Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Bankroll (Visualizer)

Rich The Kid

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    Official audio by Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Bankroll © 2020 Rich Forever Music / EMPIRE

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    1. 2KGod KingSnake

    2. Thony Type Beats

      That way

    3. Chasin Papers


    4. Chasin Papers


    5. Chasin Papers


    6. Chasin Papers


    7. Chasin Papers


    8. Recvnッ

      Why they look like they in the boondocks

    9. Revo Dior


    10. Revo Dior


    11. Wockstr.

      Ynw melly vibes

    12. sqeezyyy

      This is 🔥

    13. Jared&Cira Nation

      Nba youngboy the greatest rapper alive 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐💚💕

    14. Jared&Cira Nation

      Rich the kid fucked the song up

    15. 88SLiiME kaepernick

      Its been so long since ive seen tristan zammit's artwork

    16. lil Bills

      The kid 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐉

    17. Mad


    18. Mad


    19. kyle Malone

      BIG WAVE G/⚡️

    20. Triple AAA


    21. Faure Fundora

      Rich the kid gonna be running from Kodak when he hears this n Kodak not uzi “that boy really can’t whoop me “ dead fly’s everywhere

    22. Malik Guecisa


    23. asioe kiou

      37k views?🤦🏻‍♂️ This deserves at least 1 million views

    24. Scott Worrell

      Why they ain’t put the dents in Top head ?

    25. Maryan Aden

      Loool why yb look like dat on cartoon

    26. Javius Riley


    27. Chance Smith

      Who the hell did the Title like that for Yb

      1. LifeWithFoxx But can this blow up ?

      2. asioe kiou


    28. Bryson Prather

      God is great

    29. Modelz

      I ain’t going to lie but yb look I a girl they need to change that there

    30. Not GG silent

      Now this the rich the kid I like. Youngboy went off ong

    31. Simps Sit Down

      These nyuggas straight outta Boondocks

    32. Godlikenova Universe

      Godlike collaboration 💯🙌🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥nba yb, rtk godz legendary 🙌 🔥🔥🌋🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥🇻🇮🔥🔥💯🙏🙏

    33. b.

      If you seeing this go bump Obreez on 🍎 music IRvision OUT THE MUD ALBUM 🔥 🔥

    34. Valerie x

      Dis album gonna be so hard 🔥

    35. Lucas Mendes

      Caralho top demais brabooo

      1. Wyo Records


      mine time is otw2

      1. Wyo Records choppa city out now 🔥

    37. Hxndreds

      who else just keeps singing "WITH A WHOLE LOTTA WATER, WIT A WHOLE LOTTA DRIP ON ME"

    38. Nhana yaw Baron Flips Cudjoe

      No cap💯🍾

    39. Ben Dover

      Before a mil

    40. Ben Dover

      Never thought I’d say rich the kid actually was fye

    41. Frederic Reid


    42. KING CALI


    43. WoahCam _

      this yb song now frfr

    44. Sizwe Khomo

      YoungBoy avatar looking hella gay

    45. Tyree Shorter-Batiste

      someone make a hour loop plz cause This Shit Hard ASF!!!!!!!

    46. BIG3 OSAMA

      I wish I got support like NBA YOUNGBOY 🤦🏾‍♂️😭 but my day coming sooner then I think god bless whoever grinding out here💪🏿

    47. Scarlet Harmison

      Rich The Kid is a real talent. He ain't like all these other rappers out there who just be going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get more views up to go viral. Thumbs up who agrees

      1. Kevon Brownridge

        Post a edit to this on my channel 🔥

    48. Angelo Iorio

      Nobody hear the armed and dangerous sample🤔

    49. Tayron Zeno

      Who ever did this can’t draw bruh on God do somethin else

    50. GFX Plasma


    51. credeaux24

      This shyt dope

    52. Im SF6

      Why nba gotta look gay 😕

    53. Justina Lynn


    54. NL KINGJ

      why it sound like he said "you a shrimp,imma take ya bitch to pompano"

