right now, I'm leaning toward getting iPhone 12 because I don't use camera so much and the price is cheaper. Please tell me your suggestion whether I should go with iPhone 12 or not. Thank you

    8. atuldaruka

      You are the best...you tells the actual things related to product which is generally not told by other youtubers.

    9. Jack Hoeft

      LISTEN!!!! I just went to target and found out that the new IPad Pro price tag is up it said it is going to have a A12x chip and a megapixel camera! I asked the guy and he said it’s coming by the end of next November!!!!!!!

    10. RBLoafee

      left my XR in an uber right before this whole quarantine shit started. never got it back. pre ordered the 12 pro last week. I'm really excited

    11. Emily Grace

      alternative title: why not to buy the iphone 12 pro

    12. Brooklyn Peltz

      Get it for Christmas for free boom 🤯

    13. Divya Sharma

      Ahh. I’m still unsure which is the better option. I’m juggling between 12 & 12 pro. Help please 😬??

    14. Clifford Hussey

      Wonderful reviews. I am 82 year old non games and believe that the iphone 12 would suit me fine. I was considering the iPhone 11 but I believe that long term the 5G use will be more readily available. Since I have Mint Mobile I will be buying an unlocked phone and would have liked to know how to install the SIM card. Thanks again for one of the best reviews.

    15. yuoop noke

      Ya first mistake thinking they giving you a charger.

    16. Nilupul Gayan

      I love to use an iPhone but 😒😒😒😒😒

      1. Nilupul Gayan

        @yuoop noke why me? Because I like use an iPhone

      2. yuoop noke

        The main reason why i choose the ProMax is simple.... I’m farsighted and i need a bigger phone.

    17. Johannes Mangartz

      one advert less wouldn't kill you.

    18. Rufaro Isabel

      I am a huge Apple fan but I think they are running out of ideas now but if I get someone to buy for me this phone I won’t say no 🤷🏽‍♀️

    19. uNknown rMx

      Apple phones are all trash compared to a buget android phone, cause a buget android smartphone 220$ rocks all the specs and features in the 1099$ IPhone 12 pro max.

    20. vladimir enchev

      you forget to mention that the iPhone 12 Pro has spatial audio, which is huge

    21. Nayem Rahman Fahim

      Great video

    22. PXY FAN

      I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone 8 Plus, but it’s broken and cracked. If it wasn’t for that I would keep it

    23. Diego Jara

      I have a 7 plus and I need a new one pretty much asap. I'm definitely a fan of the smaller, original iphones, ( original meaning home button) so my top 2 choices are the SE and the 12 mini, but i'm still unsure. I have been out of the loop so long I don't know much about some other potential models such as the XR. Obviously not looking to break the bank lol. So without a doubt my top 2 are the SE and the 12 Mini, but I feel like I may be missing something.

      1. MrPlasma

        So, here are the mini's advantages compared to the SE: Even smaller More modern design 5G 30% better performance ultrawide lens better camera performance slightly better battery life better display If these are worth $300 when combined, then buy the 12 mini. Otherwise, buy the SE

    24. Pedro Abalıoğlu

      You’re saying the battery life is weak on the 12 mini. But how bad is it? Is it still as good or even better as the SE (due to the a14 processor)? I currently use the iPhone 11. I love the battery life and the color, but I honestly hate that it’s so big. I used the 5s and the old SE for years and just loved the size. But it really don’t wanna go back to the weak battery of the phones back then, when you had to charge your phone during the day...

      1. MrPlasma

        The 12 mini's battery life is right between the 11 and SE

    25. Diwas rai

      Apple says iPhone 12 has a wireless charger but I see a wire in the new magnetic charger...🤔

    26. Harold THE ABMINIAC Knox

      Not a bad comparison at all 😎 well done 👍

    27. Frances Tamor

      Ouch, and i thought iphone 11pro is better than 11 cause i bought the pro 3 weeks ago (sigh)

    28. Danny Li

      i love the pro max camera but max is too big and too heavy

    29. Aku P

      Omg wireless chargers.....Biggest joke. You still plug the charger with WIRE. So what's the difference xD Your too lazy to plug your phone when you place it over the "wireless charger" Probably kills your phone batteries faster in time. So you will buy new phones often... I see the benefit for example in public places, coffee shops, airports etc. But home.....You plug it anyways with wire xD Comoon guys.... Atleast it charges faster....hopefully. Not gonna support that tech myself.

    30. with_httpfive

      I’ve kept the iPhone SE for so long it literally came back like a boomerang.

    31. Tom's Adventures

      I will keep my X. See what they do next year.

    32. Little Feather Trompeta

      The main reason why i choose the ProMax is simple.... I’m farsighted and i need a bigger phone.

    33. WMD

      I went with pro because I wanted pacific blue vs shiny blue IYKYK lol

    34. RoshiSatoshi

      Way better info here than the CNET review ty!

