Why Haven’t We Seen Hyperinflation?

Jake Tran

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    Me and Peter Schiff go deep into inflation, hyperinflation, the federal reserve, and more!
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    Coming straight from the Federal Reserve, we started this period with around 4 trillion US Dollars in the system. One year later, that number is at 6.7 trillion dollars. Meaning that over 40% of all US dollars were printed in just the last 12 months. And from the looks of it, no one seems to be in a rush to slow things down. And strangely enough, we haven’t seen much inflation for everyday goods like gas and food? Prices definitely haven’t gone up anywhere near 40%?. Where’s the inflation?
    The reason why we haven’t seen inflation is because the amount of money being printed is only one of the factors that contributes to inflation
    To get inflation, here’s everything you need:
    1. Industrial Output: how much “stuff” an economy makes
    2. Employment
    Too much employment leads to employers fighting over workers, which leads to higher wages, which leads to higher prices
    3. The Money Supply: the main topic of this video and probably the easiest to understand
    More money when an economy is producing the same amount or less stuff equals higher prices
    And 4. If money is exchanging hands, and if so, how fast is it exchanging hands, or the Velocity of Money
    And in our case right now, the money supply has shot up a ridiculous amount, but the other factors have been keeping inflation down
    Industrial Output: It’s been down from businesses not being able to operate, which means less stuff. But there’s also less demand from you and I to buy those things.
    Employment has also definitely taken a hit. And with less employment comes lower wages, which means lower prices. Not inflation.
    And the Velocity of Money. It’s pretty slow for everyone with all the uncertainty in the air. People don’t want to spend a lot of money right now if they don’t know if they’re gonna be able to find a job or keep their job
    But you know what they are gonna spend it on? The things that only go up! Like Tesla stock, every other stock, real estate, and Bitcoin!
    But instead of calling it inflation, we call it the stock market rally, the real estate boom, crypto’s time to shine or the great crypto bubble depending on who you ask.
    Should the money printer keep going brr? Can the money printer keep going brrr?
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    1. Jake Tran

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      1. tropickman

        I thought the federal reserve controls the supply of money and not the gov.?

      2. illimited knowledge

        this is not only happening in USA, this is happening now in the WHOLE WORLD! welcome to Hyperinflation World, welcome to mad max world!

      3. Anonymous

        einstein you forgot the trade embargos on Zimbabwe, farming isn't hard to learn

      4. Andrew Lamont

        @Jake Tran This video totally misses the point. The government doesn't spend the money on nothing, it spends it on jobs, hardship benefits, infrastructure, hospitals, schools all of which have a much larger benefit over the long term. Prices might rise for a few years, boo hoo, but on the bright side your entire economy didn't collapse. This pandemic was the opportunity for governments to upgrade public infrastructure to keep the economy going while the private sector has been suffering. I am so glad that I am from New Zealand, where we have a competent government which is democratically representative and where we disdain politicians who are as abhorrent as the one you voted into the last term. Here in New Zealand our government is spending their extra money on upgrading our entirely country, solving a housing shortage and addressing climate change. We defeated Covid in May with a lockdown and our economy has barely even taken a hit because of our success in totally eliminating it for almost a year. This video is entirely based on a straw man argument. A misunderstanding of the point of government spending, you never once mention where that spending goes or what it does to put money in peoples pockets so the economy continues to function. This video is just another part of the American paranoia of their own government (an institution which is suppose to be for the public good), a paranoia which is mostly based on false slander from the right wing and is ultimately self fulfilling.

      5. m3abdi

        @TheCripOf WallStreet black farmers ?? Nothing about the ppl taking all the wealth out the nation n fleeing to Australia and Canada. alt right talking points.

    2. Michael Everson

      How much US currency was retired? They typically mark the bill and burn it. I feel there was a heist movie about this...

    3. Cyrus

      Weimar republic was after the war stupid

    4. lacka90

      Remember it was the socialist who did this, every time!

    5. The Big Chill

      Blame hyperinflation on social aid...just another neoliberalism rhetoric...The poor are the problem because they drive up inflation by buying goods they don't produce...? Really... So what "goods" does a Wall Street broker produce...? Please...

