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    We Give Crewmates a HUNTER Role in Among US
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    1. AlexDeWolf

      BTW 4 me my like button turns blue

    2. Jaya Goyal

      roblox and dumb

    3. Leonar Webb

      Imposters can spawn TORNADOES

    4. Leonar Webb


    5. Alessio Escobar


    6. Madhuri Dharwada

      I love these mods

    7. World of Arpith


    8. Miss Chloe Bear

      i mean not going to lie PUMBA is good to butttt SSundee is better😇

    9. Miss Chloe Bear

      is it just me or is SSundee the best player

    10. Seong Ae Lee

      this is ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff cool me:good job!

    11. M.Grace Elnasgenosa


    12. Sherry Bennington

      My brain the size of a foot

    13. Undead King

      Why did you kick me off the server in among us

    14. The mine police

      its henwy and sigils

    15. LiamPlayz-_-YT

      I can't find the like button oh wait found it

    16. RS sohan


    17. Nylasstuff

      That squeal at 6:23 is just 👌

    18. Robin Daniels

      The safe russian inevitably bat because riverbed analogically shelter qua a utopian blue. skillful, slippery saturday

    19. cookroberts

      sundee your so dumb just get henwy out from start

    20. Adam Kesse

      Do a no visor mod

    21. Landon Grant


    22. Dounia Arrahmani

      Do police

    23. Super saiyan cat

      Ian says HELLO when he's impostor and when he sees crewmates and when they near body

    24. geo_braveheart geo

      The clown help the imposter 2 spy

    25. Joshua Joshi

      mincrafte mode

    26. Gorg A

      if you want ssundee you can make minicraft and if you want to kill the enderdragon will span

    27. Stavros Papakonstantinidis

      do a mod of imposters mixed up with crewmate

    28. Logan Allison

      Ssundee video idea : so the imposters name starts to get darker so the crew mates can see who is the imposter is but the shade only gets darker the more emergency mettings called

    29. Tėja Kazlauskaitė

      do mayor

    30. Crazy Cat

      They should make a seeker mod where one crewmate can see someone’s role every 1 minute

      1. Risotto Pose

        Too op

    31. Melanie Ilagan

      I know rage is with yaboiaction

    32. Birdie Vandalay


    33. Birdie Vandalay


    34. Birdie Vandalay


    35. Birdie Vandalay


    36. Iggy Koopa

      When you said freeze I didn’t realize because I was just playing a Mario game with Mario ice balls

    37. Sasha Tidwell

      can you do a fortnite one yeet

    38. Leuther

      Anyone here remember Gertrude? No?

    39. Romel Suazo Escoto

      You’ve been following me everywhere even In another server

    40. Romel Suazo Escoto

      In among us

    41. Romel Suazo Escoto

      I have seen you before

    42. Dusty Egbert

      Mod idea. The juggernaut. Ability 1 can shoot a minigun Ability 2 self destruct. ability 3 shock gun. Ability 4. Drop a nuke. The nuke will kill all the crewmates in the chosen room. And a bomber ability 1. Can place mines that you can detonate on will to kill the juggernaut. Ability 2. Can put up a wall that can hold the juggernaut out of a room

    43. Hi I’m a random Nobody-

      Me button turned black-

    44. Rachel .DeRyke

      How can u be the hunter

    45. Anthony Miller

      Or was it Sigils and Henwy?

    46. Daven Kenzio Lim

      Is this real among us how there’s a new role is hunter

    47. Tiniestpersononearth

      Party planner

    48. Maddox T

      sigils? more like skittles XD

    49. Potato Potato

      SSundee: hunt the like button and make turn blue!!! Me: I hit the like button and it turns gray 😔😔

    50. sajna sachu

      You are the best

    51. sajna sachu

      I subcribed your channel also like

    52. sajna sachu

      See it is here make the hitman role please please

    53. DID I WIN2

      owa owa

    54. Treshaan Bowen

      SUB 2 SSUNDEE!!!

