Little Nightmares 2: The Story & All Endings Explained (Horror Game Theories)


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    Little Nightmares 2 - what exactly is this game all about? How does it tie into the original Little Nightmares? What about that strange and morbid ending? In this theory and analysis video I explain the entire story behind Little Nightmares II. We take a look at the games monsters, the relationship between Mono and Six and the origins of the mysterious Thin Man. This story explained video is both a walkthrough of notable story moments and also speculation as to how the world and it's characters function. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Little Nightmares 2 explained.
    Check out Little Nightmares II here:
    You've been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a theory video for Little Nightmares 2 and the story explained. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.
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    1. Antwone Barnes

      What if the story is about love and innocence. A kid trying to stay young in love with another, but the society and media wants them to grow up, but that world is a dystopia. The media changes people for the worse. In the end, that kid gets his heart broken by a girl, leaving him to down a depression, which forces him to grow up and become a part of the society they resisted. He eventually embraces his role in society as the thin man, or a businessman working for the media. 🤷🏾‍♂️ thoughts?

    2. Karra Thompson

      I ment wait

    3. Karra Thompson


    4. Karra Thompson

      Six: you soooo slow mono

    5. Ja -a

      I think your exactly right

    6. Evidence Chan

      if its just in a loop then wouldnt there be like 30 big monos in heaven wonce little mono kills him? XDDD

    7. Professor_Person

      well when I touch my screen I bend it but you don't see ME bragging about it

    8. IzzyTheDragon

      5:29 anyone else notice that Six fakes falling? The was sitting, then stood up, then fell. I think it’s kinda funny, cause it seems like she is faking for Mono

    9. Sher Andrade

      Your theory for me is the best one.

    10. Moria Dylon

      The way I perceived it was not that mono wanted revenge on six, but was so upset and distraught about the fact that he was betrayed by her, that In a way it broke his mind so that he needed her. Hence why he goes and takes her and puts her in a room that’s full of her memories and a music box that makes her calm. Because if he wanted revenge wouldn’t he have hurt her? Like how he hurts his past self when he captures him?

    11. Richard Daxter

      Did anyone else play this not understanding what was going on the whole time? Or maybe I'm just bad at piecing together non spoken word games!

    12. Yaşar Eren Mert

      Adalın cümle çaldığı yer bulundu(başındaki cümleler aynı)

    13. Axsthetix_wolxfy

      12:11 like when you realise that you see the girl in little nightmare

    14. UnnecessaryMonkeys

      can someone make a custom ending where six lowers a rope or something to save mono because the platform was collapsing

    15. Kleanin

      I KNEW IT, so yes Six is kinda selfish, BUT! She was saving herself from maybe being in danger with the thin man, so she KINDA did the right thing for letting go, but its really sad that thin mono never got his escape 😔😔😔😔

    16. Sad Dany

      imo the ending is shit. Another one of that hey i am you in the future, trying to save the young me.

    17. Carlos miguel Agutaya

      Wait you forgot of seven he has his own story

    18. Kevin Young

      Mono is thin man bc he might be thin man's son

    19. podonglee

      The first jump from the broken bridge six:catches mono the second one six: GOODBYE MY TURN TO BE PLAYABLE

    20. Roudina Abdelnaby

      Wait, if thin man never decide to move from his chair, it means six would never have met him, so if she didn’t see his face, she wouldn’t have recognized mono as thin that leads to six not betraying mono.🤯

    21. Raggity

      I think that Mono was the loop, and Six was more of a cycle. Because the signal tower exists outside of space and time, The Thin Man could actually be Mono, not someone who came before him (further backed up by Mono's name meaning "one") There is only one Mono. One Thin Man. But as the pictures show inside of the Maw, the role of "The Lady" is passed down, having there been 5 ladies at the beginning of the first Little Nightmares. Six's name being Six because she is the sixth Lady in this cycle.

    22. Rita SopheakNal

      I'm still kinda confused over the fact that Mono and the thin man fight each other and mono wins , some of u said six absord his power but then again , wasn't six only able to absord one's power after she ate them ? She just dropped him in this case Anyone else has any other theory on why the thin man lost ?