    6. ASoggyCracker

      Money has value only in those who believe its value.

    7. Zion Sky

      This guy is so disconnected from reality. What goods and services does he provide other than manipulating peoples belief systems and giving them an outdated view of an economy.

    8. David Wildebeest

      “It doesn’t make sense beneath the surface, it doesn’t make sense on the surface either. No matter where you go relative to the surface, it doesn’t make sense” Legendary 😆

    9. AngusMcBean

      imagine using peter schiff as your primary source. of course the national government has a monopoly on issuing its national currency

    10. Tommi Tumpula

      It will be controlled demolition of economy, even if it seems not to be. That's why Corona lockdowns are forced upon us right now. Little bit chaos is fed to us and crime spikes. Food is cost will ve high and medicines are harder to get. People get desperate cos their money wont but anything anymore after inflation. That's our coming scenario. I hope i am wrong. I have lost everything and gone bankrupt in the past.. Rest of the Western world will experience it also. Many people go crazy and some kill themselfs. Our problem is that we don't understand that we can get together as mankind. We are the people, army, police and judge system. Why don't we just put those criminals into the prison for their crimes against humanity? We don't have understanding of what we are capable of.

    11. Bill BanDoh

      Why doesn't the US have these problems ? They've invested well in their military

    12. Caesar Skiba

      This is why we need Bitcoin. Mans only chance for financial sovereignty

    13. Tony Rose

      Usa vs China. China mining crypto USA printing $ for crypto. Swapping an inflationary asset (usd) for crypto a non inflationary asset. Battle of power going down

    14. Stefan S

      Too many non-US example. And no time stamps.

    15. Darker Souls

      So when the gov prints money everyone's like "oh yeah that's cool" but when I do it I go to jail smh

    16. Renegade

      The way things are being explained here makes me feel that the US is going to go back to it's roots of making money, which is war....

    17. Dorm

      Didnt JFK get assassinated for trying to get rid of the federal reserve? They wont change and wont stop. They will be fine while the rest of us starve.

    18. Anonymous 1988

      Two words gold silver

    19. ohio player1177

      Zimbabwe is what is going on in the United States with Obiden and the left printing cash. The part I can't figure out is why they send 3/4 of the cash overseas? Why do they do that and what part will that do with inflation? Buy bitcoin 👌

    20. bungis kungis

      End the Federal Reserve.

    21. ohio player1177

      Buy bitcoin

    22. Ra Mänd

      Printing the money is the inflation. You are talking about inflation consequences seen in prices.

    23. Madhavi latha

      How do you get movie footage for your videos?

    24. Gordon Styles

      This video was great on the history, but as soon as it said that all the money in existence is what’s on the Fed Balance sheet: WRONG. Sigh.

    25. Michael Yao

      America export inflation all over the world. Party is over. Trillion of dollars would come back to USA and China would refuse to be your factory. Say no to dollars

    26. Vladimir Lenin

      You forgot to mention Hungary

    27. Matthew Lombardi

      Yo I like the jacket. What kind is it?

    28. Josh Norton

      this video was semi stupid and pointless.

    29. Sean Bailey

      Because the US dollar is backed by nothing, so the only thing making $1 worth $1 is people agreeing it is. Hyperinflation was backed by gold. You know the value of a Dollar fixed v an asset.

    30. surveyguyor

      Worried about inflation? wonder why our shelves are not full? Research for yourself how much food we ship to China. They need it and we have no problem sending it there and feeding them. It's staggering.

    31. surveyguyor

      It's happening, it doesn't jump to ultra high numbers overnight, but it's already happening. Look at the price of gas. The effects have started in all aspects. While they exponentially print money, then it keeps "hiding".

    32. Parham Davoodi

      So they avoided hyperinflation by decreasing employment and other factors. kinda sad

    33. Lunar Module

      Its a dishonest description of MMT. MMT people say there's a limit and the deficit has to be managed. They also say pay people to work when the job market is weak, not pay them to do nothing (the pandemic is another issue) Tge objective being to keep workers up to date, active and to increase the output. The GOV and the central bank are NOT applying the MMT. They are doing something else.

