Dyno Tested! Edelbrock's New Hemi Cylinder Heads vs Stock on a Gen III Hemi (Crazy Gains!)

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    The Mopar Gen III Hemi has lagged way behind the LS for years when it comes to hot rodding and making power. But maybe that's about to change. Both Holley and Edelbrock have been making some pretty cool power parts for the new Hemi, and Prestige Motorsports (www.prestigemoto.com) built a 5.7 stroker with a sweet Holley Sniper fabricated intake manifold in order to test Edelbrock's new Performer RPM Gen III Hemi cylinder heads against a set of stock heads. The combustion chambers are the same size, so without changing the compression ratio, you will be surprised by how much we made.
    Engine Builder -- www.prestigemoto.com
    Edelbrock Hemi Heads -- amzn.to/2HNzPMZ
    Holley Terminator X ECU for Gen III Hemi -- amzn.to/37TTaql
    Holley Fabricated Intake -- amzn.to/2HSriYA
    92mm Throttle Body -- amzn.to/2TBXPoL
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    1. cokevspepsi516

      Y'all really have something going here I love these videos! Keep it up!

      1. B. Double-R Big Red Ram

        @The Horsepower Monster ...will the Edelbrock Gen3 Hemi heads fit on 2004 5.7 truck block???

      2. Keith Eduardo

        @Shepard Kairo Checking it out now. Seems good so far.

      3. Shepard Kairo

        Not sure if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it

      4. Peter Goodwin

        @steve shoemaker always has , and they really are tough old engines.

      5. Freedom First


    2. Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver

      Why buy what you can do yourself. Back in my Day we could port & polish heads. Nowadays you have to buy this and that to tune your own family vehicle. Or get raped by taking it to some professional repair shop. My Mothers up there in age she lives on a fixed income. As I do to, I really feel this crap is getting out of control. A fee for this a fee for that, what ever happened to being a down home American. Where we could all help each other out.

    3. 98dodge360v8

      Stock eagle vs ported eagle vs edlebrock would be really interesting

    4. T D

      That's the first I've seen a dyno run with the holley sniper intake. "What if" you swapped out for the speedmaster downdraft efi? I'm curious what the numbers would look like then.

    5. robert reavley

      Class! Again better explained and in-depth Information than power nation! Love it!!

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Thanks a lot!

    6. Patrick Charette

      Not worth it at all stock bottom and chamber work still win win

    7. brian b

      These heads are not available when using your link

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Yeah, you can't get those heads right now. The worldwide pandemic is playing heck on supply and demand of all sorts of weird things. Good luck getting a decent aftermarket LS block right now, too.

    8. ExaltedDuck

      is it 50 state legal for emissions?

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        99 percent sure yes. Thanks for watching

    9. Fastbacklife

      I'm looking to build a 6.2 supercharged on my channel and using those edelbrock heads and here you are making a video of the heads. Awesome!! That's just the kinda info I need. Almost 60hp from just bolting on new heads is pretty good.

    10. Al Zaidi

      Did Edelbrock fix the valve seat seat problem?

    11. Roger Mitchell

      I want to swap my 98 Dakota with this so bad

    12. Gabriel Temple

      Do they have heads for the 6.1 or is it the same stuff? Not much of a mechanic but looking to stroke the 06 charger srt8 and was also told I'd need a custom ground cam.

    13. Shaun P

      The third gen hemi is a redesign nightmare with lifter and cam problems .

    14. Phil C

      When I think of street engine I think of power gains below 5k rpm, not losses. Just not worth the money for street use.

    15. JAY IRVING

      Shit... I can build a early Magnum motor make that or more for 1/2 or 1/3 the price.. fuckin intake is probably 4 grand!

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Intake is $580 actually

    16. Eejit

      Superb as always guys Great info

      1. The Horsepower Monster


    17. Eejit

      Magnum Please lol 5.9 Orange headed step child

    18. craigslue

      No mention how they installed that intake onto the original heads. That intake won't work right with the original heads. There are adaptors that will get it to bolt up but will effect and hurt the flow and horsepower numbers.

    19. GT Godbear

      Someone needs to design LS style heads with equal length exhaust ports and fuel rail intake for SBC.

    20. Oscar Walton

      Given the stock heads flow that well I'd spend the money on a super charger and leave the stock heads in place

    21. Topper Thompson

      Do the Valve seats stay in place????

