Tales of the Fail - Series Premiere October 20th


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    The stories behind some of the most iconic fails on the internet will be revealed on October 20th with the premiere of our new series, Tales of the Fail! Come back next Tuesday to get the scoop told by the people who failed and lived to tell the tale.
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    1. Elizabeth Foucault

      OMG I'm so pumped for the max fell out of his kayak one!!!!

    2. TheMajestic

      Where is it?

    3. GeorgeJansen

      Thanks for sharing

    4. GeorgeJansen

      Rest in peace Stobe the Hobo

    5. GeorgeJansen

      00:01. Did he not hear /see that gotdam train? Fake news?

    6. My Puritanical Opinion

      I told them they should do this. And they listened to me!

    7. Noah

      Where is this video today is the 23 october (swizerland )i want this😂

    8. Daniel Spicer

      Annnnnd they failed. What happened FailArmy? No vid ?

    9. Luke Roberts

      You didn’t even upload it???

    10. erdwinjc

      where can i watch this at ?

    11. elmek13

      Sorry i don't buy it.

    12. Bence Maldrik


    13. Tho mas

      Still love the conductor kicking the guy at the tracks :D

    14. RUBIZEN

      By "nature" he means "sex with women". 00:28

    15. BAK Robert Johnston

      I haven’t seen the actual video why did the guy get run over by a train

    16. Click Bait

      Um the puddle one was fake, you can also tell as you wouldnt jump into one like that unless you knew it was deep.

      1. Craig Bowling

        My friend filmed that video. It's not fake. They drove over the puddle, and their car's tire dipped down quite a bit. They expected it to be inches deep, not THAT deep.

    17. charles fack

      tu as pas mis le grammage de la farine

    18. NMRS 43

      franco fails

    19. bansaiboi


    20. M Rifqi Shidqi


    21. Jean Marie

      Oh m’y gooooood , that video is gonna be amazing !

    22. Cody Morgan

      lmao it's like that episode of regular show where they go into the internet

    23. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    24. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    25. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    26. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    27. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    28. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    29. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    30. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    31. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    32. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    33. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    34. Mixed Adulterated

      I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    35. Big Boy Andrew

      I stopped watching this channel for 2 years and i finally started again and you are repeating the same videos from 2 years ago

    36. Brenno

      OMG the Taco Guy is my favourite fail of all time 🔥🔥🔥

    37. Jonas

      This channel is the ultimate fail

    38. Gerardo Ruvalcaba

      Espero la serie con ansías 🤘🏻😎

    39. alex barnard

      I am super excited! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered what the backstory was on a video!!

    40. Stre Led

      I hope you'll realize that overusing clips don't automatically make them "iconic"

      1. Mixed Adulterated

        I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    41. Kendrick Smith

      Someone tell me why 2020 is so unpredictable this a documentary of fails

      1. Mixed Adulterated

        I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    42. Sports Cars

      OMG 😯😳💯

    43. Daniel Mores

      great idea!

    44. Craig ThaPlague

      If you think about it your body isn't really "you" just your brain is you and your piloting a bone mech with meat armor and an organic fuel system....🤔

    45. ExplodingTrujillo

      This is the equivalent of explaining the joke, you just don’t do it.

    46. Clean Living

      Well I guess it's good they're trying something new. However I'm not in the least interested in the morons behind a ton of these videos. Most of the time it's like "eh yeah, we fucked up"

    47. sacora glass

      Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

    48. Mckevin Washii

      this makes sense, like finally..

    49. ghostBCH

      After this one it would be a video of reaction of the people who’d where there when the fail happen, and later the person feelings recording the video

    50. Giordany Loffredo

      I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

    51. Thiago Stos

      I'm Single 😍😥

    52. Gabriel el tipo ese

      It's literally a documentary about fails. 2020 is really unpredictable

      1. FailArmy

        someone had to do it

    53. hpufan14

      I'm Single 😍😥

    54. John Skelton

      Holy shit this looks like it's going to be amazing! I can't wait!

    55. mikuismywife


    56. Renata BR

      I'm actually interested.

      1. FailArmy

        thanks! so kind.

    57. Evilwhiteclownpunk

      I remember the test pilot episode with the coffee dude... it was what, a couple years ago???

      1. FailArmy

        It was earlier in the summer. we have more in the works.

    58. graca azevedo

      Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    59. alan Gradowska

      Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    60. SWGaming

      Im kind of curious about some of these actually

      1. FailArmy

        excellent! We'll take it.

    61. Jo et Anne So

      Time to coffee ... Time to cof....... *Bam*

    62. Ayata 054

      No interest...

    63. Lenny da pepp

      Yoooooooo dude rode by on a train, and kicked homie in the face 😂😂😂😂😂😂 epic!

