This Weirdo MUST Be Stopped!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 26 روز


    1. NotYourAverageFlight

      Can't believe I have to make vids like this in 2021 but I have to defend myself when need be FTC stand up!

      1. Frank Mlwilo

        Keep up the good work flight best youtuber

      2. Knox Palmer

      3. Da Legend17

      4. william Jordan

        “This brother starving “😂😂

      5. Ja Leon Smith

    2. Donte Harris

      Fuck that weird gay dude FTC STAND UP!!!!

    3. sandro rachveli

      Fligtht wont pin this


      Don’t got no problem with gay people just don’t come at me with that shit or try to sabotage somebody’s name

      1. Yoloslapss


    5. Seth Thelion

      Everyone who disliked are cry baby's - jojo siwa - down in the trenches

    6. Big Dick

      I would honestly sue for defamation of character, that’s exactly how rumors spread and sheep people believe them

    7. scammer 92

      Damn if people was this desperate for clout I would of killed them honestly

    8. Jaydon

      Nah all jokes aside idgaf what you saying when I first saw that shit I was dead weak

    9. IzJayy

      Lmao why flight?

    10. Shred FN

      we all know Flight just used the ig dm unread feature😏

    11. Matthew Antone

      I like how you deleted my comment.

    12. Esther

      John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you! God bless💗

      1. CornWalter1

        @Esther nah, *who asked*

      2. Esther

        @CornWalter1 Jesus

      3. CornWalter1


    13. Melchor Fabian

      The thumbnail is correct

    14. JJ Mill

      Tiktok just like recess for kids

    15. Yousef Khalaf

      Plot twist: Flight doesn’t actually fuck with LGBQT and I respect him for that

    16. Mario Donoso

      When he tried to pause the reel😂😂

    17. Marquis Ewell

      That ending though😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    18. raf


    19. Red W.

      Good for u for getting ahead of this situation

    20. adam alexandre

      As a wise once said, "You can't finesse a FINESSER" Cashnasty!!!!

    21. THE RICH KID

      5:26 "focuse camera" 😂😂😂👍

    22. NotAntiSocial

      tbh when i first saw the title i and shit, i thought he was talking about himself lmaoo😂

    23. Corvette Corvette

      Nahh flight you gay 😂😂

    24. Kobe Bean

      Flight you shouldn’t even responded bruv 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Kobe Bean

        He givin him clout tho

      2. Big Dick

        @Jamal facts because if he didn’t everyone would be posting that shit

      3. Jamal

        And let people believe these allegations are real? Flight did the right thing.

    25. Certified _Cj

      He turned off his comments 😂 then he posted positive vibes on his insta while tryna mess wit flight his insta is @therosehollywood

    26. Hell4alofyou


    27. Eric Castillo

      I got you bro 🤫

    28. Jonathan Alexander Nolasco

      Sue for defamation

    29. Eyeofhorus Taurus

      Wow bro stay up man smh

    30. Supreme Santa

      I feel like flight pranked him and now he feels some type of way.

    31. HC Sports


    32. Charlie Snowdon

      he woke up and chose violence

    33. The Truthz

      Flight can cancel anyone.

    34. The Truthz

      FTC gonna always have your back brother.

    35. RapUpdates

      What’s wrong with this weirdo he’s acting like he’s in middle school spreading rumors lol

    36. RapUpdates


    37. XXETHAN

      Ftc fan could u help me get monetized to start making some bread been a big fan itll make my year❤😭

    38. Wolves React

      Flight the 🐐 Hey guys we are a group of friends that make content that you wanna see please check out our channel thank you

    39. JoCMiguelPR

      i got yo back🚨🚨

    40. DUMP1NKL1PZ 4588

      “You know “ counter right here

    41. King Cam3ron

      FTC! I was about to spam his account but he got his comments turned off. Protect Flight at all costs!

    42. Accurcxcy

      flight dont even worry about it cuh we got your back no matter what

    43. Kaleah W

      3:12 IS THAT A VOICEOVER?!?? wow nice addition, voice is calming and chill, 10/10 for sure. start doing voice overs more often 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. I’m A Learner


    45. yovillesinger1

      FTC is the most toxic community and I love it!

    46. iiSusGod

      Niggas jus cant hop off flight man😭😭💯

    47. The real Mvp

      Flight when u going back to Florida

    48. Blaze

      Flight the goat don’t fw him‼️‼️💯

    49. gaming_eagle 000


    50. Matthew Wassel

      Bro flight is looking dapper

    51. Jaymarlin 2k19


    52. nonchalant JT

      strictly 🐱🤝

    53. ian Wert

      Yes bro Wes gotcha back.

