We Can Get Stuff Stuck In The Winter Too!!!

Larson Farms

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    We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
    We enjoy to share our part in agricultural with you and show our followers the ups and downs of farming. I hope you enjoy our videos and please don't forget to subscribe.
    A CaringBridge Site was created for Nicole. It‘s a caring social network to help people stay connected with family and friends during a health event.
    Visit Nicole's Site: caringbridge.org/visit/nicolelarson2
    Site Name: nicolelarson2
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    1. zfilmmaker

      Everyone’s working but the kid.

    2. onefixitman

      REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE to help all the farmers reach a million subscribers. Do it because you like to eat or for any other reason. I like to eat.

    3. polarisman09

      The Z Tracks get around alot better than the Standard Tracks. Not even close.

    4. Philly Hillbilly

      wondering why you dont use the old oil in waste oil heaters to heat all the buildings, provide hot water, ect...

    5. Jhs

      Thanks, this is the best of all 😂 💪🤝🇫🇮🇺🇸

    6. thr8061

      JD just released updates to 2021 8RX series tractors. They have a built-in 1000 gallon rear fender setup w/ lines, hoses, etc to hook up to their updated 2021 ExactRate planters. Really cool!

    7. thr8061

      15 years ago, we bought a local WI company's stainless steel burn barrel. It is still going strong. It basically has holes everywhere, a nice lid and a flat plate for the bottom. We just tip / move it every month or so to get rid of all the fine ash.

    8. Noah Murray

      here's an article about some saddle tanks for the RX

    9. Donny

      Harness up

    10. Jacob Robinson

      Ya guys need Cole the cornstar and his dad too wash and wax all your quad tracks and tractors... Lol.

    11. Pedro Hernandez

      Like your shop

    12. iBelieve


    13. Race Robinson

      Burn barrel

    14. Burt Brooks

      Dumb Exhaust Fluid

    15. jessie james

      The endurable net findingsinitially label because michael conversely sign than a male brochure. responsible, dirty promotion

    16. Burt Brooks

      And at least ya did it on MONDAY💪💪 nobody thinks anything about it😂😂

    17. Burt Brooks

      If you just call it, HERE KITTY KITTY HERE KITTY KITTY!!!! It come right to ya!!!

    18. Burt Brooks

      You gotta be doin work, ol son to be able to get it that stuck 😂👍

    19. Jaden White

      Is everyone of your tractors have tracks on it

    20. lee morrell


    21. ELDIABLO

      I thought the yankem rope was supposed to be in the description

    22. agritech junction

      Very interesting

    23. Dave Ackerson

      Just read some news on Nicole that Amy posted on the site. Good to hear her numbers. Think positive and hope for a speedy and healthy recovery. She is young and strong! Also, I don't know if you guys have looked into it, but you can get a waste oil burner/furnace. They look awesome for shops for winter heat.

    24. Gavin Nielsen

      If you ever find an old propane tank cut it apart for a burn barrel and it will last forever. Ours is about 10 years old and still going strong.

    25. Justin Williams

      If you go through that many filters, you should look at getting a filter crusher, drains and smashes them like pop cans, For the clean outs, pour a 3x3 slab ground level and put in 2 brass cover adjustable cleanouts made by oatey. Skidsteer will skid right over em

    26. Eric Bailey

      Go to Walmart and get shoe goo. It's usually in the shoe care section, metal tube. Like 5 bucks and works wonders!

    27. Austinjames10

      becuase it is a jonh deere

    28. Karl Struhs

      get a filter crusher so it doesnt take up as much room. you know a can crusher.. like jiffy lube uses.

    29. Charley Dan

      Yes, bring Cooper on. A very creative, diverse, reserved individual. I'm waiting to see how daddy cornstar channel develops and matures.

    30. Smooch Mcguire

      Great video thanks

    31. Brian Young

      Looks like operator Error!!!!

    32. Swamp Rat

      If you are going to get stuck, you might as well get good'n stuck.

    33. Farmlegend 2431

      Check out lake state tanks we ran front duals for potato planting and carried 800 gallons total 10-34-0. The frames went over the duals amazing thing

    34. MrGjc310148

      cheers guys,again yes,gnz ta

      1. MrGjc310148

        hi,a big hello to NICKY YES,GNZ

    35. Brent Sutherland

      You where to hit a tree. Lol Great videos

    36. Daniel Roach

      I would keep the 8520 so you have a backup if your rx has a problem and doesn't leave you shut down when it's go time.

    37. Neal Figary

      Grandpas old JD would have yanked that out lol get the biggest tractor we got

    38. PrestigeWorldWide

      Looks like the 5 star guy stopped at your farm

    39. colin longstaff

      Looking at what's left of the Big Swede's shorts, "That must have been one hell of a FART" - Wow!!!

    40. Eric Tonniges

      What kind of interior cleaner do you use in the 8520 you did in this video?......aka whats's in the purple bottle?

    41. Noah Rausch

      Tell the big Swede to calm down. My girlfriend uses this app man...😅🤣

    42. jack wright

      you need to add a coffee cup to your store

    43. Sven Dueck

      Put the 8520 on the bean planter

    44. Jrsue Adventures

      What is the pliers tool you and Dougo cary on your belt?

    45. kira kash

      ‘’Them Welker boys and that fast Tony’’ that’s hilarious

    46. Evan Poeschel

      We love are demco saddle tanks we have them in both of are 9rxs

    47. Taco Stacks

      No idea how I got here but I am glad I did!

      1. Kamryn Roland

        @Beckham Carson whoa! Took like 20 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      2. S V

        You should check out Millenial Farmer too.

