Wandavision Episode 5 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown and Ending Explained

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    Covering Full Wandavision Episode 5 TOP 10 Breakdown and so many Easter Eggs. Scarlet Witch vs SWORD and Monica Rambeau, Wandavision Ending Explained Evan Peters Quicksilver Scene, X-Men MCU Crossover Breakdown and references. Scarlet Witch vs Vision, Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed Powers Explained and Age Transformation through the episodes. Agnes Agatha Harkness Theory and the mystery Mailman character. Wandavision Hexagons Explained. And lots more Marvel House of M Story References heading into Wandavision Episode 6
    Avengers Endgame References. Scarlet Witch Infinity Stones Power connection. Avengers Endgame Wandavision Post Credit Scene and Deleted Scenes. Marvel Phase 4 Fantastic Four Foreshadowing. And the Blue Marvel Character. Cosmic Villains Mephisto and Nightmare, Doctor Strange 2 Foreshadowing.
    More Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth soon, Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. Wandavision Episodes. Loki Episodes, Black Widow Movie timing. Nick Fury Avengers Secret Invasion Series. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Teaser, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Teaser Trailer, Iron Man Armor Wars Teaser Trailer. And the Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer and New Episodes Easter Eggs.
    More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
    My Full Wandavision Episode 6 Trailer video posting next and Full Wandavision Episode 6 video coming next Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer, Loki Trailer and Venom 2 Trailer maybe this weekend for Super Bowl 2021!
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    1. Emergency Awesome

      Here's my Full Wandavision Episode 5 video and Marvel Easter Eggs with an explainer for the crazy ending. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's that Wandavision Avengers Endgame Post Credit Scene video too! irvision.info/home/o3jchq6Xeq-rgZc/fy-lm-h-y.html

      1. Shane

        @Emergency Awesome Also Agatha was the only one who didn’t say she was in pain being under her spell there’s something interesting with that

      2. Emily Guildea

        Agnes didn't have her broch in the beginning. Then she said, "wanna take it from the top"?

      3. Carlyle Marin

        Now watch the Lagos advertisement. The ending of the ad was Lagos when you make a mess you did not mean to. She made that ad to say the Lagos incident was something she did not mean to do

      4. diceDiddy

        I didn't think of Blue Marvel, I had Dr. Doom or Reed Richards... THAT'S PERFECT!! Great as always

      5. Gerry

        I was sooooo excited when I saw the X-men's quicksilver that I hold my head big time, great episode ✔

    2. Andrew SYH

      12:44 I believe, the Phase 4 would play out the Civil War 2 from the comics but in a different way for sure, becuz clearly Carol is not really playing well with others, not Nick Fury, not the Scrolls either.

    3. Jayaooh

      I really DO BELIEVE the into was very much Growing Pains related as well....showing the pictures of them younger, and as the grow up...to present day...That's TOTALLY Growing Pains!!!

    4. Tiffany Grygus

      The intro photo montages for each of the family members was totally Growing Pains! And the portrait being painted was Family Ties. The picnic scene was Full House

    5. ne0tic

      I want Wanda to bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Michael Fassbender as Magneto!

    6. GENGHISKHAN 1206

      Just binge watched it. It is so much better than I thought it would be. And I have House of M.

    7. Paulsicles

      Visions bowl cut looks SO good.

    8. Christian Sarmiento

      Vision: if I die, don't bring me back to life. Wanda: but, ya know. Why not?

    9. Christian Sarmiento

      I was always wondering why Wanda was called Scarlet Witch. 🤦 Scarlet means red, and she's a female sorcerer aka, a witch.

    10. vbddfy euuyt

      She's probably mad Captain Marvel wasn't there when Maria died of cancer.

    11. Gulzaib Khan

      Crazy level of epicness about to come for the MCU fans..keep yourself charged guys

      1. Gulzaib Khan

        Oh god Thank you Charlie for hearting the comment! , means alot man, keep up your amazing, detailed marvel videos. They are my usual go to to keep my mind up to date with everything MCU;3 Thanks !! :)

    12. S.C.Oliver B

      I think that Scarlet witch changed quicksilver to be perfect in her eyes

    13. Sola Scriptura

      Hexagons pack more efficiently than circles; arches are the "strongest" shape.

    14. Paul Laguerre

      Here’s a question. How do they have tests of Monica’s entry into Westview? Of course they took her blood and ran other tests on her exit from Westview, but where did the first test come from if she was still in Westview??!??

      1. Paul Laguerre

        @oiuet souiu in the comics they’re pieces of Mephisto’s soul. Their pops/creater won’t be rando it’ll be somebody major

      2. oiuet souiu

        So who is the father of the twins? That’s one thing I don’t understand. Just some random from west view?

