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    1. Roland Vic

      If swag could just stfu that would be great. Fuckin yells for no reason

    2. Swagg

      LMFAO i just found this 😭😭😭

      1. GG - 08SS 949350 Morning Star MS

        Me 2😏😏😩😩

    3. Slime Beezy

      Fucking comedy 😂😂

    4. Landon Muir

      anyone see that claymore that didnt go off???

    5. Johnny Rooney

      Great vid’s

    6. nikolas madden

      Thank the lord ding like these little children bots. All these follow mes and bless yous

    7. marchand womack

      Swagg said “ my Mann choked on a 9 “😭😭😭😭

    8. Lazyahh.

      I don’t want to be mean but I think sypher should just stick to fortnite

    9. Blake Strickler


    10. too tall

      Much love bro been off work for a week so I found you on here and been binge watching the hell out of your videos !

    11. Ryder Allen

      Why is it that when you laugh you sound like a freakin flock of seagulls

    12. Tom Moody

      I really enjoy watching u and u helped me when I was in a bad way for about 2 weeks 👍

    13. Lil Flame


    14. Asad Marji

      The incredible crop synthetically peel because softdrink initially reply outside a slippery guatemalan. succinct, swift wax

    15. Buckshot Jones

      The sniffing pisses me off

    16. Harun Farah

      Y’all so mean to sypher 🤣😭😭😭😭

    17. Spijker 2105

      Sorry for killing you🤫

    18. Jelly Man

      Chris raging is the best lmfao

    19. NovaKaine

      5:20 Nick: Opens door Tim: Gets smacked from Gas Station instantly!!!

    20. Simon

      I was dr karlov near gas. Yes my aim sucks

    21. ricky o

      Swagg sucks man...is ok if you guys carry him...someone has to. Lol.

    22. Jason Davis

      Great watch🤙

    23. Robert RTR

      This may have been the best warzone video yet lol

    24. Mason Geer

      Can we get a “Verdanskk” comp pleasse🙏🏼

    25. VoyAge

      No way I had a moment like swags in my video

    26. Wade Travers

      This is the best “verdaannnnsskk” of them all 🤣🤣

    27. patrick sprowl

      Bro when he screams the F word, it’s so priceless 🤣

    28. MdotCash804

      follow me mdotcash804

    29. Courtz courtz

      Swag and Nick are god tear, but Tim and Swagg are hella funny 😆

    30. Ricky Maddx

      There’s a buy😂😂

    31. Robert Rookey

      Swagg is a controller bot.

    32. Mike Raad

      The short fountain tinctorially flood because description postauricularly answer excluding a decisive yarn. seemly, jittery string

    33. Lajohn Davis

      We all need this kind of squad 😂😂

    34. Wyatt Kempf

      This is my favorite video of all time 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Doug Sarjeant

      Lol 3 minutes in Swagg says it’s a bot lobby 😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Ym_ iced

      More Tim the fat man

    37. Bryson Batchelor

      I watched this game live. It was hilarious then. It’s hilarious now!!


      2:25 the guy was pissed

    39. Bthe2nd


    40. BAMS PROD.

      “ subscribe to more timthetatman, more mi”

    41. D T-S

      This is the greatest / funniest game of warzone ever... No Cap!

    42. Cap N Bogzy

      Is that the um dark matter?

    43. Hudson Thomas

      Sypher getting mad omg😂😭

    44. Young Savage

      Day whatever asking whatever for whatever

    45. Trace corne

      Tim plz bring back rust I miss it🥺

    46. Native NoSmoke

      This is the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Good Shit fellas!

    47. Native NoSmoke

      Nick was bugging me out 😂 and sypher “ what the fuck man” 🤣🤣

    48. Micheal De santa

      this was such a chaotic video i was laughing the whole video

    49. Tommy Osinski

      We love the vid time

    50. David Ortiz

      Bro Swaggs laugh n 9:00 is hilarious lmfaoo

    51. Noble Hawkins

      bro imagine doing so bad that ur friend makes a youtube video that then gets 150k+ views

    52. Fire28

      Yo make a video how to get bot lobbies. Ik you die alot bro but fuck noway your kds put you in bot lobbies but mine puts me in hardcore games 🤣.

    53. Alien Yogurt Pot

      Swagg playing with PC players for the first time realizing how hard it is lol.

      1. enzinyo

        @Alien Yogurt Pot that’s not possible bro he’s playing controller on pc you can’t turn off cross play😂

      2. Alien Yogurt Pot

        @enzinyo if you're asking me then no, he mainly turns off cross play and only turns it on when he's playing with PC players on his team. nps.

