Log Jammin': Man vs. Nature Fails (February 2020) | FailArmy


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    We're Jamming! Log jamming that is! Thanks for LOGGING on and we hope you like our wood! Enjoy this compilation of man vs. nature fails.
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    1. Matheus Wendt

      4:40 Physics Genius!

      1. Iz2ynotdo

        Yee he he hee he he he he eombom bodaaaaye

      2. lunadiesel


      3. SnoopPigeon

        American logic...

      4. areczekjaw666

        american, that explains everything

      5. FailArmy

        Young Einstein

    2. Gost ix

      Too frequent and annoying beep tone is most vulgar thing in this very good video.

    3. Manny Manolo

      1:58 hold my beer moment.

    4. Tetra

      My god, is it happening?? A failarmy video that is from 2020 and doesn't have spam comments of reused content???

    5. Ray

      This is just 6 minutes of proof that evolution can, in fact, go in reverse.

    6. Lavan Smith

      That chainsaw ain't workin no more

    7. Poppybean

      Love them 🌸

    8. Yusuf Eltalkhawy


    9. Emma Sanford

      Maybe he wasnt meant to use that chainsaw since he fell off the boat.

    10. Dani Jurma

      4:30 from '50 , '60?

    11. Saxon

      He fixes the cable?

    12. PT K


    13. Matthieu Blanche

      4:28 I see bears behind them

    14. CB4NR

      3:28 No, you're breathtaking!

    15. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

      This is so funny

    16. mishakrtop 228


    17. Chiru Mihai

      2:50 (americans) - oh,what happend? 3:04 (romanians) - hai grasule baga-mi-as pula in ma-ta

    18. Ben Wehrman

      Goddammit Steve.

    19. Malik


    20. Reaper

      3:07 romania

    21. Emre Aydınyurt

      When a tree hits you, listen.

    22. audimetallica

      At 4:33 Ive never seen a homosapiens run like that.. What was that... 🌊🤦🏻‍♂️🚧

    23. Verloopje

      And people wonder why aliens won't invade earth 🤨

    24. Trevor Muilenburg

      0:09 i don't think the fence survived that one..... me: no really

    25. Steve Price

      1:56 hold my beer man watch this!!

    26. FC_CT C

      There's a reason why you can hire tree fellers.

    27. X_Touko

      Careful steve, goddamn it.

    28. Hudson Cox

      whie awe theye aoull bhritihsh

    29. DwightSmith

      I love the fact that so many people in this video think they can jump on a branch, grab it casually with their arms and expect to hang on it gracefully and with little to no problems besides the fact that they are fat and/or look like the last time they did some exercise was years ago...

    30. Zachary Geib

      2:00 Luke Combs has got some serious Ups!

    31. Aapo

      3:13 Das happened to me before but with a metal pole

      1. Roby Oprean

        I'm from Romania.

      2. Roby Oprean

        Made în Romania.

    32. Victor Manuel Perdom

      4:23 USSS GONORREA !!!

    33. Bush D

      The dude: *Yeah, then what's Log Jammin then?* The industry has gone down hill

      1. Edward Yankie

        Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man.

    34. Pommes Commander

      3:27 best part :D

    35. Jensen

      0:52 Did he safe the Fucking Beer ?!?!?!

    36. matthew wilkinson

      Please stop reposting the same clips. There were two in this one that I noticed. C'mon people, you're better than that. I've seen that fat guy with the beer run into that tree about 5 times in different videos.

    37. Octavian Tatucu

      3:11 romaniaaaa

    38. Shelby Seelbach

      nothing like a new video from fail army full of never before seen footage. LMFAO.

    39. Es

      0:45 saved the beer atleast

    40. 1891 HARAS

      That went well

    41. Morkriger

      Man VS Nature? Man Vs Self, for fuck's sake... this are the Darwin Awards!

    42. Gundula Wilberg

      4:57 Darwin Award

    43. RockOn78

      Some of these were pretty freakin’ painful.


      recycle videos

    45. Abby Koos

      Critter fail😂😂😂😂

    46. TheRoaming Savage

      Man: Cant WALK across a log 36 inches without tripping and falling on his arse in the most unathletic manner Same man next week watching a football game on TV: armchair quarterbacking yelling at TV bcz his favorite football team star player outran 5 world class athletes but missed a pass for 35 yards on a 3rd and 25 play and stating he could've made that pass with his eyes closed and that he's the crappiest player in the world

    47. DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel

      Awesome 👍 Superb Fully Enjoyed ❤️😍😎

    48. King Keef

      4:50 what was the plan?

