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    Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the Halloween Stereotypes!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Which one was your fave???? Love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🎃 DP

      1. The black dragon

        Pls take one

      2. Dogger4561

        Rage monster

      3. Dijon Tacos

        All them

      4. Waste

        No one is home

      5. The Goobers

        MORE LIKE 1 BUCKET!!!

    2. Headless YT

      1:52 they look like they are at UnspeakableGaming's house ngl

    3. Prabin Luitel

      the range monster is my fav. one😍😂

    4. Chris Magill

      I love how they are just like rage monster rage monster rage monster

    5. Slightly Disturbed

      The forse my be with the rage monster

    6. ReconicFN

      This is the first time they wanted the rage monster

    7. miles rogers

      7:32 why did i get the chills what can i say that bat flip was insane

    8. Crewmate

      That lightsaber battle was better than any Star Wars movie

    9. Ferly Azwin

      06.50 Its so funny

    10. Miguelito De castro

      Tye is the hulk

    11. Timthenicekid 09

      7:03 I could not stop laughing

    12. Andres KELLER

      No Oo leave Darth Vader aloneeeeeee

    13. Cheryl Germann

      no rage monster

    14. Jie Mo

      if the ragemonster's power was fueled with rage, doesnt that kinda makes him a sith lord?

    15. joseph harmsen

      We want school stareotips

    16. Ashton Beesley

      Have you done skiing/snowboarding stereotypes

    17. Cool Guys Squad

      More like one bucket!

    18. Sumaiya Zabeen

      I like Ty

    19. Alvaro Rodriguez

      I love the rage monster it’s so fu

    20. The Fortnite Knights

      Best Rage Monster EVER!!!

    21. Ahmed Mansoor

      A quick suggestion Black Friday stereotypes.

    22. Vicky Ponsford-Spencer


    23. Lakeshore Productions

      You should do football stereotypea

    24. Brynlee Candland

      who think they should do a soccer one

    25. ThatOne MarioGamer

      Mario Kart Stereotypes 👇 👇 👇

    26. Emma Friedline

      👇 👇💩💩

    27. Manaman Kasushi

      Make a yard sale stereotypes!!!!!!!

    28. Latonya Fisher

      "He's using the force"-Dude Perfect 2020. Never thought I would hear that

      1. Jacob Horton

        You didn’t? With the amount of amazing trick shots they do, it was only a matter of time before they said it.

    29. Jocie Dagenais

      I’m sorry but the Dino scene.....😂🤣

    30. J,J and A exotikkk

      Extra The without a costume Too many decorations Wrong night Scared of everything I don't want to dress up Dress the pet Costume competion The order a really costume the night before Halloween and expects it to arrive in time but it does not Nightmares Halloween party Tricked ya The halloween trick shots

    31. mery lopez

      Rage monster: "Just because you're a bad guy doesn't mean you're a bad guy."

    32. Melanie Laroche

      I have that green alien costume

    33. Operiendum

      7:34 was that a GOT reference? When Arya kills the night king? By dropping the dagger?

    34. Oran Vids

      0:45 barley xD

      1. Cassie

        This year they even stole my bowl lol and the lawn chair it was sitting on

    35. Lloyd si Cornite

      This was better than the last tree star wars movies and i like how Darth Vader wears sneakers

    36. Alexander Sakellaris

      The ascent in the outro is the golden part of the video 😂

    37. Alastor The radio demon

      That’s not how the fourth works

    38. Yoboy Cookie

      7:29 when the trash person makes a deep three in basketball

    39. Yoboy Cookie

      7:29 when the punter hit sticks a linebacker in football😂😂😂


      My favorite was the random guest guy

    41. David Neesen

      That light saber battle was actually amazing. You guys are so cool 😎 I love it

    42. THE GARZA family

      I think they took the rage monster too far

    43. Jarrett Kingsolver

      The spider man looks fake

    44. Nigel Furgason

      thanks for using my last name

    45. LeBron James

      They never forget about “The Rage Monster” 🤣❤️

    46. Azamat Siro

      the candy trade is me and my friends we sorted out the candy after then we trade

    47. Dan Lindelow

      Rage monster all day how do you do that

    48. brayden tymm


    49. Avin's Toy Experience


    50. Oh Yeah Yeah

      Fun fact: I’ve never went trick or treating, I don’t celebrate Halloween

    51. Righteous Mcdouble

      This year they even stole my bowl lol and the lawn chair it was sitting on

    52. AnaSofia Franke

      Not to be rude but dp never hearts anyone’s comments (I 💙 u guys tho) Agree pls 👇

