SENPAI IS THE GUY FOR WEEK 6, BUT IM THAT DUDE | Friday Night Funkin (Week 6 Update)

Kubz Scouts

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    Friday Night Funkin' but Senpai is the guy in week 6, i'm THAT DUDE tho so this is pretty awk

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    1. Kubz Scouts

      Just woke up & recorded in my robe gang

      1. MaxIMilianMusIsAPedophile

        helll yeaaaaa



      3. Nick

        *gasp* ropes

      4. neptuinonix

        Robe gang 👌🏼👘

      5. Armir Suvarija

        I watched this video while wearing my robe

    2. LEQI LI

      Week 7 be vs god wouldn’t it?

    3. JessenLH


    4. Filip Lazić VII2

      Kubz: ok let the beat right Also Kubz:Ok ok... easy....damn..... just woke up everybody ok?

    5. OtherFluke

      The rap what so lit

    6. Cheetex the Cub

      senpai is Monika's lil' bro

    7. liu chang de

      Some how senpai is better than the red fire dude

    8. Karen Lahaie

      I bet you that happened alot of times for the daughter, people constantly fighting her family in beat boxing to be her boyfriend. I bet you that red head is one of the boyfriend's of her that failed, and that the dad killed, somehow his spirit got stuck in a video game teenager. He said, "and HER of all people. I will get payback for what her dad did to me and all the others...", makes alot of sense with story mode, makes sense doesn't it?

    9. Crafty

      Did I hear Sykkuno's iconic "Oh jesus"

    10. No Name

      Ngl jay really be killing this shit. Especially the second song and third song

    11. Patent Heads

      That rap from Jay was 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    12. Nightmare _1011

      Damn Jay took some serious rhyming lessons from Corpse in his dream that morning

    13. Marshy Playz

      He that dude

    14. Undertalegamer

      The beginning of the video was nice

    15. Your Average Commenter or Some Guy Like That

      Yo guys, happy friday.

    16. Andre Rushing

      kubz bars slipped out

    17. Adam Yusuf

      Boyfriend: *faces literal demons in a rap battle* Also boyfriend the whole time 😼

    18. Nyla

      Jay sounds adorable when he does Senpai's voice!

    19. IDC TRASH

      Corys not the only one with bars

    20. Under Radio

      Senpai just went Earthbound boss mode.

    21. KL Lilac

      Senpai: “what do you see in him?” Girlfriend: “he makes me laugh” Boyfriend: “beep bo bee bee boop” (Reference from Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

    22. ArabelleProductions

      Waaaait a moment Is that the ‘oh Jesus’ voice from sykunno?!

    23. RayDoesStuff

      Jay spitting fire in the intro


      Dare you to play “Hell Mode” tomorrow...

    25. Earth Dominator

      Yo cory went insane on these

    26. Space Bunny

      I think that the girlfriend is so chill with all the demons and evil school dude cause she has a lot of faith in her boyfriend.

    27. Kaitlin Lopez

      Me laughing because he called him a flying hot Cheeto

    28. aitana quito

      is it just me or is it weird when jay doesn't talk

    29. Izu- Chan

      Bro why jay look like my boyfriend after he wakes up on Sunday 😂

    30. Ninjaslasher!

      That rap though 🤣

    31. blasian_ boi555

      Jays right bru, Berlin gotta get his ass up on this

    32. Angelina Lee

      Was anyone else cut off by sykkunos “oh Jesus”?! 😭

    33. Gacha Cyber

      Anyone else heard the sykunno in the beginning lol?

    34. the shade

      ... if you came to make yourself feel better about being bad at this game you came to the wrong place

    35. Kemma _

      The fact that I also went "I did that" to the recorded video of my Cocoa gameplay

    36. Tobias Banks

      I like the pixel art day for the main character better than his normal

    37. Nessi Gonzalez

      Beep bop bep bep boop(your are that man my dude)

    38. Silviq Petrova

      When the dude says "lets get freaky on a Friday night yeah" I always think its jay saying it..

    39. E l i z a b e t h M a r y A f t o n

      Bf: Beep boop skee bep Senpai: WDYM YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS NOT GONNA LOVE ME?

    40. ismail khalid

      At least he doesn't start shouting and talking over every beat so we can at least hear it 7:13 Ah, i see a little flash for us

      1. Engineer's True Requiem

        I see nothing wrong with the shouting

    41. Mai Nhiakao Yang

      Me:*Watching this* Me:When I go to the devil in my dreams I would feel to beatbox him.

