Epic Drone Fails - Top 40 Drone Fails of All Time


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    We have lift off! Here is a collection of the best drone fails you've ever seen! Enjoy!
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    1. Patti Morton

      How many drones got knocked out?

    2. Dire

      Ah yes, grab the drone by the props, of course

    3. Andrew F.

      Mavic pilots amirite

    4. Ultimatehobbyreviews

      Power of the Chancla is strong in this one 7:03

    5. derek flegg

      Skynet attacks

    6. Yay cat Productions

      I’m a drone expert. These people are just stupid

    7. 日常にある風景〜元号平成に撮影した動画〜


    8. Misfit 636

      I like the part with the drone fail 🤣

    9. Charles Ray

      0:21 for those of U who know what I'm talking about, I'd like to see her do that to that High-Tech Drone from Hawaii 5-O.

    10. Jhonn Anderson Bravo Asenjo

      I'm a drone... 💥

    11. Moon Wolf

      Me wow new vids !

    12. Gurpreet Kohli

      Bhatia video saalo pls acha video bnao

    13. Марек Келин

      Me when there's one pizza slice left: 2:34

    14. Landmaster lord 108

      0:27 OML LMAO

    15. Michael Evans

      3:06 I DIDN'T MEAN TO

    16. Nils Rattensperger

      2:10 is great, never give your controller to anybody, if he does not even know how to hold it properly just so helpless, left thumb hovers somewhere but not where it belongs! :-D and the moment that was inevitable is even better, he laughs himself to pieces, doesn't know what the drone is doing and the builder is really pissed off :D I'd love to see how it goes on :D

    17. Nils Rattensperger

      1:05 i love this guy :D the perfect example for "Never catch your drone with hands!" :D

    18. Esteban Solari



      1:18 in along time ive seen a friend who actually cares 😁

    20. Garrus Vakarian

      Is that golfing lady what you humans call a "Karen"?

    21. EdiksFPV

      Что за баяны десятилетней давности?

    22. Atlas Network

      6:26 dat crunch tho

    23. Anirudh Sajith-SR

      7:28 is the best😂😂😂

    24. GeorgeJansen

      It's like they haven't quite perfected the technology.... They need to add collision avoidance aka... "stupid proof" setting. 💥😂😊😉😜🤣😳😀😁😒❤️🤔🙄☺️

    25. GeorgeJansen

      New title "HOW TO DESTROY PLUS $500 IN 30 SECONDS"

    26. GeorgeJansen

      2:40. Got dammit out of napkins

    27. Maicky

      Благодаря 🇧🇬! Like!

    28. tinydog1234

      Nobody: This video: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    29. Luke Baehr

      I love how everybody just stands there and kinda stares at the mayhem and carnage they just caused!

    30. Luke Baehr

      Drones are just bad news!

    31. icecream bunnykitty

      0:32 aim and fire!

    32. iNVICTUX


    33. 331SVTCobra

      0:20 is perfect

    34. Gregory Hiatt

      4:31 hahahaha

    35. MRL

      Funny to see that you need only seconds to losse mony.

    36. sevenrats

      Buying a drone is like playing blackjack in Vegas. Just have fun and consider that money gone.

    37. Jorge Nogueira - Visto de Cima

      At least we got that on video that's the most important 😂😂

    38. ekso69

      TIL drones are made of glass

    39. Travis Henning

      The last video deserved it. 95% sure they're at the grand canyon, where you're not allowed to fly drones.

    40. Princess Vanessa ASMR

      6:26 drone mukbang

    41. Unit ZER0

      Woman at 0:20 was a brat. I hope she has to pay for what she destroyed.

    42. Ariel Jones

      7:23 Tom Cruise's death scream.

    43. Jon Hughes

      This video makes me hate dogs even more.

    44. Sharon

      Poor drones... all because of a bunch of people who even don't know how to fly them lol

    45. Jason Bergeron

      I love seeing chicks getting nailed by drones, that one got caught in that chicks hair

    46. sylviah phillip

      0:28 Karen tries golf

    47. : Jan4apes :

      0:26 lol why would she waste a drone just because she failed to hit the ball

    48. Alex c

      A video about cheap ass predator missiles

    49. Twizted Clown

      how's the first woman going to blame being a shitty golfer on a drone.

    50. J -Muzic

      4:04 I spot a tesla model s........

    51. Lora Lee

      Very funny stuff(sorry)! Reminds me of earlier videos of remotely controlled airplanes and helicopters and watching as $100-$1000+ crashed to the ground repeatedly. Good times!🤣♥️🦋

    52. moreblack

      7:23 why does the drone scream?

