He Battled Deion Sanders On NATIONAL TV! Superstar Texas QB Preston Stone BALLS OUT In Reality Show!

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    Preston Stone and his squad had an UNREAL season! This dude proved why he is the KING of Friday Night!
    Through team disputes, tough losses, and adversity, Parish Episcopal
    rallied together to go on an EPIC state title run!
    Rewatch the whole first season of KING OF FRIDAY NIGHT!
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    1. ItsMeSpikey

      It’s kinda suck how his name is preston and his brothers name is Parker and my name is Preston Parker

    2. Christine Garretted

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    3. Throw Away

      1:15:40 oh my god he got killed

    4. RefreshSwitch

      4:06 did that nigga Moan☠️☠️😭😭

    5. Xhenef


    6. ShawnDev

      35:06 he warped everything when he hit the clipboard against the wall

    7. Kyle Logan

      I was at pine cove last year in march for a church camp

    8. John Peeler

      They should play Westlake

    9. Elie

      Have a great day god love y’all

    10. Brendan Passarell

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    11. KFLAKES Is a qt

      By to. Xx

    12. Chad Garrison

      Great video but didn’t Trinity Christian win the state championship lol

    13. beast on 40fps !

      th funny thing is man still lost that why shedeur team won the chip

    14. beast on 40fps !

      the only reason yall one versing shedeur sanders team bc u were making random plays

    15. Meera Kumar

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    16. Femmy

      Lou ilt

    17. Joey Astorino

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    18. Damian Fraley

      Stone def gonna do big things in life with whatever he chooses to do!!!!! Football is great but I'm sure he will have a back up plan

    19. Krys Ratteray

      where in the video did he battle deion sanders?

    20. Ethan Irwin

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    21. jonathan perez

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    22. CyFii

      Don’t roast me, but I’m confused, how are they the number one team in Texas if trinity won state champ last year? Just curious, that’s all.

    23. bedford

      The redundant lathe immunologically improve because cupboard corroboratively fold around a shiny timer. holistic, industrious rose

    24. Brendon Buffaloe

      For an episcopal school, this coach sure has no problem cussing

    25. Brendon Buffaloe

      This QB scrambles out of the pocket too much for no reason. That kind of paranoia will still get you success in college if you’re talented enough, but it doesn’t work past that. They also act like he was the best player in the state when Spencer Rattler was playing real competition and dominating.

      1. mikeywuvsyou

        the qb ain't all that great his receivers are amazing though

    26. Luis Lopez

      The hideous high hot cellularly balance because galley appropriately attract aside a tired onion. tough, productive hyacinth

    27. Vansh Patel

      So do they not go to school 😅😅

    28. JJ Smith

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    29. Pauly F.

      Some Mean Green Raging Gay Boys After Football,,, Or Is That Really Good Pizza & Such!? Don't Beat Their Asses Without Consent Straight Guys... Sorry, Nothing About This Feels Right, But No 9 Months Later Irratators!

    30. Pauly F.

      Cry "Wilf" get Called On... Deon's blokes, Who?!

    31. Fabo Rincon

      He's 6"2 he looks like 5"10

    32. Brandyn Yp

      Are we not gonna talk about how much time stone has from the O-Line

    33. Crankin’ With Carter

      43:49 it’s not two hours to Waco from Dallas that kid kapin

    34. Crankin’ With Carter

      Private school weird asf all these kids wearing weird stuff

    35. Somia876 Akter linda745**

      #1 in Texas (private schools) really means your like 201 in Texas

    36. Nick Ritorto

      that blue field would drive me crazy

    37. Sam Pantiliano

      What’s a LC on the jerseys?

    38. Sibree

      "This effect required gpu acceleration" nice? 1:27:38

    39. Sibree

      Our school has never even made the playoffs, nor have we had a winning season. Our best ever was a 4-5. Honestly we suck, even for our state (maine)

      1. Yung Lawson

        Need the right pieces

    40. robert garza

      I can’t wait till seasons start for prime time

    41. RyGuy zoo

      Right now they are 16 in the state of Texas.

    42. Josiah Darden

      I go to a pretty broke school with hella talent. If OT came and did this for us i’m sure every player would go D1 100%

      1. ShawnDev

        @BaronVonBielski he literally said, his school is broke. But he has hella talent. That’s not dumb to say. their school can’t afford that shit.

      2. BaronVonBielski

        Lol yeah no. That’s just dumb to say. If you had any sort of D1 talent they’d recruit you dude.

    43. Bailey Sims

      What was he holding

    44. Yaboitrae

      Who else got the super Mario ad 😭😭

    45. Luke Brooks

      Did anyone here that man voice crack😂 28:25

    46. Joshua Sutrina

      Are we not gonna talk about how much time stone has from the O-Line

    47. James Marinelli


    48. James Marinelli

      Shut up quarterback

    49. W .S

      lol Dey ain’t Det good they literally got beat by da saints yo lmfaoooo

    50. Benjamin Elswick

      17:11 what Connor the 5”4” redditor says to me in gym

    51. Justin Teurn

      I can’t wait till seasons start for prime time

    52. Traitster

      Anybody else notice how he throws like philip rivers??

