🏆 The Game Awards 2020: Nominee Announcement 🎮


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    Geoff Keighley announces the nominees for The Game Awards in this special event, leading into the live show on Thursday, December 10.
    Game of the Year includes:
    Animal Crossing New Horizons
    Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Ghost of Tsushima
    The Last of Us Part II
    Get Ready to Vote: www.thegameawards.com/nominees
    Stream the show on live Thursday, December 10 in 4K on IRvision.
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    1. Youlo King

      Everyone here are talking about who's gonna win. And here i am thinking if they will announce something for...... Ahhhhhh Elden Ring..... Ohhhhh elden ring.... See you the 12 december, then i will leave my cave...

    2. Rikuo Shinrameki

      V-tubers shown no love in content creator of the year. They literally DOMINATED 2020.

    3. Pekoe The Cub

      I’m confused about among us. Isn’t it from 2018?

    4. Youlo King

      Ghost of tsushima deserve best art direction for me. The level design and the beautiful landscapes was something in this game. I know Ori is also on the line, but the first one already had something. Ghost at least deserve this award

    5. Hiro Hayden

      xqc robbed

    6. Broxton_

      4:14 you guys are joking, right?

    7. Norwing Martinez

      My game of the year is the last of us part 2

    8. Taco Fusion

      The only Award I would be fine with The Last of Us Part 2 winning would be Ashley Johnson for the best performance

    9. Yan Aks


    10. Rocket Man

      When are they going to bring back the Character of the Year award?

    11. Rodrigo Seratiuk

      The existence of The Last of Us 2 is a crime

    12. Mad Bartender

      1:13 exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    13. chris kennedy

      3 minutes in, already wanting to kill someone with how many times the last of us part 2 was said.

    14. Als YT

      I can't wait to see the haters of tlou2 crying when the game is gonna win the best game of the year

    15. Abdulmajeed Alzahrani

      The last of us game of the year

    16. xNAMx10

      Ranking predictions for GOTYr: 1- Hades (Winner) 2- The last of us 2 3- Animal Crossing 4- Doom eternal 5- Ghost of Tsushima 6- FF7R Personal ranking for GOTY: 1- The last of us 2 (Winner) 2- Ghost of Tsushima 3- Doom eternal 4- Animal crossing 5- Hades 6- FF7R

    17. Myriad Truths Go Brrr

      Ah yes among us, definitely a 2020 game

    18. G1d00

      we would like to nominate last of us part 2 for best fighting game of the year

    19. Beaulah Manohar

      Last of us 2

    20. Real shadow montages

      I can see why among us wasn’t nominated for game of the year

    21. Dan Welsh


    22. FoxyIlGamerOtto - FiGO

      I love the part when he says "The Last of Us Part II"

    23. ollie511

      My Predictions For Game Awards: Game Of The Year- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Game Direction- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Narrative- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Art Direction- Ori and the Will of the Wisps Best Score and Music- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Audio Design- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Performance- Ashley Johnson as Ellie (Last of Us Part 2) Games For Impact- Kentucky Route Zero Best Ongoing- Fortnite Best Indie- Hades Best Mobile Game- Genshin Impact Best Community Support- Fortnite Best VR/AR- Half-Life: Alyx Innovation in Accessibility- The Last of Us Part 2 Best Action- Hades Best Action/Adventure- Ghost of Tsushima Best Role Playing- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Fighting- Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition Best Family- Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Sim/Strategy- Gears Tactics Best Sports/Racing- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Best Multiplayer- Among Us Best Debut Game- Carrion Content Creator Of The Year- Alanah Pearce Most Anticipated Game- Elden Ring

    24. Embersparky0227

      ThE LaST oF uS PaRT TwO

    25. Hypeman 18

      "Tune in live on December 10".. nahhh the Last of us part 2 awards sounds pretty lame.. think I'll be busy playing Cyberpunk instead while listening to the riots over TLOU2 winning mostly everything.

    26. The Meme Boi

      The Last of Us part 2? Best narrative? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NICE JOKE!

      1. it r yes it r

        It did have the best narrative of any game this year so no, not a joke. quite deserving of the win actually

    27. Zach Doster

      I'd like to kick off the list for best toaster with The last of us part 2 followed by The last of us part 2 and for the final spot on the list I'm happy to announce that it's The last of us part 2 The revenge with a new hope for more last of us part 2

    28. Zach Doster

      I'm kind of surprised rainbow six siege did not get nominated for best esport game

    29. Cortexius 1

      Remember bois, awards are temporary, but Doom kinda deserves one tho.

