Judy Greer Interview (Part 1) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

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    The Eric Andre Show is back for season 5 on Sundays at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Watch the first episode of season 5 here: bit.ly/3jwpqCf
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    1. Daniel Ribeiro

      she didnt show her boobies to him, why? why couldnt he say goodbye to them?

    2. Bruz Wilson

      Judy greer does something to me

    3. flisko

      wtf is this, he shaved his head

    4. Rob Cary

      Imagine if that was actually vodka he pounded haha hed be seein purple

    5. Martin O Neill

      These are outstanding 😂 😂 😂 my god 😂 😂

    6. Chad Wilcox

      I think I would chow down on a hot dog that fell in front of me

    7. ChrisHazFun

      Quid. Two quid. Mate.

    8. AIM-54 Phoenix long range air-to-air missile

      Eric looks like Shaq's kneecap.

    9. BaaronDagoosh

      He's like low-key Borat

    10. Colin Brown

      She walks in with so much hope in her eyes.

    11. jayeGK

      Knowing her from archer and arrested development it’s fun seeing her on the other side of chaos

    12. 2380knight

      0:43 The synchronized cough LMAO

    13. Hippie Island

      Have they ever answered one question on the show lmaoooo

    14. Clyde

      Cheryl/Carol would fit this show perfectly.

    15. mika

      "i dont eat hot dogs, i mean, not those" yo she freaky like that?? 😳

    16. Samuel Bull

      That ending tho😂

    17. Kishou Arima

      bro look like a milk dud

    18. Aar Lekz

      First time I almost puke.

    19. mike silva


    20. Katy Elizabeth

      You have to claim everything when you go through Australian customs

    21. baamp_

      I love how one of Hannibal's last lines on the show is "quid, two quid, mate"

    22. Moses Ulai

      He’s not lying about Australian customs.

    23. NeoRipshaft

      Eric looks like he escaped the set of Hotline Miami.

    24. TXP9

      0:43 that cough 🤣

    25. brdane


    26. Northern Ice

      That was one heavy hautedawhg

    27. The Fattest Hagrid

      Always amazed that people still go there for "interviews"...

    28. Hoden Krebs

      this show is like an acid trip, weird take on reality without any danger from which you can assume if the guest ever tried it

      1. Arman Hammer


    29. SpaceMissile

      man - that hot dog landed perfectly. edit: okay i meant the first one lol

    30. Chris Ayers

      "Quid, two quid, mate." What if Hannibal was just saying "quite, mate?" Some foreshadowing going on.

    31. M mem

      Eric looks like he's selling coke in Rio and Hannibal is getting younger, wtf😂

    32. George W Kush

      I totally would have downed that dog

    33. Mark Eli

      Senior Sucio

    34. SeriousSamson

      Judy is adorable

    35. gru666y boob

      “quid. two quid. mate.” -hannibal 2020

    36. dikshant

      'Do you wanna eat hotdog?' 'No' audience claps

    37. Hanz Fenzel

      Bird up

    38. IoI wut

      was that jhonny depp impression or forrest whitaker ? low brow i know..

    39. Neezy DaBlokboi

      1:14 “ohhh....o-kay...” LOL

    40. asdsa asdsa

      how can I see the whole show in Germany?

    41. Chewing Gum

      Eric's the new Daedric Prince of madness hands down

    42. Angry Fish

      Eric gulps down this "fake" vodka like its water

    43. World Wide Suicide

      I want them to get ronda rousey on the show

    44. Lawrence Magee

      Eric Andre is so whack its fucking genius

    45. Dessaw


    46. Leather Neck

      Ha ha ha the chronic

    47. dj69918

      Hannibal finally looks human

    48. jisaneko 1

      0:56 hanibal's power stance

    49. miledium

      His Johnny Depp impression was ON POINT.