      1. Eye of Rah

        There's two things that are terribly funny about this boot to the face: 1 he never saw it coming an 2 he'll never find the guy that did it lmao

    64. Dimitri


    65. Ian Gerhart

      Can't wait bro!

    66. josh Seward

      How can a serious premier October 20th if you've already debuted one in June this year?

      1. FailArmy

        Good eye! That was a pilot. We have a bunch more coming out...

    67. Omygod

      Ooooooh I can't wait

    68. Tristan H

      October 20th, 2020... *GASP* That's when the Doom Eternal DLC Gets Released! Like if you didn't know.

      1. Thoughts of Impact


    69. Pulqueman

      The new jackass?

    70. Tiny Jungle

      On principle I won't be watching this

      1. FailArmy

        We think you will.

    71. Brendan Lafferty

      Fail army you have redeemed yourself lol

    72. Kort Laupp

      If your close enough to get kicked your way too close Trains aren't soft neither is a boot

      1. Mixed Adulterated

        I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    73. The Dude! FMCDH

      Ok I am actually excited for this.

    74. I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.

      Can't wait to watch it. Thanks again for the many years of laughter @FailArmy!. 🍻

    75. BitMassive

      the video nobody asked for

    76. white beard

      Didn't i already see this before??

    77. Kamala LSB

      ...wow this honestly might as well just be a vine compilation.

      1. Mixed Adulterated

        I'll be glad if you browse my channel !!!

    78. akram essam

      Aaaa hahahaaa😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Southern Gentleman

      The first one was not funny

    80. Melvin Velez

      Filling the space that Tosh.O will leave 😂😂😂😂

    81. DxBlack

      Just another lazy ass re-use-all-the-clips-we-have comp...

      1. Stre Led

        @FailArmy How and why do you still have 14,6 millions subscribers ?

      2. FailArmy

        Thanks for being a subscriber!

    82. derula

      Nice, I liked the one episode of this you showed earlier, I'm assuming it was like a pilot to see how well it performs. I think this can make a neat show. Would be cool if you finally found a formula for a show that resonates with people, after all the previous attempts were unfortunately not so great.

      1. derula

        @FailArmy Cool! Sounds promising, hope it will be popular!

      2. FailArmy

        Thanks! yes, the one earlier in the summer was a test/pilot. We have shot more and will be showing them soon!

    83. Sensei

      Fuck Yeah. Finally the Storys behind the Fails.

    84. Erzgebirge erleben

      0:45 is it really SHE. The one and only fail army girl 5 years later?


      Boyyy was i soo satisfied seeing the first one tho.....i am ready to die now!

    86. Miadaskate

      Hopefully they’ll do the “Hey Ladies” video with the kid who throws the basketball at the girl on the bike. I always had so many questions about what happened right after the recording stopped.

      1. FailArmy

        Good call, we'll try and track that kid down!

    87. Ruben Reyes


    88. Maidenlord 666

      This is a really good idea guys

    89. KodiakULV

      This aint it, chief. Going to be cringe as fuck and your views are going to drop more. Say bye to your CPM. Btw, you do recycle vids more than most content farms, don't try and dunk on people for that. It doesn't look good for you at ALL lol.

    90. Jose

      My fav of the clips was the first one b/c it was a win-win for everyone. The conductor(?) got to teach someone a valuable lesson on how dangerous it is to stand too close to train tracks AND the guy shooting the vid was paid money to allow his vid to be used for ads. Win-Win

      1. FailArmy

        Exactly. Sometimes it pays to be stupid!

    91. Chad Mower

      OMG this will be amazing On a much more serious note, I hope that first dude is ok. Friend of mine is a cop, and he saw a woman who who got too close and the maintenance stairs took the top of her skull clean off. I don’t think they’d show a clip if someone was hurt

    92. Stephen Nugent


    93. 1 second ago

      The train driver said like you cut G. before he got hit

    94. James S

      Play the start of the video at 0.25 speed, thank me later

    95. Nocerus

      Tales of Recycled Clips

    96. Salty Apple


    97. Евгений Куцевалов

      real legends

    98. Thomas D

      At least they made the job of finding and interviewing these people instead of recycling one more time the same fails in a video !

      1. MASTER COOL

        @FailArmy dont worry....gliches happen buddy!!!!...and you will do great in future

      2. FailArmy

        thank you for the constructive and somewhat positive feedback

    99. Eric Williams

      Wait did fail army hire tosh.o since his show was cancelled? This is very similar to his 'web redemption'

      1. FailArmy

        It's not really a redemption, it's just a first person telling of the story.

    100. EWKification

      That actually looks cool and original. Good work.