Top 100 Fails of the Year Part 5 (2019) | FailArmy


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    And now, the thrilling conclusion of The Best Fails of the Year! What fails were your favorite? We hope you had a good 2019, see you next year!
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    1. Dakota Horn

      The dandelion trick is not funny . Those are seeds , and seeds grow in warm,moist areas lungs ... Maybe someday , your girlfriend can develope lung cancer , never being a smoker ....and she can thank you for it ...stupid asses !

    2. Samera Pornpan

      yeah ah ha yeah ah ha ah ha yeah

    3. Sxneezy

      The 2 best is 2:20 and 3:16

    4. Serious Games 101

      2:26 maaahn

    5. I am Human

      This random compilation of viral videos on Internet and smearing the 'fail army' logo on each and every video is probably the Epic Fail and that should've been the #1 in this video.

    6. The Warners

      1:20 that boy is way to smart for his age

    7. Evolution Of Destruction

      1:41 very grippy shoes lol!

    8. Vika Milkka

      the first place is huyna

    9. Katie Longhurst

      I laughed so hard that my brother told me to shut up

    10. Thee Jason Bourne

      @1:29 YANKEE WIT NO BRIM

    11. Siddhartha10100

      1 43 his ankle also

    12. volbenton

      #8 wasn’t just a game 🤬

    13. Zoltán Kürti

      I tought the biggest fail of the year was this very channel.

    14. Bruva-Nero

      2:08 that’s some technique in fairness to the dude 🤟

    15. Shit Happens

      watch my videos, best scenes

    16. Sarah lovee

      Ya know what my brother did the first time a boy broke my heart...punched me in the stomach and said "there now you have a reason to cry" I'll forever pair my first heart break and my first broken rib.

    17. Trump Sucks

      Dress up like a bear, have a good time getting shot!

    18. Steve Garmier

      U guys got these all wrong. These last 20 weren't even close to as funny as the last 40. Whoever picked these sucks at picking funny. Dude getting whacked by a baseball from behind the the protection was way funnier then some idiot playing a fake bear on the side of the road.

    19. Valentino Chin

      3:27 Dead

    20. farzad ghabooli

      @t get bitcoin

    21. Cloudy Mai

      1:39 sounds like a bomb

    22. Cloudy Mai

      why does everybody said this channel a trash tho? it' making my day

    23. OTKP


    24. Logan Leech

      2:20 R.I.P TV

    25. Yo

      I freaking hate slomo's

    26. CommanderSur

      Honestly the bear one wasn’t even a fail, it was a prank

    27. Ricardo191180 Perez

      Molestan las letras

    28. MAGA

      2:20 bro got game :))

    29. Liam Hoogendoorn


    30. Konnierizzle1

      The ones in the last video were better than this load of shite.

    31. Ghgdtgzxfg

      Not proud to admit it, but I've done 1:45 before. I blacked out, momentarily and woke up when I was bouncing of the ground.

    32. Angry German Panda


    33. TryNotToLaugh HD


    34. Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy

      Well that was shite

    35. NintendoStar64 Productions

      1:18 I first saw this clip on DailyMailTV.

    36. Official Gggames101

      11:broke his ankles xD

    37. Joy Deibert

      8::she was ready to fight him 😂

    38. Ryan Le Plastrier

      1:45 that mans ankle💔

    39. Argal von Bregev

      Looks like people got a lot worse at failing in recent years. Or maybe its just the choice of videos... :D But while I'm at it, no.11, his head is probably fine but I don't think the same can be said about his ankle.

    40. David McKay

      What the hell happened to this channel. Pathetic.

      1. GregoriusMagnus

        These were pretty nice randomly selected videos of last year.

    41. DirtyDirk 33

      Its the same vid as part one just in a different pattern.

    42. swedishwarrior

      I know this channel is stuggling but you'd miss it if it was cancelled

    43. mynameis KOEN

      This was a top 20 of a 100?

    44. Bożydar Groch

      Time to unsub. Rip failarmy

    45. Tony Antonio Canelas

      1:42 that dude has noodles for an ankle

    46. KuruKuruGorilla

      3:35 Lucky no one shot him in that Murica, it was risky

    47. bruno hug

      1:43 quebrou o pé Quem é BR?🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    48. toben42

      Kevin doesn't have much going on.

