Achoo! Fails of the Week (October 2020)


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    It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have a pet parent fail, a springboard dive gone wrong, and more! Happy #FailFriday
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    1. elizabeth may

      Absolutely brilliant. Thank the heavens there are people like this in the world 😂

      1. Eskimos 69

        There should be a death penalty for recording vertically

      2. FailArmy

        We've all been there..?

      3. I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.

        @Big Finger Yes.. There's nothing better than a useful idiot, especially when it comes to fails compilations. 😂

      4. Big Finger

        Dumb people?

      5. Parker Teeter


    2. Carlos Zacarias

      I love the one that the lady sneeze the dogs butt 😂😂

    3. Mainectric

      In my opinion, I didn't find this funny...

    4. Карина С

      ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!! Please!!!! МЕЛОДИЯ НА 4:13 , кто этот БОГ????

    5. ToP FuN VideoS

      STOP MY LAUGH ))))))

    6. Adrain Ceja

      4:31 ooh the must of Hurt

    7. Siren Head

      When that lady sneezed in the dog's ass i died

    8. Rastachicago Mataderos

      3:16 so damn fake

    9. Xero, King of Shadows

      1:20 original video ?

    10. Miles Nielsen

      Apparently flattening cardboard boxes is very extremely hard for some people.

    11. Stephen Sours

      What the hell did they do to that mustard

    12. clayton morrow

      This channel got so pathetic over the years the fails nowadays are cringe they arent even funny and 99% of then are not even remotely funny

    13. Nicholas Ceci

      9:08 PM

    14. Nicholas Ceci

      November 11

    15. Eweetje

      The music sucks, as always

    16. JackNatti

      Remember when fail army was good? And had real fails? Fail army 2006-2013

    17. Martin Farkas

      Cheapest breakdancer on earth

    18. ricardo brown

      2:30 sounded like boomhower from king of the hill

    19. Totally Kaos

      What happened to you FA?? It was perfect without music...

    20. Nacho Chips

      garbage bag prank was fake. bad acting. hardly a fail. just bad acting.



    22. Eskimos 69

      There should be a death penalty for recording vertically

    23. Terry Monks

      0:05 when my wife has ignored me for 3 weeks

    24. West Hays


    25. Rahan Hansen

      0:02 guys first time after “no nut november”😂

    26. JoshyJosh

      First girl probably has the slowest reflects I have ever seen, she spent a long fucking while looking at the mustard bottle shoot up instead of pointing at, oh I dont know, a garbage can or the sink?!?!

    27. Tom Gom

      0:02 so stupid, why she didn't put her hand in the top

    28. lityum go

      2:32 I get excited when I see my country LoL


      2:55 was really funny

    30. Loony

      0:25 really... when I know I have to sneeze I turn away... and no I would ssneeze on my animal :/....

    31. Thomas Baker

      How do these fake prank videos make it into your reels? FailArmy, you're slacking with that shit. You aren't fooling anyone.

    32. Lorenzo Farinotti

      00:02 WTF was that sauce? 🥫🍝🙈😂

    33. MrPoppyDuck

      @ 4:09 A tent "kite" is not something you see every day. :-)

    34. Kylie Gonnie

      What's wrong with the mustard ive never mustard do that

    35. TheBeast

      Honestly trash lmao what happen to actual funny videos

    36. The Morals

      guys i cant get laid

    37. Keat Grant

      0.26 that dog be like WTF

    38. ThatLemonadeStand

      minute 1:54 is this lightning?

      1. Jamil Abdel sater


    39. mstrmoog

      Great music...not!

    40. Monsieurs Diamonds

      Wait it's all reddit ? Always has been.

    41. Vee Bee

      00:00 i need this

    42. Venom Reagonis

      Awful background music

    43. Jake Lieb

      How is giving a dog a wig helping others?

    44. justinprescott2000

      0:20 big trinidad 🇹🇹

    45. Adriel Sousa


    46. Tejas Mhatre

      I Can't Stop Laughing 😂

    47. Lil Bark

      Props to that one guy for sliding on his feet down the entire driveway and not falling

      1. BroncoBrody

        He needs to break down his cardboard.

      2. Madaruku Ho-jiren

        Would have been even more dope if the trash bin didn't fall

    48. Pets Awesome

      So funny 😂I can't say anything

      1. Shimmer Shine

        @Eskimos 69 Some of them are instagram/tiktok /Snapchat videos, where you’re supposed to record vertically.

