BREAKING: Trevor Bauer Picks DODGERS Over The Mets.. WOW!!


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    BREAKING: MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer Chooses DODGERS Over The Mets!! MLB Recap
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    1. Joaquin

      Dodgers did this last year, everybody did their thing and then Dodgers got mookie, same thing this year they got an A+ player in the last seconds of free agency.

    2. Giovanni Asaro

      Bro, the mets would not have been favorites for the world series

    3. King_ Carlos

      Okay you named two pitchers that cheat so count them out of improving🤦‍♂️

    4. Dy1313lan YT

      That set in mlb the show 21 boutta be expensive as hell

    5. Sam Adams

      Dodgers are wining let’s go

    6. Howie Kaplan

      The Dodger losing out on position players does not make it more important for him to sign with them. Bauer has handled this whole situation like a child. I wanted Bauer on the Mets.

    7. Big Yeska79

      Great content yo!

    8. Dylan Westberg

      no body literally nobody trevor bauer, let me just make some fake merch so I can troll the mets >:)

    9. vincent pacheco

      Lmao Mets were never the favorites to win the World Series even with Bauer.

    10. Rene Q

      From a Dodgers fan , don't worry mets you guys are gonna be one of the big dogs every season in a few years. It's good having the mets competitive on the NL .The only NY MLB , team I don't have a problem with 💯

    11. Andres Amaro

      Kershaw is old he’s gonna screw up again like before dodgers won’t win another one for a while they’re not the Yankees or even close to them before




      Mets from favorites to win the ws ??? Lol is this guy serious? He actually thought EVEN if TB went to Mets They become favorites? GTFO BRO !!!

    14. Shaun Sweeney

      The Dodgers are Set!

    15. Kelsey Curtis

      Imagine thinking the Mets were the favorites before this signing. Lol

    16. Robert Haizlip

      Bauer ain't all that anyway...

    17. Robert Haizlip

      Mets won't even win their division let alone the series....

    18. Austin Lindsay

      Why do small market teams even exist?

    19. TheSixonezero

      Tatis is the really doing acuna like that

    20. Goat James

      Clayton Kershaw Trevor Bauer Walker Buehler David Price Dustin May Tony Gonsolin Joe Kelly Brusdar Graterol Julio Urias Kenley Jansen 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳


      they are paying him for 2 months pitching against the terrible central. he will not repeat those stats. dodgers will not even make the world series. 2020 not a real season non of it counts good or bad for teams or players

    22. Mark Domaschk

      Your favorite team to win the World Series is dodgers because Trevor Bauer’s on the team 😂

    23. Jaime Rodrigues

      How are the Mets favorite w/Trevor if they would of got him?really!

    24. Peter Allan Green

      Great idea for a rename for Cleveland! How about the Cleveland Natives? That's not at all disrespectful and supports the historical integrity of the franchise.

    25. Dude Diligence

      I don't hate Bauer but I hate the Dodgers.

    26. Pete Draper

      Fuzz, love your content, and with absolutely no disrespect to you, but I completely disagree with your Koufax comparison. There's some contextual points that you left out. While I don't disagree that pitchers can get better with age and experience, the Koufax-Bauer comparison is specious at best.

    27. banana

      U didn't leave the house then how did he sign

    28. Ceto Ortiz

      Why would the Mets be World Series favorites if they got Bauer? They didn’t even make the playoffs last year?😂

    29. Robert Norris

      Easy choice, both states tax the crap out of you but Bauer is from California, it makes sense. Dodgers should be pretty stout with this move. They should walk away with the NL West unless the Padres really gel quickly.

    30. Ryan Bell

      Mookie is the face of baseball to me

    31. Mommy Garcia

      He knew which team is the best & where he could win a WS !!

    32. Yaranov

      Your his friend so you can't say that he is not worth that. And his Cy is not legit. He played 11 games against crap teams.

    33. Samuel Bozyk

      That’s cool. Who wants to see competition anyways

    34. Bryan Rojas

      In the immortal words of Vin Scully.. "it's time for Dodgers baseball!"

    35. Anime4life LA dodgers dont leave yet braves

      Let’s go but I still can’t believe this what did I just hear and witness

    36. Ledge _ 51

      I’m a dodger fan but I never thought he was really overrated, he’s been one of my favorite players for a long time and I’m so hype he’s now on my favorite team

    37. Cristopher Boswell

      how did the orioles not get him?