    42. TheBlueAssassinZ

      Wait what you can spit 😫

    43. Simply_monthly

      When your vocal cords break in week 6: auto tune on

    44. H2O Delirious biggest fan


    45. diego brando

      Me singing in 2018: lalalalallalalalalala~~~~~ Me singing in 2021: BOOP BEB BAB SKBOO AYY SAAA BOBPOP

    46. Adam Ai

      *A h h j e s u s*

    47. You Are here

      *oh jesus*

    48. Stephanie Chandra

      I heard Sykkuno XD

    49. Your boi Ash

      Is that coryxkenshin in beginning saying ooo

    50. Mitsuchu

      LMAO he really used that "OH JESUS" from Sykkuno

    51. Dahlia Hawthorne

      The girls on Roses are shocked by Senpai and what COMPLETELY different face and behavior he's had or is mad at boyfriend

    52. cute_baconhairboiee

      Fun fact the corrupted sempai is saying I'm in pain

    53. Purusha Jackson-Cox

      at 4:10 i like how he smiles

    54. Girlfriend FNF

      Senpai looks so hot 😍 I can't stop looking at him 💖

    55. Grimz Vlix

      why you do that to skykunno lmao

    56. { StAr LiGhTs }

      " Hes spazzing out....I love it" 😩✋

    57. inconspicuous hoodie

      Not gonna lie this shit slaps

    58. ItzTheWeirdoPoli

      Jay saying Easy is the hardest part of the video.

    59. Oscar Gavino

      Sick Rap Dude

    60. Mrs Komaeda

      Ok but that freestyle in the beginning SLAPS

    61. Erica Knightes

      If you do this in lyrics you know you know what he saying when you do it in the real lyrics

    62. Maddox Martinez

      2:44 when I die in fornite when it’s top 2

    63. SeroStarlight

      SEND TROOPS TO GO GET BERLEEZY 7:59 I know he’ll be going off on Boyfriend about his “fake-ass red octobers”.

    64. logan torrez

      jay has achived the power level of over 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hes to op for week 6

    65. Tamoor Imran Siddique

      2:48 jay is the only one who actually said that without stopping by one Utter shock And two Not allowed to say it on a family friendly channel

    66. Icy Viper

      That freestyle went hard

    67. Gamer Boys

      Roses has the best beat imo

    68. •Flare the Moltres•

      Guys, it’s cannon, he says “beep bo beep bop boop” in conversation.

    69. CheeseBlock


    70. Gearbot

      His reactions are so lame

    71. Biscuit Boy

      len kagamine is senpais secret younger brother

    72. Leah Orellana


    73. Ya Know?

      Sykkuno’s “Oh Jesus” took me out 😂😂

    74. Acko, Acko O Bacco

      Tbh Roses be slappin’ hella HARD.

    75. Virukishen

      BF:skibidi bop mm dada Senpai: *explodes*

    76. Semi O

      that freestyleee 🤩🤩

    77. Aatma . T . Singh

      The Start Though 😳

    78. Mr Psyco

      These beats are hot fire.

    79. MR831LARIOS

      I think pico killed senpie

    80. Emina102

      i heard sykkuno lol

    81. Coey Lim

      That's supposed to be hard mode but it's frickin easy coz he's THAT DUDE!

    82. Fusiion

      666k views 6k comments

    83. Samuel Guevara

      Senpai ghost: has a seizure whilst still singing

    84. Gracious Baking World

      0:01 what the hell

    85. Gracious Baking World

      O:01 the hell you saying-

    86. Sirena T

      Jay: Got the girls going crazy in the back The girls: ✖️👄✖️

    87. 77th Director Of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

      2:45 just a timestamp, don’t mind me

    88. Cassandra Sanchez

      My atrthis hands could never 😂

    89. Giselle

      intro was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    90. Hazmat in a Gas Mask

      That intro though. You gonna link your Soundcloud?

    91. DanteDevil666

      This game is bringing out everyone's inner rapper XD

    92. Normal Kid

      Senpai is so annoying 🙄

    93. Samaiya Bailey

      Ok wait wait wait waitttttt.... I did not know hay had bar like that

    94. Sadly Soupy

      I like how he had to emphasize that he was fully naked under the rope multiple times

    95. safira azul

      0:49 the guy in the frydai game is such nerd bro who says that nerd

    96. SmartyPants490

      First try my ass

    97. kannathelolieater 1


    98. Miguel Rodriguez-Alvarado

      Hey jay I think the one who you are battling are bot

    99. Ruzh

      Imagine a demon popping outta nowhere and threatening to take your soul and ur just like "yeah but can you beat me in a beatbox tho"

    100. justagamer

      Bro this dude jay is a GOD at this