UNDISPUTED | Snoop Dogg reacts to Chiefs looks to beat Tampa Bay for back-to-back Lombardi Trophies

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    #Undisputed #SkipBayless #ShannonSharpe
    UNDISPUTED | Snoop Dogg reacts to Chiefs looks to beat Tampa Bay for back-to-back Lombardi Trophies

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    1. Tomas

      I respect and Love Mr. Snoop He is part of our culture Transcendent music He has evolve and can work in any industry and do a great job Me caes super bien


      Skip called it

    3. Cesar Valdizan

      Great interview Snoop

    4. Cesar Valdizan

      Skip tells it like a G. Amen 🙏

    5. RevanJJ

      Wow Skip turned out to be 100% correct

    6. Clayton Kendall

      Snoop- “how important are those missing tackles?” Looks like they’re pretty important lol

    7. christian lukusa

      Skip was right

    8. simba machafa

      this aged well

    9. Henry Lopez

      Look at the lights in snoops glasses they look like eye balls 😅😂

    10. Josh Hunsberger

      Momma mahomes gonna be mad you called him out of name, o wait

    11. Michael C

      Shay eating crow today on his BS predictions!

    12. Brian Cameron

      Skip pretty much called this game

    13. William Delaine

      Bucs Bihhhh

    14. J SIMM

      Shannon fk you was off !

    15. Papa T

      Hey Shannon, during Mahomes three years Tom Brady has won two Super Bowls.

    16. Marcus Lane

      Snoop definitely knows football, notice he spoke about how important are those tackles!

    17. cdogdragon18

      Then they realize it was a Slaughter

    18. TampaOutlaw

      Only one team got into the 30's Shannon.

    19. Leo González

      Snoop cant rap he's an untalented over-rated scum bag who gets recognition for his ignorance and stupidity

    20. Leo González

      Snoop is an anti-semetic racist piece of shist who hates Jews and White people facts

    21. Leo González

      Snoop looks like grandma with a mustache

    22. Leo González

      Snoop is an a-hole

    23. TheGamblinGoon

      Looking back at this mannnnn does skip know football. Everything he said was gonna happened, happened.

    24. Tim C

      Lmao. How does that Brady tea taste? Lmao

    25. Ken Xiong

      All the Patrick Mahomes fanboys quiet right now lol

    26. Jodi Allen

      Hate to say it, but skip was right


      SHANNON, you were right the score will be in 30s. BUT NOT YOUR TEAM!!

    28. Jay M. R

      So funny watching this after the Super Bowl Shannon always going with the black guy

    29. cedric williams

      Those guys didn't have to deal with free agency like they do now. After a couple Super Bowls, the other teams will start picking your roster apart by offering big money. Guys are like, I got 2 rings, now it's time to go get the big money. You need good mid level guys. Those mid level guys on one team can go get paid like high level guys on another team.

    30. Palahume

      Snoop mad that the white guy won (snoop is a racist). 🤔😏

      1. The Swedes Versus

        @Palahume LOOOOOOOOOOL are you serious? Just because Snoop don't think Eminem is the goat that makes him a racist? Now that's taking reaching to a brand new level.

      2. Palahume

        @The Swedes Versus Not really. Example: Snoop won't acknowledge Eminem as the GOAT 🐐 because he's white and Snoop wants rap to be a black-only dominated culture. That is clear in his behaviour.

      3. The Swedes Versus

        @Palahume Ah I see you're trolling.

      4. Palahume

        @The Swedes Versus Naw, just sounds like something someone would do to avoid receiving a bunch of flack publicly 😆😂😂

      5. The Swedes Versus

        @Palahume Really? I've heard him praise white guys before. Sounds like something a racist wouldn't do.

    31. timba Land

      Go buccs and pm didnt do shit

    32. Jamaal Fox

      Pdiddy got zero touchdowns

    33. Danny Hjellming

      Skip’s speakin stupid saying that Brady will “find a way to keep it low scoring” How the hell is he gonna control that outside of not scoring?

    34. Yehola Getaneh

      That eyewear says..I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks lol

    35. Sean Omari

      Snoop should be on the panel for Basketball 🏀 & American football 🏈. I really enjoyed listening to him

    36. Brandon Carter

      Snoop hair line tho

    37. Troy Bradley

      Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. 😂😂😂😂 Say that 5 times fast

    38. Troy Bradley

      Guess you anticipated it wrong leshannon 😂😂😂

    39. Titan 2020

      Damn! Snoop sweet talked his way out of picking a winner like a pro. No props for that tho! He literally didn't answer any question as to him.

    40. Scott Hill

      Shannon, couldn't have been more wrong.... take some of his salary away for pitiful guessing

    41. Bradley Elliott

      Snoop Dog is straight Trash

    42. Michael McIntosh


    43. Josh Rennie

      Snoop made a excellent point chiefs been to Tampa buccaneers hasn’t mmm

    44. Captain Smoke

      Man Snoop is freaking old. lol

    45. Rey

      Why don't we have a Snoop sports show already?

    46. Izzy Schuetz

      Y’all forget that the 49ers four man pass rush got to home boy an he throw 2picks but at the end he came back an won


      Snoops gonna go with the blackest staff. Mentioned eric benimy, why? Oh

    48. GJ Williams

      Everybody's stupid.

