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    An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

      1. Deftones Mike

        @bena stiklers you need help with spelling & punctuation.

      2. Deftones Mike

        Destin is also a badass!

      3. darielle wheeler

        Hi you won't remember the last shot with in these walls short of I diot. it's not a waste as you never play with the players.

      4. H D

        why? So he can make another poinless trash?

      5. IcanFartLOUD

        No self-respecting pool player would play on such a cheap piece of shit pool table. It literally was felt over garbage.

    2. vaggelis galanis

      you should collab with the hacksmith

    3. Sylwester Machaj

      Hey Man it was great job. l'm absolutly astonish what You do!... as a big fan of snooker and honestly less improvement with authomatic and robotics I just need to reepet: Great job !!!

    4. Gaming Hacks

      If I do this as my project in college, they will call me the next level Einstein XD

    5. Rex Transformation

      Introducing you: "Pooldemic", fit for our times.

    6. Alain Koch

      What Hardware and Software is used to analyze the pooltable? And what is the name of the physics program to calculate the shots?

    7. Vishal Thakur

      this was surprisingly good.

    8. Enyime


    9. Sagar Vyas

      Garbage in garbage out 🤣

    10. rather not say none of you buissness

      Your hair is identical to Bill Gate's

    11. M Lab

      You content is great but I don’t like when you say 100 dollars if you missed. I can’t try your machine and you can’t pay me. Also look like click bait video.

    12. GamingPoint

      Microcenter is a must for anyone tbh.

    13. Carson Cornell

      08:15 wow such a supportive wife

    14. xaeo

      can you make a smoke detector that only goes off for when there's an actual fire and not when I'm trying to be a chef every night?

    15. Blake Trapnell

      Any update on the unpickable vs lock picking lawyer?

    16. Jorge Dias

      this guy is NASA...

    17. EricTheBoringOne

      I wish I had a micro center near me. Instead I just have a wife of 17 years that tells me she hates me despite me trying my best to be who she wants me to be. Can you make a robot that will fucking choke me to death?

    18. Daniel Casuscelli

      Jesus H. Christ... I never thought the word "Genius" would be inadequate when describing someone's intelligence.. Alas, here we are.

    19. Maciej Załucki

      The cherry on the top would be the ability to jump the ball!

    20. Rydo1415 is og

      Got an 8 ball pool ad

    21. nikos michas

      the robot need no money for work ,i hope one robot do your job ..... common human sense

    22. DogHairDontCare

      I think he's aimbotting

    23. SomeCuntsUsingMyName

      That feeling when "It's just too bulky and there's no way I'm gonna be able to get this stiff enough"

    24. Slim Shady

      now you just have to scale it down so it looks like a real pool cue and I can go and win some tournaments and become rich ! Thanks :}

    25. WarMonger

      1:55 Are you sure you want the robot to have control?

    26. Retro Boomin

      How much was that pool table? I’m looking for a cheap one as well

    27. Prateek Raj Gautam

      If your kid win do you win. 😎

    28. Nathan Hughes

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    29. Car Cas

      I wont be surprise if he just suddenly asked a Jarvis in the middle of a video

    30. Kshitij Varshney


    31. zmajmr

      this is the most intetesting thing i seen in a long time

    32. Nicolas Ganea

      Sorry... I would of clicked the micro center link I waited a few more seconds.... wish they were in washington

    33. Markus Brunnhofer

      da macht spielen keinen Spass mehr - wenn Roboter spielt !

    34. Sumit Trehan

      When I see these type of people, I laugh out loud on my dumbness

    35. Sxchinthx 🍁

      You guys are awesome...Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤️

    36. rocketman863

      I almost and do get mad watching your videos, and all it releases into is reigniting my passion for .... What you do (electronics, math, prototyping, engineering, etc) . I wish there was just a list of thick books to read in order to get to this point, there probably is but intimately there is implied evolutionary pressure in the guise of video that sways me to proceed with no order and into the deep and then call shark because I bleed, when there is the the sanity of inching towards a better way to get to where I'd like to be. Anyone else here just scrolling through comments?

    37. اذكر الله

      19:45 starts

    38. A WC

      How you dont have a tv show yet?

    39. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good morning beautiful how

    40. key bounce

      Now, where are those URL's for us to use ...

    41. eggs panda

      The shot selection algorithm should obviously be based on where you want the cue ball to be. That would severely narrow down the possible shots to consider. There is no best way to win a game of pool. There are many different possible orders in which the necessary balls can be potted. The point being that you only need to work out A way to win as opposed to THE way to win. hope that made sense :) Obviously if you want to win in one shot you would also need to calculate shots that pot balls and also maneuver balls from non potable positions into potable ones

    42. Perceptual Relation

      This guy is pretty hot and smart.

    43. Angelica Lopez

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    44. IBG Getsemani

      12:18 🤣

    45. IBG Getsemani

      The youtube did it again suggesting random videos but this one I enjoyed

    46. Canal Secreto do Genésio Rosado

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    47. Angelica Lopez

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    48. Dan Bale

      His wife is savage. I love her! Lol.

    49. cpufixer1

      ok, now you can tell us how many years you took to make this..

    50. Jahir Alexander Rodríguez

      Este video, de inicio a final es maravilloso.

    51. Rin Reborn

      My python: level 1 His python: level 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    52. Rin Reborn

      Its crazy how my head is literally almost the same size as his but the thing he knows is 100000000000x more than me

    53. juan mendo diaz

      get a real job

    54. Druskee

      What if u designed an all in 1 system that would calculate and project the ui as a pool trainer? Could be a valuable product but i know nothing about billiards.

