I Set The Machine On Fire Extreme Pond Makeover (Day2)


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    1. Ed Boggs

      Is your hydraulic lines on the bucket and boom fire proof?

    2. Katanya Jason

      9:24 Your excavator's got dragon breath

    3. antonio n.p.


    4. Андрей Евгеньевич

      Без защиты на стекле, не опасно ?! Дерево не прилетало ещё ?!

    5. Urbicide

      I'd bet Chris can open a bottle of beer with his excavator.

    6. Darlene Cole

      The bizarre work counterintuitively close because field fundamentally saw except a youthful mint. zesty, combative double

    7. Takesone Toknowone

      You makes it look so easy! So mesmerized with every video posted!

    8. T D

      He is worried at video marker 26:40? You can tell he is getting stressed. I would worry about burnt hydraulic hoses, but he has way more experience than me; and I am stressed.

    9. John Hayward

      YABBA DABBA DOO !!!!!!!

    10. Shannon Myers

      Do any of your clients ever have a logging company come and cut before you tear stuff up and make it pretty? I imagine a lot is pine, but it seems like a waste to lose all that lumber, or even for wood pellets for stoves? PS- I grew up in Raleigh, now I'm in Greensboro.

    11. Scott Heath

      Snap crackle pop goes the trees and fire

    12. Kem Stewart

      Somebody was watching over you that time Chris buddy.

    13. Colton Garber

      At least no one got right?

    14. Aqua Green ORAganics

      One of those wires would more than likely be a water temp senor would throw a code, other electric cooling fan , a/c fan clutch , high low presure cut out for a/c system they are tied into heater AC cab fan probably blew the fuse with the little fire. Should be a yellow or lite orange colored one.20-30 amp. Take some video of where they are going and I can tell you what to check. If you want.

    15. Jordan Olsen

      they throw stupid codes so you cant fixit yourself monolopy

    16. Richard McManus

      Why don't you save the wood fire ashes and sell them. Google "wood fire ashes for fertilizer". I think you need to make the fire pits more like a rocket stove? Using a hillside as a chimney with an open end to allow air in. I see you sort of make a rocket stove by making a pyramid stack with the logs. I just wonder if making an opening at the bottom of the pit would allow more air to be sucked in by the force of the hot smoke and fire going upward. Stay safe, R//

    17. Ted Walker


    18. Jakub Augustyn

      I fall love with excavator thanks to u I’m watching and watching loved I think this is a man toy

    19. Robert Johnson

      Hope you check the fuses on that to see if one blew when that caught on fire

    20. Dave Stinson

      Still amazes me how much a good operator can do w a hoe. U can flat burn up some brush n a,day if u stay at it. That's gonna be nice when all done an green grass growing!!!!

    21. Gigi and Sav

      Best show on you tube if you like watching a guy who does it right. As always Chris awesome operating , you should carry a bag of marshmallows with you and a stick and have a treat why burning.😂👍

    22. Jesse Rippee

      Looking good

    23. Angus 1

      Do you prefer Volvo over other brands or is it because of a good dealer?

    24. HB JNL

      Hi Chris! it's great to see a real pro like yourself at work and in the meantime "casually" making great video's with great comments / explanations, well done! By far, not all guys that work an excavator can "read and write" with them the way you do, RESPECT! (but why set your Volvo on fire, he didn't do you no harm... 😂😂😂) Liked and subscribed! alex from Switzerland

    25. Jeremy Lindsey

      Where are you located? I need a farm pond cleaned out.

    26. Hal Weliver

      Really love watching men like yourself who really love and enjoy their work.

    27. Ammo4u RagingJudge

      Whole time he’s piling the brush higher and hotter I’m thinking, he’s gonna burn that machine down. Lmao. Get it all done ASAP will cost you.

    28. James Lindley

      Think you need a Komatsu to dig that hard ground !!!!!!!!!!

    29. Tappit333

      I am always impressed with the precision you operate, the concentration, turning your head to focus on each manoeuvre and a watchful eye on safety. Things can still happen no matter what, so glad it turned out ok.

    30. ThePupsi99

      Burning waste wood is not a good idea. After all, all of the co2 is released into the atmosphere. Shredding it and carrying it would be the better solution.

    31. Mark Smith

      Might want to get a heavy duty fine metal screen and cover that fire Hazard up. Think like those combines that reverse the fan units on to blow that chaff off.

    32. swordguy

      I would think that trees on the dry side of an earthen dam would be good for erosion control...