    23. Hi Hello

      Okay but...what about the hanging man in little nightmares 1? He kinda looks like thin man, doesn't he? Everyone in little nightmares 1 has this round and fat appearence but that hanging man (with a chair underneath not a stool) looks thin and seems to have similiar clothes. I don't know if someone already adressed it but i have some questions.

    24. Disgraceful Maiden

      **MAJOR SPOILER TO THE ENDING OF BOTH GAMES** I know you're watching a review for the games but I like putting these just in case I have a pretty BIG theory We discover at the end of the game that mono is the Thinman And that got me thinking I believe Six is the lady from the ending of the first game many people speculated that the lady was sixes mother but now knowing what we know from the second game I believe this was actually Six I'm also not sure why everybody views Six's "betrayal" as a betrayal I believe she knew the Thinman was Mono (after he takes her, then again she is acting weird the whole time so maybe she knew the whole time?) So not only did he kidnap her an bring her to the tower, but to save her, he traumatized her by smashing something that was clearly precious to her (her music box) Even if we believe he was trying to save her From her perspective, I believe things were very different Basically it's all about perspective

    25. Sleep Paralysis

      Let me say something reallll quick.....if six is the lady and she saw her self THEN IS SHE IN A CYCLE!!!

    26. A NAME

      So why is "Six" the name of the character? I saw in the comments that "Mono" got his name from "monophobia" which is him being scared of being alone.

    27. mizu shark

      Ty i was so confused when i completed the game my mind was litreally blown

    28. angrey eggplant with a gun

      Can we just ignore this things and focus on the chair?

    29. Rowan Carns

      i feel like another reason 6 didnt save him is because maybe she realized that if she didnt let him go she wouldn't be able to go through, and that if she saved him eventually hed have to leave her behind

    30. Tim Gamer

      What happens when mono didnt help her in the ending??

    31. thevideogameempire

      It doesn't seem very plausible given how Six pulls her arm back, but I have heard theories that Six really was trying to save him, and lost her grip. Wishful thinking but I do what I want. I also have to wonder if Six absorbs any bit of the soul when she absorbs power. It'd be interesting to see a sequel where aspects of Mono and The Runaway Kid start to take over Six.

    32. angrey eggplant with a gun

      10:21 is that shrek's bathroom with a heart?

    33. angrey eggplant with a gun

      Why is the living hand is liek a head crab lol

    34. Moon Lilly

      I just realized, if Mono was in a loop, why did he take the other children’s souls??

    35. angrey eggplant with a gun

      Remember that scene on ratatouille? When the veteran grandma hunts for remy? When the grandma shoots and wears gas mask but rans out of ammo and uses a insectiside or a flamethrower then remy gets lost?

    36. angrey eggplant with a gun

      Ngl why does the hunter shooting makes me think of ratatouille

    37. Moon Lilly

      both of them really are little nightmares. can’t imagine being either one’s parents.

    38. Лука Про


    39. VNZ

      Please turn on your caption auto trans English hehehe

    40. jokesonyou

      That's what you get for being a SIMP! ngl the ending still make me sad for a whole day

    41. Vex The Viper-Wolf

      So Six is a worthless monster and I hope the next game is just a series of her dying again and again...

    42. TheLastKing

      So mono could save the world but, six is like naaaaaaaaaaah

    43. White Square

      So basically the only good ending is the one where mono dies?

    44. JB V

      I just wanna say thank you to this man that has explained everything beautifully! Like, seriously, english is not my mother tonge but even so i undestood everything! Amazing job!

    45. Jamison Wright

      please add CC to your videos!

    46. Universal Cake

      So if its a cycle so what happens to the hunter and the doctor we already kill them soo I guess they just resurrect.... I guess

    47. Shannon Robbins

      An important question: Why did six specifically drop him at that one place? She has plenty of other opportunities to betray Mono, but six did it at that part. It seems as if she knew that if he betrayed him at that part it would have a real effect. It’s like she wanted to become The Lady and keep repeating the cycle of them becoming evil.