      3. MR. Jackson


      4. S V

        Fancy meeting you here. I sub to your channel, watch this one occasionally, and saw your comment on Feb 8th.

    48. Paul Hereley

      D.E.F. AKA Government Juice!!!!!!

    49. JD farmer

      700 gallon chem farm tanks

    50. Jesse Dreier

      I think you should put a blower on it and a loader and keep it in a backup plan attractor

    51. emily peterison

      what who idea was too cheap out on the safety piped to protect them pipes yea lean the hard way do we too yeap if Dougo would of just open up his wallet yea would not have happen

    52. Todd Maxel

      The bible says by his wounds we're healed. Pray it. Believe it. Receive it. Never doubt it. God bless you and your family.

    53. Greg Cook

      How come you don’t use the JD loader and get a snow bucket to push the snow?

    54. Marshall Mininger

      Check out Lakestate Manufacturing for tanks, great quality and great guys...

    55. A W

      This is like a equipment detailing business that grows a few plants during the off season

    56. Glenn Spreeman

      pulling a cart makes the most sense!

    57. Chad Jones

      You will need to get a def tank for the seed tender

    58. Bryan Vice

      600 Gallon Quick Tach 4WD

    59. Bryan Vice

      demco tanks

    60. Diversified Farming

      "Big John Tanks" Make a great front saddle tank kit for the front of those tractors i believe ours hold 600 Gallons

      1. Diversified Farming

        Sorry just looked it’s 1000 gallon on our 4wd we have a set to go on 8 series tractors that hold 600

    61. John Strodtman

      I think we need some of the big swedes story, how he came to be at the farm and all that.

    62. David Thurmond

      Dam could have pulled that out with a 4020

    63. magnus Daugaard

      You should keep the old 8520!!! And trade the old blower tractor in stead

    64. polarisman09

      Put up an Big Flag on a Fiberglass Rod

    65. James Hofer

      Just wondering is the big swed an amarican citizen? How long has he been in the u.s ?

    66. Cody Barman

      Should definitely get a loader for the 85!

    67. polarisman09

      The Standard Tracks suck in the winter,the Z Tracks are much better

    68. Connor Haile

      Could you show how your combine flags are mounted on the augers???

    69. Leon van der Weide

      Seeing you two work together is the most fun! And prayers go out to Nicole !

    70. Aaron Rexius

      you guys should look into a used oil furnace... they heat great.. and your used oil is gone.. :)

    71. Bubba Live

      Praying for yall

    72. Larry Freeman

      Whew, for a moment there, when Chet mentioned using a Sawzall to cut the top out of the big plastic tote, I was thinking; "they aren't planning on using that for a new burn barrel, are they?"

      1. ximalas

        Oil filters.

    73. Adventurseekr69

      Why don't put a snow pusher on the loader

    74. Herps85

      How did that even happen?

    75. Tim Brandenburg

      Doug o keep 8520 a loader would work good. Maybe a front mounted snowblower

    76. Jim McLean

      Leave it to the Swede to screw things up there fellas

    77. Jim McLean

      it's got to be that hat being on backwards with the peak at the neck made him put that bobcat up there and that there's no Bank what do you think

    78. Stove Guy

      45f in building?

    79. Steven Horne

      You guys should really be using your used oils to heat your shop.. The thing I love about heating the shop with it, is that I can keep the place ridiculously warm and not feel guilty about wasting any money. I mean, it's 80 degrees in my shop and I work in short sleeves. Andy Hogan has an awesome one. He's got a 500 gallon tank that he keeps his used oils in, and burns the stuff away with zero guilty feelings.

    80. Little Smoky Country.

      Hope the family is doing well. Best wishes Nicky

    81. Michele Hobin

      Helicopter tanks are what we use on our 470 HD Steiger and 310 CVT magnum for our silage corn and combine corns

    82. Little Smoky Country.

      Hopping for some more repair/new part installing videos.

    83. Garrett Lake

      How’s Nickole been? Are you gonna keep the 8520 tank either way if you use it on the 9rx or not?

    84. grandizio01

      Had to wait 18 minutes to see “Dougo”!!

    85. Randy Phillips

      Why didnt you leave the top on the tote.the filters will fit through the hole.then close it up to keep the water out

    86. Christian Jackson

      Aunt Tito’s and uncle captain lol

    87. Ben T

      You have to keep the 8520 so when the 9rx gets stuck it can pull it ou

    88. Tip Sanders

      Where did you say we could get an update on Nicole's condition? Been praying for her and all the Larson family.

    89. Ron Knight

      The struggle bus is real !!

    90. Little Smoky Country.

      I can not wait to see that tractor hooked to the planter!!!!

    91. Sandra Derby

      Enjoyable videos!!!

    92. Heath Heilman

      Are you guys willing on selling anything from the pig barns

    93. B thornton

      Ours Prays are with ya'll. A true farmer, save that barrel we will use it someday. How many time have we all said that. That is like wire and a pair of pliers, you can fix anything, at least until it rains.

    94. 920ron

      Did not see link to help want to talk to u

    95. Анатолий Быстров

      Просто КЛАСС ВСЕ ЧОТКО

    96. Baldur M.

      Loaders? Volvo is the way to go. Great support and parts availability.

    97. dale thompson

      orange safety cone

    98. Liz Hrubik

      Hope Chet and Nicole are doing better.

    99. Cetane

      good old windblown snow, hard as a rock and spin down through it and get high centred.

    100. Zach Dreger

      Is the big Swede your brother?