    15. Ирина Толкачева

      The symptomatic editorial monthly tame because car scilly tap barring a mellow geography. workable, unbecoming men

      1. oiuet souiu

        What's the deal with quicksilver's tattoo on his upper left shoulder?

    16. Azor Ahai

      That LAGOS comercial... Big CIVIL WAR reference

    17. Ahosan sunny

      Wanda is becoming evil

    18. ssttaann.

      I so want quicksilver to be real but it makes more sense that he is somebody else.

    19. Mohith honey

      For everyone who are blaming Wanda Just think what would you do if you are in a similar situation and you have the power to change it, and don't tell me "I wouldn't do that". Becoz you would. Everyone would, you just don't know that becoz you don't feel what she feels. That emptiness, it changes people. Only a people who have gone through what she is going through can understand that. I understand you Wanda, I do

    20. Angelo D

      Too Many Cooks vibes, also wish there were more Full House references.

    21. NoSleep2Nite

      The intro is a remake of the Family Ties intro with a MCU spin.

    22. Cara Ann

      Vision as a baby is something I never wanna see again

    23. oiuet souiu

      I like how in German “Hexe” means a “witch”, cool coincidence with “hex shapes” and “hex powers”

    24. Darren Gayle

      Why does Monica get annoyed/pissed when Darcy mentions Cpt Marvel

      1. oiuet souiu

        Marvel just literally “opened” the door. This is going to be epic!!!!

    25. Andrew Lee

      8:40 one of the most beautiful shots ever in the MCU

    26. yasio bolo

      Vision's head is red like a popsicle. He's not dead.

    27. DrownedInExile

      Clearly we need Batman. He won't even need Mrs. Waller's weapon. He just needs to sit with Wanda, until her time comes. Oh wait. Wanda's not Ace.

      1. yasio bolo

        How does "whose the Popsicle?" mean that Pietro knows Vision is dead? Can someone explain this to me please.

    28. Joey FL

      Awesome breakdown!

    29. Mark Mendoza

      Loki is pretending to be Pietro... next mini series is Loki.

    30. Kevin Reid

      What's the deal with quicksilver's tattoo on his upper left shoulder?

    31. Jesse Andersen

      So who is the father of the twins? That’s one thing I don’t understand. Just some random from west view?

    32. TORTLE


    33. Real Angelo Cabangbang

      You forgot the Charles Darwin Easter egg. Paul Bettany portrayed C.D. in the movie "Creation."

    34. Stan Lee

      I like Norm's acting switching from comedy person to distressed person to again comedy person

    35. J. Camacho

      Another cool Easter Egg is that Vision mentioned "Darwin" and the actor Paul Bettany played Charles Darwin in the 2009 film "Creation"

    36. Michael Benetos

      I AM CONFUSEDD..........

    37. Brandon Kingcantwell

      I cant wait to see whats in the weapons thing on the computer will Wolverine be mention in the computer file Im Just Saiyan HGD ✌

    38. Gene Star

      I like the blond character who stands where cpt. Marvel should be.

    39. Loutzenheiser

      Hopefully Pietro showing up canonises the Fox X-Men universe!!

    40. eioshen boboi

      Marvel just literally “opened” the door. This is going to be epic!!!!

    41. DM Granillo


    42. Creativity & art

      Wanda probably brainwashes vision again

      1. eioshen boboi

        Take a shot everytime dude says "wtf moment".

    43. B K

      How does "whose the Popsicle?" mean that Pietro knows Vision is dead? Can someone explain this to me please.

    44. Bartman

      Dang Multiverse of Madness is starting sooner than I thought. That's my theory.

    45. Guillermo Garza Castaño

      Has someone checked if the song that Magneto sings to his daughter in Apocalipse it's the same song that Wanda sings to the Billy and Tommy?

    46. Kevin Linatoc

      Pietro = the Fonz.

    47. Spectrum UK

      This could mean that Chris Evans could return as the Human Torch in Multiverse of madness!!

    48. Angela Julian

      Dont u remember that the shows time line is around late 80s early 90s. Thats also around the time that fox quicksilver is around that age because thats should be after wolverines goes back in time

    49. Angel majorjoy

      I find that no one is talking about ‘where are the people of Eastview/Westview) when they’re not in an episode created by Wanda? Are they in some holding pattern or frozen Some place with in the bubble that Wanda has created? It would be great if they showed what happens to people in Westview that are not directly communicating with Wanda or vision.

    50. cnel0301

      the intro reminded me of family matters

    51. Joyce Fahy

      I think Evan peters is playing just one of the original residents of Westview and with Wanda thinking about Pietro so much, she subconsciously put that guy into the role of her brother but with a personality matching the sitcom style just like she did with all the other residents.