    48. Crystal

      Everytime six sees a mirror they must be like "Tatakae, tatakae..." Their Self Preservation instinct is at Yeager levels

    49. Galaxion Art

      We hear the music box song on the maw through the television, it makes me think it’s Mono either saying: “I’m coming to make you pay for what you did!” Or “Help me! I’m sorry for breaking your music box! I can still play the song for you!” Maybe both? I just feel like Mono is reaching out to Six the only way he can.

    50. Rene Martinez

      I don't think Six used her powers to steal any power from Mono. Every time Mono, Six, The Lady, and Thin Man use their powers, lights start to flicker and they emit black energy. None of this happened when Six let go of Mono. Besides, why hasn't Six used her touch absorption before or after LN2? It's bad storytelling to give someone a power that's only useful once. Couldn't she have at least tried to use this supposed power when Thin Man grabbed her? If all she needs to do is touch someone, it would be more in character for Six to try to absorb some of his powers and at least fight back in some way. But she's totally helpless. She’s been shown to only absorb powers by eating something and there’s always black energy that appears when someone is using magical powers. If she can absorb powers by touching, there would be no reason for her to eat the nome. If she just needs to touch someone to absorb soul power, she could have just hugged all the nomes in the room to feed her hunger for souls. She was able to hug nomes all throughout Little Nightmares so why would eating a single nome be better than hugging dozens of nomes). I don't think she was trying to steal Mono's powers when she grabbed him; the portal was an open door, not a TV that Mono needed to activate. Rather, she was cursed with an unending hunger when her "soul" was taken from her, leaving behind her glitch/ shadow self. The hunger will torment her from now on, but there's a payoff. It now allows her to steal the souls and powers of whatever she consumes.

    51. noshesss


    52. Ljsman23 Salty

      The tall man is the hero and I can tell you why. He tries to take six to save his younger self and wants revenge which is understandable. You may be thinking then why warp everyone in the town. He did it so mono could live remember when the TV is off the residents attack mono.

    53. isekai - llo

      I like to think that another reason for Six betraly was that she saw Mono face.... and looked how similar he was with that thin man, thus thinking that it would be better to go without him since she would always end up being hurt...

    54. Judd Andrew Miguel Anchez

      The thin man is more likely slenderman To be honest the thin man is the man with hat

    55. colorless crunchi

      I’m sorta confused, I thought mono died on that island when he got turned into an gnome and six ate him

    56. AnimeKitty

      i dont care about mono but WHY SIX

    57. Maccenstein XD

      The thin guy was actually in the first game at the very beginning and he was hanging himself 0_0

    58. GamingBro 910

      little nightmares 2 is a prequal

    59. Bronx JewelIX

      2:41 - Axes the door - Peers out and say... - “Here’s Mono” - ‘I Will Have My Revenge, Glutton (6)’

    60. Supernova_king

      So mono is thin man and six is the maw lady.

    61. I have skills

      This was gonna be my favorit game until I watched daz game play it and then see the bad sad ending

    62. wade falgout

      Can someone tell me, what is the music in the background? the link takes me to a site, not the music.

    63. Queenofarkham 00


    64. Rolikeabro

      but why does the doctor have to burn? They could have just ran away not turning on the oven.

    65. saltair

      i feel so bad for mono. he was just trying to break the cycle and get them both out of there, but he’s never able to succeed :( i get so sad when he just stands on the chair and then sits down as he accepts his fate bc he looks so little and defeated

    66. punsiella

      wow a video where it actually has theories instead of just describing what’s happening

    67. Jesse Martin

      six didnt really betrayed mono she did it for his saftey its cause that six was hungry so that six dosent eat mono

    68. WarriorAuranae

      Gonna throw a random theory out about the end of the game, **spoilers** . . . . . . . SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY So after seeing Mono turn into the Thin Man (or whatever you call him), everyone has been going nuts with ideas about him going back in time to save his younger self, break the cycle, etc. But the thing is, this assumes the Thin Man still has Mono's mind and free will. Hear me out: in the Pale City we see a lot of evidence of the Transmission (the signal emanating from the tower, the tower itself, I dunno) not only brainwashing people but warping them. Distorting their faces, bending the very buildings, and look at what happened to Six during her brief stay inside the tower. So while Mono could have simply grown into a very tall man with disproportionately long limbs and torso (compared to his head), it's more likely the Transmission physically warped his body. And if it can affect his body, why not his mind? My theory is that whatever the Transmission is - a conscious entity, a hive mind, an abnormal force of nature - it takes over or warps Mono's mind so that as the Thin Man, he actively works to ensure the cycle continues so that he is created in the first place. He calls out to Mono through the TVs, attacks Mono and Six, and kidnaps Six all to draw Mono to the tower and ensure his fate. He plays the bad guy so that when Six recognizes what Mono is capable of and/or who he will become, she is sure to abandon him. Rather than some tragic moral struggle, I think this is simply a conscious time loop... a self-fulfilling prophecy.