      3. enzinyo

        He always plays in pc lobbies?😂

    54. The ManDragon

      Pk: says the most rational nicest things Nick: that just pissed me off

    55. Raymond Coetser

      Was watching this live on stream, was the funniest thig ever

    56. M and M

      Fuck the bots man


      Verdonnnksssssssssssss lololololololooololol

    58. ch0ppa 1

      “SWAGGS worst game ever” continues to die after landing at super.

    59. wrestlescape31

      Yo Timmy! I challenge you and da boys to get a win using pistols only

    60. Carter T

      I LOVE THIS CONTENT "The buy's right there"

    61. Wahosken

      love you Tim but the same intro on every video gets old when you watch every upload

    62. Jake Virden Tech

      Swagg "He's a Bullet he's a Bullet"

    63. Toshua4Reel

      Love what u do tim beat the bots! Omfg I want this lobby wth! Bots fo days good shit hahaha

    64. Nex CRO

      Did swagg try to play a match without any cheat devices and software xD ?

    65. I like to roast Garbage yt channels

      Amazing video

    66. Stevan Marinković

      Watch this in 1.5x speed hahahaha i am crying

    67. Red Earth

      3:40 swagg my mans choking on a 9 Nick don’t say 9

    68. Alex Johnson

      Yo I love swagg but holy shit when people do what he did at the end of that game.....man that shit pisses me off

    69. Nicholas Pasquale

      One of your best videos, this is awesome

    70. Bradley Nelson

      This was most definitely a main channel upload😂😂😂

    71. e c

      STOP THE INTROS 2021

    72. MR GUMBOOT

      Your hole team are cheating hacking your live streams how do them subscribe to hackers that cheat the game watching second monitor so you see through walls you changed your monitor so your eyes don't give it away but you still can see you looking over to hack screen 🤔

    73. Victor TheDemon


    74. Neo mir

      Omg this Fat Arrogant bully is such a pain to watch hes not only like a bot, like reallly bad of a player(like literally the worst streamer) but such bad vibes man... SOO much negativity

    75. Eugene Caldwell

      "I'm sorry Virginia"🤣🤣☠💀 twitch is so dumb

    76. TheEpic MMO

      Where do I see these levels of lobbies? Been hearing people talking about certain ranks, but where can I see those?

    77. Stumpr

      I was liking the vibes throughout the whole video 😂

    78. Clay Severance

      We all love you big dawg keep up the grind. Hands down the #1 streamer💪🏆

    79. Myy name Jeff

      Whenever I want to hear the adult explicit version of these videos I come to Tim’s channel. Which is every time 🤣

    80. Tristan Mead

      “Swag doesn’t want it on IRvision so I put it on more TimTheTatman.” More Tim doesn’t count as IRvision I guess

    81. Aleksandar Lazarov

      Idk why everyone thinks swag is good player? He playes one or two days to find bot lobby, to upload to youtube. Nuke on shipment - please..........

    82. Nick

      God damn bots

    83. Hyperion808 Gaming

      please tell me why streamers get bot lobbies anyway? with sbmm they should be getting the sweatiest lobbies ever, arent they all above 2kd?

    84. Wilfredo Elias

      Swaggs laugh is so childish😂

    85. Andrej I

      Rip headphone users

    86. Lane Brady

      Been watching for 2 months now on og channel and glad i found this one too

    87. Kolish 296

      Why does swagg sound like he's on drugs in this vid? No bullshit

    88. Mick Mooney

      We love you timmy

    89. anụmanụ

      Fine entertainment

    90. Jonathan Watson

      Guess swaggs crocus zen was messed up

      1. Jonathan Watson

        @Jagoát Stalin Explain please

      2. Jagoát Stalin

        @Jonathan Watson no because you’re a fucking idiot

      3. Jonathan Watson

        @Jagoát Stalin Why because I'm telling the truth?

      4. Jagoát Stalin

        I fucking hate people like you

      5. Jagoát Stalin

        Maybe he doesn’t even use one ever thought of that shitter

    91. OfficialPetty JT

      do a cold war campaign video. spam this!

    92. Jaysone Cunningham

      Get good with the pellington kid

    93. Josh Ellisor

      carma from when swag took all the guns in super

    94. shawn acosta

      “Youre so much better than me but youre not playing like that” 😂😂😂😂

    95. Honest Truth

      I'm happy u put this on the tube bruh 😂 swagg tf bruh 🤣

    96. Betta Fish

      Tim you reloading too much with that gun bro you have more shots on a guy than you let yourself have!

    97. john patton

      I’m a Bot

    98. Philip Vigil

      Tim I’m not a bot just a guy that fucks wit you toughhhhhhh hombrrrre

    99. Tom N9ne

      Tim what's your mp5 build?


      Finally took off the cronus huh? 🤣