    34. gaijinblow

      "They can't do it forever" "Watch me"

    35. Nuno Tonelo

      Because the scarcity is not in commodities, but a hole made by the financial services that are acting like casino

    36. UFOinsider

      You’re literally just serving as Schiff’s megaphone without critically questioning anything he’s saying. He doesn’t even critically question anything he’s saying. For example, have you considered the temporary nature of the cash infusions? You make no mention of it

      1. Justanotherdamnguy

        what do you mean the "temporary nature"? The cash isn't temporary, when it's printed it's here to stay, nobody is burning piles of cash. And he does show the other side of the argument, even though he's under no obligation to do so. Don't like his perspective? watch another video about how all the magic money won't cause any problems

    37. V U

      They just print money for their jewish pals in wall street to play with.

    38. SAMURAI K9S


    39. Ricardo Blikman

      Lol Don't worry 80% of that money is parked @ the Bermuda's by the rich so it wont be released into the economy because it would get taxed if they move it back to the US. If the dollar gets destroyed China will get the hardest hit!

    40. Toni Dueñas

      Venezuela government banned firearms from citizens in 2012...it collapse 2016. If they ban in the u.s then we can expect a collapse.

    41. don hansen

      When a bankruptcy occurs there is a destruction of wealth that may in large part accrue to the government. How does this effect things? Don

    42. Hyperloop Beats

      "Money does not grow on trees." What's money made out of? Paper Where does paper come from?

      1. Shantanu Pandey


    43. swap

      Best video I have ever watched related to Inflation!

    44. Remo Gaggi

      The US is going to collapse. And it ain't gonna be pretty.

      1. Maxim

        We can only hope... It would be grade in the sense that the US will stay out of the rest of the world for a while, but also when US collapses, so will many NATO countries... And Ofcourse than China will become the new asshole superpower (not for long though, since they'll run out of people)... So maybe it will be great who knows

      2. Chaz Parish

        Been saying it for years nobody listens

    45. Sorin Nicu

      It's still time for hyperinflation.

    46. D B

      Germany wasn't called the Weimar Republic until after WW1...

    47. Damian_ai9

      This is why Bitcoin is our only hope, US dollar is going to fall

    48. Brandon Malcolm

      The bawdy behavior crucially label because dietician recently bounce sans a wonderful anthropology. goofy, barbarous aquarius

    49. JER JOS

      Looks like 45% tax rate coming in the future.

    50. Michael Looks

      So TL;DR is that once the pandemic restrictions leave and the market becomes more regular is when inflation will come? Dang it.

    51. Scrooge McDuck

      We are headed for a Worldwide crash. Perfect timing for a Worldwide currency. This is all been planned out for years.

    52. Anthony Walker

      Inflation could happen but I highly doubt it, they are trying to print away deflation. Many unemployed people out there with decreasing purchasing power, just now they’ll be giving money away for free just to “stimulate” the economy away from a depression.

    53. Diwakar Chettri

      If you oppos a white country, then they'll destroy your economy....remember Zimbabwe and Venezuela

    54. Flying Translator

      US 10-year treasuries are on the way up. Make of that what you will.

    55. Derrell Price

      Glad I am 79 years old. Self imposed pain is the most idiotic act a human being, if you can call them that, can make. The most pain inflicted is pain inflicted on ones self.

    56. Tanner Bean

      'No matter where you go relative to the surface... it doesn't make sense" 😂

    57. ТурбоТОП

      A lot of delusional BS in this video.

    58. therealthreadkilla

      What planet are you folks on? Hyperinflation is everywhere. a halfway decent house in my hood is a $1,000,000.........

    59. Rafael Valencia

      But the people only got 1 check of $2,600 in a whole year & a half where is this money that is being printed going? Funny they didn’t touch on point.

    60. Lucas Dillingham

      Silver and gold Just imagine it like the dude from Rudolph is singing it

    61. Neo Lix

      18:30 Libertarians will never understand that we're playing this game because we decided to form a society for a greater good than just our personal fortunes. These people are literally burning the world for their own wealth.

    62. Anex415

      I need an advice. Lets say i wanna launder small amount..how much should i bank in? Monthly? Weekly?