      Its literally scp-001 when the day brakes

    70. Kaylin Greaves

      What if six knew that mono was gonna turn out to be the thin man and thought that destroying him now will prevent that from happening

    71. Nam Chef

      This guy : This location is known as "The pale city" Me : Oh, so you mean Hollownest?

    72. The_ DripKNIGHT

      What about the flesh?

    73. BJD CREW

      If you think about it the only bad guy in this is 6 the character we all loved from little nightmares 1

    74. Air dribbling Life


    75. Te3time

      anyone else here after hanae natsukis playthrough

    76. Matthew Shea

      Why doesn't mono just go, buy or steal a gun and shoot six and (younger) mono

    77. NeoDecarabia

      I'm glad there are people out there, like you, that actually play the games they comment on instead if stealing gameplay footage while reading off a wiki page. The video is wonderful, it provides an in depth summary of the game. Anyone who did not play the game would still be able to understand what occurred in throughout the game. Your theory had sound logic to support it and it makes sense. I thought Six was cool after I beat the first game but I have a completely different opinion of her now. Mono grew on me T_T

    78. Not_DragzVN


    79. Chip Bag

      Now I’m just gonna wait until the loop breaks somehow

    80. DeejayF

      This whole story is like eating feels badman-flakes with bitter orange juice Iinstead of milk