      2. Eskimos 69

        There should be a death penalty for recording vertically

      3. I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.

        Except for that of course. 😉😂😂

    49. Fun and Cute

      0:45 God... that's super hurt

      1. Fun and Cute

        @Shol ́va RIchthys Oops I didn't laugh when I saw him to be like that... but I still kept on watching :v

      2. Shol ́va RIchthys

        And why would you ask him if he´s hurt, just laugh at him instead! Let´s have this the other way around then

    50. Janne A

      Cut the goddamn music!

    51. Zman

      not sure what to think of this

    52. RIXRADvidz

      a man goes out picks up 2 cases of water and then drops them as he's trying to open the door. yeah, DESPERATE for content. we are now entering a period of doldrums of Content. anything and everything will be posted as content, no matter how low or dull or uninteresting, anything and everything will now be posted as Content.

      1. TK2692

        Next you'll be telling me that watching a grocery store worker trying to stack apples into a pyramid only for them shift and gently collapse one side of the pyramid as the worker looks slightly disappointed isn't a clip worthy of a Fail Army video. Such high standards!

    53. Lenixion

      That first clip represents me when I finally get privacy.

    54. Cloveristic 72

      Just imagine the fails not caught on camera

      1. Laurel Anderson

        My every day life, in other words

    55. lamemeshitface

      The girl in the center kinda enjoyed the mustard on her face too much

    56. lolerisses

      0:00 guys after NNN :D

    57. XLandmarkSix69X

      5:28 aaaaaaaayyyyYYYYYY dad hittin’ it up wid da new oculus quest!! Lessgo

    58. Júnior Games

      3:02 lol!

    59. Parker Teeter

      1:31.Well it got better like she wanted it to. It was also better for me.🤣

    60. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

      This looks so funny and hilarious

    61. YanYan

      The music is unnecessary.

    62. Nanachi Kurotoge

      The guys with the TV at the beginning. lazy do you have to be to not just use the stairs.

    63. Tobias Göde

      ID on last Track??

    64. Chief Spicy

      tiger stripe

    65. Colorado Mountain Man

      Was going fine until the imbecile, at 4:06, decided to add some annoying and senseless and irritating background "music". Earns the nimrod yet another "thumbs down"!

    66. Lil Racer

      Poor guy gets lonched off his boat

    67. Mr.Cat_Boi Of_Soviet_Russia

      I know love this channel as there are idiots and there are normal people to which dumb or bad things happen to them

    68. ichy L2 spams

      the house at 2:12 was the same house that got hit with a random tire that right pole got obliterated

    69. Storm Kitty

      3:02 it’s from the Vue cinema saying “hello”

    70. Firdavs

      5:06 tHE eND

    71. Atahan Kandır

      02:34 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    72. Compilation Land

      I lost my job in corona, help me if you can, thanks.

    73. William Vaughn

      Seeing that tent sail off with such Grace and Promise was truly inspirational.

    74. Gabriela Perez

      First of december be like: 0:02

    75. Positive Vibe

      2:18 ;DDDDDDDDDD

    76. AbbaZabbaOlyFrn

      What the hell did those kids do to that mustard? 😂

    77. NyakiAki

      It's the same fcking vid guys, FailArmy eh?

    78. Myles Chung

      Did I not just see the whole second half of this video in the last video you posted?

    79. Trained Eye

      That girl couldn’t find a bigger piece of cardboard ?? 😂

    80. yes akshay

      2;57 super

    81. Klaus Sorge

      3:31 Wow she didnt even see the garbage and she complains about it

    82. Klaus Sorge

      0:02 Wow look at all that alcohol.

    83. Cat Wolf


    84. Emran Dafadar

      Your video selection is becoming very boring from last few videos They aren't that much funny like previous ones I feel boring from watching your new videos

    85. APR2k NSP

      To the last one. Good luck getting that free TV now

    86. 청개구리


    87. Yvan The Pc Gamer

      need the last girl her name

    88. Евгений Ветер

      Acho pijooo

    89. Top Ten Comparisons

      Sneezing into a dog's back hole is funny? Wtf

    90. Alpine Gypsy

      I saw most of those on OWF last night. They beat you to it again 😅

    91. Abhiram 's football talks

      At 2:27,in front off the girls too😂

    92. rieychardo

      Instagram ; @rieychardo

    93. Lewis K

      Another awful video

    94. Julian JL

      Failarmy, are you so stupid as not to see that 3:24 is fake? We had to see almost a minute of that fake shit?

    95. Nic D.

      0:23 this made me cry x'D

    96. Роскомнадзор


    97. cat

      Everyone who see this comment pray to get me out of my troubles and make me go to heaven

    98. Thomas Atkinson

      I keep rewatching the second clip hoping he will grab the TV like a sane person...

    99. Pulse_ youdies

      4:12 he just got finessed 😂😂😂

    100. Peyton

      3/10 Shit song choice....