    63. L A

      inflation is a myth, we have the capability to send out 2000 dollar checks every month to every american but we won’t. Instead they’ll spend that money on the military and give it away to foreign governments

    64. We Need Patriots

      Certain economies are experiencing stagflation. In the past six weeks, we experienced a 20.68% increase in (premium grade) gasoline per gallon. Also, we’ve experienced an 18.3% increase in organic chicken breast. Inflation is lagging indicator of new circulated cash. Get ready frenz, because our national economy is about to take a massive shit on us!

    65. David Wong

      Why Haven’t We Seen Hyperinflation? That question make me think ... Why do those 2 different speakers sound different while they measure the same? Insufficient theory, measurements, model are possible explanations.

    66. Santiago Suarez

      I am a manufacture. The price of raw materials has gone up about 35% in the last two months. I'm having a hard time passing the cost to my costumers.

    67. Samantha Rondeau

      40%? More like 60

    68. jaydav04

      The petro-dollar keeps the US dollar afloat. This is one of the reasons the US wont leave the Middle East.

    69. maTzeprei

      As long as all major central banks are devaluating their currencys by printing we are fine. Or are we?

    70. Rosco

      Don't be stupid, buy Crypto

    71. Goose

      Haven’t we seen a form of hyperinflation in that stocks are way overpriced.

      1. J Tommy

        No that’s just overvalued stocks. Hyperinflation means the dollar is worth less, and it’s really not.

    72. aquaphazed

      Excellent piece. Get bitcoin while you can, ladies and gentlemen.

    73. ForcefighterX2

      "Should the government have a monopoly on money in the first place?" Wow Jake Tran do you actually not know, that the governments have to BUY the money? This is the root of the scam - there are private companies "selling the money" to the governments (e.g. federal reserve). Maybe I just misunderstood Jake... Edit: Sorry I obviously misunderstood Jake. At the end of the video he discusses the problems arising from exactly this buying of money and accumulating debt in the process (by the governments).

    74. ForcefighterX2

      By the way the government is NOT the issuer of money. If governments were the source of money, they could by definition not have any debt. The governments are just the entities creating the most dept in order to lend more money for specific purposes. Be it in Europe, where the European Bank creates the money, or in the USA where the federal reserve (a private bank) creates the money - in the end, the governments simply lend the money (by selling bonds to the central banks). However, most money in circulation is the result of credits given out by private banks to people and private companies. And yes, this is not 100% correct as there are minor regional tweaks to the system, but this is pretty much how it goes in most part of the world.

    75. Joshua Fitch

      Facts you didn't address. 1) what about fiat currency and that everyone is printing not just the US. 2) The US dollar is the world exchange currency. 3) bills can be paid with printed money and so on and so on so along as inflation doesn't become realized (see statement 1)

    76. OhGeeGanksta

      Government intervention hoisting up the market and unrealistic projections.

    77. Mike C

      “Haven’t seen hyperinflation” have you seen those gpu prices? 2500$ for rtx3070?

    78. Gene Au

      Because there is not enough velocity.

    79. Penguin Hunter

      Now I wanna know how people survive in those hyper inflation situation?

      1. J Tommy

        Probably by government assistances...few people can live without their help

    80. Burzin

      8:20 The actual video starts here. You are welcome.

    81. Mark Keller

      People need to understand the government has NO money to spend. The only money they have is OUR money. What we earned. When the government spends they are actually taking from us and giving to others, mostly non productive people.

    82. Noah Lamb

      Peter Schiff has been predicting hyperinflation for well over a decade in response to the massive quantitative easing in the Great Recession and now he is repeating these claims in the pandemic. He will continue to be wrong. This video grossly misrepresents the arguments for increasing the money supply so here are the real ones: Economic downturns produce deflation, and if you don't stop deflation, then no one spends money because it will be worth more in the future turning downturn in to depression. The massive increase to the money supply is just to keep inflation rates at their targeted goal and is in fact easily reversible, because most of the vast majority of the money supply increase comes in the form of electronic money rather than printed paper bills. Printing money has nothing to do with deficits and everything to do keeping our inflationary rate at a predictable and controlled level.