    55. 4KT Onslime

      I never really listened to this song because rich the kid can’t Rap but when I heard it on kylie jenner story I had to 😭

    56. Dalon Edmond

    57. Shermarlo


    58. sᴛᴏғғᴇ

      how tf I missed this for 6days shit fire

    59. Jhari Jones

      Every song they made together is about money

      1. LifeWithFoxx But can this blow up ?

    60. TayDaGamer HD

      Ian gone lie rich can’t never come back from lil Uzi ts tucked up my image of him badly dude a whole bitch😭💯

    61. Israel Figueroa

      Hey, nba young boy makes too much money for all his music is rare & exclusive. His taking over the music industry only his music is wanted.

    62. Eliban Valera

      Rich deserves more views no lie his flow I can play on repeat on god

      1. LestoFremo

        2017 rich flow was fye

      2. LestoFremo

        Ngl this rich flow is ass.

    63. Kill Erzz

      Haha, I like how yb is starting to get his old sounded vibes back 💯

    64. I 369I

      Y’all should make a rapper anime

    65. Castle Axel

    66. Trillflame

      Could Lebron, Ad & Giannis go 82-0 or win a Championship

    67. 1h1t_ J4y

      Claim you’re “here before a million views” ticket here

    68. andy_actually_


      1. LifeWithFoxx But can this blow up ?

    69. Ben Devine

      Dude this song is actually fire

    70. DaBbiNg DrEaMZz

      I hope not that many ppl hear this. This will be my little secret 😘

    71. jun10rf3

      Dude Sound like lil baby

    72. chris howell

      Yes sir 👏 🙌 🙏 👌 💯 ☺ 👏 🙌 🙏 👌 💯 ☺ 👏

    73. bry


    74. 3WyC

      Had this before it was released

    75. Yes Sir

      With whole lotta wataaaaa

    76. Dat Boi COZ

      This shit bops🔥

    77. FadedHD

      They did Yb wrong with these visuals 😭💀

    78. TheyHateZay

      Imma be realistic the beat and yb verse hit different 🥴

    79. OTF Tone toon in

    80. NBA Ty123

      Yo rich drop that song with you and pop smoke with polo g

    81. 3k. Topp

      rich needs to take whatever he got in his mouth out his ahh don't know how to talk

    82. Goku’s Son

      Why yb look like ah gay dude.

    83. Juan Quinones

      Lol why does nba youngboy lips built like that in the visualizer

      1. LifeWithFoxx But can this blow up ?

      2. Kevon Brownridge

        Post a edit to this on my channel 🔥

    84. Ethos TV

      youngboy crazy

    85. Clayton Mlinar

      hey rich you need to make a comeback soon cause i miss your music on the radio

    86. Dawon Thomas

      if this was on yb channel it would have been at a million

    87. Terry finesse anderson


    88. LockDieselBeats


    89. N233

      I love rich but he low key trash lol

    90. Antonio Beckwith

      Everybody subscribe to solidlikejay , he next up. Claim y’all tickets of knowing him before he famous.

    91. Christian Cigna

      This beat oml

    92. Infantry the Firework

      How do i go viral

    93. I'm not a simp

      This beat go hard asf👌🏾

    94. KK GRINX

      Can the f+cking comments actually be about the song . Not good luck and being rich ?

    95. Jack Frost


      1. Leaked Music

        Choppa city out now 🔥💥

    96. Fno Damarian


    97. Parlan Sanders

      5 days ago??? 😡😡 I'm mad I ain't hear this cause it's too 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. LifeWithFoxx But can this blow up ?

    98. Trae Trae

    99. SLIPS 714

      Why they give young boy eyeliner and why rich the kid twichin like that

    100. nbafourkaytray fourfour

      Y youngboy look like dat 🤣