When Barack Obama First Asked Michelle About Running For President, She Said No

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    President Obama's new book, "A Promised Land," goes through the events that led to his decision to run for president and why Michelle Obama originally said "no" to the idea. Don't miss Part 3 of Stephen Colbert's in-depth interview with the iconic former president. #Colbert #PresidentObama #BarackObama
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    1. Matthew Magda

      I'm mad at this poorly worded title. What about Michelle '2024'?

    2. Guru Samantaray

      He should ask Michelle Obama to run for thr Presidential Election in 2028! That would be a good idea too!

    3. Socalkid socal

      Man, I still have a man-crush on Obama. I feel happy when I see him and his word are like a hot blanket on a cold day, or when my mom piled laundry out of a hot drier on me. I am a 55 year old (Patriot) Republican. I cannot imagine what Democrats feel. :))))

    4. a adezo

      Watching this, I guess why I got imported to this stolen Land.

      1. BanzEye GAMING


    5. Ollie The Pippogriff

      President Obama knows better than to compete with Michelle🤣😉 A wise hubby🤣🤣🤣

    6. Amelia

      5:50 if any of you make sans memes, heres a free soundbyte, i cba to make it though

      1. Amelia

        "but it"

    7. fleu elise

      He looks SOOOO GOOD with the Grey hair. So this what happens when 98% of the World's weight is lifted of YOUR Chest, 😂😂

    8. Nancy Brown

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    9. John Underwood

      When I heard President Obama’s speech at the DNC. I had no idea who he was. I said to whom ever I was with at the time, this guy is good. He will run for President. The best 8 years in a long time!! Cmon President Biden, lets get it back!!

    10. DontBeA Snowflake

      "....... It's hopeless" !😂😂😂

    11. René Adrián Ponce Canales

      What if Hillary had won in 2008 get reelected and Obama running and winning 2016 and 2020... oh man... what a different world would've be

    12. teresa linton

      i liked president obama and michelle. they were smart but normal people. the one we have now (trump) is a joke. cant wait until the new administration comes in.

    13. i village

      I have just noticed something about OBAMA positive though but i won't say it

    14. Darin b

      Your not far enough apart guys. Your actually way too far away from each other. I know you both were scanned. Geeees.

    15. Sanaa Hanna

      I miss him

    16. Julia S

      I didn't get the reference! Thank you Mr.President!!! :P

    17. Ron Wylie

      God! what a refreshing change after watching that orange cretin for weeks and weeks and seeing him disgrace that office , If they had any sense they would have changed the rules and just allowed him to be in power forever, or even make him a living God like the Dalai Lama

      1. seigeengine

        ... uwotm8

    18. Audrey Simmonds

      Come back Obama all is forgiven !

    19. Laura

      that impression was spot on. 100% fact-based and accurate.

    20. Christine Johnson

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    21. Christine Johnson

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    22. Michael B

      Carisma and intelligents,.You could not have a larger contrast to the bronzed clown that is currently in office. He has to mention a few times about the second idition of his book, three in all. Letts make the most out of his time in office. He looks a bit quere crossing his legs like a women..

      1. seigeengine

        Men have been crossing their legs for a long time. Mostly skinny guys though, what with the need to avoid things being crushed by thighs.

    23. August Nicole

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    24. Primitive Cooking Skill

      I love how Obama is enjoying the moment and talking to the crowd while Biden is just trying to get his lunch

    25. Derek Gatten


    26. Simcha Sher


    27. Financial Freedom

      Last sensible democrat

    28. Sudeshna Biswas

      A drop of tear just ran down my cheeks. I am confused why. ❤

    29. on the farm

      This whole comment section is full of s**t !

    30. fixture orbit

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    31. NINJA Vanoss

      This butter biscuit eatin' bootlickin' TOM.... anyway!!!!!

    32. Van Thur

      What does it say about a man who chooses to improve his image by being interviewed by "a stand-up comedian"? A JOKE! And even better, it is actually such a powerful joke that Uncle Bejing Joe decided to copy his master. Makes TWO JOKES.

      1. seigeengine

        What does it say about an idiot who thinks Barack Obama needs to improve his image, thinks somehow that's what he's here to do, or buys into half-bit propaganda from the nazi party?

    33. Sail Esh

      He is proof that wealth does not bring class, it’s the knowledge and compassion that brings class.

    34. AntiCom

      It’s December 24th, 2020, and Barack Obama is still the most corrupt president in history.