    52. Eric Joly

      Can Agnes change appearance? She could be Pietro... she usually pops in at any convenient time

    53. Diane Enaid

      i’m still waiting on the “you got it dude” line

    54. Arshad Imam

      The car rod shows the symbol X

    55. Matt Staples

      Is it just me or does Monica Rambo's top look like a Fantastic Four costume when she is discussing her engineer friend?

    56. Frankie Marcantonio

      I THINK I'VE SOLVED IT! Evan Peters is Nicholas Scratch, the son of Agatha Harkness which would somewhat make Wanda her brother. Westview is a version of New Salem. The people of Westview are the Salem Seven. Ralph is Mephisto. The "bee keeper" is Franklin Richards. The Luke Skywalker moment is going to introduce Reed Richards. Mephisto and Scratch awaken Shuma Gorath, which opens up the multiverse and ties in Dr. Strange.

    57. Daniel Deininger

      Take a shot everytime dude says "wtf moment".

    58. Tereza Hlaváčková

      Also, did you notice how he's saying just Billy has the same ability as Wanda? And when Billy is giving treats to Sparkly, she said something like "good job Billy.. well Sparkly you were good too".. I was just thinking about it and it shows Billy may have really the same abilities and he was "practicing" on the dog. And Wanda knows it.

    59. Supreme General

      Hexagons are the bestagons

    60. Carlos Munoz

      I’m kind of late but I’m hoping mojo is part of this ,since he does that whole controlling tv thing

    61. Evelyn Scott

      Is it plausible that Agnes wanted to suggest the idea of having children to Wanda through the subliminal messaging early on so Agnes could manipulate any future child for her own nefarious ends? The whole lavender spray may be a potion, killing their dog and pretending it was an accident to get the kids to use their powers based on emotion (which is highly suggestable), etc.

    62. Terry Lee

      It's interesting how you mentioned other characters from Fantastic 4, but you are the only one who didn't mention Reed Richards was also a talented astrological engineer

    63. ksm leland

      I wish Aaron Taylor-Johnson was the one to come back. For some reason, I just think he's cooler.

      1. Omar Santiago

        @ksm leland I prefer the term spunky archetypal mulit-layered rogue turned archtypal hero to describe ATJ's awesome MCU version of the Marvel Superhero Pietro Django Maximoff aka Quicksilver! Thank you very much! And I'm don't feel comfortable with EP's character! He 's not Piertro Django Maximoff aka Quicksilver played by the talented Aaron Taylor-Johnson that I purely fell with! I 'm calling him Poser! Hopefully this is a misdirect and we will get have Pietro Django Maximoff aka Quicksilver played by the talented Aaron Taylor-Johnson fully resurrected and returning for future MCU films, via the brand new 2022 Doctor Strange 2 MCU film! Here's purely hoping and praying!^-^

      2. ksm leland

        @Omar Santiago I loved the idea to bring back Pietro, but I was hoping for ATJ. The fact that he is a cocky villan turned hero, makes me like him more that Even Peters. Episode 5 was the best way to bring back ATJ, and I don't know why they decided to pick Evan. Don't get me wrong, I still like Evan's quicksilver, but I would prefer to leave that quicksilver with Fox. Either way I'm still glad quicksilver is back. He is also my favorite superhero. Right behind him is Hawkeye. lol

      3. Omar Santiago

        I purely agree with you, #ksmleland! :D

    64. Zeusbolts ,

      I wonder if MCU dr.strange knows anything about reality warping??

    65. Bill W W

      About the engineer if you check out the Spanish version of the show the character is called ingeniera that’s a female engineer.

    66. Terrell Penha

      toaster mind stone, watch time stone, soap space stone, juice reality stone. all we need is a power stone and soul stone

    67. Jason Riffle

      Hexagons are the bestagons. If you know, you know.

    68. Luis Martinez

      What if Xavier sent quick silver hmmmm i want to believe that !!!

    69. James Morgan

      I am genuinely curious whether Vision is alive or just animated. It will suck if after the series is over that he is actually dead and gone.

    70. Zhongyi Ding

      I just don’t understand how did S.W.O.R.D acquire Vision’s body in the first place? Last time I check, it was in Wakanda with the Avengers, or what’s left of it. Cap, Nat, Banner, Thor, War machine and Rocket. It’s not like Cap is gonna trust another government agency again after the whole S.H.I.E.L.D/Hydra and Sokovia accord/civil war BS. So I am confused, how the hell did SWORD get Vision’s body and secretly up to no good for 5 yrs?! I thought the Avengers are running the world in the time frame?