    54. Shreyas VS

      All I heard was "U know what I'm saying"

    55. 23kDraco

      4:48 is all the proof you need 🥱

    56. old account

      Y’all as soon as he showed the accept block part .....THATS HOW YOU KNOW!

    57. Truly Spxm

      Fight team stand up 🆙

    58. Gaming With Aaron


    59. Fatal _blitz


    60. JTSG

      Thought you were talkin bout tokyo

    61. Harry Shelton


    62. Stop The Cap

      I hate when gay people try to force their sexuality on straight people

      1. Yoselyn Leyva López

        @Tya Griffin i know you wouldn’t respond ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      2. Yoselyn Leyva López


      3. Tya Griffin

        @Yoselyn Leyva López dudeee that's not what I'm saying, see ur not understanding, my point was anyone can get bullied or kicked out of the house, no matter WHAT your sexuality is. People used to try to bully me because of my birthmark and I'm straight so it doesn't matter.

      4. Yoselyn Leyva López

        @Tya Griffin dudeee I’ve never seen a straight person getting bullied or kicked out of their house for being straight??

      5. Tya Griffin

        @Yoselyn Leyva López and what are you talking about not being bullied? anyone can get bullied and also anyone can get kicked out of a house. We should be able to celebrate just like y'all what your saying is hypocritical but yeah I'm not tryna be rude or anything but yeah

    63. Ovo Militant

      His a lame bro

    64. Daniel J

      Win a real ring lefraud

    65. Jakari Evans

      Nobody likes you

    66. Chopstar TEGO

      Yea that nigga wylin💀

    67. ZZONE LEK


    68. ᴢᴇᴛsᴜ ᴍᴏʙᴀ

      Is it just me or does flight look like Lil B

    69. Yahollo

      Damn, they gotta get them stimulus checks out. Niggas doing this shit now.

    70. Brayant Alonzo

      If I wanted this mans attention I’ll just make a diss track

      1. Brayant Alonzo

        Diss tracks were the shit back then

    71. Flying Eagle

      You know whatimsayin

    72. xCyclonic

      love you flight

    73. Tommy_3K -_-

      yo waves bussin bro

    74. Brandon Curington

      This some 7th grade typa shit 🤣🤣

    75. ihoopx24

      I miss your vlogs

    76. joey zhou

      didnt even need to show proof, we gotchu

    77. thereaperslash 》《

      In the lgb community

    78. Lmc2007jr Lmc2007jr

      Flight is one of the best youtubers out here sense coryxkenhin

    79. Kai Eccleeston

      Flight has TikTok?

    80. Cartier

      I think flight doesn’t like lgtbq I love him for that

      1. hoots

        @DynastyX Gaming Dojo straight up fax And i like how if we start expressing why we don't agree with the lgbtq. The majority of people are gonna pulp us or sumin

      2. c32g

        That's fucked up, hating on a group of people is never cool

      3. neo noxas

        @Joji Onfroy DoN't MaTtEr

      4. Joji Onfroy

        @neo noxas don’t matter

      5. neo noxas

        @Joji Onfroy so you're cool with being abusive? bet bro. don't have kids if you're worried about that.

    81. Mildred Gabson


    82. Bad Good


    83. Tiana TÎM3

      The phone on the napkin

    84. Juggstar%%

      We gotchu big bro !

    85. MLGCeaser

      Bro when flight serious that man is a whole different person

      1. Josh Fertig

        @crimzon_blood_moon you make no sense

      2. crimzon_blood_moon

        @Josh Fertig shut up anyone can play with anyone idiot

      3. Josh Fertig

        Su Fortnite kid

    86. martinstrash

      Flight actually edited a video for once

    87. Das Tuff

      The like and dislike ratio in this video is phenomenal

    88. Annoying Carti fan

      Why am I here I have like 12 assignments due tonight lol

    89. CrisisEC

      Flight:bout to do intro... flight mom: walking in Flight: flight team Flight mom: flight team sit y’all ass down😂 lmao I’m joking

    90. Infinite Action Gaming

      Wtf, people are really dehydrated out here. I feel why you had to address this bs

    91. Josuecito Espino


    92. Niko23 nao

      Flight we got you bro

    93. ‘genjikuun

      is it me but i say flight intro every time😂😂

    94. Isaac Kiros

      Fight love bussi

    95. Ominous

      He already deleted everything and turned off comments

    96. KGN Clan

      I’m on his ass flight

    97. Tj B

      Tried tf outta you😂😂😂

    98. Ibz

      Yo guys quick one. Jesus is coming soon and he wants you to give your life to him and repent while you still can. ( Revelation 22:12). Accept Jesus today and start living for him because he died for you. God bless❤️🙏🏾

    99. samuel huntington

      He didn’t even going crazy once in the video are you serious as fuck

    100. OG 808

      That nigga high asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