    49. 강현정

      The sticky diving hypothetically manage because gum dolly shop apud a far-flung number. scattered, aboriginal police

    50. Ben Vasilinda

      It makes u wonder how many SuperBowl wins does Brady need to win where people pick him to win? If Brady had 15 SuperBowl wins under his belt, would they still pick McHomles? What if Brady had 20 SuperBowl wins, would that be enough? 6 is more than any other player ever to have and it seems that 6 isn't enough. Brady is at home in the SuperBowl. He wins 2 out of every 3 SuperBowls in his history.

    51. Jordan Bostic

      Was this the SNOOP show? 🤣

    52. Teej Davenport

      Snoop channeling his inner Stevie Wonder

    53. Truth 007

      30-23 CHIEFS

    54. joe smith


    55. Talk with leelee

      Im so sick of skip saying the same damn thing

    56. Mike G

      People keep talking about Brady so 43 that’s bit old . I know people thats in there 20s and 30s and can’t do Jack

    57. Doc

      Snoop has come a long way since deep cover

    58. Fidel Christro

      Snoop dodged right up ottta there and didn't pick a winner lol a true media professional 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. SenseiP

      So he just not gone choose? Lol

    60. Brian Fasulo

      And these running qbs don’t ever make the super bowl

    61. Ruben Murillo

      I wasnt excitited until i hear snoop talk abt it

    62. system 11

      Where's all Snoops steelers gear?😂🤣

    63. Donald Johnson

      Just watched the game Steelers fan

    64. Les Schoenberger

      Snoop reminds me of Aqib Talib, not only his looks but his attitude and the way he talks.

    65. Richard G.

      Snoop just called it. It comes down to pressure and he thinks Mahomes can't handle it yet. So Brady win's this game but maybe P diddy Mahomes comes back each year until he get's closer to the G.O.A.T. I like Mahomes but yeah I agree this not his year he's scared and he's gonna look off this SuperBowl because Brady attention is spookinng him and left him feeling overwhelmed!

    66. maximo-0101

      KC-Wins 🏈🏆

      1. Geesus


    67. Justice Scales

      I think Snoop needs to just take over this show. No co-host. Just Snoop, a blunt, and his thoughts.

    68. D OneAndDon

      Snoop the man...they picked wrong Rapper the roach Lil Wayne to sing their song...

    69. roel puente

      Snoop pick a mf side!

    70. J DOT EASY

      *thought that was maya Angelou in the thumbnail*

    71. TheBoomBoomBlast

      God I hate Skip

    72. Mina #9

      Tom is good with time management except when he's on 4th down playing against the Bears LOL

      1. Nikki Jackson


    73. J Carter

      Bucs 32 Chiefs 20 Brady7th 💍

      1. Jerome Ron

        Not happening

    74. 100% RaiderHater

      "You don't bet against Brady he has won 6 Superbowls". Brady, has been to 10 Superbowls so betting against him is not all that crazy.

    75. David Rodriguez

      I went to straight to the comments to....

    76. Richard Morris

      Not a snoop fan but his statements are remarkably well thought out.

    77. J VC

      If TB tries to blitz every play, the game will be over by half time. Experience favors the Chiefs and I think we haven’t seen their best game this year. Sneaky Reid had some crazy stashed in his back pocket. Sammy is gonna come out with new looks and I see Bell breaking free and if Brady starts throwing deep and gets picked, it’s over. 🔥🔥🍾

      1. Kelvin Barber

        You can forget running on the Bucs. Dont waste your time.

    78. Sing Sing

      Love me some Snoop! Best guest on the show.

    79. Tim Smith

      They are not talking about kc defense bcuz they can turn up too I think they can get to Brady than the bucs can get to Mahomes bcuz pat is a mobile qb.

    80. Billy Mici

      His heart is saying Steelers his brain is saying- Why the f does skip say Brady’s full name?

    81. Mike Roberts

      If the chiefs win tommorow I can't wait to hear skip blame everybody but Brady 😂

    82. Kyle Segal

      I love snoop im also a steelers fan

    83. Eclipse Playys

      Snoop is just trash I’d love to hear him and Shay Shay the victim talk about how the white man is their daddy but are both self made black men and listen to them talk shit about Trump when Snoop is a black version of Trump


      Snoop needs his own sports show..

    85. QuickScope


    86. Tv Depot

      Bitch lair! You're a raider fan.

    87. Kal38

      Skiiip Mahomes is going to make a few mistakes.. 💯

    88. Doug Hanson

      What? Thomas S Freddy Brady Jr Sr the 3rd

    89. Victor Creed

      Snoop is the only man that can get away with rocking those specs.

    90. NFLtoUFC

      Lord, PLEASE do not let skip be right.

    91. Joseph Baker

      Snoop is time to let your hair go it let you go a long time ago😂😂 with those auntie glasses smh I know they worth more money than my entire life earnings but com on man 🤨

    92. TheMaverickIII

      Doesnt Skip ever get tired of being wrong!!!!

    93. m m

      Mahomes is throwing dots though! Let’s go kc!

    94. Troy Goodnow

      Pure pocket passing has proved that longevity is possible. Scrambling has not..... short lived careers

    95. Troy Goodnow

      Hard to keep same team together.... CAP issues, guys wanting to get paid. Lets see how Mahomes does when he has a whole different cast of characters....thats what has made Brady so good.... he can still do it no matter the team make up.


      The queefs are about take an L and Mahomo is going to come as g*y, FOH!!

    97. Jamin Shinkowski

      Skip rocking that chain Wayne got him.

    98. Leon Rodriguez

      To see how great mahomes is is to see how good he is with a average wr .

    99. Darius Kincaid /K.C. High Grade


    100. Realistic Ross

      Damn skip out here giving out government names like hot cakes