    71. YumYum Baskets Studio

      Im callin it not at the end of epsoide 6 dr.strange will show up

    72. Brandon Steele

      I think the Mail man is the missing witness

    73. Pablo L

      Their children were aging themselves since they were in Wanda's womb.....so I think is not a power from them, is someone speeding up the process.

    74. Akira Yagami

      It would make sense if the other one that died was a clone of the Evan Quicksilver. BUUUT I doubt it. I feel like Evan was the more Popular one of the two.

    75. Jose Flores Jr.

      cool breakdown!

    76. reaper

      elizabeth actually managed to beat scarlett johanson in the terms of beauty. also she acts 1000x better than scarlett.

    77. Rebeka Berga

      I read that when Mephisto made a deal with you, he can also manipulate you into forgetting that the deal ever existed. I think this is the reason why Vanda said "I don't even remember how it all started!"

    78. A Leaf On The Wind

      He's an agent of SWORD

    79. 90sKidGamer

      Its a call back from days of future past quick silver since the episode is taking place in the past era and in the xmen movie they went back in time

    80. ANX Arts

      I saw nothing coming, what the heck is going on..........we got our first mutant.......fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    81. Hector gomez rioja

      will paul bettany stop impersonating ryk mayall when vision is ok?

    82. Mike Wagner

      ummmm Mr. Fantastic?


      @emergency awesome it’s pronounced “lae-gos” the la in Lagos is pronounced “lae” as in lays chips. Love from Nigeria btw🇳🇬🇳🇬

    84. George Sampson

      Potential spoilers The leaked 30 seconds from a week or so ago definitely is relevant to who I think Pietro is

    85. johnny boy

      I love your vids they get me through the day

    86. Jason day out vlogs jay dog

      Please don't say this is the last episode please do more episodes

    87. Dhaval Dudhrejia

      Tommy is having powers of wanda. that kid with long hair tommy is pietro. He grew up and became wanda's brother because she felt sad and confronted her feelings about being sad of dead in the family. just a theory.

      1. Destini

        Wait, what

    88. Lipples 76

      Now all they need is Sir Ian McKellen to make an appearance as magneto and we will have three different universes in one show !

    89. Jennifer Culp

      In the end credits, who are the people that are listed? Has this been discussed?

    90. sehhi vooty

      scene ...you’d be confused but you wouldn’t question it due to it being a performance.

    91. Brian Regan

      I think her kids pulled in the other Quicksilver. She said he was far away, so I guess another universe counts as pretty far. They do have powers after all and have never met their uncle.

      1. sehhi vooty

        of the infinity stones being manipulated seems to be the central force here especially since baron zemo is coming up.

    92. Vic Jivenchi

      He's definitely fox quicksilver finding out he has a sister since she died in the fox X-Men univesrse and trying to learn more about his dad and someone brought him to this reality and he's also under mind control like everybody else

    93. Harshit Raj

      Is norm is Normal Osborn? Also when wanda threats to kill sword director, who is he ? Shouldn't it be Nick fury?

    94. Ryan Heron

      Quicksilver isn't really Quicksilver...now I'm not quite sure yet who it is, but it's got to be someone posing as QS in order to get close to Wanda by pulling at her heart strings and exploiting her bottled up emotions and pain.

    95. Blasikov

      Katherine Hahn needs an Emmy. She nails every scene she's in.

    96. Shawn W

      Quicksilver’s personality was clearly meant to match the ‘whacky Uncle’ character, just like everyone else who plays a role in Wanda’s reality.

    97. AlohaBoy

      I think... Monica blames Captain Marvel for causing her mom’s, Maria Rambo’s Cancer. I mean, IS IT a “Coincidence” that Michael Douglas is in the MCU??? I think not! 😉

    98. AlohaBoy

      I was thinking... *WHAT IF* .... It wasn’t Wanda that “activated” or “gave” Monica her possible upcoming powers to become Photon. She had nothing to do with it. *BUT* what causes these “Mutant” powers to develop was because of the SNAP/BLIP. What IF, all the people who were Dusted away, then came back, now have come back with SOME KIND of latent Mutant Abilities? It COULD also explain why [edit: how Marvel Studios chose] CERTAIN Avengers to get dusted away... Like *Falcon* for example... Comic Book Nerds will get that one. 😉 *ALSO*, it could explain why Wanda came back more powerful than ever. So much so, she was able to go head to head with Thanos! 🤯

    99. Patricia Robinson

      They're twins but we've never seen Wanda in X-men movies..

    100. Philip Towan

      I reckon Hydra is behind it all. I just guessed that from the watch ad and the Hydra soak ad.