    22. Ian Wrigley

      Engine is way too loud in your mix if you're going to talk over the pull.

    23. Shawn Riddle

      I think some folks get lost on the shape of the combustion chamber. The reason Hemi heads flow so well is the valve arrangement. Cross flow heads or Hemi heads have their valves directly accross from each other.

    24. MrTiger310

      Can't wait to see more on the hemi builds

    25. Yusuf Abdul Basith Kuntoro

      Even with stock HEMI head, that engine still outstanding.

      1. Fuse Beat

        My 3rd gen is doing great

    26. N Flores

      The stock 392 cam is under 100 bucks right? Heard good results from it in the 5.7

      1. Dante P

        Its gone way up. Its around 225 now

    27. Kurt Sumthinorother

      Right away I knew when you started reading the cam specs after you had said "a mild cam". You gotta have some experience under your belt. A 230/240 @ 0.050 thou from Comp is what would have been called a 278 duration before the industry had to comply with the 50 thou or 1mm duration spec rule. ;-) I'm going to say it pulls good out to 6800 with that cam.... If they $&\#can that torqmaster general super long runner intake.

      1. Kurt Sumthinorother

        @The Horsepower Monster it's crazy, I really don't understand what they were trying to achieve with that. I really just never saw cam manufacturers thinking hmm, watch this, we'll say it is a 306 duration cam but actually it's a 288. They'll never know what hit em ha ha ha. Reputation is so crucial in Motorsports, why would anyone misrepresent what they were selling? What's the point? At least we knew what the purpose of the cams were with total duration. Now you don't really know. You can have a broad rpm torque cam or a 7000rpm ripper with the same duration at 50 thou. The total duration would let you know the intention of the grind.

      2. The Horsepower Monster

        Thanks! I hate trying to go by advertised duration because the slow opening ramp rate on the first few thousandths makes it hard to tell what you've really got.

      3. Kurt Sumthinorother

        Dam I was close! New valve springs and gasket matching, remove low hanging fruit in seat transition and guide. Pulling hard to 7000, would go a little more but it is too much wear and tear without lightweight components going higher than that.

    28. Bearrett 50 Kal

      Man that Hemi turned out looking beautiful!!! I'm watching this because I'm researching a Hemi swap

    29. Luke Knighton

      What’s the total bill for all this?

    30. Kim Morrison

      wow 60 horse increase. Impressive. Any weight savings with the Edelbrocks?

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        @Kim Morrison Nope, the stock heads that we tested against were aluminum. I could be wrong, but I think all gen three Hemi heads are aluminum

      2. Kim Morrison

        i didnt think oem heads were cast iron but wasnt sure.

      3. The Horsepower Monster

        Not really any difference in weight.

    31. nescafe4all

      Apache heads for the win, i bet it will exceed 580 at least

    32. Erik Runas

      Not to split hairs but I thought this was a street engine build. Unless this engine is going to see some weekend track time, those gains in the higher rpm range seem like a waste of money. Why would you want to give up some power in the lower rpm range on a daily driver?

    33. craigslue

      Probably the intake limit at the high rpm since its rated to 6400. BTW the stock chambers are larger than the Edelbrock chambers so compression isn't the same

    34. Ram Lyfestyle

      Whats the trick to keep the intake gaskets from falling out when you go to install? Ive purchased several sets and theyre all loose and dont fit snug in the gasket cutouts.

    35. Jayjay Malo

      Can you please do a stock bottle 5.7 hemi with a cam and a bored Edelbrock gen3 cylinder heads on E85 with the sniper intake manifold..

    36. Jordan Bethea

      Great info

      1. The Horsepower Monster


    37. Jeff B

      Great video! I'm trying to figure out what direction to go with a 4th gen 5.7 and grabbing great ideas from everywhere.

    38. Kurt Sumthinorother

      Sweet! I was wondering how well they performed.

    39. Kurt Sumthinorother

      You really need to note that in any Hemi, pushrod length is super critical and will change with different heads, gaskets or milling.

    40. Caleb Bouchillon

      Thats a 4.7 with no heads

    41. Kevin Bock

      Like the videos, But What good is the power over 4000 rpm? Real world. Give me max torque by 2000 rpm. Some of us Drive Trucks and tow.. There's a reason people love the twin turbo ecco boost.