    33. Brian Gold

      Well whats worse have a dirt line on the back of excavator like MR. DIRT PERFECT or wires on fire

    34. THE PAGE BURNER 1979

      500 repair call 50p for them to come to you 500 for them to get tools out and $2500 to fix 4 wires Chris Chris Chris can I be you mechanic. Lmao

    35. THE PAGE BURNER 1979

      Yes after you leave there be 30 to 40 kids around there with marshmallows and beer

    36. rudy begonia


    37. pjs5191

      The woods catching on fire for some random reason like say oh a 30 foot tall fire pile 😂. Glad everything turned out relatively ok with the fire damage except for the heat and air. Enjoyable as always Chris!

    38. Darrin Berndt

      24:53 my what a potty mouth

    39. Harry Dale

      hi Chris, does that heat bother your hydraulics .

    40. Stefanie Wiltner

      The massive women embryologically pray because bath summatively unite following a tearful knight. festive, many grenade

    41. The Betrayer

      Now that not 1 sticking a fire.

    42. Brian Sumner

      Excellent use of the thumb on your machine. Good work!!!! Nice Volvo too.

    43. Brian Lynch

      What state agency issued the permit for the burn pit?

    44. Scott Pecora

      Chris: suggest you check all the fuses. It's entirely possible it tripled one of the fuses to the heater/air conditioning motor(s)?

    45. Funny farm 555

      I would run the wire on your final fix through a metal tube or something similar so fire can't get to the wires or reroute the wires another way. It is amazing that a heavy duty machine can be crippled by such a small thing. I had a ford van years ago and every time I would signal to change from the left lane to the right lane on the freeway it would knock the cruise control off. located the problem in the right rear taillight socket. They wire things weird sometimes.

    46. Nick Romano

      A friend of mine from Youngsville NC lost a excavator from embers making it into engine compartment during windy day!

    47. rdblan2

      I saw a cat d10n quickly turn into an outdoor space heater feeding a fire many years ago. Lots of fire extinguishers saved the machine. You got lucky there!

    48. Corey Wojdylo

      19:47 Another guy doing his part.

    49. Joe Link

      You did bring hot dogs and marshmallows right?

    50. Avalanche2

      Im shocked it's legal to burn like that, where are you, Florida?

    51. Noah H

      That could’ve been really bad, good thing you got out and checked

    52. Jäger Chevallier

      You listened to that beeping for round about 30 minutes? Damn dude, I woulda been "beeped to death" long before that. 😳 I can't stand constant beeping for any longer than a minute or two. That aside, glad you got it temp-fixed and it wasn't no worse than that. 😳

    53. Gregory Bondi

      Chris, I was wondering if you face any dangers in terms of melting or damaging the hoses on your excavator when placing those files into the burn pile while is on fire? Not doing this work, I never know if its tricky or really a non-issue. I would guess you have almost no issues with the heat and the rig itself, other than the glass (and the fuel on its own). Just curious. I would love to hear the actual "risks" of burning all that crap...

    54. Staffan Lundgren

      With all the tree clearing you do you could get wood chipper with separate motor that you can load trees in directly with the Volvo .

    55. Богдан Благовирний

      The brave doctor thermodynamically help because locket certainly hammer down a loose typhoon. cute, tacit beauty

    56. A tourist from Denmark

      I do not quite understand the idea of ​​always burning the waste off?

    57. The Lombax

      “This is probably click bait” “yeah definitely clickba- “ “oh... oh ffff***”

    58. Dirt Brute

      Man you got lucky on that one 👍

    59. Fat Dan

      Setting around fires as a kid, I'd ask my mom, why does the smoke always follow me? N she'd say "Smoke always follows ugly!" ... That's why you always hire an ugly person .. ta keep the smoke out of your eyes...

    60. Jeff O'Connor

      From a builder who’s on lockdown your videos are keeping me sane big shout of from Ireland keep up the good work

    61. mike thrapp

      Probably popped a fuse.

    62. Marshallz79

      If i was there id fix it for ya mate no charge 💪✌👍

    63. tyrone26e

      Why dig a burn pit instead of just putting in a cleared flat area? can someone fill me in as totally no idea why here :)

    64. Dennis Lincoln

      You’re a poet with that machine! Just like a powerful Skilled musician!

    65. Noneshere

      😕.....our fire department gets pissed if we burn on the ground.

    66. keegan suttie

      I was kind of worried about you having a machine that close to the fire I haven’t moved for a while I think I’m gonna burn the paint out machine

    67. Jim Oakley

      I wish I could burn some brush piles there full of snow and ice and it is - 1.The cold wouldn't be too bad because of the warmth of the fire on a clam day..

    68. anthony marasco

      Aren’t you worried about the police showing up on the fire department showing up or did you get a permit to do the burn pit

    69. Don Braden

      That was a close call but problem kind of solved until you get her to the Volvo surgeon 😂😎👍

    70. Bob Merrill


    71. Steve Martinez

      I can't imagine the feeling. If one of my pieces of equipment goes down for whatever it just slows down my progress on my property. A machine going down that you use to make a living is a whole other story.

