Cyberpunk 2077 - PlayStation Gameplay

Cyberpunk 2077

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    More #Cyberpunk2077 console footage coming your way! This time, the game is running on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro - check it out!
    Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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    About the game:
    Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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    1. R

      False advertising, simple as it is. Were is the lawsuits when we need them?

    2. haneefy


    3. The Voidwalker Br


    4. MightyJail


    5. Eden's Gate

      The PS4 base console owners watching this trailer - Finally we will be playing this game in our PS4 PS4 owners after the game releases - Why are we still here....just to suffer.....

    6. Lol

      Shady company just like EA and any other

    7. Izzuddin maddinin

      Yeah this was a shit show...

    8. Bend D.

      Stop lying lie after lie after lie after lie cdprojekt red!!!!!!!

    9. cssLiquicity

      finally disliked eveything i liked after seeing the result ;) thank you for opening everyone eyes :D

    10. don pasto

      It has really gone gold

    11. Dskylance

      What a load of shit

    12. No Name

      Fact: This was recorded on PC and they were using a PS4 controller.

    13. Palaven

      These people deserve to be sued.

    14. Shawn Lilo


    15. RedSnakeGT500

      I want a refund and I don't even own the game

    16. HᴇᴀᴠʏMᴀᴄᴇ

      *PS4:* _You forgot me, I bought this game!_

    17. advanceddarkness3

      well, this was a bunch of shit.

    18. ETCeteraG


    19. Mad At Gas Car


    20. wasted time

      You guys have no shame

    21. creemcheems

      False advertising

    22. Khornate Beserker

      You deserve to get sued for this. You blatantly lied.

    23. BlackV0dka Gaming

      They didn't show the base PS4 gameplay because they knew that shit is hard to see

    24. BlackMatt

      Lol this is not ps4 pro omfg. Scam

    25. Mark Collins


    26. Jay Chung

      The Bloomberg report also infers that the Cyberpunk 2077 demo that was shown off back in 2018 was “almost entirely fake”. “CD Projekt hadn’t yet finalized and coded the underlying gameplay systems, which is why so many features, such as car ambushes, were missing from the final product,” Bloomberg noted of the demo. “Developers said they felt like the demo was a waste of months that should have gone toward making the game.”

    27. Монолитовец

      Burn in hell.

    28. Fsher Man 971

      This 2012 game age well

    29. SeboTrzyDe

      Either CDPR had better PS4 Pro than most people did, or this is a clear case of false marketing.

      1. Lucas Grant is my real name

        That's not how consoles work, it was false ADVERTISING

    30. Valeria Dulanto

      And the Bugs?

    31. Cooliotopnotch

      What a scam lmao

    32. Ked G.

      all the hype I had...

    33. J

      Taka ciekawostka kupujac Cyberpunka w Szwajcarji nie posiada on Polskiej wersji jezykowej. Nawet koreanski jest bo mieszkam przeciez w Azji. No comment cdpr Shame!

    34. xamunas

      Wait a minute where the video showing CE-34878-0 blue screen. I wan my money back cdpr.

    35. Moua Xiong

      dang this game is pretty tight

      1. DiVine

        Read some other comments and you'll realise that it actually really isn't.

    36. Thai Dang

      gone gold my ass

    37. Wannabee

      Ruin your reputation speedrun

    38. Justin Y Minecraft brother


    39. Vaporeon 420


    40. Richard Gammons

      Doesn't even look this good on pc.

      1. Cdot DaGreat

        @Vinsent Krastev nice cap

      2. Vinsent Krastev

        What the hell are talking about? It looks way better on the new rtx cards. Even with a 1080 the game still looks better than in this trailer.

    41. Ran Cat

      So they kept the car driving under 40 mph, thats how they kept the game from crashing...

    42. Alex R

      Where's the blue screens?

    43. Компьютерные Железяки

      Yeah Playstation 4 Ofcourse

    44. m3ga

      Been playing it on ps5 and man its amazing I cant wait for the next gen version.

    45. Neo's danger

      PlayStation? More like a high end pc with a controller connected to it

    46. I eat Grass

      Came here to read the comments.


      *DIE CD PROJECT RED.* *D I E.*

      1. TheEvelKing

        ​@Zizi Gaming Sad to hear that. The only option is to wait for patches.

      2. Zizi Gaming

        @TheEvelKing this game even crash on my brand new xbox series x

      3. Shadow Knight

        @TheEvelKing sorry This game still sucks, even if the game still runs smoothly They removed a lot of cool features from the trailer

      4. TheEvelKing

        No one cares that you too poor to afford a good pc or one of the new consoles.