    49. Marek Sumguy

      Needs more thumbs down

    50. Spencer Ford

      The fat guy that jumped at the log and missed is at the waimakirir river in New zealand

    51. jason willy

      Hahaaa LOL

    52. Iz2ynotdo

      How that long still not broken. The log is on steroids 3:16

      1. FailArmy

        That's a strong log

    53. The Gamer Gang uk

      Some people just cannot nature

    54. Cat Money

      Everyone's gettin a new platform which tells me the new YT guidelines are making video content weaker and weaker... It's been a cool 12-13 years yo!

    55. DrJackJeckyl

      This is pretty much just America's Funniest Home Videos now :/

    56. OutlastU 2

      Beep beep. Beep.

    57. Dancehall Lyrics

      If you wanna see what 7th/8th graders with a little bit too much spare time do in my country, simply check 3:27. He says: "Argh, my head".

    58. Cenoura roxa

      Do the 100 best of the decade

    59. MadIIMike

      Trying to run over Logs like this, they'll never make it to Takeshi's Castle.

    60. Salaried:]

      They say laughter is the best medicine After watching this video I am now immortal

    61. vijay george

      5:24 I meant to do that.

    62. hellohello

      stop censoring the cuz words, it's so annoying!

    63. Bojan Š.

      3:09 Romanians 😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖

    64. Darvas

      3:04 romani?

    65. KENAZ

      some of those videos are from 5 years ago .. come on watafak guys

    66. Данил

      ну тыпыеее американцы... (м.з.)

    67. Naturmosaik

      that guy at 4:25 got a broken collarbone...

    68. Life


    69. K. TOKALAKIS

      Holy shit I live in a world full of genius people

    70. GeorgeJansen

      4:22. 3:29....2 idiots 1 branch

    71. iLB


    72. The_Mig_Hunter

      Make a dirtbike fail

    73. Stephen Luke

      3:28 I haven’t seen this fail in a long time.

    74. SeventeenBeauty

      This is why women live longer. When the two guys ran at a tree with a tree... Wtf

      1. Jarrell Manning

        I used the *tree* to destroy the *tree*

    75. asdiiigodiii

      3:13 romanians...

    76. Harald Schmidt

      What's that damned beeping noise all the time?

    77. Driveline Animations

      What sonic does when I'm in ice cap zone 0:25

    78. FancyHands

      Logs are okay, but I think water is the real hero here

    79. noel hutchins

      5:00 for prepers who have to camouflage their entire house and don't have all day.

    80. Kent Hoffman

      *disclaimer* This particular "log jammin'" was NOT produced by Jackie Treehorn.

      1. Kent Hoffman

        Shit I'm glad someone finally got the reference. I had been in fear for humanity.

    81. YerokA ASregor

      “Careful Steve god damn it” 😂

    82. Harry is a kitten

      *Made in Romania* 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇹🇩

    83. Shaydes Of Blue

      I hated when people chopped down trees for no reason.

      1. tinknal

        Just because the reason is nit readily apparent to you does not mean there is no reason.

    84. Louis van deventer

      See anyone in denim dungarees with a beer in their hand then you know its about to go down lol.

    85. knineknights

      Is it true that because kids are doing less outdoor activities now, school phys ed class now includes falling lessons where they teach kids to put their arms out in front of them when they fall for when the actually do go outside?

      1. tinknal

        I used to ride bulls and broncs. Couldn't ride for shit but damn I sure learned to take a fall!

    86. Михаил

      *нну, тупые*

    87. Unforgotten Live

      Seems like no one on this channel knows how to edit using a limiter on videos, all clips have different audio levels and the beeps around 2:24 is enough to make a deaf person go deaf again.

    88. Xplosive [GD]

      1:48 shakes for attention*

    89. The coop

      Narshis stuff youtube

    90. Your Mom's House

      Where was Karl hungus

    91. Red Firestorm

      This is the blow back 3:28

    92. Парень в худи

      Love your channel, here I get inspiration and ideas for my channel with funny videos

    93. Trucker Clock

      Is this a Jackie Treehorn production?

    94. RIXRADvidz

      the Herd is Heavy with the ignorant and intentionally ignorant, Time To CULL THE HERD

    95. DeepSpaceDestructors

      Gotta love the The Big Lebowski reference in the title! The Dude abides!

    96. Karim Mohamed


    97. Kambe-Maria David

      3:00 grandpa had to walk it off😂😂😂

    98. Asherlynn252

      The guy with the truck at 5 min....WHYYYYYYY???

    99. Shaun

      4:39 I'm struggling to comprehend what was going on there

    100. skadill

      Deja Vu everytime i click and watch