    72. D6joe

      -20 deg F last night here in eastern ND. Gonna send some cold your way.

    73. David knows

      Is now the appropriate time to say the Hitachi never caught on fire? Asking for a friend. Lol

    74. Erik van Uffelen

      backing a dam wall

    75. spudnick1uk

      I can't believe my Eyes That people like this guy, for adding more CO2 to the environment ITS Bloody outrageous! Why burn? Surely all the branches could be shredded and then sold off for plant bedding extra, Instead your just burning money and ruin the environment. Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Don Burg

      Sounds like you need a bigger machine, that's why you started it on fire.

    77. donny Tyler

      sometime when we rush around to fast in the geterr done mode.. We can make some bad mistakes, by accident..........doc

    78. MJ Alco

      Chris your calmness is commendable. I wish you nothing but the best with your repairs. Oh and stay warm my friend

    79. Chris Sterett

      I hope you keep a fire extinguisher on your machine all the time. And not one of these dinky "1-10" extinguishers. More like a minimum of a 10lb. ABC dry chemical extinguisher. A 15 pound carbon dioxide extinguisher may be better as it wouldn't leave residue like an dry chem extinguisher. BTW, I was a Volunteer Firefighter for 32+ years.

    80. Auxend

      Dude you need one of these for the Winston channel ;) irvision.info/home/Z4vImquTksdrb7w/fy-lm-h-y.html

    81. IDigIt4

      Had the exact same thing happen in my John Deere 329E skid steer. Burnt one wire and singed a couple hydraulic hoses. $3000 and some change repair at the dealership. Not fun lol. Glad it was nothing worse for you. Those fires can get out of hand quick.

    82. Nelson Oliveira

      FFS man

    83. Mitch Gaar

      Why do you prefer Volvo? Faster?

    84. Mitch Gaar

      Love your Videos. I was raised on a 650 acre Tree Nursery. We had John Deere Dozer with 4 in 1 BUCKET. I always wanted to be as good as you on equipment! Your good Brother!

    85. James Jones

      Hi Chris, you can get fire retardant cover for wiring harnesses in different sizes. Might be worth investing in a few metres if that part of the loom in vulnerable,

    86. Al maylin

      That appears to be an ambient air temp sensor which the ECU needs for emissions not sure about you machine but on many newer units require this for the HVAC unit as well

    87. Herbert Bell

      Could be we've wired too much garbage onto a machine that only needs to pump hydraulic fluid and dig.

    88. m35a2ww

      All that is 5VDC supply and returns. Do 1 at a time.

    89. z28pawpaw

      i guess we'll inspect the volvo before and during while you're using it.

    90. Fred Flintstone

      Now you know what I had to go through working with heavy equipment in the rock quarry with no heating or cooling back in the day...

    91. Bryan Hubner

      Never thought watching some guy do excavator work would be that entertaining or that I would watch this many videos of it but...I was wrong again. 😂 Thanks for the videos!

    92. keith simpson

      you do great work

    93. Robin pearson

      It appears you have been the victim of a design issue. Perhaps, during you next meeting with the local Volvo dealer you could point this out, for them to take the matter up with the excavator designers, possibly a metal conduit to protect that section of the wiring or a body design modification to cover the area better. Just forwarding the ideas....

    94. Jason Starr

      not digging rock and not digging mud?? What is this world coming to??

    95. jimmy orai

      two times fuck you , 1 - cut trees 2 - fire trees .

    96. Julie Kendrick

      Are those the new windows? They have a very distinctive tint to them. I noticed right away when you opened the door. I would think you’d want a clear view to the front but maybe the tint is nice? Excellent work as always!

    97. thegrantclan

      That was close 😅🔥

    98. Ed H

      Love the fires you have!

    99. Robert Forrest

      When you burn, It All Burns!! 🤣 Over 500 comments, geez Chris how do you keep up with it all? 🧐 You even have your own Peanut Gallery of spectators. 😅 You never ceases to entertain Chris. 🔥

    100. Globalist Juice

      IRvision comments section gives a collective: *_{̑̇̈{̑̇̈{̑̇̈{̑̇̈{̑̇̈{̑̇̈whew!}̑̇̈}̑̇̈}̑̇̈}̑̇̈}̑̇̈}̑̇̈_* _(IRvision is paranoid I'm saying something derogatory, they keep deleting my comment because it contains brackets. So now I have to camouflage the brackets with some unicode so it will pass through their tyrannical algorithm. My goodness, what a bunch of re'tah'ded cry-baby morons ...ha!)_