    81. soufrin fr

      My theory: farm wetland - Mono and Six are from the countryside and is forced to enter the city for a "better" education and lifestyle. Six was locked in her room, and i assume its a setting for one of those toxic families that doesnt give Six freedom, so she escapes from the house along with Mono Pale City school - students that have become puppets are the brainwashed effect of children being in schools that teach them to wire, think and behave a certain way. the very smart students (writing on the floors) are tied by a rope to their necks and cannot go beyond their boundaries which can symbolise their view of the world: narrow and closed off. there are also many other "naughty" students that bully and make a ruckus, also those that get bullied, are quite obvious in the game that clearly represent our schooling society these puppets see mono as different and and outsider, so they target him (when he puts on the broken off puppet head to disguise himself the students didnt see him as a threat) like putting on a fake personality to fit in with the students in school. The teacher - long neck that follows mono and six represents the unnecessary toxic attention a teacher sometimes gives their students and once the teacher sees students misbehave they are punished immediately, never letting her sight off them. then mono and six escaped/graduated from school which then Six is only able to find her identity (raincoat) Hospital: the dark truth about hospitals- doctors experiment on their patients to get information and further understanding of illnesses and treatments, patients are the guinea pigs for the healthcare system. Mannequin patients - "once a patient, forever a patient" patients will live their lives depending on hospitals for treatment. In dark environment, represents the dark states of the patients' mental state, and the moment they sense a moving thing around them they assume it's the nurse/doctor/family/friends that are visiting them in the hospitals, so they move towards the moving beings (mono and six). Once light is shone on them, they think that they are noticed and taken cared of. That explains why some mannequins inside private suits are placed under light sources and others arent (clear hierarchy of the rich and the poor in a hospital - the rich gets more attention and better quality service while the poorer ones dont). electric chair + hypnosis - doctors make sure that patients will forever be worried of their illness and always coming back to the hospital for checkups (income for hospitals - no patients, money to pay the high paying healthcare workers) The doctor - Body that is depicted like a spider, represents how a doctor's entire life is closed within a hospital, their "home" (web) and as mono and six traps him in the furnace, they decided they aren't going to be brainwashed by a doctor's words which involves life and death (unlike the teacher which they didnt kill, as a teacher does not follow throughout a student's entire lifetime but health and family does (hospital and farm wetland) another hospital theory - after graduation they are probably forced to become a doctor by society's expectation (very relevant in asian countries) and so their expected second stage of life after foundation schooling is to become a doctor, and they escaped that narrow minded mentality. Entering Society: The 1 ray of light at the very top of a building is the government. The government system can only work when there are brainwashed people working 9 to 5 government jobs. The adults are brainwashed by the government through social media (TVs) to behave and act a certain way, and whoever rebels (switching off TV) the government/societal norms will be targeted and attacked by mindless adults (explains why after turning off the TV the adults rush to capture the children. Many people have committed sewerside (jumping off buildings) due to the overwhelming stress and unhappiness, as they are lost and will never be freed from government system. Dropping down through roofs of houses and runs towards the TV - represents coming home from work, all tired and stressed, so they rush towards the TV for entertainment and stress relief. without TV, they become deranged. Distorted face with no features (unlike teacher and doctor) - They are lost and have no identity, they are city dwellers and are so called considered "middle-low class workers" unlike the education and healthcare sector. Since their entire life is surrounded by working and unreachable success, they rely heavily on the government and influences children (mono and six) to follow in their footsteps (societal pressure) to "succeed" in life and goes mad after mono and six breaks the TV to create their own path of survival. Clothes left lying around: most of which are business suits and "higher ranking positions" of which are not worn by "the viewers" i can only assume that they are trying to say that no matter how rich or high your status is compared to the middle-low class humans they will always be a pawn of the government, and their status means nothing (clothing with no humans). Encountering Thin Man: 1st encounter -TV; before school: a vision of his future, but still uncertain. Six pulls Mono out of his fear and worries. 2nd encounter - after experiencing societal pressure, he sees a vision of a man, wearing business a business suit (himself in the future). He is afraid of that sort of vision. Six once again pulls mono out of this mentality and continued their journey to create their own future. Thin Man comes out of TV: A representation of Mono's adult self trying to reach out to his young self, a reflection of his regrets and revenge(?) towards himself and Six who has abandoned him and ran off by herself which led to a her being caught by Thin Man. Thin Man also didnt seem to continue hunting for Mono, so i assume he wants to get revenge on Six first before confronting Mono. Confronting Thin Man: Setting in front of the Tower of Light ray Mono is stronger than Thin Man which signified the amount of power a child holds compared to an adult to change their future. Mono defeating Thin Man is a symbol of rebellion towards his future and still holds the believe of changing the fate of his future. He then confronts the government (entering tower) Entering the tower: All sense of gravity and balance is non existence; just like the governmental influence and justice "life is unfair". There are also only certain doors that can lead towards a new area to 1 flight of stairs each time, which represents how "there are many doors of opportunity" but there can only be 1 way if you want to survive on this earth, which is to obey societal norms and the government. Other doors lead to a loop and never be able to move forward (succeed) in life. Six's Musical box song - since Thin Man got his revenge on Six (as she also believes in the freedom to choose their own future) he made sure Six becomes broken inside as "an adult", misses her childhood and regrets her future as an adult. Six is trying to lure Mono towards her by going up the government controlled path (1 flight of stairs and 1 door at every level) so as to bring Mono down with her. The music box is the only thing she spends her time with inside her room before she met Mono which i guess she found comfort in. (probably signifying "my life would be so much better without you". Government exploits her happiness and future for the sake of the government's growth. Building warps into flesh and eyeballs: after saving Six, she didnt pay much attention to Mono and immediately ran for her life after the building warped (government officials). The government officials chase them in hopes to tie them down in the corrupted system. Betraying Mono: Six turned around for the first time to check on Mono, and reached out her hand only at the very last minute which showed her hesitation. As you mentioned in your theory, Six cares about herself more than the fate of others, and since Mono has already sacrificed more than halfway into the government's hands as he climbs the tower to save her, she doesnt want a corrupted dirty person to potentially ruin her future, so she decided to drop him. Mono, slave to the government: He is shown to live his entire life there-fourth being a government official suppressed by other officials (when the flesh and eyeballs surround him on the chair). As Six betrayed him, he lived with regret and anger, trying to go back in time as Thin Man to stop the loop by capturing Six and confronting Mono, in hopes of breaking out of this darkness. Thin Man learned that being nice to others he considered friend is ridiculous, completely broken on the inside Prequel Little nightmare 2 is a prequel to LN1 which shows Six's view of society once again on the Maw (hierarchy of status and the disgusting existence of humans)

