Why Did The Egyptians Stop Building Pyramids? | Immortal Egypt | Timeline

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    The professor explores one of Saqqara's last pyramid complexes to illustrate how Ancient Egypt's `Pyramid Age' came to an end. A worsening climate combined with political upheaval, famine and economic difficulties to plunge the state into a dark era of civil war, with the land dividing into smaller city-states headed by ambitious small-town leaders. In an obscure tomb in Thebes, she uncovers the stories of warriors who fought in the bloody battle that would eventually lead to Egypt's reunification, and reveals how settlers known as the `Hyksos' tried to infiltrate the fledgling nation's government to seize the throne.
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    5. Shane Anderson

      egyptians didn’t build anything ! they destroyed everything ! still do ! it was all there long before the Egyptians found it .

    6. Richard Key

      This so called famine was their own fault they were warned and continued to oppress GODS people - exact same as it is today

    7. Helena Franzén

      Many of us are dependant on calculators for the simplest of tasks. These people calculated and constructed these huge monuments with precision and accuracy thousands of years ago. Makes me feel dumb, really.

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    13. Delaram Salmassi

      I wish really from the very bottom of my heart Iran had as much history as ancient Egypt! I love ancient Egypt and its history and civilization and culture.

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    18. Alejandro Romero

      Becsuse they never built them in the first place..Another civilization did that's why the face of the sphinx is different..They changed it to take credit for something the never did..just moved in and became the new land lords

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    20. Professor Roy Hinkley

      They stopped building pyramids because they never built any... they found the pyramids

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    22. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

      Why did the Egyptians lie about their carbon dating? To demolish existing UNESCO heritage sites for fracking.

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    30. Robert Bolstad

      Perhaps one of the reasons the Egyptians stopped building pyramids was simply due to escalating costs.

    31. Circle Nine

      They were not the builders of the great pyramids, they just copied after them! They found the big ones already being built, probably tens of thousands of years ago. They were just their restorers! And they gave them a purpose, a use and who could be worthy of such a construction than the most powerful man-god in the state, the pharaoh; that's it. I suspect they were being built by other humanoid species, maybe still homosapines, but long time ago, when humanity was probabily again on a very high tehnological level, similar to ours today, but yet different and maybe, even looking a little "magic" compared to our perception and how we perceive things in 2021

    32. Eigil Skovgaard

      This woman is one of the well paid gatekeepers for the worldwide accepted historical narrative. It's rather telling for the money behind her, that each time another historical video on YT ends, one of her presentations is the most likely to follow. I have watched her stand besides one of the impressive granite boxes of Serepeum and talk about a mummified bull without any physical evidence of such a thing ever found. At the same time she totally ignores the blatant more primitive carvings on the outside of the box. Such blindness makes her a professional manipulator.

    33. Sweet Trubble

      I like this lady. I saw her once before and liked her very much.

    34. Michaelangelo

      Anyone who still believes Egyptians built the pyramids- or the beautiful lion next to them.. is insane and shouldn’t be involved in researching history.

    35. Big Daddy

      Here’s the answer to the question : Why did Egyptians stop building pyramids? They never did build any

    36. Paul Kell DC

      The "Egyptians" inherited Cheops but built the recent pyramid of Sachara. The weathering surrounding the Sphinx is 10K to 800K years old.

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      What if the question in the title is based on a false premise?

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    48. Tobias Boon

      I got one for this "scientist". How did the cut through marble with such precision using only copper tools? No tools that size have ever been found. Two strikes and the blade would have been useless, nevermind the fact the whatever the ancient egyptians built, they put hieroglyphs EVERYWHERE. Yet nothing in the great pyramid? Get your head out of the sand!!! It ain't aliens though.

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      Did anybody ever ask himself why those pyramids at Giza were built? Not to host the body of an unimportant pharaoh but to save knowledge. They were built by a high educated and skilled Previous Civilization that knew that they would vanish because of a recurring, thus predictable natural disaster. They made the Great Pyramid as a message from them to us. In the pyramid their history must have been recorded. And they may have left interesting knowledge for us. But everything is stolen thousands of years ago. Later pharaos, leading a less skilled civilization, tried to copy this concept because it would make a great burrial site for them. But soon they realized that they were no longer capable to make such a construction. That recurring disaster is caused by the ninth planet of our solar system, also known as Nibiru. That planet is known for thousands of years. We find abundant and convincing evidence for the crossing of this planet 9 and the cycle of civilizations that is the effect of the disasters. To learn more about the cycle of civilizations and its timeline, recurring floods and ancient high tech, read the e-book: Planet 9 = Nibiru. You can read it nicely on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Just search for: invisible nibiru 9

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    56. Denny Barlau

      Why do they keep lying about the pyramids they are 10 thousand years old not 5 the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids the Annaki did

      1. Denny Barlau

        @Johann Adam Weishaupt to start they carbon test on the pyramids proving the pyramids are 10 thousand years old yet they keep saying 5 thousand they start with a lie

      2. Johann Adam Weishaupt

        @Denny Barlau And why should I believe them but not the people who made this video?