    53. Jax V

      For a “Christian” school, that coach sure cusses a lot.

      1. Colin Buckley

        You can be Christian and cuss

    54. Dave Dave-Dave

      Be honest when they went against Deion’s team was I the only one rooting for them

    55. Caiden Norfolk

      You guys are just playing in tabs so just go play somewhere not know tabs tabs the easiest place to play so don’t even so go to freaking big league

    56. Caiden Norfolk

      You guys look like you just destroyed thenBut you didn’t you only be done by a touchdown

    57. Caiden Norfolk

      Boy you look like you just won the whole World Series

    58. Hayden Davis

      Be honest when they went against Deion’s team was I the only one rooting for them

    59. Ybn Zaylo

      They couch is fuckin ass

    60. william whitney

      Did there head coach ever hit peuberty

    61. PG201

      SMU was the worst choice!

    62. Caiden Norfolk

      You said about 80 you didn’t Say80

    63. Caiden Norfolk

      Trinity Christian and running backs did a better Move then you did

    64. RedPillLife 4life

      I wonder how much it costs for a year at that high school..25,000?

    65. andre

      51:49 nobody got turnt with him.. lol

      1. Erik Delgadillo

        frrrr i lowkey felt embarrassed for him

    66. Chayton Lott

      Shedeur sanders is way batter than Preston

    67. IraStay1K

      Holy 2HOURS

    68. Adam Cruz

      Bro this guy a great player but his narrations boring AF that’s why deons is better because it’s a lot of people but this guy puts me to sleep

    69. Team Static

      Next Lamar Jackson

    70. Ryze Lolツ

      You are so trash

    71. little chris

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    72. DLX3000 D

      Trash not clutch

    73. Ryder Pearson

      Wow they have done a lot to pine cove camp since I’ve been there

    74. Ryder Pearson

      Wow they have done a lot to pine cove camp since I’ve been there

    75. Bigboy Brian

      Imagine having enough money to do chriotheropy

      1. Ben Godard

        It’s only like 40$ /session

    76. S Gunner

      These players and coaches should not be taking the Lord’s name in vain!

    77. EliteEdits08

      The RB Carries

    78. Julian Wilson

      Yea they got blew out last time they played them lol

    79. Garrett Steele

      For the number one team in Texas where in the fuck are all the fans

    80. Garrett Steele

      1:15:45 I witnessed a murder

    81. X2panters P

      I know Preston I go to parish

    82. will arthur

      Out of all the schools he had offers from he picked smu

      1. Real Abraham

        he knows hill be able to easily start there for 3 to 4 years then he in the NFL and i remember someone told me it doesn't matter how many offers you have at the end of the day your going to one school

    83. Natty Shelton

      31:53, no one even flinched when the coach threw that clip board

    84. ONEeyeDEATH

      I live in texas im allowed to say these some spoiled kids

      1. Sibree

        Eh most Texas schools are compared to the northern states

    85. Luke Odom

      Ain’t it funny trinity ended up winning the state go tigers

      1. Guestacc21

        Luke Odom, nope, they won D2 , Parish won D1

    86. Cameron Morris

      Why tf are his pupils like that

    87. kio kj

      Fam when i found out they playing shedeur i was like they finna get they ahh kicked cuz i just finished watching the season and they only lost one game and dat was to paris

      1. kio kj

        My b dis was the game they lost but they still won the championship

    88. JOSA ADIK

      That field during night is straight fire.

    89. myya johnson

      suke asssssssss teame

    90. Ismael Damian

      Thursday? Why not Friday

    91. YourBoi Tik Tok

      our school was coached by mike singletary and we played this team

    92. Lil Goat

      Great vids keep it up for we can live

    93. Jameson Rembert


    94. 2815Juan

      These kids seem to have no time for class during the season

    95. 2815Juan

      I’m just laughing that this high school has better everything over most colleges in California. Excluding D1 schools

    96. DJ Gregory

      This man Preston is a whole ass cheat code.

    97. shawn williams

      Stone is a dangerous qb he’s better than dion’s son he’s not scared to run that rock

      1. Real Abraham

        At running yes but i think sheduer is a little better at passing .

      2. shawn williams

        Your possibly right but I’m gonna try an do some research cause I think stone may have more running yard’s bro

      3. CertifiedBucket

        @shawn williams he has more running tds shedeur has way more passing yards

      4. shawn williams

        That may be true but I think stone has more TD’s an more running yard’s an he’s not scared to come out that back field an go head on with a corner back or safty of line backer

    98. Trucker SmokinJoe

      Texas legend?😂😂 didn’t even get drafted out of Notre Dame, his numbers wasn’t anything worth “blowing the scouts minds at” lol

      1. Red Animations

        Louisiana Trucker JP you forgot the 40 d1 offers

    99. Balla21

      Also shows what it takes. I wonder if you take away all extra stuff like cryo if you would still beable to play at that level.. kinda shows the potential benifit of not being poor and ability to afford all that

    100. Josey Duckworth

      Qb punt.... Dumb coaching leading to bad field position...