    82. Purple Exe

      I prefer to think that Six recognized the Thin Man in Mono's face and that's why she let go. Not because she's a selfish survivor, just that she realised that Mono IS the Thin Man. I also had assumed that she was distorted over time and had probably been in that deformed form for weeks before Mono gets there probably within the day.

    83. Mandy


    84. FedeTube

      The exisitence of the thin man implies the existence of the feared and all powerful thick man...

      1. Dagmar Lorenz

        damn, hee thicc

    85. Farah Insyirah

      Yo, when i tell u my heart sank when 6 let go off mono's hand 😔😔

    86. Cordelia Vivian Raksa

      Everything is so messed up. To tell you the truth after watching and knowing everything, I think that the only ending fit for both of them is to die. Not as young children but when they're adults. Its just what I thought. The reason simply is if Six doesn't change after the repeating time loops they both experienced, Mono's suffering and Six's hunger will never end. I'll be very happy if there was a slight thought that may come to Six to not let go of Mono, there might be a chance as they continue to repeat where they both choose a good choice- whether leaving alive or both dying. Lolol. Its just what I came to my mind.

    87. zod mamun

      Am I the only one who wants "Little Nightmares 3" ? where we can see Mono vs Six . I would love that.

    88. Cobi

      All these theories going so well and so great ending up being considered all as a time loop just throws everything off, it doesnt seem like a time loop to me at all. My theory is quite different and it makes up to Mono and Thin Man being not the same person and there being no Time loop. Like All I really need to say is How the heck were we even gonna get Little Nightmares 1 (I mean... Six in the Maw) If it was a Time loop. It makes no sense if you connect everything making it a Time loop that would explain why she is on the Maw, What happens after she gains the Ladys power, How she even gets there?.. These all questions just fade away with the Time loop theory.. Im extremely bad at explaining so what I said may not make sense but if Im able to explain better someday or you realize yourself that the Time Loop theory isnt the correct one

      1. Te3time

        I agree

    89. Amy Walker

      Wow that all makes sense thank you for explaining Little Nightmares II 😃 Cant wait to buy on ps4

    90. Eunbi Park

      if I were the thin man trapped in the loop, Ill just put six somewhere far from the city since I know what would happen in the tower and leave a note explaining all this situation to young mono then escape self from the opened tower enjoying my life.

    91. Dingle ness

      wait i dont get it you said little nightmare 2 is prequel but six has the power to absorb mono because she consume the power of the lane in the little nightmare 1

    92. Wolf Warrior

      Oh dammit I hate selrepeating stories

    93. Seth Aquauis

      The people freezing in light and the following of music is so ocarina of time it hurts

    94. kavino nagulendren

      Super horror bro in the title screen when mono was holding six hand the signal tower was covering the face of the thin man like mono’s bag

    95. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

      Are we gonna talk about six’ shadow in the true ending? Looks like the gnomes from the first game

    96. the gaming crocodile

      the thin man is trying to save mono by taking six cause he knows that six is gonna Judes him but the thin man mades it worse when he grabbed six mono had to destroy the thing she loves that keeps her safe and also the lady gasha in the maw is trying to save six Cause she knows that if they kill the lady they will be week in mirrors bad six was selfish bad with mono they made a releshionship but the thin man uptagted six and he destroyed the box music

    97. Chael Colonia

      Makes sense, So thats why mono is weak when he became old maybe cuz six sucked some.

    98. PieceCtrlJayFN

      I’m shook

    99. Robin Miota


    100. Stephanie Niezurawski

      The thin man was NOT trying to kill you.. He was literally trying to SAVE you, so Six could not kill you or let’s go during the last part.. She did it because she was scared of you becoming the thin man, even tho Mono probably wouldn’t if she saved him.. This is just what I think ^_^