MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)


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    MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
    "Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
    Written by MARINA
    Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
    Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
    Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 12 روز


    1. Paolo Cruz

      The Family Jewels/FROOT era Marina is back

    2. Brad Bryant

      Of course, this is a hymn for everyone who wakes up every day with the thought that in this world cruelty is not over. My people, who saw the genocide in 1915, cannot live in peace today, when after the war, which ended on November 10 of this year, hundreds of prisoners were taken, who are being mocked and their heads are being cut. Thank you Marina for this song, I hope we will be strong and will defend our human rights in this cruel world.

    3. Marie Booster

      preach sis lol

    4. Alexia J

      Sperm rates plummeting worldwide, pollution leading to less men being born BC male fetuses are weaker, the Y chromosome slowly deteriorating until it will literally become extinct... You're living on borrowed time lads, and after 6000 recorded years of enslaving women worldwide, I think this biological experiment called "men" needs a conclusion. Fyi scientists can make sperm in the lab from literally anything, and there's been a successful parthogenic birth of a mouse called kaguya :)

    5. Lana Delrey

      She may underrated but she released more singles and albums then many mainstream singers out there and her music getting better each days.She one truely artis.

    6. Jo

      Marina, this is exactly what the world needs right now. A queen always

    7. cool girl

      Woah made me not want to kill myself for a second

    8. Iancharles Flores

      it it's time

    9. Mich Harmony

      2 millones!! 😍😍

    10. Lxxrt

      Can we appreciate the diversity of the DANCERS??

    11. Guilherme Oliveira

      yassss queen

    12. Fox Queen6

      This is powerful

    13. s z k v v

      Everything and everyone in this music video is just so gorgeous like I can’t even express how much I love this

    14. Jorge Dela Cruz


    15. Sid태태

      Wow! She always manages to make masterpiece after masterpiece, I love it!

    16. Fach

      The reason that men don't like songs like this (I'm not offended by the way just thinking as I read through some comments) is because it assumes that men are the culprits of a fallen world. It has nothing to do with men or women but rather good and evil. These things are not flesh and bone but spirits. A spirit of love or hate, greed or charity. etc women can be all those things too. It has nothing to do with men or women. That is why men don't like these songs; it puts innate blame on them when they also have to deal with this world. I love marina as an artist though. Great music. I have all her records.

      1. Fach

        @blub blub 321 yeah, it's really all about the hook. She's not talking about the b word at all. I think also that assuming only women are more socially and environmentally conscious than men is also as unfair as saying men are more business minded than women. Loom at people like elon musk with all electric technology. But at the end of the day we are in this together. That's why, for me at least, she misses me with the hook. But still good music. We are all in this together.

      2. blub blub 321

        Yes and no. Also a man here - and I think that most men who are offended by this don't really listen to the lyrics. She isn't blaming men here (for the biggest part), she is simply saying how women have been discriminated / treated differently and how in a way a lot of men still do so. Men who watch this know if they're guilty of that - for example calling a woman a bitch -. If they're not then they shouldn't feel attacked either, because they're not the sort of man she's talking about. If you are offended by it then it might say something about you. She also says, here I agree with you because it might indeed be more blaming, 'mother nature's dying, nobody's keeping score' before 'I don't want to live in a man's world anymore.' which is indeed a bit one sided considering that there are enough woman that don't care about the climate either. But quick sidenote, I personally think a lot of woman have climate a bit higher on their priority list than a lot of men, so in that sence she is right (tho that might be a wrong observation of me).

    17. May 2.0


    18. Sara D

      Nice !!!!!!

    19. Nguyenviet Thanh

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    20. Ivory Glass

      I can't help but think how much she looks like Kourtney K in this video. She is so talented and beautiful. LOOK at them arms!!