    30. OVO_Ann

      The only thing I want last of us to win in is Best score/ Music only thing I liked about the game

    31. Elton Murati

      Imagine if the last of us part 2 wins game of the year🥵

    32. Nova

      Almost everything will go to TLOU2 and I aint interested in that shit. Im not watching this woke shit. Stop using useless "journalists" to decide the games, use the players. Wanna know the best games of the year then check out steam awards and not this shit.

    33. Milher The Phoenix Mendez

      TLOU2 is a survival horror... But it was nominated in every category possible 😒... Even where it's don't belong 😓 This event is trash.

    34. K Boi

      "Content creator of the year" Me: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

    35. Brodiger

      Animal crossing definitely has to win I’m hoping it will same with paper Mario and Pokémon cafe and Marion kart I’m excited to watch the game awards it yay 😀

    36. Faizan Yousuf

      Final fantasy lowkey, won't win tho cuz it's a remake

    37. Muhammad Aliyu

      Why is the last of us 2 even here..

    38. Milher The Phoenix Mendez

      The Last of Us 2 only should win THE WORST game of the year... That trash don't belong here... This is why EVERYONE should avoid COMPLETELY the VG "press"... they are all Rigged Leftists... 🖕🏼😑🖕🏼 #GamerGate 2.0

    39. Trinitylimeligh

      GOTY is *RIGGED*

    40. 555 net

      Tlou 2 is gonna be winner 2020

    41. Ramon Reyes

      I'd be perfectly happy if Ghost of Tsushima, Hades, or Final Fantasy 7 Remake won for Game of The Year.

    42. Ramon Reyes

      I swear this might as well be called the Last of Us Part 2 awards considering its being the shoe-in for the win for every category. There's even 2 nomination's from the same game which goes to show Judge's really want us to vote for that game. It would've been fair if they had one performance from each game so other more deserving voice actors got the love they need. Getting annoyed here.

    43. The FOOD Slayer


    44. TheHayate89

      The last of us 2, final fantasy 7 remake, Doom i ghost of Tsushima. Trzymam kciuki.

    45. Joshua Bustamante

      Ugh fartnite are in the best ongoing game bruh

    46. ShinKamaitachi

      How in the f*ck did LoU 2 win, because the story was bland, and the narrative was a total crap. Ghost of tsushima should've won game of the year.

      1. it r yes it r

        story was amazing. ghost of tushima is not even the 2nd best game on this list.

    47. Victor Ayala

      Came here to dislike

    48. BloodKitten

      ah yes... the r̶i̶g̶g̶e̶d̶ awards, good stuff.

    49. Minecraftgod 04

      Final fantasy 7 remake needs to one my opinion

    50. Indalecio GARCIA LABORDE

      Apex Legends should win best community support, they really deserve it.

    51. GH0STREZ447

      So last of us 2 is a nominee but not persona 5 Royal?

    52. MegaJf16

      I'm disappointed Jedi Fallen Order didn't make it.

    53. MrZero_4k

      The last of us 2 is in but Ori is not

    54. Booco

      Ghost of Tsushima and last of us are definitely getting game of the year. I voted Ghost.

    55. Dad of Boy

      Alright guys if the last of us 2 wins we riot bro because there is no way that it just made a nominee for game of the year this is rigged bro 😂

      1. it r yes it r

        @Leon Clark Roving Mamani true, if most people actually hated this game it wouldn't have won the golden joystick awards GOTY awards since it's determined by a PUBLIC VOTE

      2. Leon Clark Roving Mamani

        @MegaJf16 they are just loud

      3. MegaJf16

        Honestly the people who hate the game are the minority.

    56. Ciaran Byrne

      Zero credibility left

    57. Max

      I hope 13 sentinels is gonna win for best narrative...

    58. Zer0dog

      Everybody mad about TLOUS Part II GOTY nomination, nobodies talking about how Half-Life: Alyx wasn't nominated at all

    59. Krd452

      *Ghost of Tsushima!*

    60. Dean McCrorie

      Beat sports game goes to: TLOU2

    61. Ender

      I’ve never been so annoyed seeing last of us 2 in that many times

      1. it r yes it r

        the weeb is annoyed. mission accomplished

    62. Nano

      hope genshin impact or persona 5r will win the best rpg :3

    63. Niller303

      Im surprised tlou 2 didn't get nominated for best esports game 🤣

    64. scushi

      Spiderman Miles Morales deserves a nomination and the win on the last category, it's better than TLOU in many aspects.. Srsly, it's not there? Then this is all a joke..

