What a Mess (August 2020) | FailArmy


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    Cleanup in aisle three! These fails will make you want to take a shower!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 4 ماه


    1. manduheavy vazquez

      3:19 jajajajajaja lol. Greatness


        I'm crying right 😂

      2. Bendel Wolide

        My kinda girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      3. DOOM667

        its a trap

      4. Javier Latorre

        That's hilarious, why was she even tossing mentos at the Coke?

      5. Bernhardus Pagurus

        True true true true

    2. Ganesh Dutt

      3:00 in india that is a festival bro

    3. Boris Бритва


    4. HarajukuSiren

      4:00 the dad pretending to pour cocoa mix on his kid who is steaming hot milk...then freaks out when the mix pours out and you can hear the steamed milk splashing and hissing...

    5. DC Los

      3:28 been there before. Fuck that damn food.

    6. Parker Teeter

      5:43. How I take out the garbage.

    7. Bodhi James

      The McDonald’s one.........again

    8. Delphox Evan

      People that tilt their plate deserve to lose their food but I feel bad for people that fall down with there food

    9. Steven Rodger

      2:53 When your kid eats paint but you are more concerned with getting a good video than seeing if they need medical attention

    10. Rukia

      The first dude’s scream sounds like that scream from the movies

    11. Lj Demaris

      Yeah I've been through some of your videos here quite a few of them actually and I'm wondering how many times you going to load the same clips on a different videos over and over again seriously makes you not want to watch your channel because we know we're going to see this shit we've already seen.

    12. Nicholas Ceci

      October 12

    13. Ian Lopez

      Queen huh i’d like to rethink your steps 2:17

    14. Bobbi Conrad

      Laughing at people getting hurt at work is sick.

    15. Stefan Pierre

      3:24 I've seen this anime before

    16. WailordAttack

      2:24 NIET DE HERTOG JAN!?!?!

    17. John Reid

      Failarmy is great but can you please stop repeating videos

    18. Tommy Crosby

      3:17 TABARNAK

    19. RJ Hacker

      1:50 lolol he was trying not to cry so bad

    20. GradKat

      🤣🤣🤣🤣. As someone who is OCD about tidyness, some of these caused me physical pain. But I felt for that guy who dropped his McDonalds on the steps.

    21. Ally Baby


    22. Itzzz Rhys

      @3:34 the ultimate sign of a human deeply destroyed from the inside 😂😂 I felt the pain dawg

    23. dano r

      The footprints with the paint, had me LMAO. That is future blackmail when they are a teen.. LOL

    24. Sean Clark

      3:20, those reflexes are legendary!

    25. cubeincubes

      Wtf I’ve seen all these

    26. Vamonos Pest


    27. Kevin Ferdian

      Don't even freakin' laugh. I mean, yeah why would someone should laugh at reused montages.

    28. Donovan G

      4:08 great idea. Distract a kid when he's STEAMING MILK

    29. Tiger Gaming

      Reused clips

    30. Asmit Kumar

      4:54 I have seen first Indian clip😂

    31. Walt Aistir

      The man with the paint actually sadens me.

    32. Ionut Croitor

      can we be friends ?

    33. SithSamLive

      You guys are really screwing your channel over by using the same clips over and over and over and over again. We came here for new funny clips not stuff we saw last year and have seen since then.

    34. xQuizate 87

      3:22 i've seen that hentai XD

    35. A

      3:19 my girlfriend

    36. Ruby Tylenda-Emmons

      Me: *sees ppl getting hurt* oh no! Music plays Me: head bags

    37. TheRiisingSun

      So you've got a Patreon now. How about paying someone to keep track of which fails we've seen a million times or better yet, fails we've seen less than 1-2 videos ago? I don't care about "but this video has a theme!". There are several clips from the previous 2 videos.

    38. Tanji

      Everyone gangsta until you make it in this video...

    39. LaRaikaa

      What's the ska song at 4:37?

    40. jaime edo


    41. Lost Soul

      3:25 I feel sooooo bad for him.

    42. Umang Gandhi

      5:37 love his reaction

    43. Richard Sleeve

      So.... Do you have any new videos?