    21. Chloe Skye

      I love how the front of her dress looks like the americas at 1:35 i wonder if that was intentional

    22. Queen Apryll M


    23. TheLotionInTheBasket


      1. Witness Her Reputation

        go cry about it

    24. mari laura

      This song is criminally underrated

    25. Nathalie Schumann

      I get goosebumps all over whenever she sings "mother nature's dying, nobody's keeping score, I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore" ... this song is truly an anthem

    26. Seth Watkins

      its cringe to think a woman is no betta than to have this war against men. Lol, like how pathetic is Women's World to not have their own Kali? The woman with the blade? The last stand? It must be wondrously easy or a least simple to always blame the other sex. It makes your own gender dynamics look so childish. I guess you cant have alot to think about when your fixing your hair.

      1. fatti miei

        what?! do you see that in "the world of Marina" there is a man?? This isn't Women's World, with this song Marina wants the world of EVERYONE

    27. DaCazz

      *S T U N N I N G*

    28. Dmytro Borovyk

      Thank you, Marina, for this song

    29. Eloise Erasmus

      Amen to that, men had centuries to do right by human kind and failed. It is the time of women now

    30. Lucas Lopes


    31. Laurynas Nesakysiu

      Everything around you was made by man. Don't want to live in mans world? Okay, get back in the cave.

      1. miss anthropocene

        read a history book. women build roads, entire cities, worked and all while bearing the children smh

      2. Mel Leah

        you were made by a woman, i’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😬

      3. JonStewart Superfan

        This song is exactly for you and other ignorant sexists like you

      4. Twin Peaks Coffee Time

        I think you're missing the point.

    32. Zic Radio

      When we like it, we talk about it ❤🎶❤

    33. wegotonelove

      My interpretation: "So don't punish me, 'cause I'm not a man" This song was written for anyone (man, woman, boy, girl, they, he, she) who feels pressure to "be a man" "The planet has a funny way of stopping a fight" and "mother nature is dying" warns us of what will happen if we continue to fight among ourselves and not solve the real problems "Women are violets coming to light" speaks of the violence faced by women because of patriarchy "I don't want to live in a man's world anymore" is about wanting to live in a world where we are not controlled by leaders who don't care about us or our planet

      1. fatti miei

        Also i think the interpretation of "I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore" is that Marina don't want to live in a world ruled by patriarchy, she wants to live in a everyone's world, without discriminations, only love

    34. wegotonelove

      This is so beautiful and hopeful. Thank you, Marina 💕

    35. Gaurav Singh Parihar

      She: I don't wanna live in man's world anymore!! Me : Ok.

    36. yaboi

      This really is a song in its own league

    37. Velvet Crowe


    38. the count mgraf

      that sound has eternity which fly away to sky to floting the endless universum


      Love it so much. Thank you MARINA for this wonderful gem of music and the beautiful message behind it. I literally had tears in my eyes when I heard your lyrics.

    40. Jeferson Queiroz

      Amazing music, i love this girl and her songs

    41. Iancharles Flores

      yeeeeeees mygoooooood can't wait for the album!!!

    42. Aimun Afaq

      She is so so so stunning and her voice omg, strongest female artist easily

    43. LennieLosino

      I feel like in a sort of Star Trek dimension

    44. ItsMyMelancholy

      So much on time with what is going on in Poland! 🇵🇱⚡

    45. Elsa McBong

      Im very glad I found this song today, great piece of art ! The text poked my heart and the visuals were a joy for my eyes. Shout out to the one handsome man in the dance squad, love it that he is included like this :)

    46. Ravenna Cometti


    47. marina mai

      She helps so many girls with this song💗

    48. Jakob Whale

      I come here daily. This has gotta be one of her best if not the best, and the timing of its release was perfect!

    49. Silvano Ivan Louis

      MARINA is preaching us what real Feminism is, and that is an honor.

    50. Timothy O’Connor

      Thanks to IRvision adds I’m a new fan. Love your song ❤️

    51. LEE YOHGAN

      Marina You Are The Best

    52. nani

      I love you mariiiinnnnaaaa

    53. Callum Tucker

      She really makes songs for the girls and gays, huh

    54. Jarred Green

      An actual Queen

    55. Aggro Gator

      Pandering: The music video 🤣

      1. Jarred Green

        Yoo she’s carried the same message for the past ten years. She’s not pandering.

