Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes


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    This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Survivalist VS 3 Hitmen" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
    Original Video: irvision.info/home/g2jRnq54hsNrr7A/fy-lm-h-y.html
    This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
    Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

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    1. Khalifa Naser

      anybody realize that the vid was 40 mins and the timer was 60 mins SO I AM CONFUSION

    2. Vlad Oancea

      but how did he get that ender pearl? Was it from Sapnap's inventory?

    3. Bence Nagy

      Do more different concepts

    4. Dylan Calica

      Dream: I believe I can fly

    5. Dj Playz

      Wait , that's ILLIGAL!

    6. lvideon

      I really enjoyed this challenge! I would love to see more videos in this style.

    7. IceTea

      Everyone talking about George and Bad But I just want to say that their tower was a masterpiece

    8. {Strawberry Milktea}

      The chat was just flowing faster then water

    9. T_ 0nio

      Dream: I think I could do better too- Me: NO

    10. T_ 0nio

      George: Put that into the 2 million iq! *Badboyhalo was slain by Enderman* *GeorgeNotFound was blown up from a Creeper* *Dream Boated over the people's heads*

    11. Nadya Cantik

      Parents: don't play your computer you need to study Dreams parents: we have gave birth to a genius

    12. I[Knick Shoppe]I

      Dream is soo cool

    13. Job Cloudy

      George: I dare you to jump down, Dream. Dream: *Jumps down and kills George* George: *Surprised pikachu face*

    14. Daniel Jeffery

      It was this video that got me into watching ur vids I'm not even into minecraft but just ur manhunt and this hit man dragged me in so I think u should do more vids similar

    15. hello

      1:50 BadBoyHalo: "He looks like a beautiful butterfly!" George: "This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen"

    16. Marsh lol

      i gotta try that now


      Would u rather Water bucket or horse Dream:BOAT

    18. Kavya Saxena

      Oh god 🤣🤣🤣

    19. Cam2000 Mac

      Dream I know I said this on your main Channel but my brother wanted to say this,I had a dream where you were my brother and your sister wanted to kill me just for the LOVE OF GOD DON’T ASK

    20. The Real Goat

      When u look at all the floating dirt

    21. Kira Kakyoin

      Another episode of "I saw that on Reddit"

    22. Mike Finnell

      It'd be interesting to see a race. All four of you spawn in X amount of blocks away from each other and you see who can win the game first, or reach some other arbitrary milestone.

    23. Maddie Bell

      I loved it please do more

    24. Elena Vinas

      dream: haha you cant cacth me george:WHAT HOW DO YOU DO THAT

      1. Elena Vinas

        me: nah noone can beat dream dream is the best

    25. Lilliya Larson

      Bad: what most people's grades do George: what my grades do

    26. Mohammad Rendi Hakim

      lol Plane Boat xD

    27. Farrris Ghanem

      I like how dream could've used his ender pearl to get away at the end

    28. Yt art


    29. AJ_ Bell2012


    30. AJ_ Bell2012

      Imagine getting 2 auto clickers 1 for the key shift 1 for the key right click

    31. Garbapoo

      great job XD

    32. Edicius Reverse

      1:14 is like that meme that goes Bad: “Felt cute, might delete later” Dream: “George just fell with his boat” Bad: “This ain’t about him”

    33. Junior ,

      look at george falling its funny 1:15

    34. Brady Russel

      Dream when he wins (_against three people!_): I did very good, but I also got very lucky Bad, George, Sapnap, and Ant when they have to take four people to beat a single person: HAHA UR SO BAD EEZZZ

    35. Omer UZUNOMER

      How just howwwwwww

    36. JESUS LOVES US *v*

      :“If you try to find happiness through the pursuit of worldly things, it will elude you. The only way to find happiness is through the pursuit of God.”

    37. SOMEGUY Youknwo

      Everybody gangster till dream starts flying with a boat.

    38. It’s KT

      Is it a bird Is it a plane Or is it a ...... boat 👈🏻

    39. Doogle Doggo

      Call of duty zombies on round 50 be like

    40. Amir - ROBLOX

      haha boat go flap flap

    41. Bias Mushroom

      I wonder if a dream vs the muffin squad to beat Minecraft. 3V1 race to kill the dragon.

    42. alishba farhan

      he should do this but with Antfrost too that would be fun to watch

    43. StupidTown

      loved it make more and different stuff

    44. Nightmare dream Legened

      omg the ending it was cool he was like flying with a boat waw when he learn that

    45. Kai Ip

      0:55 Sapnap: says it’s rly ez Also Sapnap: continues to fail and fall at full speed

    46. cwad118812

      This is were Dream should live

    47. Ask to seduce Miss

      Bad: trying to do the boat trick George: SAILING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND

    48. Grey Tarife


    49. Different Weapons

      You should try this but without the border

    50. Ello Gaymers

      Yeah I like this challenge

    51. Dorian Zehnacker

      To be honest, it was sometimes boring with the constant chasing, but I love the concept. Keep it up, love your videos

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    52. BatCat

      The tower with the dirt snaking around it looks so cool. Almost organic, like a tentacle or a root.