    53. Chloe Wang

      i dont think you should ride donkeys

    54. Cynthia Barrera

      Ty always wins

    55. Connie Phillips

      I like the ra

    56. Connie Phillips


    57. Cowcow The gamer

      Lol I love how if you use the force in Star Wars being mad and are probably on the bad side but here rage monster fights darts Vader

    58. Scrapbox p1000 use code Litty

      Rage monster vs karen

    59. Todd Reading

      Cody: Just rage on him Tyler: I can’t just flip a switch on him Cody: I gotcha “ punches him

    60. Beth Jeter

      You should make thanksgiving stereotypes

    61. Tammy Vandyke


    62. Jv zubair

      TY has the fourc

    63. Anubhav Ghosh

      How about a Among Us stereotype ... Likes if u agree

    64. Jane Smith

      You have a lot of views

    65. Rizzy YT

      Mr furguson is my teacher

    66. Dexter Force

      7:04 be the force with you and I am the Force

    67. ZWilson2010

      A stereotypes idea do a gaming one

    68. Daniel Hause

      THIS WAS THE BEST RAGE MONSTER EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😀😀😆

    69. Kaylee Buzek

      You rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Gaming Bros.

      The Vader vs The Dude fight was the awesome

    71. Ezequiel Lucchetta

      4:32 he's number one XD

    72. Plush world 2


    73. James Miles

      The Rage Monster has definitely redeemed himself

    74. MILSY

      Did ty get a mullet?

    75. Robert Garcia

      I remember my mom tried to take my Twix once I was a wee lad of 7 and I loved Twix she tried to take it..so I bit her also rage monster was the best bit of this

    76. XxshnauzerxX bruh

      I like wayyyyy over top the most

    77. XxshnauzerxX bruh

      I love all of em

    78. Emilio's World

      Ty is a ultra jedi

    79. Nidhi Gupta

      I loved that rage monster 😂

    80. Hemaytulla Prince


    81. French-Ish Toast

      Oh my goodness me and my friends are always the candy traders on Halloween 🤣 Then it ends up being everyone for themselves.

    82. soinu foig

      Them lame people who hand out eggs and you’re just like “bruh”

    83. Matthew Jimenez

      The one they are actually excited about rage monster lol 😆 XD

    84. Fat cat betty scratch

      7:16 may the force be with you

      1. soinu foig

        Rage monster

    85. totally lemon

      You guys must have so much fun makeing these c idios

    86. Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul

      that darth vader scene actually nuts lol

    87. Rodel Alejandre

      mr picky pumpkin

    88. Dusko Stojanov

      Can you do Christmas stereotype

      1. Rishi Singla

        already done

    89. Lindsey Farmer

      You are the best😍😘🥰😎😋😊😉😄😃😀😁🙂☺🤗🤩

    90. Redthepro 2132


    91. Lucas Lowery

      Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never going to make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell ally it hurt you

    92. Gina Walls

      Do hockey stereotypes plz

    93. R4F4 L

      We need Ty to rage on all scary movie villains

    94. Mlgpenguinboy

      please tell me cory's costume at the start IT'S SO AWSOME

    95. Matt/Kate Maybee

      You should do Hotel stereotypes

    96. Ammn Mann

      why not just take the whole bag?

    97. Zach Herman

      Anger is a path to the dark side

    98. Think noodles Jr

      Ha ha

    99. Ni c o l e M u n d a y

      Rage monster

    100. Janine Dev

      i like the rage monster one