Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake


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    Workin' on a weekend like usual
    Way off in the deep end like usual
    Niggas swear they passed us, they doin' too much
    Haven't done my taxes, I'm too turnt up
    Virgil got a Patek on my wrist goin' nuts
    Niggas caught me slippin' once, okay, so what?
    Someone hit your block up, I'd tell you if it was us
    Manor house in Rosewood, this shit too plush
    #Future #LifeIsGood #HighOffLife

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    1. Jodie Richardson

      Seriously.... Am I out of place.????

    2. СланцеНагая Бомжа

      Wow, Black Males low themselves to That level, Wow

    3. TwOxSiDe

      Annoyed asf this song always comes up

    4. Daisyj40

      The 651k dislikes are those who are like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN LIFE IS GOOD?! 2020 SUUUUUUCKS"

    5. LiL Chubbi

      2:41 21 savage 💛💛💛💛💛✝✝2️⃣1️⃣

      1. Zente 21

        I think thats Future

    6. Foster Otley

      Who thought this was drakes song?

    7. John remin

      Who else gets recommended this after every video you watch

    8. Sithabiso Machepa

      IRvision is forcing this song on us. This song is always in my recommendations. Every single time I play music this song is always waiting to play next 🤬🤬 Song is annoying now cause of that

    9. John remin

      1:34 He almost hit his head though lol

    10. M P

      anybody else keep gettings this song on his playlist but its not wanted? i think thats why it reached that much views because i really dont think its that good while i love both of them.

    11. kelvin chali

      Drake is always cool

    12. Gaming Cinematics

      wish i love my job like that

    13. Marlon Hoilett

      Nobody: Everybody: Who?

    14. sarah knight

      Oh I bet 😜😎🤩

    15. Omar Abdi

      Who else came here just to see the positive comments 🔥🔥

    16. Destroyer X19

      Life is good But it could be better

    17. palmiyeld


    18. Issa Guerrero

      When I beat to James 1:26

    19. Dub DonZ

      Moment of silence for everyone finding out Drake’s not releasing the album this month

    20. سالم السهلي


    21. Kevyn Rios

      Leyendos comentarios y todos en ingles XD

    22. Tourille Gaskins

      This my shit

    23. Callmejr

      I see why my order be taking forever now

    24. Supreme - Devin

      Famous people in this music video , future, drake, 21 savage, lil yachty

    25. ayo

      this is a movie

    26. Sick Bra


    27. Sick Bra


    28. Febri Apriansha


    29. Arssh K

      this song is still getting more veiws.....We love to see it!!!!

    30. Sick Bra


    31. Febri Apriansha


    32. derpy face

      This is official 1 year old, 𝐃𝐀𝐌𝐍 😔

    33. Omar and destiny Kenichi Mike Wazowski

      The wasted on the truck remains my of gta

    34. Christopher Barrientos

      Best Duo Ever.

    35. Christopher Barrientos

      Shout out to The 1.5 Billions Views bro Drake make pure 🔥🔥

    36. Alielton Silva


    37. Derrion Fry

      I've been recieving all my stimuluses im too turnt up 😼😂

    38. Starry YT

      Future ruined this imo. I really like drakes verses tho

    39. 51UM

      What have you done Drake

    40. Hampton Covington


    41. Vitório Capellari

      Esse é o melhor clipe de rap certeza kk

    42. Toad doesn’t like mayonnaise

      I hope this wins the Grammy for best music video of 2020

    43. Waves on 20 FPS

      Why does this have more views than Rick roll Oh wait it’s cause it’s legendary

    44. Alexis Martinez

      Wtf no matter what artist/song I put this bullshit eventually shows up😡

    45. Francisco Fonrose


    46. John Charlie Gotte

      name needs to think about his roots......oh yah....Say Say needs a friend in need....name again for thu time ....or maybe Planet Andromedua, the next Earth over...a Binary Sun Earth...oooo, and dont forget about the 9 out of 10 meetings

    47. LM


    48. Trần Lâm

      Nhạc hay đấy 1 like cho drake bạn

    49. Roshaun Daniel

      How it went from 1.1B to 1.5 in 2 months

      1. Roshaun Daniel

        @Michael Heyliger stg

      2. Michael Heyliger

        On god just realised that 👀

    50. Анне демченко

      stupid song.

      1. Mrs Beast

        Stupid boy.

    51. bobet motovlog


    52. Pedro Gabriel

      Só eu acho que essa música e igual música de sofrência

    53. 3D Family

      Who else saw 21?