    53. Imogen _2255

      We NEED an analysis

    54. Hyrum Green

      minecraft manhunt: 3 speed runners (BadBoyHalo, SapNap, GeorgeNotFound) vs 1 hunter (You)

    55. b gad

      I have an idea dream trys to get all of the achevements with a hunter hunting him

    56. ChxrryX BlossomYT

      No one: Dream: *Angelicly floating in a boat*

    57. CartOOns Tv

      irvision.info/home/aH3ZZWVildeXgNY/fy-lm-h-y.html Minecraft mod

    58. CartOOns Tv

      irvision.info/home/aH3ZZWVildeXgNY/fy-lm-h-y.html Minecraft mod Tom and Jerry

    59. Graeme Pearce

      They could do a thing were dream has to go to all the biomes before they kill him.

    60. MrBurnee

      Goerge: *breaks the boat in midair* Note: you can just mlg boat and tun away until the timer runs out

    61. Jeppe Kofoed

      What if you did normal manhunt with One person but it was in a 1000x1000 and he could see you always

    62. Jeppe Kofoed

      More plså

    63. Frvis Toaster


    64. Allen S

      You’re awesome why don’t you try to prank them and then they die in the leather and my name is Logan

    65. gerget


    66. Amity is precious

      Reactions to the boat glitch Sapnap: mild interest Badboyhalo: intense self anger and disappointment George: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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    68. RandomStuff [C. J. O]

      Boats are a dream's best friend

    69. skull eye91

      Oh my gosh that was intense and so amazing you are such a genius DREAM keep up the good work

    70. Martara Moon

      Am I the only one that realises that sapnap has his space buns back on

    71. Khloe Sanchez

      Gogy oh nooo 🤣

    72. Kat the gamer

      "I would never tower in a manhunt" So. For those who are confused, he ment i don't tower unless i have a plan. Like the one were he lands on the horse, he had a plan that failed. When he was towering with the frost walkers, he had a plan.

    73. Lervim Maglalang

      Make more like this sr dream!

    74. Gl1tch

      Dream do a video where the 3 muffinteers try to speed run Minecraft before you beat the game before them. Kind of like a speed running race George Sapnap and Bad should be one team and you another team or you could do you and Sapnap and George and Bad and so on. just a video idea would love it if you made a video like this love you Dream have a good day.

    75. Garrett Brunner

      Dream had a pearl he could've thrown it a mile away from on top of the tower when time was low to win instead of the boat strat

    76. xCreeperBombx

      Hey dream, just wanted to tell you that you can climb lavafalls by holding shift and jump and spamming the mouse with boats

    77. NILLYY

      Sapnap: Oh yeah you can do it, it's not even that hard. Also Sapnap: *Fails miserably in the background* 0:54

    78. tamaki amajiki

      this man is so pog...

    79. Mr Noobie

      Hitman is kinda boring cus the map to small

    80. Weeb

      I think the manhunt are more interesting, this felt like 40 minutes of essentially the same encounter Still entertaining, but I dont know if there's as much room for interesting and creative strategies here Just my take on it

    81. Darth_Chicken 9

      Instead of decreasing the hunters i think making the world a little bigger would be better

    82. MB GAMERZ


    83. Emanicas

      race to beat the game?

    84. Daniel Schwartz


    85. Khoa Nguyen

      Do a manhunt on Bedrock edition. No guts

    86. Ink Sans

      I saw how the video was 40 minutes long and was like “Oh man he lost didn’t he?” But then I didn’t account for time skips XD

    87. Matthew Cox

      Bad and George floating down using boats I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL

    88. Jaedan Witmer

      At any point they could of gotten bows and killed dream so easy

    89. A Gomez

      Make a body

    90. Daniel Lazare

      "There are more planes in the ocean then boats in the sky"

    91. XBerry PatchesX


    92. Louis Guevarra

      Alternative title : Dream and friends discover boats


      good stream I stream too. I have a draw!

    94. Davin Meza

      whats dream going through, i can be wrong but his voice tells me somethings going on :/ we should spam him on something we love him.

    95. ziz :l


    96. Samuel Ray

      Idea: 2 speed runners vs dream as a hunter; Dream has to stop them both from beating the game, they can choose to work together or not

    97. KORYAN

      Remember dream the 100 iq minecraft player finds clutches in reddit

    98. Rain Wolf

      There's a flying crafting tables around, were he was towering -.... Yeah, that's insain.

    99. Dino Mask

      Poll Time! Dream speedruns minecraft and a team of 2-3 work to beat him to the end. Like if you want this to happen. Dislike if you don't.

    100. Noahyen

      I love when bad boy halo joins these manhunts because bad always makes amazing and unique traps and makes the video so intro sting