    49. malik log

      why you make boring slowmotion never makes slow motion

    50. Mickey Plays

      I'm disappointed... THAT THAT WAS THE LAST "FAIL

    51. Mat Starfighter

      Number 14: Harsh but true...

    52. Wesley Nash

      Lizards just wanted to swim!

    53. DarianFisher

      I am officially done with this trash of a channel. Half these weren't fails, especially the so-called #1

    54. --

      the fails arnt that good but i luv ur vids

    55. E Mail

      2:24 - Kevin!.....easy there....

    56. Mick H


    57. Reuben Goga


    58. Sid Smith

      Hope the guy with the rifle at the end was in on the gag😱

    59. Олег Соломянный

      Делайте крупнее надписи с номерками! За ними все еще видно видео...

    60. Saigneur AgoniuM

      God the 8th !! 2:19 's so epic !! 😄 6th at 2:46 too !!! 🤣

    61. Xeno Jupiter

      1.12 the leg gonna hurt

    62. Rose-Marie Lundholm

      In the last clip, not gonna lie they had me in the first half

    63. MrVangassen

      Once you grow to millions subscribers you just don't give a shit do you? Lack of respect to viewers is strong here.

    64. A regular dude

      Totally not too much unecessary slow mo

    65. GalaxyGirl BlackHeart

      2:20 *FALCON PUNCH*

    66. Welliton Ricardo

      Que vídeo ruim, para quer tanto Slow Motion.

    67. Rahat Khan

      Thought the thumbnail was a real plane... Disappointed tbh.

    68. Hamzah Basir

      how many time do u guys just upload the same content over and over?

    69. lambo ghini

      thank you fail army for posting didoes before today

    70. Saffanna

      So, so poor.

    71. Alex Duta

      2:20 :))))

    72. ニック.


    73. Octavian Afrasinei

      Man that pissed me off maaaan. 😂😂 Poor telly. 😢

    74. waldo9254

      I almost feel bad for laughing but 2:43 is sooooo damn funny. That dude got drenched! If I was driving that car, I would have crashed for sure b/c I'd be laughing so hard.

    75. Matthew Porter-mendez

      #12 "Long hair don't care" What does his hair have to do with ANYTHING? I swear they just throw shit together on this channel

    76. Jared Bosisto

      Number 8 was my favourite. :)

    77. Botoșelul Nervos

      This is a FailRewind

    78. kde9910

      Why is the zipline one in at least 4 of these episodes?

    79. Luca Bu missed that Clip haha

    80. w e i r d o

      Her kids not gonna be normal.. 1:51

    81. Ruoy Grz

      I remember when this channel was better than this , now it’s just crap!

    82. TheSDC44

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    83. Masaharu Morimoto

      Horrible choices & adding slow motion makes it worse.

    84. BoomerLemon

      Top fails of the 1900s Kaiser Wilhelm II fails to invade France

    85. Ariel Winter fan05


    86. Julia Parrotta

      How are any of these top fails?! Wtf... does anyone actually run this channel anymore?

    87. NINJA

      At 1:41 look at his ankel

    88. Nicholas Colque

      Omg on 1:41 i felt how that sprained ankle was going to feel.

    89. kai rud

      With u since 20000 views

    90. RubixCube747

      Number 8 wasn't a fail it was anger issues...also some of these weren't even fails!

    91. Gustas Baltusk

      Click bait

      1. Gustas Baltusk

        There isint 100

    92. CharlieWasHere

      Fails of the decade?

    93. Eddy Sabau

      2:18 it's very funny 🤣

    94. Giant Sleeping Bear

      Dog pissing.

    95. Jeff P

      Slow motion fails fun 🙄

    96. Conner Hendrick

      if this is the best y'all can come up with y'all might as well just stop

    97. Random Clips

      Funny Video :D

    98. Ťáma

      Why the video couldnt be for one second longer???😭

    99. Jack Hawkins

      Pls could you watch my video . It’s only 5 seconds so it wouldn’t take any of your time . Please , it would really help

    100. Dima K

      that idiot is gnna get shot 3:50