T1, An Update, and My Future Plans


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    I'll be elaborating further on certain topics and adding more clarity around certain things in my first live stream back to Twitch in almost a month. That'll be at November 25th, 2020 at 8pm KST / 12pm CET / 6am EST / 3am PST twitch.tv/imls
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    1. Jakob Rosslin

      I’ve watched you for longer than I can even remember, the times when you had around 100-400 viewers per stream. For all this time I have always admired you as a person, you’re unique, stand up for what you believe is right and you’re extremely passionate. Things get screwed up but never forget that you are an amazing person that we all follow for who you are, and we will continue to do do.

    2. tom4465

      *totally missed the drama, but after a bit of reading up about the situation, here's the verdict from this random guy: The irony of trying to defend against racism, only to get comments about being racist yourself... Good luck with T1 also!

    3. juenes

      Loaded Sniper, behind the camera, as he apologizes for not dying his hair red, and wearing a french beret, so it looks like a T1 logo, therefore offending all the Korean veterans, who fought for his freedom to work in LoL, and exploit their culture for Korean barbeque and speedy internet.

    4. Ss P


    5. Lukas Nathues

      i am going to dislike this video because i think it's a disgrace that you have to apologize, when the real bullshit is happening by a toxic community that is living in the past so much, that they can't see who could help them reach a brighter future... i wish you all the best and hope you'll get the chance to bring another team to the top!

    6. D.O.C


    7. 5vi0uᄂ L


    8. X X

      OK, I LOVE YOU 💘

    9. Andrés López

      Yoi should be sorru about broxah too, calling a player bad its okay but harrasing him and laughing at him with the 2 brain cells that your fans are is a bad calling

    10. 1곰도리

      한 명의 한국인으로서, 그리고 E스포츠 팬으로서 대신 사과드립니다. 한국의 왜곡되고 낙후된 팬 문화가 당신에게 너무나 큰 어려움을 겪계 만든 것 같아 마음이 아픕니다. 부디 힘내셔서 좋은 모습 보여주시길 응원하겠습니다.

    11. 뿌끄루

      다른 건 모르겠고 한국에서 많은 문제를 일으켰던 말리스 두둔했던 거에 대해 실망해서 얘가 한국에서 분탕질치는 애인 줄 알았는 데 모르고 한 일이라고 하니 그 행동들이 이해가 가고 이렇게 사과영상을 올리고 영상에서도 진정성이 느껴져 LS를 다시 보게 되었다. 이 말들이 진실인지 아닌지는 모르겠지만 진실이든 아니든 앞으로 문제를 일으키지만 않으면 응원하는 사람이 많아질 거라 생각한다.

    12. Pedro A. Coelho F.

      make more eye contact with the camera so you seem sincere and the message gets through easier also, it's nice to see you again LS, at least you're taking your time to address your own mistakes and to correct them and that makes you a good person in my eyes, kinda missed you.

    13. Cyberbird

      Man just take care of your health and mental that's the most important thing, everything else has a way to be resolved. We got you, Liandry's Salesman.

    14. 축시의요리사

      사람 고쳐쓰는거 아니다

    15. Paladin Law

      Can someone send me a story of what **actually** happened and the actual remarks malice made that were supposedly racist? Google is useless and all im getting are useless dregs of recycled venues.

    16. timgroen1995

      This is so sad to watch. To get this kind of position on T1 is amazing but the fact that you have to apologize for shit you did not say or do and then have to defend people who have been homophobic and racist towards yourself is just so sad. Truly hope this all goes well but just the fact that this is how it has to be..... just dissapointing

    17. il Motez

      Nah man if they are mad fuck them chiggas

    18. Lauv

      As a gay Korean living in Korea, it is true that Korea has many homophobia and is ignorant of it. I support your career and love for lol and t1. So succeed in your challenge, and show it with pride and confidence. I love you. Don't get hurt.