    42. Roman Serna

      aye nice, id like to see more content for hemis from youtubers, all i see is mustang n chevy

    43. connor kubilus

      So a real port job and valves on the stock heads and save 3 grand😂

    44. Garage It Yourself

      Yea, just the stroker is all you wanna pay for. The cost of the heads and the fairly small increase in power, including a drop in lower end torque n power, just doesn't seem worth the squeeze. The stroker itself will make this a great tourer with enough oomph when you wanna go faster 👍

    45. Mike Kosar

      I’ll just stick with stock on my 19 Ram.. Pulling and towing... low end... gains on top not really necessary.. real world . Maybe coupled with other mods 👍 Similar to eagle heads..with vvt

    46. TxHammer757

      Need to do a comparison on the 6.4 with apache heads and then the Edelbrock heads and see if the Edelbrock heads make more power

    47. turbojet powered

      I appreciate the video but it sure would be nice if somebody would just do a heads and cam swap on a 5.7 to see what the difference is. most weekend hot rodders aren't going to go through the trouble to pull the engine stroke it machine it and everything else that goes along with that including the cost and time. The question that needs to be answer is the extra airflow of the Edelbrock heads worth the cost on a stock bottom end 5.7 with a streetable cam and maybe even the Edelbrock intake. another words the stroker engine can take advantage of the extra airflow how about the stock 5.7

    48. Remy Brouwer

      Looking forward for a bigger cam, bigger throttle body and higher CR test

    49. cjnthn

      It appears that the eagle factory heads are as good as the edelbrock heads. I'd love to see that comparison!

    50. cjnthn

      This wasn't with the eagle heads?

    51. Stryker Enterprises LLC

      Looks like the OEM heads are doing exactly what they were designed to do up to 5.5k RPM which most all street cars & trucks run up to before the shift point in the OEM auto transmissions upshift. Cost V. Performance... don't get wrapped around the axle with raw numbers from a dyno unless you're straight up drag racing and if you are, it's tough to beat a supercharger or turbo when it comes to $/HP ratio.

    52. Steve Solo

      That much stroke will make those small pistons work really hard. It would be interesting to see it make a lot of dyno runs to see piston and cylinder wear.

    53. Steve Solo

      The reason why the new Hemis haven't caught on is because they had gained a reputation for block failure when they pushed more than stock horsepower. Their parts are expensive. Compared to the Chevy LS and the horsepower they make it's a no-brainer.

    54. craigslue

      Curious how did you install the Holley intake on the pre eagle heads since the ports aren't the same? Also think some 1 3/4 headers would have helped the low end torque and probably do little harm on top. I'm in the process of configuring my pre eagle 5.7 for a similar build except using Indy cylinder head ported 6.1 heads and intake manifold. I have not heard good things about that Holley intake because i was thinking of trying one. As far as calling that cam small its sure good size from the ones I can find available off anybody's shelf for the gen III I can find. As for that change in torque rpm don't now seems off but maybe the intake and heads actually matching each other as they should maybe played a roll? No way those early heads match those head ports properly.


      Why do we bother dabbling with these tiny, normally aspirated port flow improvements, in the search for more power. Just supercharge the damn thing and be done with it.

    56. MyOneBlack Friend

      You do an excellent job of presenting here. Thank you all for your time and efforts in creating and sharing this video.

      1. The Horsepower Monster


    57. Jorje Pablo

      Not a chance in hell i would give up low-end power and torque, races are won and lost by the 60ft mark, money better spent on reworking the stock heads..

    58. John Magelus

      I think the numbers tell us how good the old 426 realy was.

      1. Dania Stopjik

        Anyone see the gen3 part??

      2. Musky Elon

        An old 426 with twin turbos or a blower on methanol can't be be beat. Nothing responds to boost like a 426.

      3. Peter Goodwin

        Check out Nicks garage, 500 Hp stock . It was the best by far. Even the La engines were better than the other small blocks. Mopar really built decent engines.

    59. daniel mcgrath

      is the compression smooth or does the squish skirts on the header accelerate the compression? with a regular dome i figured the curve would be flatter but is there a spike in compression now?

    60. Neil Reid

      Those Edelbrock intakes are fantastic looking. If I was building a motor, I'd certainly upgrade the heads; that's where all the flow is. Nice work, fun vid.

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Thanks a lot, and thanks for watching!