    56. Aria Scarlet

      "burned me at the stake you thought i was a witch centuries ago now you just called me a bitch" tilts head*

    57. Platonic Purple Panda


    58. Niurka Lorelei Santiago Dzul

      The worst part of this song is that it ends :(

    59. Ella M

      Don't want to live a men's world, but want to let men compete in women's sports, beating out women. You want to let men into women's restrooms. You let men take over women's fashion magazines wearing make up. Can't figure out your own rules can you

      1. bitterrsweet

        @Ella M but they aren’t men they’re women

      2. bibble worshipper

        @Ella M Well then what makes a woman? According to you, it’s just her vagina. Isn’t that sexist? That women are only walking vaginas? That their identity comes down to just their vagina? Now you’re thinking of women the exact same way sexist dudes do. You’re admitting that a woman is just her vagina and nothing else. I’m sorry to tell you sweetie, but you’ve got internalized misogyny. You’re just as sexist as the sexist men you’re against

      3. Ella M

        @bitterrsweet you're okay with men competing with women and beating them out of their own sports? Huh. Sounds anti feminist to me.

      4. Ella M

        @Mel Leah ok but then what about the male models taking away women's jobs in the beauty industry? I thought we were worried about living in a men's world?

      5. Ella M

        @bibble worshipper I'm comparing the fact that you think that a man can be a woman just cuz he says. There are literally people who think they are dogs. Does that make them a dog? No it makes them a mentally ill person. What you just said is sexist lmao. Maybe it's you that doesn't see the hypocrisy. Take the brand colourpop for example. they claim they hire only women (to give women jobs, I suppose in a "man's world") but then they hire men (not even trans, mind you) to model their make up therefore taking away jobs from women. See the problem? Also when men compete with women, they're going to win (basic biology reasons) thereby taking away victories for women. But okay let's worry about living in a mAns woRlD

    60. yasmine

      Savages 2.0

    61. Bruno Lobato

      Arrasou Marina, Brasil aqui na escuta s2.....

    62. Liokness


    63. Liokness


    64. Ana Clara Moura


    65. Arié Moyal

      I love you Marina but please stop appropriating culture. First Orange Trees and now this?

      1. Anderson Bonilla-Reyes

        @Arié Moyal Alright. No more cultural diffusion. No more globalization. No more people exchanging cultures. No more global trade. I also don't expect you to be eating from any restaurants that don't "belong" to your culture; nor any products of people who don't share your culture. You sound so stupid and fragile lol.

      2. Andreas Argeros

        @Arié Moyal Lol where do you see a sari? Now I know you're a troll. But, yeah, apparently you are completely unfamiliar with Greek culture, since Greek people also wear draped clothes on their body. Can you please explain to me how you have any knowledge to determine whether something is Greek or not? So far you seem to know nothing about Greek culture actually, so I'm not sure why you feel so entitled to pass judgement on whether something is "Greek" or not. What are your credentials exactly, besides your own righteous judgement?

      3. Arié Moyal

        @Anderson Bonilla-Reyes That's a completely disingenuous response. Don't make money using dances that aren't from your own culture and expect praise for it. Miss me with your mind games.

      4. Arié Moyal

        ​@Mel Leah Nope. Stop expecting me or anyone whose lived experienced you do not share but wish to "debate" to educate you for free. We didn;t create this problem and it's not our responsibility to fix it. And you're doing the typical fragile white person thing by writing long paragraphs of text with guilt trips expecting me expend energy reading it and to conform to your expectations before you take action. Either use Google or get ready to pay for your education.

      5. Mel Leah

        Arié Moyal i can’t change my skin color? and yeah, i’ll never understand even close to everything people of color have to go through, but that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t try to understand when injustice happens. guess i can’t educate myself? I do have privilege as a white person, but asking for an explanation isn’t “guilting you” into doing anything. You can’t just make a statement without giving some sort of reasoning to back it up. (also this thread is getting really toxic so i’m going to stop lol. please respect each other.)