    19. Momo Muller

      okay but why does LS look like he made his last sacrifice to look built so sexy nd broad in this vid 😳✋

    20. 정민재

      시기를 놓쳐서.. 좀만더 일찍 했으면 여론 바꼈을듯

    21. OnlyGrab

      I didn't like you at first but after hearing your story i respect you and I hope you have a good career.

    22. green sea

      I dislike this dude . Im sorry but nah .

    23. ik ben goed

      I couldn't care less, just want patch rundowns.

    24. John Jones

      LS, you have been shit on a lot in your life, I understand this video. I understand why. Just know you have 100X more fans than haters, they just shout rise to the top.

    25. 최민기

      존나 빡치지만 왔으니 팀에 누가 되지않게 잘해라

    26. JL

      Thank you and Sorry too. (Although I didn't do or say anything bad to you, I will be the one to say sorry for the people that threatens you and your grandmother. Again, sorry.)❤️

    27. ZeeNith

      I've been away from the scene since worlds wrapped up so I have had no idea this situation was going on. I love and support you my dude, apologizing is always a big step. I don't believe you are racist and I think racism is just in general wrong, we are all one race. Human. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are! ❤

    28. More I See Rodrigues

      Who was Antara?

    29. 도서

      뭐여 별것도 아닌것같고 투닥투닥이네

    30. Joseph Wong

      Best of luck on anything you do MAN!! Love your cast the sound effect haha. Keep it up stay strong.

    31. Epic Gamer

      fuck this community for not evening letting me comment a simple question without being called delusional

    32. Oredon

      I knew this was a serious video because LS washed his hair for it.

    33. Bas Buskens

      Glad to see you again mate. You're really amazing. Love from The Netherlands!

    34. Duk Fin

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    35. Millicente

      But when was the decision to not be a coach made? Before or after the mass of angry koreans attacked him and others on the possibility of him being a coach?

    36. :T

      We love you, LS. Stay strong.

    37. B D

      Wtf is that suit 😹😹😹 The voice breaking like he’s about to cry is cringe

      1. ImSuchANerd

        🤡u dropped ur mask

    38. krk064

      It's too bad that the circumstances surrounding what is a dream come true for you had to be so explosive. I hope you can properly begin to enjoy what this means for you, and that all of the garbage coming from all directions abates enough to allow that.

    39. Saint Nerdherder

      This is just a page in your ever evolving book. Boris would be proud :>

    40. Clark Mulvey

      Bro, You're too good for this crap - I know you don't want to, but you should just get out and find a situation that deserves you.

    41. bcvbb hyui

      Hey, Liandry's Salesman, it's everyone, we missed you and we wish you everything best

    42. happi prod.

      me watching this having no idea about any drama or news >.> :D LS is cute

    43. Amdo-sama

      What is this all about ?🙄

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Typical alien problems

    44. andrekua80

      So happy to see LS... Everyone had some sort of regrets in their life and I hope after everything calm down, we can understood each other better for the love and hate for game. Hope to see you in better shape soon..

    45. 밤밤

      그래 새끼야 이왕온거 열심히 해라

    46. Stensvold

      A kid playing with matches dunked in gasoline, every one knows that saying o hope. Is is not the kid with the matches, he is the one with the gasoline. Not responsible for much of the damage but the origins of the fuel for the fire.

    47. 천현민


    48. Clooz

      Did anyone else get the feeling that there was some sort of agenda at work? It really felt like someone was trying to ruin Korea's relationship with the west.

    49. yulog kerrang

      your gonna get us the privilege of seeing faker at worlds 2021

    50. ooi898

      sending you loads of love and hugs ^^. from a liandrys buyer

    51. Ubw

      NGL thats a dope tie

    52. Peurpael EN

      Iron your suit. Looks cheap. And big. Oh good lord, he's head coach of T1? What about Bengi? Oh no, gg. I'm moving to DamWon and Kkoma. Imagine NA head coach. 🤦‍♂️(edit) nvm he's just steamer.

    53. YakMunsterJuan


    54. eioshen boboi

      to realize how capable and intelligent you are. Welcome LS!