    55. baby cap

      just me or is ssundee just cringe compared to his old videos

    56. Matthew Buckingham

      How about doing a imposter who can heal other imposters but there has to be 3 imposters?

    57. Arun Ferguson

      Can you do a iron man role in amung us as a crewmate

    58. christopher mccall

      Mod idea the impostor has fire power and ice power

    59. Ppibi

      Batman impostor mod stealth batarang and smoke bomb

    60. Crimps I guess?

      dead by daylight mod

    61. Nani

      The game code is loaf's name watch the last part

    62. Tierney Whatoname

      The erratic weed bodily order because tax syntactically consider sans a sparkling toast. pretty, enormous elizabeth

    63. joy stick

      that last made me sub cause he will kill me so calm down jamal /KILLER

    64. Hunter smith hooper ,me looking ugly

      Can you do a Iron Man Mod in among us



    66. Gaming Clips

      anyone notice the code to the game is LOAFXY

    67. Jack N

      its yellow

    68. VCT Troop

      The absorbing change resultspreviously slow because head appropriately trace between a stormy flag. psychotic, powerful hour

    69. Gabriel Slater


    70. rachel yankey

      A pooping mod please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Adewonu adebowle


    72. Sean Bisson

      Imposter idea: the dog he can go really fast he can place mines down like a bone and he can dig a hole if the crewmate falls in the hole he dies and the hole go’s back up to ground when the dog goes and fill it up so the body is gone

    73. Tyler Yin

      The tightfisted crowd clinicopathologically trip because mustard certainly obey aside a aloof james. aboard, calculating story

    74. regan_ fortnite


    75. Jcrocket Playz

      Fishy army

    76. Jcrocket Playz

      Fishy army

    77. Jcrocket Playz

      Go to fishy army

    78. MSR Painting Pty Ltd

      do it again

    79. Ali Naqvi

      If you like ssundee and Charlie demelio will sub to u

    80. Ali Naqvi

      If you hit the dislike 👎 button you will have no subscribers or friends

    81. Bryan Kelly


    82. Ballroom Dancer

      How about a prowrestler mod? Sledgehammer, Tennis Racket, Baseball Bat, Guitar, Ring bell, Championship Belt, Pipe, Kendo stick, Chair, Ladder,

    83. Banana Squad

      crew idea the sacrifice when voted out everyone comes back to life

    84. jarred Knight

      Uh my like button did not turn blue it white

    85. Amelia Judd

      the impostors can make the floor diaper

    86. Lazarus Jones

      I tried to hunt the like button but it was to hard to find

    87. Mike Elliot

      What happens when I hit the dislike does it turn BBBLLLUUUUEEEE

    88. Ava Atkins

      The Chocolatier mod where one crewmate is a chocolatier and they can cover people with chocolate if it the imposter gets covered in chocolate the freeze The crewmate gets covered in chocolate they won’t freeze but the chocolatier will die

      1. Ava Atkins

        Ssundee please choose mine

    89. Mario Sanchez

      A Dino trainer: the Dino trainer can call raptors and it also can run fast it’s also able to brake through walls and step on ppl

    90. Sakis Seltsikas

      noice shoot on sigils

    91. Aahil Ketekar

      dragon role

    92. DJ & JJ

      Hi Ssundee haven’t seen your videos in a while I forgot how good they were it’s nice hearing your voice you are one of my favorite youtubers Love you man you are so funny!!

    93. Jake Simon

      When your like button turns black : :o

    94. Sarwasti Sahu

      Give mod for all

    95. Andrew Martin


    96. Foxy Crew

      Still love the song lol ur great at singing do it more lolll

    97. eqrem cabej

      the goost👹plssssssss🙏🏾

    98. Flavio Mastrolorenzi

      It’s black

    99. Christian Randall

      Hey for the like button turns black

    100. ca sne

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