    48. Intel Dude Does AMD

      To all Blaming CDPR You're trying to run a 2020 Game on a decade old console, what do you expect?

      1. lightonsnow1

        We expect a game we paid 60$+ for to work on the console it was advertised on.

      2. Intel Dude Does AMD

        Sad for you guys I can understand But there was no way it could have had run. But Happy I'm playing on a my PC and it runs smooth 30 fps on High Graphics.

      3. Zizi Gaming

        this game even crash on my brand new xbox series x

      4. Zizi Gaming

        they said this game run very well on ps4 and xone, so that was a fucking lie and this video here is false advertising

    49. Semra54 Aust454

      ....... No

    50. Rookié Art-Illustration

      @CyberpunkGame I've played cp77 on my ps4pro and got the platinum trophy. Having played that much let me tell you my update suggestions : 1. Better npc Ai 2. Better enemy death physics.. They turn into jointless crashtestdummies. 3. Better ncpd Ai 4. Different enemy types. I went through the game on very hard and it was very easy. Just shooting down everything without any real effort. 5. There's no use for Vs apartment... 6. Crafting more than a single item.. I can sell a stack but can't craft a stack of sth? I really have to hold down the button 30 times? 7. Rewards for sidequests. There's no rewards other than cash or cars.... 8. I miss side activities like gwent or anything. There's none. 9. Lifepaths are quiet irrelevant... 10. Missing customization shops, barber, cosmetic cyberware etc.

    51. Leo Johnson

      Can you guys just give the license to this game to ROCKSTAR? at least they dont generate 8 years of hype for it to be a huge disappointment. Oh also they know what they are doing.

    52. Dojima no Ryu

      "Explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the world and the people around you" Yeah...about that. Another fucking lie, just like this trailer.

    53. Adnan Khalid


    54. SkeepyDoBalacobaco

      You know its fake when there is no t-posing people

    55. 朱育正

      "I want the real version" 360p "I SAID the real version" 144p "Perfect"

    56. SPARTAN pk99

      This aged like milk.

    57. Stephen Mullen

      Welp .... its still FUBAR on PS4

    58. Satyr

      L I A R S

    59. Zalan Ahmad

      Absolute Dogshit advertising, this is clear fraud.

    60. Ahmad R

      1) never shows PS4 and Xbox One versions 2) does not allow reviewers to use their own footage 3) only gives out PC copies of the game to reviewers 4) scam of the decade


      "The most advanced city in any open world game to date."

    62. Kevoh Ryder

      Then boom 💥 you disappointed

    63. 태선우TaeSunWoo

      5:18 Jackie just described the current state of CDPR

    64. Etheral101

      The Van doesnt blow up during the chase. It just crashes into wall. Pipes dont come out enginge when V pulls them. They just stay there. This is PC gameplay.

      1. Jude Price

        Looks like pc with a mix of medium and high possibly?. I run mine at a mix of high and ultra and it looks a bit better than this video.

    65. Stephon Hines


    66. Gary Lee Brinks

      Why dont cars have mirrors?

      1. Point Man

        woah you want reflections?

    67. dallas04

      Looks like this on ps5. But they game has the same issue fallout 4 had. No choice. And the game is way different than all the other trailer they showed.

    68. Sideways Nutrition

      Not sure if they changed it but I love how it says ‘PlayStation gameplay’ not specifically the 4 or 5

    69. Rómulo Figueroa Díaz

      So that was a fucking lie.

    70. Tsuki:3

      Biggest downgrade ever.

    71. Boris Borman_69

      Fake, it's not PS4 Pro, in reality there is 15-20 fps on PS4 Pro, I know, I'm suffering now on PS4 Pro playing this shіt!

    72. Rociel Hà

      WHat!? This graphic same on my PC version not my PS4. Liar!!

    73. El Phantasmo77

      Ps4 gameplay lol

      1. Shadow Knight

        Ps4 pro Gameplay my arse

    74. SZEAG


    75. Jack The Ripper

      LOTY Lie of the Year

    76. Makhno

      Наеберы блин А ведь вам доверяли...

    77. Storm shadow Ninja

      I love it how they were playing on PlayStation 4 Pro then switch to PlayStation 5

    78. 卩丨尺卂ㄒ卂

      tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

    79. thehill251

      Biggest scam ever

    80. MaxPayen Venic

      I love when shooting start happens they change to ps5 version

    81. Ray Palmer

      In the words of the great chess club member - "Who's laughing now?"

    82. Yuri

      Yeah this is all a lie but the song at 4:05 is fire what's it called?