    35. Raw2929 Will

      Amazing video

    36. Nicole Barlaan

      I’ve had an iPhone X since its launch three years ago. Should I upgrade? I’m not dying for a new phone just yet, but the battery is slowly starting to take a hit

      1. MrPlasma

        if you think the battery can continue to satisfy you for a year, then wait However, if you are having a big problem with the battery, then definitely upgrade

    37. MyLifeIs Beautiful

      Great video. I got the 8 plus 64 gb and I’m gonna finally upgrade and get the iPhone 12 in Green 128gb

    38. Arriana Kibbey

      Tbh I think that the beginning part where he was talking about the mistakes he was just trying to prompt the 12 pro max (that crap is expensive)

    39. Chris Mehl

      Man I’m sick of all these camera-only upgrade benefits, it’s a phone first not a damn stage camera

    40. Alex Rainey

      What about the pro max

    41. LAZZA MCPE

      Watching this on my iPhone 12 pro, I upgraded from my iPhone 6s lol

    42. Big Ad23

      Do you think if I have the iPhone XS Max should I get the iPhone 12 pro or 12 pro max??

    43. Yuyang Wu

      Still ordered XS because of 3D Touch

    44. LV DS

      Recommend a brand for everybody:WiWU This brand has been working offline for 10 years. Its products are not only well designed, but also of higher quality than your expect. The current products including a full range of iPad accessories, such as paper film, stylus pen, protective cases and USB-C docking stations. Phone accessories, such as mobile phone case, tempered film, fast charging cable, charger, etc. There are other products that are more appreciated, friends in need can follow and search WiWU.

    45. Ali Rsdi

      Very well said.

    46. Oğuzhan K.

      Hello, I really enjoyed your video, it was informative and I learned a lot! I have a question: I have an iPhone XR, should I upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro Max version? How is the battery performance on the 12 Pro Max? If I would get any answers it would help me a lot! Greetings from Germany.

    47. lexie flores

      Coming from an iPhone 8 user, is the iPhone 12 pro really not worth it? I want good camera quality

    48. lexie flores

      Coming from an iPhone 8 user, is the iPhone 12 pro really not worth it? I want good camera quality

    49. kekoa santiago

      thank you for helping me make the wise choice on this phone. I was split between the pro and pro max but now I for sure want the pro max due because of your clear explanations.

    50. JRTULOVE 43V3R

      Apple , don't like this video jajaj

    51. theradashack

      Too many commercials is making your vids unwatchable.

    52. mohammadkwt

      Good thing apple didn’t price them at crazy rate

    53. alejandro carmona

      Im all for supporting channels and using affiliate links. But to say not to buy apples charging box and to go with ankers just because its smaller and to use your link is a little too thirsty for my liking i thought you had a valid reason to go with ankers. A little disappointing

      1. alejandro carmona

        @Max Tech appreciate the response. Now idk if I would those are valid reasons why to steer away. I agree they are "reasons" but the price is what? 2-3 dollars difference? I think it's okay to spend up there to make sure you have the original box that 💯 not damage the battery. Rather than saving 2-3 for a smaller brick. A valid reason in my opinion would be, if for example the anker was proven to not damage your battery or if it'll charge faster or maybe even if it's half of the price. But again 2-3 isn't enough for me to be recommending not to buy the better/safer option.

      2. Max Tech

        Valid reasons: less expensive and it’s basically twice as small.

    54. Carlos Rodriguez

      Just paid $316 for the iPhone 12 via sprint and a two year contract


      I'm torn between the 12 Mini and SE 2020. I keep the phone in my pants pocket and the current 7 w/ case is large and heavy. I basically use my phone for calls, email, web browsing, 2,138 songs, 1,547 photos, social media and 61 apps. My iPhone 7 has 128 GB capacity with 85.95 GB still available. I'm in the golf business so battery life is important so the Mini concerns me on that front but 10 hours talk/email should be fine. Verizon is my carrier. I look forward to receiving your suggestion. But again, fitting in my front pocket w/ a case is my first pref. Thanks!

    56. Christian Ibarra

      I want the 12 pro max just because I want a bigger iPhone LOL ,

    57. Shanklevision

      1. 5G is all the same across all models 2. Battery life on the mini is lower 3. Display is the same on both pro and normal 12 4. pro max has a better camera than the pro 5. If you’re buying an iPhone 12 get 128gb 6. Buy an iPhone 12 over an iPhone 11 7. Don’t buy third party chargers for your 12 8. Don’t buy a third party case, MagSafe won’t work. 9. Get more RAM in a pro. 10. Buy a third party charger from anker 11. Something about Verizon 12. Don’t wait till next year to buy

    58. Amie Eichstadt

      Well yeah, that's what we expected

    59. Silvano Franco

      I have an iPhone 6s with 16gb, I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade, 12 pro is my go to, or should I just get the 12?