    55. Jai Breisch

      I am working on a computer engineering degree.....I was about to switch to Mech Eng.... now I see that code meets contraption and it is awesome!


      I liked this video, it's really good

    57. Systematic Works

      Is there some kind of theme song of Stuff Made Here’s drum theme?

    58. Maxsteve136

      Your channel inspires me to study mechatronics, thank you a lot

    59. Luis Colon

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    60. Hugo Baes Jr.

      7:40 Florida Man! Hahahah

    61. Kaitou Kid

      Genius + Rich. What do you expect...

    62. Robert Moore

      Today ... I went to Micro Center... check

    63. Chizzicle

      As someone who enjoys playing pool (badly) is an avid snooker fan, programming student, and subscriber to many mathsy and/or educational youtube channels, this video is pretty much tailor made for me

    64. Mandro Music

      You deserve a billion subscribers 👏

    65. Justin Smith

      The sad part, if you spent the same amount of time practicing pool, you'd prolly be mediocre at best lol. You chose the right path

    66. Mandro Music

      I'm just here like bruh how? How? Howww? Whaaat? How you soooo smaaarrrt?

    67. João Augusto Microni Quites

      I need you to go further on this up to the point where no human can beat the robot.

    68. Shane McDowell

      You didn't program any jump shots?

    69. Rishaan Ag

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    70. Max K

      clearly you've won, you've made it this way even more than you make a child the person he become, it's nor your child it's a part of your reasoning, the very best of your thought about pool engraved in a silicon chip. it's more than a baby, it's a part of you.

    71. Bluer B

      Start making a space ship already sheesh. This guys a genius

    72. Billy Coda

      _def extract_balls_ ah I see your wife helped with the programming

    73. Unknown

      What's your Twitch channel?

    74. Joseph Martinez

      Friken smart guy

    75. David Drescher

      A realistic goal would be to identify if a brake to 9 solution was available when the balls stop.

    76. bruno r.

      create a specific stick to collect data like applied force, angle, etc. (as needed for the play), invite a professional player, collect data and use that to become the greatest player of all time!

    77. Jon A

      Holy shit bro. I used to think I was tech savvy. This is the most unreal next level maker/engineering/tech video I’ve ever see. Hats off bro. Keep up the amazing work.

    78. Gabe Demarco

      how come i did not come across your videos before ffs!? thanks for existing

    79. Randy Flores

      him: 100 dollars if you miss me: this is your biggest mistake ever

    80. Munsur Ahmed

      Make a tennis ball with a motor inside , that moves the ball itself like a (monowheel) and u can controls which way to spin in the air to make the ball come back to u possibly?

      1. Warrick Taylor

        So basically a Sphero robot. :-)

    81. Turbo Supra 2jz drag racing Toby Gear Head

      That pool table isn’t very good.

    82. Sean Perdue

      I sure hope you're making a lot of money with your IRvision channel as you've got to be one of the smartest people on this platform right now. Way to go! I'm glad to see you saw it through and didn't give up.

    83. Jason Giedt

      I want to see pt2 of this and the stuff lock vs lpl

    84. Tal Angel

      what software is he using for drawing sketches? it looks really intuitive and nice

    85. Brennen Black

      You are the smartest person I think on earth

    86. Katie Williamson

      I’m fairly smart and I never understand any of these videos 😂

    87. Hammy tube

      amazing project

    88. Eric Lotze

      @Stuff Made Here Do you have a Github and/or Thingiverse for the Code/CAD etc for these projects?

      1. Eric Lotze

        I think stuff like this would be great for intertactive "kids science museums" or a makerfair, or a school etc.

    89. Nathan Hood

      I know you must read comments like this all the time but WOW. What you do and how quickly you engineer every video idea is absolutely mesmerizing! I am in University right now for engineering and things like this just blow my mind showing us what you are capable of.

    90. Charles Baldwin

      Hi SMH, what kind of camera do you have on the ceiling? And is it USB connected to a PC? Software?

    91. Robert Cook

      Absolutely amazing idea and construction. Has SpaceX given you a call yet? I think I'll go back to eating paper and drawing with my crayons.....

    92. Francisco Ariel Prado

      Tan genio podes ser compadre!

    93. Zaid Khan

      HEY! anyone who has epilepsy please read this before you try to go to the "billiardsmadehere" website. its background has fast moving blinking like lights that might trigger a seizure. it caused me a minor one but it could be worse for you so please be careful.

    94. Meming STG

      nobody: (does nothing) me explaining my teacher how I found the right answer:

    95. mazdak sheytunak

      Love your passion behind your projects and your videos! never giving up and constantly looking to improve and solve a process! And on top of your engineering, coding, math, physics, mechanics, robotic, skills you are a youtuber creating content that trasnslats your ideas in a very nice and understandable and comprehensive way! very inspiring. I wonder how many job offers you have rejected for having and making this channel work! Great stuff, awsome channel, keep doing!

    96. George Bell

      Take my money! If you don't market this you might be the smartest dummy in the world. I can only imagine how many rich people would love to have a robot teach them and their friends how to play pool! $$$

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    99. Forbidden User

      Next... Remove yourself from the system. Place a track along their entire exterior of the table and a robotic arm holding the stick.

    100. breadfan

      probably could have become a master of billiards in the time it took to create this