    83. Geralt of Rivia

      So many butthurted crying in tears console peasants here.

      1. Jude Price

        Guys just get a pc. My 2013 core i7 rig with a 4 year old gtx 1070 can run it at 1080p ultra with 35-40fps. No excuses boys.

      2. Zalan Ahmad

        Yer ma is a peasant, I'm so sorry everyone hates your favorite company boo hoo

      3. dallas04

        @Zizi Gaming crashes on ps5 like every hr.

      4. Zizi Gaming

        CDP RED: This game run very well on current-gen console SO THIS WAS A FUCKING LIE ?

      5. Shadow Knight

        Bruh, ur a pos They lied to us

    84. ahmed ronaldokahn

      The Legendary Lie

    85. yo

      yall cant read? ps4-pro. is not a ps4. the ps4 pro is closer to a ps5 than ps4, so no, no falsehood. yall just dumb and don't know how hardware works smh

      1. dallas04

        Ps4 is closer to ps4 pro idiot the ps5 is built using way different technology

      2. 卩丨尺卂ㄒ卂

        that's clearly the PC version, the game does not look like this on the PS4 pro

      3. yvwe 888


      4. Joke ruiner

        @Vinsent Krastev fr? I am a pc dude but I got a used ps4 pro for exclusives ya know tlou2, ghost, god of war. And more. But i played it on ps4 pro and it was pretty Pog

      5. Vinsent Krastev

        True but it still runs like sh*t on the ps4 pro. This is false advertising. It only runs good on the next gen consoles and pc. All last gen players cant play the game on their consoles

    86. Zero Two

      You guys could've pulled this off if the console versions were playable. The simps over on Steam for example love this game despite the story and other content flaws and shortfalls.

      1. yvwe 888

        Nah .. there is still all the content missing from all the videos and interviews

    87. Yow Theng Lim

      I love how they show the car drive just below 20mph

    88. Lucas Grant is my real name


    89. Marius Motionless

      this was a lie XD

    90. Peter Marcal

      Cyberpunk runs just like that on my Mega Drive.

    91. Troy Harris

      1:02 You're welcome.

    92. Bibhuprasad Dash

      Fucking lies I saved my pocket money for 4 months FOR THIS SHIT.

    93. Rahul Gill

      This is probably a ps4 pro running at 1080p with SSD.

    94. Xdeath Plays

      It’s early build it needs a little more money to get on it feet properly

      1. Sean

        Then maybe it should have been delayed. I say that as someone who owns the game on PC BTW.

    95. Ramesses

      Well I'm enjoying it on the PS. I've played games in worst shape. Patches are coming thick and fast. Looking forward to the PS5 upgrade next year when I can get my hands on one.

    96. Mostafa Yasser

      Bruh hahahahahaha

    97. Juan Manuel Fernandez

      "PC on low settings with a DualShock 4 video" here's your PS4 console footage bro.

    98. Joost

      15th day out in there and i feel it has huge potential of being the greatest pc & console ever when you finished the main game (I'm almost sure it will continue in mad max, death stranding combi in the desert and i woulda gues that's why the nomads ending is star. I guess focus main will change even if you ending as Jonny's ending and other endings cause Jonny wants v to live his live make his own choice afterall and then he would try getting you out alt's orld and make things right with panam in the dessert and probably if you choose the arasaka way theycwould need you eventually and you are going to flee out pf night city and will then met the nomads and panam and if you aren't romanced i guess you could try again then and if you go the secret path you will go to a casino but i don't know if you will stay or anything else but i really guess you wil turn back to earth because it's needed for something and you will crash somewhere close tho the nomads and the nomads wil come looking for what fell out of the sky and then you join them and eventually will come there as well the only thing i dont really know is how it's going to continue when you choose for suicide. But i think because some Witcher games where to long followed on base of comments and reviews from public and cd red would decrease the play time of cyberpunk and that time would be like where you have the option to commit suicide so I guess there's you change of not playing any longer. And based of way to much interest in the game I used wemod and used it for unlimited double jumps and then you can go high and when you do you'll see pretty nice houses and bars apartments and even a nightclub some even with palm trees 🌴 and I seemed not being able to enter it from the ground so I guess these are for the next story for the "nomads" and so on so its just movie 1 what we finished now and this is amazing seeing a game doing this big hella choice. What do you guys think ? Please make research after what i said because I'm sure i did not see all buildings and stuff but its hella game with huuuuge potential so comment whatcyou think about this idea i have if its possible or not etc

    99. Annabel Domenech

      I wonder how she feel that she lied to everybody 😂

    100. Paw Zyl