      1. seigeengine

        Meanwhile, in Reality, Obama's administration was exceedingly non-corrupt, but was followed by an administration that broke records for corruption and criminality.

    35. BG Rüzgar

      Bune Beynım acıyooooooo aaaaaaa bune la beynım zokluyo

    36. kevnson

      Should investigate ***Former Overstock CEO claims party to bribery sting w/ Hillary Clinton irvision.info/home/gWHFaqqKd7yHpbw/fy-lm-h-y.html&ab_channel=FoxBusiness

    37. Grimes Elianna

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    38. emiliana hadad

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    39. mary huang

      Pro 17:13 NKJV Whoever rewards evil for good, Evil will not depart from his house. Isa 5:20 NKJV Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    40. Lucas Bitencourt

      Obama is great. Colbert is *awful.* Jesus.

    41. lovatO CR Vero

      Just articulate and genuine answer to even small casual things like.....What were you thinking.."Clearly I was not thinking"...speaks Volume of an intellectual and Smart Man

    42. rahad ban

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    43. Phantom Hawk

      It’s true he was the best president

    44. mwt 233

      Bruh why I’m smiling .... He literally killed my ppl

    45. Herman ten Klooster

      So nice to hear an eloquent president again. Missed you, mr. president Obama.

    46. Vanambadi

      Obama you are a cunning fox. When Tamil people genocide in srilanka what were you do?

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    48. AttorneysKillList Made4Hollywood-Take2


    49. AttorneysKillList Made4Hollywood-Take2


      1. seigeengine

        Why are you talking about Trump?

    50. ✨Ndidi1st✨

      Love the realness of this.. 👏🏾❤️


      Collect the book here amzn.to/3mbdzuw

    52. M Masters

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    53. MN Vihaan 180

      who'll finish first...you or george rr matin...i died there loool

    54. M Masters

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    55. AMWF

      5:42 Stephen Cobert is so easily butthurt. Look at his face. ''That how slow u read sir''...Geez. Same when Conan O Brien pokes fun at him, he can't stand it. This dude has a pathetic thin skin like Donny Trump. Chill Stephen, jesus man. How does he makes fun of Obama but then Obama takes a soft jab back at him. Colbert's triggered lol.

    56. maria aldenir costa

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    57. maria aldenir costa

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    58. Paul Orlando

      He looks at Obama with such loving eyes,lol.

    59. Nicholas Biddle

      Colbert is honestly acting pretty obnoxious

    60. yaşar gürses

      irvision.info/home/qJ6fl6Zjosmbf5s/fy-lm-h-y.html pör

    61. Elena B

      I dont know what I'll be facing when I get home. Then he closes his eyes and you really just feel that moment for him. Lol Michelle's gonna kick your butt Barack lol

      1. Em-Jay Taylor

        I noticed that too. Sub-conscious desire to block out thoughts of what’s coming. Shows he was genuine in his comments

    62. Janis Thompson

      George? White? Game of...? Don’t know it.🥰🇨🇦

    63. M Masters

      Exciting Developments - Rendition Flights to Gitmo. CIA Head confesses to US Voter Fraud & is naming NAMES www.brighteon.com/6bbae6f0-b443-4985-9f2c-889c8c6d4ae9 patriots - changepoint coming Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way... #IamQ-USPatriot

    64. Sandra Gates

      "For those who don't know the reference" Oh, you sweet summer child.

    65. Mauritius Dunfagel

      I don’t want Michelle Obama as president. Barrack was bad enough!

    66. Matt Woody

      To bad he got arrested USA 1 China 0

    67. Eja Lonibu

      I pretend I don't like Obama. Then I sneak in to watch him with awe with my secret IRvision account

    68. Nickel Markham

      What authority does Obama have to speak when he didn’t do anything for 8 years while in office. He was chummy chummy with mediocre prime ministers and president of the world i.e. Canadian prime minster Trudeau. I never was big in following and understanding politics but Trump really educated the public how dark are the Democratic Party with poor leaders such Obama, Biden and Kamala.

