BoostedBoiz Tear Up The Track At Street Tuner Mayhem! (Hold On To Your Hats!)


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    1. Doodle Do

      Any girls here notice a nice stick shift at 4:40? ;)))))

    2. MastaKush427

      I skipped to 17:30 and thought that was kyle in the passenger seat in that wagon.

    3. Joel Nevarez

      When you were putting the water from the cooler you had the laughter of someone up to no good

    4. Killing Machine

      Prelude rulz!


      That eg’s shift knob tho 😅🤦🏿‍♂️

    6. Macorleigh Lewis

      180 fake charley mock accounts disliked this video.

    7. Chris Topher

      Damn if only everybody was In Florida!

    8. jacob king

      Jesse from f&f?

    9. MistaFunk

      Emelio makes a pull. Emilos eyes ⬅️➡️↔️⬇️⤵️🔼➡️⤴️

    10. Asher Morales

      Phong is probably the most wholesome guy on the internet

    11. YT-DeToX-Elite

      Did anybody see the dildo as a shifter in the grinch 😂😂😅

    12. Jim Hiscott

      I'm sad to say that Hondaru has been a disaster and nothing but problems from its conception. I wonder if they ever got it sorted out??

    13. Super Dave

      There’s a class action lawsuit against the Boy Scouts right now for molesting kids

    14. Super Dave

      Prelude has the original shift knob, nice

    15. Jnkplayer 56

      This is a literal dream. All those boosted Honda’s in one group. Can’t wait til my hatch has a turbo.

    16. EJ1Nate 413

      Bruhh didn’t even noticed the dildo in the grinch 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️

    17. KINN 1

      The last Run the camber was positive, burning the outside wall and did you get the trailer for Wago an Razzle Dazzle 👍👍

    18. Neg Ative

      Emelio’s “disappointing” best is half a second faster than my best 🤣

    19. Kyle Brace

      And I have loads of good stuff I work with A Honda tuning shop in the uk

    20. Kyle Brace

      What’s going on with these cars I went to jail so not been watching

    21. lil_ zooted

      Who else saw the dick shifter

    22. Aaron Richards


    23. that ek dude

      I wanna see all motor Phong whoop aki47's ass. This guy is amazing at what he does with an engine. 10 sec all motor 4CYLINDER!!!! 🤙 there's V8's that cant do that!

    24. jhager214

      Looks sick with the borrowed wheels!

    25. Caleb Leonard

      " but can you go again " yeaahh Emilio Hondaru ftw

    26. Jay M

      Damn....Got Whooped

    27. Robert Keime

      Watching the boys trying to hilarious......and the .....99 reasons it didn't shift.

    28. Dorian Preister

      Kyle always places 2nd lol

    29. The Dynamic Effect Band

      Emelio is such a humble kid

    30. Andrew Frost

      Looks like the grinch brings roman pleasure in more ways than one

    31. rikkierikkie

      What a community, take my tires take my car take my wife >


      Did anyone ever get brent a geeksquad shirt? Lol

    33. Chris Ancrum

      Good ass race man! Preludes are heavy my ass. You were right on that civic's neck. Love it. Great run both cars

    34. Hseries Quinton-T

      My uncle says rotary more faster... in Spanish it sounds better

    35. DesertRatGaming

      Is phong from Phoenix?

    36. Ricky from the west-cost

      Its that cross hanging in the mirror that saved yo life

    37. 8alakai8

      i always drive heel tow before i enter a corner and have to down shift and brake

    38. iain edenden

      can someone show packing a shute as you never see it done cheers

    39. iamgeniusmusic

      Let me paint the whips.the factory paint is to go faster is she's buffed right

    40. Jadajada

      Roman is the boostedboiz record holder fooks . he is in the 8's

    41. Pacific777

      These kids are livin the dream ...this is awesome to see .hope it attracts more peole to the hobby

    42. RIp CITY

      Just found ur channel ..awesome content man!! Another 200k subscribers.. Then y'all be getting those M'$. Spread the word people they deserve it. They out there just having fun with friends cool $@#t guys!! Btw I just picked up a stock 8th gen #iknolol #butmycashFloloyaKno wanna eBay turbo n send it. Can I being it to you to tune it def want the 2 step 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    43. Romel Jabuen

      Thats a nice race

    44. Magic Rodriguez

      Grinch made a 8sec pass

    45. Michael Short

      Yay a prelude, wish mine was that fast though


      Brent the magic man

    47. Adam Pezzelle

      3:45 homie in the back had some ring sting

    48. turejdm zcdohc

      Besides humbles performance intro this intro right here is the most intro I've ever heard we need more intros and music like that cuz you go 1 through 5 to stay alive 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘💪💪💪😎

    49. Edward Vanhoose

      Promod's run on different track prep less glue they like to get there wheel speed up. Running a weak 9 or 10 second honda prelude on that prep will never work. I think its funny listening to these kids excuses everytime there car doesn't perform.

    50. 5hift 6th

      @37:27 mins in, nice kill! Much respect!💯👊

    51. Shifttube

      you getting beat at the first 300ft you have to try get it to launch better and hook up

    52. Shifttube

      yo Kyle smoked that Subaru on the light thats how he one it by beating him off the line/tree

    53. Shifttube


    54. Choo 1976

      nice video!!