    44. JoeKingMan

      l dont find wasting food funny

    45. Higher Than Time's

      Dude dropping his McDonald's up the steps then flipping out, that's my reaction

    46. Bodhi i

      The last guy was just why god why

    47. Eric Daniel

      0:32 nice save... I don't think anyone noticed.

    48. Ignacio Gordillo


    49. Jewel R

      3:21 does anyone know this cosplayer? i wanna follow them now lol

    50. nothn

      Why did he get toast for his birthday

    51. J. Helmenstine

      This video shows why physics should be a mandatory requirement in school.

    52. Rudy Awesome

      Don't even freaking laugh.... ok. LMFAO

    53. Naksuu

      Okay, the last 3 clippes had zero new content, unsubbing this shit..

    54. Johannes Henrici

      I've never seen this before....... 😴😴😴

    55. Daniel Montgomery

      The thing with fail army now a day’s is it has massive competition with TikTok

    56. Mariusz J


    57. Dima Lavrinenkov

      ну тупыыыыыые

    58. Sergey Ivanov


    59. Tesla Joyride

      revenge of the egg

    60. Witherknight865

      2:56 is the parents not worried that the child had paint in his mouth and probably swallowed it...

    61. SkittlesForTheColorblindPeople

      3:23 Live action hentai!

    62. Twitchy Camera

      3:16 *Rires* Oh tabarnake! *translation* *laugh* Holy f***!

    63. dodgers doon1130

      Looks likes the yokes on him🤣🤣

    64. henne117

      „uR A qUeEn“ *BAAM*

    65. Marc

      3:26 If there is people who is wondering why in Belarus or Hong Kong the protesters did not loot or destroy any business during their riots, well ask yourself if the color of the skin has something to do with it.

    66. DetectiveReen13

      1:10 Oh gosh that melted ice cream.

    67. thesimpsons22

      1:50 he told me off for laughing

    68. lostsoulparty

      maybe only a couple of new clips, but a great compilations

    69. Lina

      This makes me sad Y_Y

    70. RetCeption

      The food was still good...but the drinks weren't. waste of food

    71. Trish Booth

      Don't even fricken laugh 😂😂😊

    72. madridda

      Don't even freaking laugh. Hahahaha

    73. Cameron Angel


    74. Phoboska511

      People who waste food just for the sake of video deserve a big slap. Morons.

    75. Matias Giacusa

      Reduce, reuse, and recycle.



    77. André Reißmann

      Nothing new anymore?

    78. Tails Motto

      unsub no new fails in a long time now

    79. Gustav

      "yes you're a queen" *dies*

    80. martinrps13

      I love all the originals

    81. Eskimos 69

      Should be the death penalty for recording vertically.

    82. DNdavidsonsnation

      What about we stop watching this channel and start watching those who actually work to post new content?

    83. Tim Venker

      Thank god you only re-used clips! God forbid there'd be something new and funny on this channel. At least you cut the motocross-shit :)

    84. Michael Travis Risner

      So, at 0:25, is he taking the Alfredo out of the microwave on a metal baking sheet?

    85. Obito_OO Uchihazz

      2:16 trust me you won't regret watching it, if you do regret it.....meh I couldn't care less.

    86. Nicholas Ceci

      3:58 AM

    87. Nicholas Ceci

      3:57 AM

    88. Nicholas Ceci

      August 12

    89. Roo Hamm


    90. TWD

      1:52 HE WAS HURT haha

    91. Brutal Stuff

      0:29 more like Chicken Alfloordo.

    92. Dude

      1:36 are we going to ignore the fact that this kid's birthday cake was a couple pieces of ham and bread with a candle sticking out of it? lol

    93. Валерий Ветров


    94. Norrin Radd

      The first guy sounds like the Wilhelm scream!!

    95. Nicholas Ceci

      9:21 PM

    96. Nicholas Ceci

      August 10


      This is gay

    98. d evs

      These vids are put the fuck on.

    99. Daqueen_2 7

      2020 is a whole fail

    100. Zachary Snyder

      This is so funny 🤣 😂