    61. kevin mcmillin

      Was really enjoying the contents of this vid, but all the interruptions of these guy's building a motor or something

    62. John Behneman

      WOW!!!! TOTAL POWER UPGRADE!!!! I CAN"T WAIT FOR THE AFTERMARKET TO COMPLETELY EMBRACE THE NEW HEMI!!!! Great video and education. I learned so much. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    63. 44 Hawk

      Figure out how to Oriole the rollers on the lifters. There is no oil that actually directly makes it onto those roller followers. Something that the engineers were completely remiss about. Surprisingly all it would have needed was to have the oil in the valley under the intake manifold drain down over the cam.

    64. The Generous Degenerate

      Not worth the money unless you're drag racing.

    65. Dre White


    66. Ronnie Mata

      Why aren’t there enough aftermarket for these like the Beloved LS

      1. Connor’s Small engines

        @Ronnie Mata yeah, mopar is my favorite

      2. Ronnie Mata

        @Connor’s Small engines this should be as well!!! GM always getting Favortism

      3. Connor’s Small engines

        Because there are more ls engines. GM is a bigger company when it comes to v8 cars. Besides, most hemis are found in pickups and Jeep’s rather than in tons of different things like GM cars. The LS is more popular for preformance

    67. pbalerig

      Great video

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Hey, thanks a lot! And thanks for watching!

    68. Chris Reynolds

      That Commander with the heads removed had a 4.7, not 5.7. You can clearly see the area where the cam chains for the OHC run through the deck surface.

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Yeah, you are right. I got ahead of myself at the junkyard. Thanks for watching.

    69. Richard M. Lowe

      Need to reinvent the Hemihead type 409 type head for GM

    70. Hellcats and Yachts

      Would love to see those heads on a hellcat

    71. crspcritter


    72. Jack Dale

      to prevent cam-scuffing on Gen 3 Hemis, you'd BETTER make SURE the cams get oil dripped on them via modified drain shapes, as the old gen 1 & 2 cams used to get oil dripped on them, and didn't have scuffing "issues".

      1. The XO of the RO

        The Hemis break the oil down faster. They make too much to run on 20 weight. Those problems don't exist but with early and often quality full syn oil changes.

    73. F165

      Another reason I know they changed the cam is because torque peak with the stock heads were @ 4,700 rpm. With the Edelbrock heads, peak torque was 5,600 rpm. Only a cam swap would move torque 900 rpm higher.

      1. F165

        @Dave Stephens Said the man with no videos.

      2. F165

        @Chris Reynolds 14 years ago was your last upload on Fast355?

      3. Chris Reynolds

        @The Horsepower Monster Thanks! I saw F165s jab at me before you deleted his comment. I guess he thinks I am a liar and have all my content on this sole IRvision channel. Fast355 and Carguychris85 are my other channels. Years of playing with and tuning GM, Chrysler and Nissan engines here. In fact there is a video on this channel of my 2012 Titan. My engine stand video was taken at my shop and is the first start of the 383 that went into the Express van in the background. Its an 11:1 monster that has heads that flow 300 cfm and a roller cam with 0.578 lift with the 1.7 rockers. Also has Rhoads V-max lifters in it.

      4. The Horsepower Monster

        Exactly! Somebody who gets it.

      5. Chris Reynolds

        @The Horsepower Monster Don't worry. He is a troll that knows not what he speaks! Something like that anyway. Keep up the great content. As for F165 I guess he does not have any real engine combination experience on a dyno. Such as how a single plane vs dual plane or shorty vs long tube compares. Changes in airflow almost always move around the power peaks. I have personally had torque curves shift and peaks move on exhaust changes alone. My 2012 Titan was on a chassis dyno multiple times during my ownership. When it was stock. With an intake, muffler swap and Hypertech tuning. Also was on the dyno after the 2 rear non-monitored cats were removed for 2.5" catless mid pipes and a 2.5" to single 3.5" merge Y and 3.5" exhaust were fabricated. Even with the factory exhaust manifolds, factory manifold cats and the same intake and hypertech tuning the whole torque curve twisted on its axis and the truck gained nearly 40 hp at redline with about 10 ft/lbs lost down low. The rpm spread between tq and hp peaks widened by about 200 rpm. Peak torque rpm increased about 200 and peak hp about 400 over stock. The truck went from running 14.20s @ 96 mph on a 2.05s 60' to 13.90s @ 99 on 1.99-2.00s 60'. Less torque got it off the line better on street tires and the top-end power gain was easily observable. I had Etec 170s on the 350 Vortec in my 97 Express van. They were a fantastic improvement over the cast iron vortecs. Went with bigger heads for its current 383 but Edelbrock knows how to make a great set of heads.