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      This Ancient Egyptologist has always been an obvious favourite.👍 Love the focus on the ancient culture. --Shannon

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    66. oneeyedboxer

      So much bloodshed for nothing, one thing I learned so far from this series is that humans need a story for them to believe and be a part of and the best story is when you tell them you are a deity or know one. Overall these documentaries are amazing and feel like a time machine.

    67. Linh Hoàng

      Fun fact: Cleopatra lived in a time period closer to today than to the time the first pyramid was built. Imagine how astounding and long lasting the Ancient Egyptian Civilization was.



      1. Johann Adam Weishaupt


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      What a beautiful docmentary. Thank you

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      Ancient Egyptian culture has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. Love documentaries like this! 🇪🇬

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    73. ll Kryuel ll

      Jesus Christ y’all still teaching the Egyptians build them when we’ve confirmed they predate the Egyptians and found the Dead Sea scrolls which say they were made by Enoch before the flood, as well as finding heavy water erosion around the sphinx supporting that they were made before the flood before Egyptians? Seriously? How can pretend to be educated enough to make a documentary you’re not even educated in?

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      1. P34RL

        Med students often become so desensitised to bones that we often have them lying beside our pillows/ forget that we shouldn't scratch an itch while studying bones. Edit: I meant to say that the archaeologist/presenter has probably become desensitised to ancient relics/artifacts/mummies to a certain degree because of years of exposure...

      2. Jinxed Sphinx

        @Mac and Cheese they also made a “rare and expensive” brown pigment / paint out of them!! Wild

      3. Mac and Cheese

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      4. Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

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    77. Paulina Valdez

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      1. SurfK9

        The slave thing has been thoroughly debunked. The housing of paid workers was excavated years ago. Plus the story of the exodus is absurd.

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    79. קישור יעקב

      Why did the Egyptians stop building pyramids? Because My Israelite people were liberated from Egypt and set out to their promised land. This set in motion the end of the age of worshipping the pagan sun and moon gods of Nimrod's descendant nations which became Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, Aztec, Miyan, many of the Arab cultures, among others. This is also why we see pyramids around the world dating to 3-6,000 years ago. When Babel was destroyed, the people were scattered across the globe. With them, they took their pagan worship of the sun and moon gods, and their building of pyramids to house them. All going back to the original pyramid of Babel destroyed by God. They were simply building what they knew. In time, Monotheism took over, whether through Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, and this practice of building a tower to and for, your gods ended.

    80. Larry Nevarez

      Ancient Egypt reached the same that all groups of people eventually come to reach, God’s or God. Seems to me that, it’s unavoidable, maybe even fixed, and any lack of it’s upkeep, leads to the groups break up. The stronger and longer control of religion the governance of the group has, correlates with the growth, power and longevity of the groups. Amazing is that we have gotten this far.

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    82. StephenRahrig

      Wait a sec I’m several minutes in and there’s absolutely no mention of why they stopped building pyramids. Is this just clickbait?

      1. Mike Kins

        Sorry to burst your bubble the Egyptian didn't build the pyramids. The stone quarry has Erosion that shows to be over 12000 years old. Long before the Egyptians.

      2. Vero Nica

        I'm at 27:49 and still nothing. giving up. her voice is so annoying.

      3. Rx Zabaleta

        Was it clickbait? Im barely starting

    83. mark watts

      Because they never built them ...they were already there..as they said.

    84. Chris Bevan

      Same reason the government won't build another Millennium Dome.

    85. Ahzarayah Eliab Zebulun

      Because it wasn’t egyptians building it. The ones who builded it left in 726 or around that time 2 Esdras 13:40-50

      1. 0x777

        @Ahzarayah Eliab Zebulun Well, present it?

      2. Ahzarayah Eliab Zebulun

        @0x777 yes i do

      3. 0x777

        An interesting hypothesis. Do you have any evidence to back it up?

    86. Robert Rock

      they lost the ark of the covenant... that was there 'power' base. and the lost communication with other pyramids /peoples around the world, the was the depiction of the vision of Joseph... this vid is heresy

    87. Kotor

      is there a reason as to why the statues at the beginning had the noses and arms broken? Or were they simply just broken?

      1. Rx Zabaleta

        I think they broke over time

    88. WCVV WCVV

      Why does she always wear black ? Black absorbs the heat !

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    93. Polly Garland

      There was a great famine in Egypt for 7 years...info in the ancient writings of the bible

      1. King Smoke

        We’re you actually there? What if that’s what they wanted you to think? What if it was cover up story

    94. MACABRE L.A.

      i always wondered how much wild game the egyptians ate. they were surrounded by plentiful wild game of all kinds i wonder how much of it they consumed on any regular basis or how much they just relied on domesticated animals.

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