    55. Bright Sky

      Awesome video... I remember you grinding gears .. Now look at ya .. Awesome come up .. the whole crew is fabulous .. and don't forget the unsung heroes .. Shane .. I see you bro .. keep smiling.. ♡ ..

    56. Matthew Alanis

      @4:40 there’s literally a black dick shift knob in romans car 😂 and at 3:47 there’s a guy dead ass picking at his ass🤢

    57. 7thGenSocietyEs1

      27:18 I keep hitting repeat 😍 don’t know if it was because of the other guy’s 2nd gear but the prelude RIPPED! That thing is a beeeast 🤙🏼💥

    58. J B

      4:27 NOT the Supra.....

    59. Jdrew Known

      PFI is still repping. Man I remember going to them back in 06”. Also I remember seeing the Lude way back then.

    60. supweme

      I wish I could edit for you guys, i'd make such great montages

    61. nretasket

      seems like kyle is best under pressure

    62. Jim Rowlings

      Well done dudes and u will make the 9's

    63. Slump _God

      Make the prelude awd

    64. pav singh

      kyle is the worst driver ever

    65. driften hard

      the coke added 100 and the mountain dew added 1000 thats why the slick blew

    66. Zach Ballzach

      Hell yeah Phong!!! Awesome pass at altitude!! He went full send!😂

    67. Hack Follow

      23:12 listen closely oh related shoe

    68. B4Ctom1

      "Dude I blew a tire." "Can somebody help me pack my chute?" Whenever I say this stuff in church people call me a pervert, but at the track it is perfectly acceptable.

    69. Adal Salasar

      I feel bad for Emilio But he has buy a honda.

    70. B RAD

      Jheeez Kyle, that hook!!! Fuckin tame it down will ya.

    71. justin culp

      Dude that looks like so much fun the want to build is real rn! Lol

    72. Tony Griffiths

      Just outside a 9sec. You'll get there. Can't see how you won't given the consistant effort and a great team. From the looks of it the whole darn race fraternity is a team. So cool seeing you guys wishing each other well. Very pleasant to watch, thanks :)

    73. Ben Dover

      Damn all these cars breaking first pass tf lol

    74. Wendell Colon

      1 gear kill you kile sound like the slick it's to much for him

    75. Dav Rod

      10 sec fwd Aw I thought it would be faster

    76. kbrownfocus

      Sick run, but could you advance the spark to boost your lowers that way you're pulling better in the half track, that 116mph is killing you. I see mid 9's very soon

    77. Electrik Skys

      is brent wearing a humble performance hoodie?

    78. jeff graham

      Great driving Kyle! Brent working the tune magic. Awesome day...

    79. dwight johnson

      i blew a slick!.... SICK! lmao

    80. DiabloDrift

      Came here from the Cletus channel. So glad you guys are friends, this channel is sick. I love Honda’s and it’s awesome seeing a Cletus style channel filled with Honda love.

    81. george martinez

      Did anyone else notice the dildo shifter

    82. Brian Z33_Ganv

      Kyle clam Down with the Shifting

    83. Eli 187g

      Lol 3:48 guy in the back digging in his ass

    84. Tim Bates

      How cool is it to race a 4 cylinder? Have fun boys. I'm goin back to watch my paint dry.

    85. EGB18

      The prelude took off still dope, the ek is fucken sick, that black crx is clean too

    86. Danny Echeverria

      Excelente HONDA PRELUDE ese motor H22 es una bestia y es el motor de stock de ese auto no como el resto de hondas q cambian de motores seguro si el resto de hondas corren con el motor de stock el prelude les da de largo sigue adelante excelente auto ya es hora q le pongas una caja secuencial

    87. Josh Thornton

      Honda’s will never be reliable. Change my mind

    88. Brady Fickel

      That shift knob @4:42 though 😂

    89. Sam Tait

      Massive respect to Nick loaning them slicks, that’s what drag racing is about 👍 and Phong running an all motor 10 awesome!

    90. Tommy Nikkel

      I almost died that last pass but, *pssh* i'm still gonna send it

    91. Skulldugs KSE

      Have you guys added more toe in? Might give abit more traction, and maybe a splitter? I dunno just guessing lol I feel like this car has so much top end and could afford the drag of a splitter

    92. Pat Gattett

      was the shifter in that car with green cage a dildo... lol

    93. Hard Luck Paint works

      For the record I’m not an import guy but I am a drag race guy...but I have been following yours and Brent’s channel because u guys are real dudes...Kyle I’m so glad your into it because I don’t have a lot of faith in the generations up an coming but u are a true racer and dudes your age should take far as Brent goes he’s truly genuine dude and a stand up guy and definitely has a mind for the sport...just look at bully....he’s a true innovator...u guys both “Kyle n Brent” and everyone else who is a part of the crew are a relief for older guys like me that keep drag racing alive...whether it’s import or domestic or fully built...just glad to see genuine people with genuine love for racing...u guys rock

    94. Jerry83

      10.8 all motor at that altitude is insane

    95. Highpower Media

      27:18 took him straight to Gapplebees lol

    96. Brad Urban

      I love ya guys. Just out having fun and racing.

    97. Sam Gibbs

      Nobody can chat shit kyle is a certified driver 💯

    98. maurader .five5six


    99. Lapin Logic

      Wheelspin fix is More Traction not Less power ;) Honestly look at some Aero parts and your Rear suspension setup, you will do 9's consistantly

    100. 89 Hybrid

      Looks like there’s a future Mrs. PFI