    74. F165

      A fan asked me to watch this video and comment on it. They used a different cam with the Edelbrock heads. I know this because the engine peaked at 6,400 rpm instead of 6,000 rpm. Now people who don't know any better will say the Edelbrock heads flowed more air and that's why the engine peaked @ 6,400 rpm. It is true they have larger intake and exhaust valves and would allow more air to enter the cylinders and make more hp. 60 more hp is to much and the peak rpm would be the same because the valve timing is the same.

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        You've called me a liar multiple times now. I don't see any dyno tests on your page. And I also realized you also changed your name, and it was you who came on my channel and complained about the same thing when I did a test with a set of Dart cylinder heads. I get zero money from either Dart or Edelbrock, but of course, you will refuse to believe that because you love your conspiracy theories and refuse to believe that a cylinder head can move the torque peak when a dyno proves that it does. You can keep your head in the sand and go live your life, but I'm done being called a liar from somebody I've never heard of and has zero proof to back up what they are saying. I'm deleting any comment you put on my channel from here on out. Later.

      2. F165

        @Chris Reynolds What size engine?

      3. F165

        @The Horsepower Monster You are lying to help them to sell $1400 heads. The true gain is more like 25 hp. Showing a fake 60 hp gain will sell more heads.

      4. Chris Reynolds

        I went from an old 06 casting to a new set of Eagle castings ($460 for the pair complete with new spark plugs from a Dodge dealership when I bought them) and a 6.1 intake and my torque and HP peaks jumped almost that much and torque improved everywhere. I was peaking at 6,400 and shifting at 6,800 with a little 265/265 @ .006, 212/212 @ .050, .540 lift, 114 LSA, 110 ICL Comp cam.

      5. The XO of the RO

        @The Horsepower Monster this night be the best gain of the heads.. but oddly I've seen a gen 3 5.7 make a over 500hp with just tune' full intake and exhaust bolt ons. (100% stock long block) I did not get to see if the torque curve moved up.

    75. Bryan Gillis

      Looks like a giant waste of money to only hit mid 500’s hp wise on 392 cu. I can take an old 390 fe Ford and hit that with stock stroke heads and doing some minor work with a cam. Not to mention a LS or Windsor of the same cubic inches.

      1. The XO of the RO

        There are stock 5.7s with intake manifold upgrades and full exhaust making 500hp. #Incredible Hemi. He got into the 12s with a 4x4 Ram.

    76. Lucky Piston

      Also don't forget big heads on a bigger bore stroker are gonna really shine, pretty sure that's where the E-brocks are gonna come into their own !

      1. Christopher Sine


    77. Lucky Piston

      Actually just narrow up the lobe separation angle when you run the bigger heads, that should bring back the bottom end loss with just a small loss on top, no ?

      1. William Sherrill

        I'd like to see the cam specs on the cam the ran myself. They said mild street cam but with 600" lift. It must no have much over lap or duration.

    78. Definitely not Bill

      So what you’re telling me is I get a LS and a Chinese turbo I can make 700 hp.

      1. Truth Hurts

        🤔...or a LS with Hemi heads...best of Both Worlds

      2. Chainheart Machine

        A budget build 347 can make over 500 hp n/a.. this much $ for under 500 is a joke

      3. The XO of the RO

        And a lil Hemi with no turbo can make 700hp lol.

    79. Don Pfeiffer

      I would love to get one of those to put in my 91 Jeep Grand Wagoneer!!!

    80. bannerrecording

      can't wait to see more 5.7L Hemi based tests like this. I've been considering a 5.7 swap for my 3.6L pentastar Grand Cherokee. Interesting to see what really helps out.

    81. John Ogo

      So can you turn my 5.7L Hemi like that and with a little bit radical cam from stock? For my 2005 Ram 1500 quad cab.

    82. Hydrocarbon82

      Great video but...still gonna LS swap it.

    83. countryboycansurvive

      Biggest thing about a Hemi is you really need to change ALL the bearings n the motor, The oem bearings are cheap Chinese steel and inconsistent. Wear premature. Do that and what ever you do after you'll be golden.

    84. Rusty Shackleford

      that jeep commander was a 4.7 lol

      1. Todd W.

        @Chris ReynoldsY Yep for sure!

      2. Chris Reynolds

        Yes it was!

