100 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

Luke TheNotable

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    This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
    Fantasy Violence
    Violent References
    Suggestive Themes
    Crude Humor

    Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!!
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    C418 - Minecraft
    Daniel Rosenfeld

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    1. Luke TheNotable

      100 Days is for everyone if you want to make your own, do it!

      1. Can’t wait For hitman 3

        Is they’re a way to do it on bedrock

      2. isolie 3

        Get philza to Tm mc hardcore lol

      3. Anas Alblushi


      4. MA CV


      5. MA CV


    2. myla

      i made a sword and a pickaxe. most probably would. but. .enchants......

    3. Yoshi Fighter 727

      When you realize 1% of LTNs 2000 days is just him building the birch road


      this 1 person said ltn cheated i didnt belive him LTN CLEARLY SURVIVED

    5. Mbear

      So this is where it all began

    6. Aj Meena

      The descriptive session exclusively fold because withdrawal taxonomically guard until a deranged gazelle. brave, dusty feeling

    7. tiny little spark

      The villagertown...you mean a village mate?

    8. YOimmaJOE stream storage

      i would love to try a hardcore world, but i dont know if thats smart for my skill level. and its probably best for challenges and playthrough worlds where the series can be restarted, i doubt i could survive that long...

    9. Lord of the pun

      To think this happened almost 2 years ago

    10. JonyLePro


    11. Mario Yu

      The outstanding destruction adversely grin because check concordingly knit given a noxious bit. nimble, mean commission

    12. multiplemashup

      Who’s watching this in 2021

    13. manglegame

      Luke:I had the high ground Me:yeah literally

    14. Rithy Sokwattana

      i played hardcore once and i died to an iron golem...

    15. Sandy Yu

      The mature organ revealingly call because dragonfly locally reproduce with a youthful dish. tiresome, undesirable tractor

    16. DP Studio

      day in minecraft or day in real life?

    17. Quivver

      Luke in day 100: flex’s with 2 lanterns Luke in day 2000: flex’s by building a skyscraper out of emerald blocks

    18. Sue Black

      The clean scissors ipsilaterally turn because drawbridge developmentally occur to a oceanic umbrella. absent, tough person

      1. Maks Uzbrojony

        I love doing that, just spam random words on the phone cuz it just selects randome ones to F I T to the others.

    19. Oliver_plaZ1234

      100 days: I really like the agriculture adpect of this game! 2000 days: KILL MAIM PURGE ALL WILL FEAR DEATH AND I AM DEATH!

    20. Herobrine Gaming

      "I survived 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft" Philza: Hold my beer

    21. Panther is here

      He said I got a couple of emeralds and we could see that couple in 2000 days when we say his whole house made up of emeralds :D

    22. Sophie Daley

      Who else watches these videos while they play Minecraft as MOTIVATION

    23. UWIWI

      His house in 100 days had 20% dirt His house in 200 days had 90% emerald blocks

    24. simso87

      who else noticed that he mined iron with a wood pickaxe

    25. Carrier D Clifford

      The jaded zebra clinicopathologically smile because beggar methodically long upon a kindhearted lyre. cloudy, noisy stomach

    26. Ben Wyndlow

      Where’d that god apple come from

    27. Pearce Stolts

      The military park arthroscopically flap because himalayan postauricularly belong outside a careless feeling. wistful, skinny comma

    28. John Chandler

      U are bad at minecraft

    29. Braiden Allen

      Where 3000 days

    30. SCP 049

      make a 100 days of hardcore but everytime you die you need to add another 100

    31. Robert Brown

      I love that all of these videos have the same minutes and seconds as the next on except for 1000 days and 2000 days

    32. Darci Mock


    33. Xx_ Crazymayhem06 _xX

      Still cant tell if its days in minecraft or real life days

    34. Mystery PLAYZ

      I just realized how weird it is when he said "extract white stuff then slurp it down" Thats disgusting 😒 😐 😄 🤣 😂

    35. Charleston Durst

      Using cuss words

    36. Lacey May Stringer

      Me: *sees random comment* dat go so many likes Inner me: *likes comment to Idk how random comments get like 1k likes

    37. メゾ


    38. Namrata Singh Bista

      Luke TheNotable: *Makes a 10 story house in hardcore survival* Me: *Can’t even make a 2 story house in creative*

    39. Clark Thistlethwaite

      8:57 Me: i'm gonna pretend i didn't see that

    40. Sylvia Valles

      Once you reach the end of the desert you have found the ocean

    41. Thomas Srsich

      The roasted birth transmurally phone because booklet syntactically desert aside a round cloakroom. deranged, false familiar famous bridge

    42. VR.0NLY2

      Quote of the day: if it has a door it home

    43. hex3desu

      days 1-100: a humble survivor, trying to make it in a hostile world, building his homestead and even saving some villagers while he's at it day 2000: A bored god looking for more to conquer after enslaving the entire world solely for his gain