    38. MB DG

      Me a mets fan 😕

    39. Not Clix

      Bauer is overrated Darvish should’ve won CY Young. He had a better year. Hate me if you want

      1. Rene Q

        I agree Bauer may be overrated, but that's the business, win the cy young when you're set to be a free agent, you're gonna get paid. But Darvish isn't? He's good and everything but I think he's very average , few good seasons, few not so good. But he's got what it takes to be great, don't get me wrong, I actually like him but he's second tier.

    40. Abraham Garcia

      Bro please put more time in your videos. It’s all over the place and you have voices overlapping

    41. HipHop 1993

      Tatis the face of baseball ? Lmfao ooookay

    42. Adrian B

      If Buehler, Kershaw, deGrom Cole and Verlander pitched against the Royals, Tigers and Pirates in 2020, they would all have ERAs of less than one. Nothing against Bauer, he's obviously a good pitcher, but the 2020 stats are not exactly reliable for comparing across players.

    43. Chauncey Vanderpool

      Randy Johnson was another that got better after nolan Ryan and others changed his style

    44. Cap Troll

      Plus his buddy Clevinger is just an hour south, go Pads!

    45. AJ P

      Still better then the Mets getting him, I hate the Mets cause I’m a Nats fan haha.

    46. C W

      Being a Padres fan I wonder if they will ever be able to get past the Dodgers. Bauer is very intense

      1. Bjen

        he’s overrated don’t worry bro go pads!!

    47. Eduardo Tarafa

      Dude its clear he wanted the money lol

    48. Michael DePinto

      The Dodgers are the Iron Curtain of the MLB

    49. Michael Cain

      Im just excited to see him pitch against clevinger again

    50. Enrique Campa

      “Dodgers need Bauer more than the Mets” lol as usual. Watch your team not even making the postseason again. What a stupid comment

    51. Dominic M

      being from LA so stocked that we have Trevor Bauer.

    52. meszy

      Trev left the reds because he is still but hurt that their bats were cold. Thanks for the competitive balance pick REALLY MAKES UP FOR A CY YOUNG PITCHER

    53. Mister Clay

      Ozuna signed with Atlanta 4 years 65 million

    54. Bigg Long Legged Donut

      Bauer for 22 cover

    55. Manuel G

      3:29 the audio got messed up there

    56. Callan Rykhus


      1. Callan Rykhus


    57. TNVol 09er

      I used to like him but now he's a sellout

    58. Noah Malfant

      Nooooooooooo.(btw my fav team is the mets)

    59. Leafgreen1976

      You're all going to be stunned when the Blue Jays win it all in 2021.

    60. Fishing Frenzy USA

      Too much pressure for that wuss to go to the mets. He couldn’t be a lead horse. He can go be nimber 3 or 4 in LA. Good fit.

    61. Caleb McCotter

      I’m a Mets fan and I’m disgusted, mostly because the Dodgers are the new Patriots

    62. Scott -O

      You give a guy with almost a 4 era for his career $40 mil🤯👎🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

    63. Aiden Cole

      Yup but ozuna is back for the braves

    64. DJ

      Couldn't agree more about the blackouts. I'd buy MLBTV if I got the local (Yankees and Mets) games. Also, the Dodgers are the new Yankees. Built an incredible core through drafting/farm system and traded and signed the right players at the right time even blowing past the luxury tax for an opportunity to win again. First Betts then a World Series now Bauer. Bravo to that front office, they just flexed on the rest of the league. I remember when the Yankees (and Red Sox to a lesser degree) were the only team(s) to consistently do it. It must feel amazing to be an LA sports fan right now. And if you're someone that's mad at the fact that the Dodgers are basically trying to buy championships, and think that there needs to be a cap, you're wrong. Players getting paid and teams spending to try to win is great for the game of baseball. If anything there needs to be a cap floor. That way, teams like the Rays and Indians would promote and pay their players and spend at least a little bit more to try and win.

    65. Alfred Nava

      Letssss gooo dodgerssssss !!!!!!!!

    66. Awe Dee.0

      big surprise😒

    67. Nicholas Acevedo

      btw you need to remember everyone on the dodgers can play you have extra people that can play if one gets injured

    68. cossackal

      Love Trev, I can't wait to start the season.

    69. David Blue

      Dodger "fans" are some of the most cocky, delusional, fairweather, smack talkers you will come across online!

      1. David Blue

        @Steven B Nah! The truth hurts sometimes

      2. Steven B

        Someone’s salty

    70. Sterling Archer

      Wait. How were the Mets the favorite to win the world series before Bauer signed with the Dodgers? Even if Bauer signed with the Mets i still dont think they would have been the favorites. Crazy hahaha.

    71. RM The Unknown One

      So he IS coming back home to SoCal!! Cant wait to see him this year! Right on Doyers!!