    54. Andre Bacon

      1:39 Crap, they jinxed us

    55. Селам Алеикум

      Future ruined his own song smh drake carried him

    56. Benty LNR

      Entonces cada uno hace su parte y luego las juntamos:

      1. G A D I N H A


    57. Maria Murgia

      I like you songs thanks I love you and I like your IRvision channels and when you are posted every single week thanks you by miss you I like you songs love you

    58. Za Crusher

      Can we reach 2B views?

    59. ElevatorRBLX

      This song is so cool

    60. Alex Phan

      Almost everyone in earth 🌎 is viewers

    61. iTzHokeyShot TM

      nao a vida nao é boa. Ela te bate de todos os lados mostra que voce é um merda e nunca vai vencer na vida, seu sonho é sorte , conseguiu conseguiu , nao conseguiu todos vao pisar em voce como sempre foi feito. para uns o privilegio , para outros a batalha , ou voce tem a sorte de ser privilegiado com o sucesso ou voce vai ser o cara que merece tudo mas nunca lhe é dado nada.

      1. G A D I N H A


      2. iTzHokeyShot TM

        conheci uma pessoa que até hoje olho e penso no como ela merece o mundo, sucesso, tudo ! mas nao consegue, nao por falta de talento, parece destino, ela simplesmente esta lá ... tanto talento, tanta habilidade e no chao! invejo a felicidade e disposição dele e tantos outros, eu tenho boas conquistas mas nao sou feliz como ele que tem pouco, enfim a oportunidade bate na porta de qualquer um

    62. Alexisproo 7663

      El minuto de Drake es puro arte

    63. Angel Gil

      Esta perrona la rrola

    64. The -EddyTv

      Life gyse

      1. The -EddyTv


    65. Top shotta


    66. Pamela Wallace

      Love this 🤗💯💃

    67. Daniel Rangel

      muito boa eu nem tenho palavra pra essa musica

    68. KOVALSKI


    69. Paul Allison

      Spoke a bit too early, not gonna lie, really can’t

    70. frankYT Games

      felicitaciones encontraste un comentario en castellano

    71. 么K4ZINN

      Um salve pra quem leu esse comentário

    72. Moe

      who still listens to this??

    73. 타이나Àniaht


    74. Павел Орехов

      Wtf this is amazing

    75. João pedro


    76. Matthew Neudorf

      To turnt up off have a xan hahaha 😆 😂

    77. Jeff Frazier

      But I keep ⏰ ☝

    78. Gr80


    79. Goldberg Sam

      Drake : working on the weekend like usual ... Future : wisoanio9wn4eabgui9owbasogvi4a[euiotbssetgriogjsoeinf

    80. MosthatedParth

      Future turnt it up 🔥

    81. AZLAND Jack

      This shit is fucking essential hip hop!??😆🤣😂

    82. vassi kusha


    83. NYKU

      Why is this down voted but still recommended after Notorious B.I.G's Sky's The Limit IRvision???

    84. MSR 33

      everyone: me: hold up, did LG sponsor this song

    85. RUOK FF

      R.i.p xxxtentacion

    86. Conner Cunningham

      Listen at x1.25 it’s lowkey gas

    87. andrea

      irvision.info/home/qHqpf3mGnrCof9o/fy-lm-h-y.html .

    88. Mason Rain

      he has made the same beat and rythm and undertones for years.... Looking for progress from these artist, and not finding it

    89. Tifenetic

      This is the new music theme 1 in 2 so 2 beats in 1 song!

    90. DCOOLBOI

      So you gonna like or...

    91. Ireneusz Dzieduch

      I love to watch how at the end scene "Future cameraman" acting really professional but don't even touch the camera xD

    92. L.A. Records

      You should sign this guy man irvision.info/home/oJTOq36FZ7tsh6Q/fy-lm-h-y.html

    93. Steven Martinez



      a billion views in a year who else see that #POPPINSHIT 🤪

    95. Burning Okane

      I am so tired of this song playing.

    96. Ivan Brabec

      why my autopilot play still this lowcost shit

      1. DCOOLBOI

        @Ivan Brabec is English your first language?

      2. Ivan Brabec

        and after i let dislike still :((

    97. Joyce Botaro

      Show essa música.🥰😍

    98. فيصل البجوتري

      Hello haw are you ?

    99. no more yt

      get dirty you fool

    100. Ashlee Cortesi

      What you are doing today tonight shortlandstreet neighbors