    50. TurdFerguson Outdoors

      Eric looks like if Pitbull was half Jewish

    51. mokthemagicman

      Snail down

    52. mokthemagicman

      Bird up

    53. Carnage Of pickle

      They need to get Nate Diaz on this show that would be fucking hilarious

    54. brett linthicum

      What the hell is she wearing

    55. Mike

      I like how the desk starts to move before Hannibal even has the "controls" haha

    56. Throwiez

      Yes.. you may have to claim your dog when going through Australian customers.

    57. Rick Dawkins

      Eric looks better with less hair 🤘😁🤘

    58. Zion Mmo Metalhead

      well I don't eat those hotdog's ;)

    59. Belisario Castillo


    60. Yeah Nah

      This is such a perfectly orchestrated show. From hannibal standing just in the right spot to make the guest unsettled to the chair being at a weird height. I cant get over how genius this whole show is.

    61. Peter Griffinn

      _" quick shout-out to Christina Applegate"_

    62. Travro

      What is this show in my feed? This some Tim and Eric knock off? Weird and gross. Can't wait for the next.

    63. Las Vegas Nights

      I want to smack that beautiful milk dud head 👋🏾👩🏾‍🦲😁

    64. Invgvrbo

      quid two qiud mate

    65. Trime

      Eeeeh are they running out of good ideas?

      1. HjamesR23

        Agreed, feels way too forced now.

    66. Iso Joe


    67. Mellan Mål

      First of all, I think the Eric Andre show is one of the best and funniest shows ever. With that said it's sad to say that season five just isn't on the same level as the previous seasons. Maybe Eric is too rich nowadays to create something awesome?

      1. HjamesR23

        I think they've just ran out of ideas and are forcing it too hard

    68. Riles

      Did Howie Mandel shave his goatee? Too many germs on that thing I guess.

    69. Al Smith the Myth


    70. Faux Hound

      This isn't the Eric Andre Show! It should be in 480p

    71. Julian Ruiz

      That johnny depp impression was pretty spot on though

    72. WaltWhitman

      wow thats crazy australian customs sounds like a bitch

    73. Taylor Avilla

      Unreal british sentence I just heard from pre-Blannibal

    74. Landfill O’Demos

      Imagine not accepting a glizzy from Eric Andre

    75. Dilush Selva

      hanibal looks younger every season

    76. Elmer J Fapp

      everyone in detroit has a 8-smile, 8balls of crack tend to fuck up your teeth

    77. moosesnWoop123

      1:18 is BRILLIANT

    78. Ki-Sean Excell

      Little did we know. That was Hannibal’s last episode 🥲

    79. Lia S

      great interview!

    80. OnepunchG

      1:12 more like Amber Heard style.....

    81. Issac Moreno

      A wild glizzy has appeared

    82. Issac Moreno

      They still making new Eric andre episodes??

    83. Matt C

      I can’t look at him with a bald head

    84. Hula Dancer

      Oh yeah, she knew something was going to happen.

    85. Mr. Kevka

      Why does he look like Vin diesel now lmao

    86. schwingfate

      Eric looks like Vince McMahon on vacation after chemotherapy

    87. Filip Popovic

      i don't trust like that


      Hannibal looking goooood👀

    89. LP JAH

      This show proves the world is fucked

    90. JR

      These people still don’t do the research before accepting to be on his show I’m guessing lol

    91. Arnel Lozic

      He's back!

    92. Perspii

      Quid. Two quid. Mate.

    93. Keku Ch. 紅雷ケク

      1:01 Ah, I see Michael Reeves managed to score himself a contract

    94. TheMuchieManing

      Why Eric look like Dr. Evil

    95. Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III

      lol that spraytan is freakin hilarious

    96. ricesnot

      £ 2£ m8

    97. Pizza Roll

      “Quid to quit mate”

    98. Matreintsherde

      Seems like they're trying too hard now, nowhere near as funny as earlier seasons

    99. Just another Archive

      Yay! Vegans on Eric Andre show

    100. Ali Ramezani

      Wait is the show picked up again?