    66. Melodica Heart

      This is amazing 💖

    67. Ash

      Some people don't realize how powerful the message of this song is and that's sad.

    68. Victor Leonardelli

      I just love you!! You are great in everything you do!

    69. fp

      Marina ft Lana del rey. That would be amazing

      1. 수프치킨

        Lana is racist... 😑

      2. Dolly Kombate


    70. Tomasz s S


    71. Tomasz s S

      I'M A RUIN

    72. Tomasz s S

      Super , ciągle niezmienny styl , ...

    73. Young Man

      I LOVE this song! Can’t wait for the rest

    74. Jomi rami

      1.931.293 views are mine

    75. Anastasia Marino

      THIS NEEDS TO BE OUR ANTHEM!! Make it viral!! Rainbow warriors unite!!

    76. Sam Bur

      Wasn’t the guy she married like a total scumbag ?

      1. MysticxMoon4

        She never married anyone

    77. Babi Moon

      EU AMO DEMAIS ESSA MULHER💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣

    78. Iancharles Flores

      yeeees queen get it mygoooood can't stop listening

    79. Winter One

      God these lyrics are a dream

    80. Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

      She is one of the most creative artists I have ever seen! I wish she would receive more recognition

    81. Indigo Kid Issues

      Half the views are from Lana del Rey 🤭

    82. Konstantinos Botinis

      Excuse me but this is precious and superb.

    83. AriDaki☆

      Marvelous, if only it wasn't for that man :(

    84. Simply Ana

      This makes me so happy! And I love your grey roots, makes me feel so much better about going grey too.

    85. Namu

      1 Timothy 2:11-15

    86. Hakkyou13

      Huh, I didn't know she dropped the diamonds. Nice song.

      1. Anthony Meneses Díaz

        She did it since so many people thought she was in a band lol

    87. centaur spirit

      where is marina and the devil

    88. Koko Live

      This song says what I think everyday. Add racist and sexist and bam we have the world I don’t wanna live in anymore.

    89. Başak Doğan


    90. Janiel Ferreira


    91. Diego Polanco

      She is so beautiful

    92. ThatGuyCanmanNC

      Great now Marina is sexist. Artist after artist is becoming sexist against men. Halsey, Taylor Swift, Marina

      1. bitterrsweet

        this is embarrassing for u

      2. Jarred Green

        Chomp on a hotdog bro

      3. Amanda T

        @fatti miei Thank you! Beautifully stated.

      4. fatti miei

        The message of this song is that Marina doesn't want a world ruled only by men, she wants an equal world, the world of everyone, without discriminations (in this song she talks about men's supremacy and discrimination of the homosexuals). Sorry but english isn't my first language.

      5. Amanda T

        If that’s what you got from the song you've missed the point.

    93. Angel Channel

      Beautiful !

    94. Liana Soares

      She ages well over the years & she is underrated.

    95. Itachi

      𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐈 - "𝐍𝐄𝐏𝐓𝐔𝐍𝐄" Track premiere 2020 Play track 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    96. Djan Maury YouTube Channel

      🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 From Brazil Perfect woman and artist !! Mujer y cantante increible !! C'est mervelieux et parfait !! Uma mulher e artista perfeita !!

    97. ghadah khalil

      Gay men part tho 🔥

      1. ghadah khalil

        @Anthony Meneses Díaz no I meant the lyrics, Marilyn's bungalow, it's number seven In the pink palace where men made her legend Owned by a sheik who killed thousands of gay men I guess that's why he bought the campest hotel in LA then

      2. Anthony Meneses Díaz

        Actually, i think is a nonbinary person

    98. Gamma Syrup

      I love to see pressed men😻

    99. Beatriz Santos

      comercial da C&A que agente respeita

    100. Klára Leblochová

      I'm not sure If I have goosebumps because of the lyrics or because of your voice, but I do and I enjoy it so much.