    85. Donald Green

      dude the hemi builds are going insane. go look up Moe's performance, Incredible Hemi, HotDamnRacing, R/T Life, and many more youtube channels with hemi powered modern vehicles.

    86. S Wylie

      Considering the cost, I would keep the stock ones and do some work on the chambers and some porting, not enough of a gain in horsepower with the Edelbrocks to justify the cost.

      1. CPT Sarge

        Seen people gain 100hp from porting 6.1 hemi heads and intake, maybe a $1k job, but factory always works

      2. Joseph Figueroa

        The eagle heads or better yet the latest 392 heads are outrageous for making power.

      3. Shane Jackson

        @Tony Poore The engine looks fantastic!! I want that in my Jeep

      4. Raggzz

        Yep.A turbo matched to what RPM you will use it at will probably come out cheaper with more power. Apparently the stock heads are pretty good.

      5. Rene Jelles

        I think that intake is a mistake, unless all you want is the looks. A longer runner length intake would have much better low and mid range without giving much up at the very top. those short runner sheet metal intakes are a great way to lose about 40 hp or more below 5000 rpm on an LS, and I have no reason to think it'd be any different on a Gew 3 hemi.

    87. 1320crusier

      That exhaust runner seems small an 75cc..lol. "202cc intake port volume flows 345 CFM @ .600" lift" So what are the mid lift numbers ;)

    88. PPR Darryl

      Did you guys test for bore distortion ?

    89. Hit man 309

      Would have liked to see you advance the cam a couple of degrees see if picked bottom end slight drop back up then would have equal a win win deal

    90. Lamar Bowers

      why all this work/money for these numbers just LS swap it

      1. The XO of the RO

        Stock 5.7 can make up to 500hp tuned. You noobs obviously be don't watch the Mopar channels who actually race

    91. Jake Browne

      Let's hope eldebrock fixed the valve seat issues

    92. irench

      Langenfelter used aircraft engineering applied to engine air flow and proved that air will take on the dynamic of a fluid. So a larger mass takes longer to get moving thus the heads with bigger chamber take longer to produce power until the mass gets moving. Conversely, a smaller diameter longer column will begin to produce power sooner in rpm but running out of breath towards the top. His Super TPI intake was a compromise of the L98 CSB OE long tube and smaller plenum. He enlarged the plenum and shortened the length but kept the diameter, thusly balancing the power curve and producing power low while letting it breathe a little better on the top end. A cam would make a difference especially with the IOE advancing to get the column moving earlier and some earlier EVO to get the spent out of the chamber. It would likely work more at the top but usable power is probably gonna suffer in the low end again. Just needs to built for the application. I would like to have seen the 5.7 get some dyno testing with the head swap. Just to see where the performance gains really came from. I'm betting the stroke change made a much larger improvement over the heads. After all, torque is made in the bottom end, and HP is a mathematical product of Torque as well as made in the cylinder head.

    93. Michael Bogdanoff

      I wonder if cleaning up the as-cast intake runners on the Edelbrock heads with a little polishing would bring the low-end flow numbers up enough to be on par with the stock heads. I’d love to see what just that basic port job would result in.

    94. Steve's Shed

      That's an aweful Expensive 60 HP !!!!

    95. SlappySlapperman

      That Magnum in the bone yard made me cry...... :(

      1. Captain Obvious

        Mine is sitting in the driveway with a dropped valve seat it will be getting a new engine this year

    96. Chadrick Collins

      Great video. I love seeing these side by side comparisons with aftermarket parts. I'm subscribing to this channel. Priceless information

      1. The Horsepower Monster

        Hey thanks a lot! And thanks for the sub!

    97. mikeyjock

      it looks like your jeep has extra timing chains @ 2:04 is that a 4.7?

      1. Michael Bogdanoff

        Not sure, but you might be right. The oil filter is in the wrong spot also.

    98. Swede

      How'd you come up with .603 lift with 1.64 rockers? ....and to call those Hemi? - C'mon! What's hemispherical at all with those heads?!

    99. John C Holmes

      On a quiet night you can hear a Dodge rust. Therefore these turduckens should be around.

    100. John C Holmes

      This is an engine I have absolutely no love for..

      1. John C Holmes

        @The XO of the RO Absolute garbage

      2. The XO of the RO

        5.7 Hemi stock long block makes 500hp on 99 octane tune. You confused haters should see what the Mopar guys can do.. not Edelbrock.

      3. Sep G

        Then why are you here?