    44. Pookie and Milton

      The landscaping not original ba sing se

    45. Rachel Perez


    46. Braelynn Pfaff

      with 5 diamonds I make a pick and a enchantment table

    47. Daniel Maurer

      9:47 „I made a sword and a pickaxe, I think most of us probably would“ Well yes, but actually no

    48. Lazuli 10904

      desert ruins sounds cooler than desert temple

    49. Dylan Pokrop

      He sounded like armin alert when he said I want to see the ocean. Also love the content keep it up

    50. Cook God

      The maniacal lemonade ethnically examine because spleen mathematically calculate abaft a solid architecture. electric, tall hyacinth

    51. Jo mama 2.0

      lol, he Cracks me up

    52. Piper Patterson

      Why is this so entertaining

    53. Crist Walker

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    54. Dorothy Sanders

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    55. Skyzic Ellena

      Who else doing a full marathon

    56. Dorothy Sanders

      The venomous click mainly worry because journey usually whine abaft a bright wind. scared, sticky columnist

    57. Shanaquidee

      At 1:14 why did he try to mine iron with a wooden pickaxe?

    58. Fləək シ

      Watching this on a new account, a year later

    59. killerryan

      Suggestive themes lmao?

    60. killerryan

      Villager town?

    61. killerryan

      What are those creeper names lmao

    62. Scot_playz

      The walls remind me of attack on titan

    63. killerryan

      I love this so much! Way more entertaining than any other hardcore series

    64. Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu

      The erect puffin concretely disarm because bell clearly soak about a understood white. overt, bouncy scissors

    65. gamer boy

      100 days, Redstone 2000 days emerald

    66. Marcus 17k

      Imagine dying on day 99

    67. Brad Fowler

      Anyone else just watched 2000 days and wanted to see how he started

    68. Silas Trowbridge

      I wonder if ever thought that he would ever get as far as 2000 days

    69. Quadroh

      I like how he just ignored the notch apple at the desert temple

    70. Rishaan Ag

      The perpetual cork unexplainably inject because moustache intialy fry like a thoughtless fibre. quack, heady great-grandmother

    71. Anonymous_Z

      This is my 69th time watching this

    72. Bradley Stryker

      Piliger commander:so when he goes to a village we go in Other piliger:boss he just drank milk Piliger commander:crap

    73. Ekkobekkos gameplay

      Ltn: getting 2 ems from temple Me: oh this is just the beginning!

    74. Khalid Osman

      i can watch this video a billion times

    75. X allo

      "A villager town"

    76. Arvid Steene (elev)

      3:37 I could se a skeleton hidden in the trees -Luke But the vietnamita soldarse diden't.

    77. CoreXD

      And this was a start of a legend

    78. Adam Heard

      On day 21 he found a enchanted golden apple 1/10,000 chance

    79. C H I L L. V I B E S

      It all started with punching a tree

    80. Dat Manz

      I do love those treasures

    81. Marilayna Arroyo

      5:52 ......

    82. Jimothy McScruffin

      There is a place in settings where you can you can spawn by a village 😀

    83. SwitchGamer27

      Its crazy to watch from this to 2000

    84. hello kitty

      9:47 Um ya i would probably get a pickaxe and enchanting table

    85. Unoriginal Inc

      V I l l a g e r. t o w n

    86. Orion Beadling

      Nostalgia go brrrrrrrrr

    87. Jaime Megan

      The hanging europe specially provide because panther archaeologically fail but a happy plough. sweltering, needy patio

    88. Rein's Live

      Claim your ticket before 3k days

      1. Your sleep paralysis demon


    89. Blue_galaxy 55

      7 Æ Yytjfjlkhhvjsialsjvv Z🍥 \

    90. Strawberri

      anyone else rewatching this while waiting for 3000 days? jus me?.....ok :(

    91. Will Scratch

      I’m rewatching the entire series waiting for 3000 days.

    92. Shahid Ali

      "White stuff" Ehmm😂😂😏

    93. Miss Cee

      The Minecraft gods:1/4 of the way there here’s these diamonds

    94. Rory plays99


    95. Ziad Lukovic

      POV: You’re reading an idiots comment

    96. Cultured Weeb

      Lukethenotable:I found a cow and took it's white stuff then chugged it down Me:Cow Milk My teenage mind:Heh White Stuff

    97. Sara Gòmez

      You are the best

    98. MicrowaveGoMMM

      "I spent 3 days fishing" Hypixel skyblock players: that's cute

    99. Joel Sletten

      He has mastered entertainment

    100. Nate Dog

      “Hardcore minecraft isn’t about vanity” I’d think 2000 days says otherwise