    60. Paris V.

      You explained so well

    61. Max Klose

      I head the 13 is not even a phone ! You just make payments haha phones are getting out of control. I remember when the first iPhone came out but shit at&t was expensive that I need just getting an iPod touch and used it as a phone with the jailbreaks

    62. ChristinaFaith

      I’ve xsmax 256 gb w/VZW. I think I want to go to T-Mobile.... Idk if i Should get the 12pro regular or just the 12 ...

    63. ThaWord

      Mini probably

    64. Edward Deaney

      I’ve found it easy to choose the phone model, but the colour choice is destroying me!

    65. Coach Yo

      Well done. Great video

    66. Gabriel Berkowitz

      I was going to get the iPhone 12 pro but the camera was the main reason. Now I know I’m going to get the iPhone 12 pro max thanks! I’m just worried it’s going to be too big. I have an xr and love the size. How much bigger is the 12 pro max?

    67. Kyle Y

      iPhone mini is the way to go. Powerful as iPhone 12, and easy on pocket. Why pay extra $100? Be smart and get “mini” which is 5.4 screen.

    68. Artur

      Mistake #11: Verizon actually does lock the device for 60 days from purchase. The only way around this is to be active duty military on deployment. They say this is to protect them from fraud.

    69. vara fouroneone

      I'm an Android guy but want to surprise the wife with a new iPhone... she always gets models that are 2-3 cycles behind to save money. This upgrade seems like it would be worthwhile. I know nothing about Apple products so your video was very helpful. Thanks!

    70. Eden

      I got the iPhone 12 Pro. The max was just way too damn big lol and camera was the most important thing to me

    71. jakubwo

      is it certain that the battery life in 12 mini will be worse tho? 11 pro is smaller and has weaker battery than 11 yet it performs better battery-wise.

    72. marioteki

      You forgot to mention current iPhone sizes is causing arthritis and muscular problems specially on the thumb for many people who use it with one hand. iPhone 12 mini might be the only way to have a healthy hand again after years

    73. Muhammad Badar

      do the size of 12 pro max (6.7 inchs) same as samsung A51 (6.5 Inchs)? Actually I want to know that how big is iphone 12 pro.

    74. Charles Lee

      I was thinking about getting the 12 pro max I’ve still been rocking my 10 Xmax but doesn’t seem like to many changes , was also considered note 20 ultra I jus don’t know what to do at this point

    75. Matt

      Buy the 11 Pro on a good deal instead of the 12.

    76. No Big Dreams

      BIGEST Mistake IS😋Still i want to stick with apple...🐵

    77. Steven Corbo

      Apple decided to go to every other company and buy their parts and then just put their chip

    78. Steven Corbo

      iPhone 13 will be made up of return parts from Samsung

    79. Frank Arentz

      Who's watching this after already buying one

    80. Sueann Kim

      why do i still want the iphone 12 pro..... why whhy idk why

    81. Steve Kagan

      this is a useful, clear and informative video - thanks

    82. Marc Arne

      7:30 And that's the worst thing from Apple. When they clearly save 120hz for their top line 1k+ phones and tablets. That really pisses me off considering Samsung budget line has had it for years.

    83. Zenorthodox

      imagine buying an iphone without a charger in 2020 OmEGaLuL its clapped

    84. EG_DARK_FF /Montage_Offical

      Me: Finally I sold my kidney to buy iPhone 11 pro max Apple: Presenting iPhone 12 pro max Me: 😵😵

      1. EG_DARK_FF /Montage_Offical

        @Master Stacker yes

      2. Master Stacker

        Think of how Nvidia 2080 ti owners must feel.

      3. x•Fahrenheit 25


    85. J L

      Haha people saying “2020: iPhone won’t come in the box” haha so funny haha so quirky haha you’re so creative and smart haha

    86. Robin Kumar S

      Buying any of these is a mistake for me so I upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone SE. Over 4 days now no regret and happy.

    87. siegeaye

      Thanks heaps! Almost got the pro but settled with 12 now! 😊

    88. Red Rose

      Nice video very well explained

    89. Lit Bro

      My iPhone 8 is doing great for me.

    90. Ron S

      Very helpful video!

    91. Yourboilevi

      Didn’t they come out with 4 models like the iPhone 6s. Well the iPhone 6s came out latter nvm

    92. Charizard28

      I used iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB it will go away and getting my iPhone 12 mini 256GB.

    93. J Garcia

      I haven't the slightest interest in ever buying another Apple product...but I find all your videos to be satisfyingly informative, complete and fair. This was no exception!

    94. Charizard28

      Mistake number #28 - Anker brand sucks

    95. Evi1ways

      Mistake One. Buying an iPhone.

    96. Henri' Murphy

      Great Vid. Thanks!

    97. A I.

      I have the iPhone 8. Was thinking of 12 mini but after this video, the 12 looks perfect for me

    98. Karma Karma

      paid review


      When apple provide punch hole camera and rectangular camera module shape please apple

    100. SexyLex04

      Nice video. I went with Pro mainly because I need 128GB and a T-Mobile customer. The extra $150 was worth the extra camera and features to me .