    83. Moises Jimenez

      One of the other problems with the modern monetary theory is that the national debt for the US isn’t JUST government debt, about half or more of that is also civilian/consumer debt....

    84. Sergio Velasco

      Peter Schiff has been predicting hyperinflation and doomed US economic system since 1998. He might be right some day.

    85. Flash Gordon

      Jake Tran, you refer to yourself as a hustling entrepreneur business owner. Do you have a business or businesses? Are you an entrepreneur? I can see your a hustler by being a content creator with a half a million subscribers making probably 12-$,15,000 a month of gross income. But does being a content creator on IRvision make you a business owner or entrepreneur? IDK if it does and if it does please explain. I'm sure being as you are financially smart that you use your IRvision revenue to invest, most likely in digital currency or trendy stocks but what business or businesses do you own? And how are you an entrepreneur?

    86. Flash Gordon

      And for you libtards... This isn't former President Trump's fault... It's the Government's fault... The former President doesn't make the decision to print more money.... So before you blame former President Trump like you libtards do for anything and everything.... Just remember President Biden will only make the problem much much worse

    87. Stew Pidasso

      The Central Bank needs to hide the Great Rest......The Plandemic will not cut it........they are holding it back as long as possible, but..... Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

    88. Floating Pointz

      The biggest misperception of MMT, from people who can't read or listen, is around printing money. Zero MMT economists are saying you can print money with reckless abandon. Saying a government can't *default* on a loan based on their own currency doesn't also mean you can't potentially wreck the value of your own currency (depending on many specifics). MMT is very similar to Keynesian economics, which we have lived on for decades. I see a lot of lazy, straw-man arguments from monetarists or people that haven't read anything. It doesn't make for intelligent conversation....

    89. Jhovany Corona

      You can pay completely for the welfare programs you promised people. You just have to stop producing the planes, bombs, and tanks that kill people around the world. That makes up as much spending as the whole welfare state.

    90. Octavian Vasilescu

      This could mean that, if you have money in stocks, you might see huge gains on paper that will actually mean that you are conserving your value. If shares stay at the same value but there are more dollars, the price of these assets in dollars will rise. So basically if you hold cash you are screwed but if you have real estate or stocks or other assets you will be fine. I guess I am screwed...

    91. Toma Kavonius

      I used to listen to Peter Schiff from 2005 onwards. He has been warning about an imminent hyperinflation over 15 years now. I read his book Crash proof, which came out in 2007 and it made a lot of sense, until I found out how money actually is created (Money creation in modern economy by Bank of England). Since most of the money supply is created by banks when they give out loans, Schiff's take on it is wrong. I found out that Prof. Steve Keen understands the debt aspect of money much better and he has actual empiric evidence of its effects on economy.

    92. lombardo141

      Anytime I hear the Congress say we are spending too much money I should show them this. 😂. No excuses

    93. Ryan

      In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar "it's a trap!"

    94. Jason Harmon

      The squeamish linda comprehensively harm because skirt latterly beg vice a unusual lemonade. terrific, perfect scissors

    95. Chris Ledger

      This would never happen in America because we aren't dependant on foreign goods. We will always have bread, milk and meat up until we become divided. We have oranges polar bears and alligators and rainforests and deserts and plains and mountains snow deserts. We will never fail unless we devide against each other.

    96. ocelot.

      Anyone find it concerning now with covid and stimulus money, how we reward people who don’t save with stimulus money, while f-king people who are responsible and saved money pre covid?

    97. Abhilash Dixit

      Aren't central banks (who print money) independent from the government

    98. Douglas Rowland

      Because they are CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE !

    99. Vassil Topouzanov

      although i disagree with schifty on crypto, he is absolutely right in his criticism of modern monetary lala land. Economy should be based on sound money, backed by austrian economics and, i don't know, correlation between sound money and prosperity throughout history. We've been blinded by the education system and the fact that our reality is knowing only this poison pill of spending.........

    100. Will Swanson

      Another counter argument is how production is measured. How services are measured, sure we have less people working but increasing production level due to efficiencies with tech and production.