    55. Jake

      That's a lot of makeup

    56. ahmed abdelkader

      God bless you legend, go easy on yourself it's okay ❤️

      1. eioshen boboi

        It's alright we're all human and everyone makes mistakes, it's always bound to happen and that's exactly why it's so important to learm from the past and the mistakes you en

    57. Merryeli Reptiles

      You are the best

    58. Ruben Van beusekom

      Good to see u back man

    59. Jose Esquibel

      Typical alien problems

    60. Rado Sam

      We've missed u man. Glad to see you're doing better. No matter what u do we support u!

    61. Mauricio Betim Paes Leme

      Hey dude, I was a critic of yours for a long time for I thought your knowledge was immense, but it always seemed that you flamed players every criticism. With that, I am against everything that was targeted at you, I do not erase the past but I WILL NOT PREVENT YOUR FUTURE, OR YOUR GROWTH! I hope you become an analyst or head coach for T1, since your always had a super knowledge. I hope you come back better than before!!!


      I really would've loved to see you coach T1 LS but do whatever makes you happy! I am just glad you're safe and healthy. I still don't understand the ridiculous over reaction of T1 fans and really hope that stupidity didn't pressure you away from your dreams.

    63. Gumboka

      Please someone buy him a new suit. This coat is 2 times his size

    64. Add Hysteria


    65. benjamin lund

      LS looks like a mannequin shane dawson

    66. Happy Chap

      Hey can someone pls tell me the entirety of the story he was apologising for? Thank you.

      1. Ken Brunet

        Same. I don't get it.

    67. David Wason

      U look good in this video. You should dress like this more often. Being the good looking positivity into your life.

    68. Fisk Black

      Have they released him from this hostage situation or not? The fuck is going on?

    69. JauJau

      I have never been more hyped for a roster change, and never been more disappointed. This could have been a catalyst for change in esports, making the industry truly global, not just pockets in the east and west. This time it was T1 fans elitist-thinking halting progress. Gl LS

    70. Nico Odeku

      They got him out here lying for a check

    71. Max Garbarski

      Take care of yourself, we here to support you in this venture and all your next ones!

    72. Juicy Mango

      As a Korean fan. I want to apologize about some 'super toxic fans. LS did make mistakes and handled it quite(very) unprofessionaly but the amount of insults was way over the limit. Insulting someones grandma is not something that can be taken lightly and the pure hate was but surprising really... And about the Korean fandom, they hated on LS 'way too much'. Yes, he made mistakes yes, they were not happy about him being coach 'but' at least they could have been like "Umm... You know, he made mistakes before and we're not to happy about it..." But they went like "F*CKIN LS? OMG T1 YOU GOT CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE COMMERCIALS? GOODBYE T1 YOU TRASH LCS COCK SUCKING COMPANY!" And the hate just spreaded through out the Korean community. Also sparking international communities as well... So the keyboard battle gone quitw nasty between everyone... Anyway, We are glad that your and we hope that you will do well in T1.😊

    73. Lizzard Wizzard

      It's alright we're all human and everyone makes mistakes, it's always bound to happen and that's exactly why it's so important to learm from the past and the mistakes you end up making so that you can grow and become a better version of yourself I hope everything goes well for you in the future and I wish you all the best LS!! Keep doing the good work we really appreciate it

    74. David Burton


    75. Hmgdude

      I respect your decision. I really did want to see you Coach T1. Mad respect to you LS.

    76. samuel zachary

      We miss you BibleThump

    77. Chris Ducharme


    78. raymond hong

      Its gross...why your guys keep saying "ls" is victim of racisim...? Nope! the true is he did the racism act with his buddy malice who did crime in korea . Also his club help him to out of charge which did crime in korea however he did racism act lol and who was support? "LS" wow And LS speaks racism stuff to untara wow surpring 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 The person Who really likes korea... and did racism act and humiliate the korean player amazing Plz stop give him a shield and your guys should agree with " i am part of racism " and LS i dnt give a f you have a house in s.korea and live in 10yr. Just sht up and go back to your country Finally , korean fans arent racist , LS and his best buddy malice did it!