    65. Rayhan Sikder Raju

      Welcome To Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    66. Mozart Tis Bach

      If we take Doom and FF7 out of the picture Best game of the year would be GoT.

    67. Afif Azfar

      Everyone: This award is rigged, controversial award show as usual bla bla bla... Me: With these GOTY nominees, the VGA orchestra for the GOTY Medley is gonna be crazy. Doom + GOT + FF7R + TLOU2 + Hades + Animal Crossing!?!? Insane, can't wait!!!

    68. JoseMat 2953

      I'm surprised nobody said anything about Bugsnax not being here.

    69. Abodjr 27

      Like how can you just jump over Mortal Kombat, it IS the best game ever

    70. Ka-Sin Alpha

      Sorry, December 10th I will be playing CyberPunk 2077 which sounds better than seeing what they think "Defining" gaming is.

    71. Ricardo Alonso Rojas

      TLOU part 2 for the win, best game ever!!!! 🔥😍

    72. LighbourYT

      All these games are nothing compared to red dead redemption 2

    73. Daruk

      wait until AoC(age of calamity)comes out 2021!

    74. Ben Dover

      Wasteland 3 got robbed hard

    75. Ben Dover

      Don't sleep on Wasteland 3

    76. Education & Entertainment

      Call of duty mobile ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    77. REPHLEXX

      I nominated doom eternal for best soundtrack on steam

    78. XTCR thered

      I voted for tell me why and dreams

    79. The Vulpine VeriTy

      We have the right politics/social outlook, so just place the bag of money in my spread butt.

    80. Wade

      i’m wondering why among us or Call of duty wasn’t in the game of the year noms..... this worser than the grammys

    81. Wade

      among us or call of duty is gonna win

      1. Doom Slayer

        you think so, to bad Call of duty and Among us is temporary BUT DOOM IS ETERNAL

    82. Khairunnas

      Ghost of Tsushima is not nominated for Best Score/Music??????

    83. OneNitePlays

      Who else thinks he said “And.... The Last of us part 2” too much

    84. Cesar Estrada

      Roblox should have been nominated for multiplayer game cause some of the games are very well made while others not so much but roblox has like an average of at least 700k people playing all the time

    85. Tito Villagra

      TLOU2 Awards

    86. Ghost7

      I know there are games in the nominations that came out years ago like fortnite and others but one punch man game got the nomination. tekken 7 and soulcalibur 6 should of had fighting games nominations also heck for music their ost are great.

    87. Omfry

      Hades, Carrion, and Doom, all revolve around killing things. Remember, games are temporary. Murder, is Eternal.

    88. Agustin D'Ambrosio

      Half Life: Alyx GOTY

    89. مستر الايس كريم

      l.m sure the last of us 2 will win and it win not because the game is good but the game is guy

    90. Leon Chai-Ai

      Lets Go ACNH u will be the game of the year! Lets Go Nintendo

    91. Team Nebula

      I’m guessing the 1.8k dislikes was for the last of us part 2

    92. Dylan Barnes

      Yo I love ori

    93. Dylan Barnes


    94. Iosif Stalin

      *Best narrative* The Last Of Us 2? You have to be kidding...

      1. KMS Bismarck

        Even Stalin has the same thoughts as me. "Best Narrative" and TLOU2 don't even belong together lol.

    95. Silent Phantom

      the last of us 2 is the best game ever made

      1. Doom Slayer

        it really wasn't

    96. Rodrigo

      The only category TLOU2 should win is "Innovation in accessibility". Nothing more than that

      1. Rodrigo

        @Tabby then what is all of this about? :/

      2. Tabby

        Look at "advisory board" on their page and you will understand this is not about games :D.

    97. Micah Bell

      If doom isn’t game of the year I’m going to tear the devils head off

    98. Xarrow

      4:16 Are you kidding me?

    99. LPjunemark

      When the worst game and most awful disgusting game ever made is nominated as goty, you know game awards is shit

    100. Darknica34

      Among Us Gotty 2020

      1. Doom Slayer

        Among Us is temporary BUT DOOM IS ETERNAL