      1. seigeengine

        "HURRDIDNTDUNUFFIN" -screeching nazis

    69. M Masters

      Stephen Colbert - Game, Set, Match www.brighteon.com/85eb594a-046e-48b7-989d-25a1d868ba67 Enemy Combatants can loose all of their assets "worldwide" by 2018 Executive Order. That could include you, Chuckles. Just keep on with the misdirection. Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way... #IamQ-USPatriot

    70. savicast

      Steven colbert is so funny....I fell for him when he did a skit on daily show. He called a gay black a double minority.....I feel off the bed and he said it in a serious face....bro I still laugh thinking about it

    71. Carolyn Kelleher

      Steven could you be just a tad more kind to him and less cheeky. It’s like you need to put him in his place. It’s sort of an insecure male thing guys do and it’s sort of sad. Stop it . You are funny and brilliant and we love you so please dhow some respect to your guest who is also brilliant and served us well at great cost .

    72. derpina haha

      to be real, as a non native english speaker i love the speaking style of obama in his audio book...because i can actually understand him.

    73. pam113kuf ;pom'fot

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    74. M Masters

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    75. M Masters

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    76. Shane Miller

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    77. v. st. lord

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    78. Jace Woods

      Who does he want to play him in the movie.....Will?

    79. Teedz Krem

      I love Obama and Stephen's relationship. Stephen is Michelle's friend, and Barack knows it. He doesn't even try to hide that he knows it's like that lmao

    80. Lehmannation

      For the record Mr. President, I DID notice the important regulations you put on appliances to cut carbon.

    81. Cher Marie

      I really miss Obama. He is so honest and real. A good man.

    82. imaloony8

      Remember how Obama was able to laugh at himself? That people made jokes at his expense and he was able to laugh along and didn't immediately go on a Twitter Tantrum? No joke, there's a video online where Obama makes a "Thanks Obama" joke. It's uncanny. Trump would never be able to do something like that. It'd hurt his poor ego too much.

    83. Gregory Parrott

      When asked about things for which Obama did not receive credit, I would add the alternative he chose when Assad "Crossed the Red Line". Many accused Obama of being weak for not bombing Syria following the use of chemical weapons. Instead, he succeeded in having 1308 TONS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS REMOVED. Consider this: -) Assad had widely dispersed his chemical weapons (Sarin, Mustard gas, etc.) -) We didn't know where all the chemical stockpiles were -) Assad had placed some stockpiles within urban settings - which precluded bombing them -) A retaliatory strike at an army base or the like would have questionable effect. -) IN 2013-2013, Assad's regime was in danger of falling to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and the Taliban -) If Assad's regime collapsed, the terrorists would possess those chemical weapons Instead of bombing Obama (and Kerry) with the aid of Russia, had 1308 TONS of chemical weapons removed and destroyed. THAT was a good move, far superior to bombing a few sites in Syria.

    84. truongphamthu trannhutham

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    85. Hans Stok / NIPPER Amsterdam NL

      Michelle said NO !: irvision.info/home/nHLcp2qig8qXbrQ/fy-lm-h-y.html Plus stayed ANGRY: irvision.info/home/nHLcp2qig8qXbrQ/fy-lm-h-y.html Kudus for Barack for being so open and honest !

    86. Ray Perez


    87. Alex Walker

      "I read it, she does" Colbert is such a Michele fan

    88. M Masters

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    89. Vida Spence

      When I first saw Barack Obama in an interview, I believe it was with Oprah, I said "this man is amazing, he'd make a great Potus" & he was...!....and will again..?..❣️...

    90. Bobby Mulligan

      Barack is a criminal.

    91. Debbie Fournier

      I'm with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Goodness!

    92. Cash


    93. Aaron Weintrob

      Listening to Obama be interviewed and Trump be interviewed makes it clear why there is such a huge education gap in the voting.

    94. Rachel57

      She stayed mad all 8 years 😂😂😂😂😂 AND IT WOULD FLARE UP OCCASIONALLY 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can so picture this, him coming home one day and she’s sitting on the couch staring at him and then huffs away 😭 He’s like, wait what just happened? Don’t tell me it’s the President thing again 😅

    95. opinions in ASMR

      I didn’t know the reference lmao

    96. bocoy noiu

      Me: I'm gonna run for president... Wife: What? Me: What?!

    97. Sheas Heayv

      Let the man, (former President Obama), tell me who George is! So who is is this George that Stephen Colbert says "everyone knows "?

    98. El Floyo

      After reminiscing how he ruined our country for 8 years, and hoping for a third term through Hillary or now Biden, I can only say thank you Jesus for delivering us from this evil man and his policies.

    99. melek twelve

      Sorry Stephen, I haven't a clue who George R R. Martin is. You should have let him finish his explanation.