    72. Arthur Valenzuela

      What!!! is this foo trying to get the president to change his mind about not having baseball Cus if you ask me Trevor being on the Dodgers Could be a fun season

    73. edward lopez

      Bueler Vs. Cole

    74. Luke Barley

      Let go Magic Johnson


      I am a static as a Mets fan that they didn’t sign Trevor Bauer. Too much money too much trouble too much controversy. The Mets don’t need him. And That money is going to get us some great infielders and outfielders

    76. Lawrence Terrell

      Dodgers should have had more championship than what he they have they was cheated out of the world series by the Astro and got knocked out by the Nationals but with adding Trevor to their bullpen they should be able to make a very deep run again in the playoffs

    77. Joey Suba

      You think you're going to stop MLB from doing blackouts? You're more delusional than I thought. You barely have 250k followers on IRvision, and you think you're going to get meeting with higher ups in MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL to abolish all of the blackouts in local markets? You do realize blackouts are local right? You can watch the LA/SD game if you're in NY or Chicago, because you aren't in that market. Man, no wonder why you and Trevor get along. Do you text him? You haven't mentioned if you do or not.

    78. buTTonz

      Going to be a great division between SD & LA. However, I'm lost as to the signing since it puts the Dodgers well over the Luxury Tax limit. Just crazy considering they won the series & STILL lost a "reported -$100,000,000"

      1. buTTonz

        @Ciello ___ I get that, I'm sure most fan bases will be doing the same since they just miss baseball and want grab some games. I'm just showing how much money was actually lost to all the teams, even the team who won the series. I personally don't think the Dodgers needed Bauer, but dude more to the game of baseball. Should be a great year

      2. Ciello ___

        winning is great business. The fanbase in LA will be loyal and come to games when stuff opens up again

    79. Robert Caudillo

      Trevor Bauer pulled a Kawhi Leonard.

    80. Chooch Maldonado

      Tatis is overated

    81. Pricey

      As an Angels fan all i want to say is i hate you Trevor Bauer. I hate you. That is all.

    82. Chooch Maldonado

      Mets were not gonna pay him more per yr then degrom.

    83. Robert D.

      I'm so happy!!!!

    84. Jitterzz

      As a Padres fan, I’m real stoked for Bauer to come to California so that I can catch some games with him live. This is gonna be a good season, let’s gooooooo!!

    85. Tatís Acuña Jr.

      I made $200 off this result so I'm happy as can be 😂

    86. Kevin Photography

      The only Blackout I love is Call of Duty Blackout Boiiiii

    87. bb b8

      Just gotta say, Bauer is in LA. The Dodgers are filled with stars and talent but don’t forget, he can easily make vlogs with Trout if they decide to do it. Bauer has more potential for a WS and knock out vlog series. This move is perfect for not only Bauer but fans all over.

    88. Carlos B

      Bauer played everyone bruh this was handled so poorly

    89. jason robbins

      If Aaron Judge is healthy run away MVP. That if tho

    90. 2k Manny

      45 million a year 😑 oh hell nah overrated rated af

    91. Pgonzo 18

      I wanna preface this that there’s no hate, but it’s funny that with every time a big signing has happened that team has become the favorite for the World Series for you lmao

    92. Nigel Yu

      As a mets fan, I am so glad we didn’t sign him. No more social media drama. Better yet, we free up the cap room for other worthwhile players to extensions.

    93. Mahin Choudhury

      So stunned that Bauer chose to sign with the Dodgers, not the Mets. I think the Mets need Bauer the most than the Dodgers because Mets haven't won a championship for like 35 years. Right now Dodgers rotation is gonna be super stacked that they should trade one or two starter(s) so they can save money to bring back Turner or sign another batter.

    94. Christian Douglass

      Fuzzy: I’ve been bamboozeled Trevor: 😏

    95. SavvyDude

      The NL West race between the Padres and Dodgers will be a fun one all season. Can't wait for baseball to begin.

    96. S1dakid X8

      Let’s as a dodger fan I’m hyper

    97. AnthonyYouTubeFan

      I will say: Bauer is great at self-marketing. I'm subscribed to his IRvision channel. I wish some of Our Yankee players had them.

    98. Joe Murphy

      I’m so upset... :(((

    99. Matisse Cardenas

      Ya dont forget about josiah gray!!!!

    100. Gabriel Sanchez

      I’d respect him so much more if he said he wanted to play for his hometown rather than troll every single team all offseason. Cool he’s with the Dodgers but I don’t believe the game is going to grow playing for the team that’s been on the top for the past decade. He knew where he was gonna go from the beginning.