      1. raymond hong

        @zz xx also you know that malice and LS did a racism act isnt it?

      2. raymond hong

        @zz xx thx you already know that lol

      3. zz xx

        Ah yes you aren't a racist at all!

    79. V L

      plz dont leave the scene dude, I started with SC1 as well living in canada, the goold old time of boxer and Xds Grrr.... You are the funniest commentator and love watching you review patch notes. We all make mistakes, just got to recognize them and move on a better human being. Cheers and take care.

    80. seiom jvony

      논란에 정면으로 해명하는 용기는 인정합니다. 그래도 입장 표명이 좀 더 빨랐으면 더 좋았을거란 아쉬움이 듭니다. 이제 과거의 일들은 다 털고 좋은 컨텐츠를 선보였으면 합니다!

    81. igniortix

      Happy for you man, a team capable and responsible people is gonna help you greatly in your "dharma" of elevating the stratregical thought in league of legends. I'm waiting for League Fundamentals part II, I hope it has great production value

    82. 준호

      Hope Untara accpets your apologies soon

    83. Mob

      Pussy ass drama queen. Always criticizing teams and "analyzing" why they should have drafted this way or played around this land. Big talk about how the coaching staff or coaches in general aren't doing their job as though you could do it better. And what? When the opportunity to actually be a head coach for one of the most renowned teams in the world comes along you back out and decide to be a "streamer" You know it's true. Everyone's here trying to make you feel better. I'm saying it as it is. You're scared to be headcoach cause you don't know if you can.

      1. seiom jvony

        So happy to hear you are getting support during all this hardship! Hope league community is there for you, as you've been there for us! LS FIGHTING!

    84. Ljonka

      What is this world were people have to defend themselfs for trying to defend a friend of themselfes from beeing riped apart by media and scandal loving people.

    85. sebas

      He's back from the gulag 😂

    86. mentab23

      Is this guy sitting on a wheel chair?

    87. Okey Cody Oh

      can someone tell me what the situation was and why hes apologizing?

    88. Andreas Marggraf

      When I told my japanese partner about the situation and then showed him the video he said: "oh, he is a koreaboo". Seems like it, or some Stockholm syndrome version.

      1. Andreas Marggraf

        To add something for people who never lived in Korea: in a 2018 survey a bit more than 50% of Koreans said they dont like gay people and 80% said they don't want a gay neighbour. As if it makes a diffrence. So no, saying Korea is homophobic is not an oversimplified stance. If you are openly gay and serve in the Korean army you could get in serious legal trouble, do your own research.

    89. Hypnozo

      I feel very sorry for him some people in korea really hate him and i dont understand it he did mistakes but a man can only admit his mistakes he did some things wrong he changed he apologized for it now its time too forgive him if you still hating on him for living in korea because he loves it there you just a piece of s*it i wish you best of luck in t1 and i missed the Crownis coment memes

    90. tjvogelaar

      Strong message, takes a lot to make such an emotional video. Respect, keep your head up and stay honest! You are one of the best content creators out there, and look forward to your content every time!

    91. applepiebottoms

      is there a tldr link on how this started? thrown out of the loop rn

      1. Ken Brunet

        same. I heard that something went down with LS but had no idea what.

    92. Andros

    93. Kalvin Satiacum


    94. Kalvin Satiacum


    95. Asle Martinsen

      LS aka Lost Streamer has returned

    96. Asle Martinsen

      LS blink twice if you're being forced and they've got a gun pointed at you!

    97. 123 123

      LS looks like a very sad and destroyed man.

    98. Gr Gr

      So happy to hear you are getting support during all this hardship! Hope league community is there for you, as you've been there for us! LS FIGHTING!

    99. Sa Yu

      그래도 반성하는게 느껴지긴 하는데 저 친구놈들이행동한게 용서가 안되지^^

    100. noah vessar

      The fact he’s having to apologize for ANYTHING blows my mind. LS you have nothing to apologize for every fan who’s been hostile towards you over this should be apologizing to you.