    53. Michael Joiner

      6:25 Drone: can I get a shot of you eating breakfast? Dog: Yes.

    54. Renato Dioses

      *stupid drone fails*

    55. De Leon Mason

      4:58 that was a lot of spins

    56. Anonymouse

      6:32 That drone looks more expensive than his appartment...And now he broke it.

    57. Anonymouse

      Why are people so stupid and careles with expensive stuff

    58. Superpudi ,

      U know, if someone has no experience at flying a drone, it would be a better idea To buy a cheaper and smaller drone (just saying)

    59. SB C

      0:43 did he ram an inspire into a garage!!!!!

    60. SB C

      Thank you I wanted this


      As a result, definitely don't buy drones.

    62. Djordje Pajdic

      So many noobs have drone.

    63. OM JAGTAP

      Drone has affinity towarda humans more


      3:10 I like ur cut g

    65. ThatLemonadeStand

      wonderful. this was lovely to watch.

    66. Tarnish N.J

      Painfull movements

    67. Joshua Farber

      I've been a fan for over 6 years, this is their worst video.

      1. Joshua Farber

        @Charlie Vetsworth What is their worst video then?

    68. Voxl Music

      That fisherman got me 😂😂😂

    69. Tyler Woodward

      The the one with the flip flop and the woman golfing where un called for

    70. Fun and Cute

      I love your video so much😂

    71. Surya Prakash

      Oh my god 🙄

    72. Wickate

      Adding in garbage canned audio just like TruTV. Another video like that and I'm out.

    73. Surprised Pikachu

      3:02 this was some dude perfect stuff

    74. Jeff Dive

      1:25 - What is the breed of the dog please?

    75. DeltaNote

      Just disarm

    76. rasa buciene

      Pauok durniui sautuva) jis i vamzdy prisiks))) sena Lietuviu pasaka)

    77. Sarcasm

      2:42 ... ouch, looks like she got her hair tangled in the rotors

    78. Sporty Paul

      It´s so boring 🤦‍♂️

    79. Drone Spencer

      I am not able to watch suffer my brothers..... My best friends... This is illegal...

    80. xxxJustGIOxxx


    81. Craig McGrath

      Wonder whether they will ever make drones sound less annoying

    82. pegadinhas pegadinhas

      nasty propeller sounds

    83. Julien Labadie

      0:25 apex éliminations be like:

    84. Thodoris Efstathiou

      some people are just built stupid

    85. Here Here

      The dumbass who tried to catch it on a boat and got his fingers almost sawed off deserves a special stupid video by himself.

    86. Karim Mohamed


    87. Mr Brownstone


    88. Peter Zingler

      Can barely see fails. Crashing is part of the hobby.

    89. Mikeshouts

      At 4:51, when the drone fell into the fire pit, an ad popped up with the tagline "roasted to perfection..." YT ad algorithm wins.

    90. Ketana Gharpure

      Hearing those drones, I felt like mosquito is buzzing near my ear 🦟👂🏻

    91. Michael

      Spolier: 85% of these crashes are the result of sheer stupidity.

      1. WNcShort Tracker

        Yup! And I don't feel bad for the idiots

      2. Nils Rattensperger

        like the golf girl after the intro.... I played golf for a while and all I can say is that in her place the drone buzz would have annoyed me too, but her swing is just totally cramped and wouldn't have hit anyway :D

      3. Gulaash Lookaash

        Yes, these irresponsible idiots ruin our hobby

    92. Tom Kennedy

      Whoever was in charge of the sound design needs to be talked to. VERY annoying.

    93. unkreativ xxx

      Drones are to expensive for me:( And they!?...

    94. Shortly Tall

      Smacked into so many people..... not even a decent injury. And the media keeps saying they'll bring down a 747? Riiiight.

      1. E S

        You do know a tiny thing can do a fair amount of damage inside a jet engine...right? The FAA needs to be given shot guns so they can blow those drones right out of the air the FIRST time they see them.

    95. moritz _0501

      Nicht so tief, Rüdiger!!!

    96. Bambino_09

      RIP drones

    97. Quiet Guy

      That golf lady need a therapist.

      1. E S

        Nah, she needs 1) less nosey neighbors and 2) more respect for being able to take down a highly annoying piece of worthless machinery.

    98. Evilwhiteclownpunk

      (2:39) is always the best one...

    99. Regi Corp

      Ah! You're gonna crash!

    100. Thomas D

      0:27 that angry dude 😂

      1. E S

        Thats a woman and what she did was totaly legit. Drones are annoying AF on golf courses. She should have beaten it to a pulp.