Please Help Me, I'm Falling: Fails of the Week (August 2020)


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    It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have a backflip that turns into a backflop, a very itchy dog, and more!
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    1. Shivendra K.C.

      I actually saw some genuine clips today. Thanks failarmy.

      1. klglass2

        H! CheckCheckCheckCheckWelcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be saved herHl.CheckTap on a clip to paste it in the text box.xffg4

      2. Gemma Riley

        FailArmy Hi

      3. Eskimos 69

        Should be the death penalty for recording vertically.

      4. FailArmy

        Every friday!

      5. Michael Nemorin

        Frrr they be putting out the same shit 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️



    3. j ho

      4:30... lol. Just lol.

    4. ToP FuN VideoS


    5. Bama Belle

      I felt for the kid with his first paycheck. It was hilarious, though. On one of my first jobs I worked 16 hours time and a half over the Thanksgiving weekend. After taxes, I brought home only $46.00 more than usual. I was just like this kid, except angrier. It's been 20 years and that paycheck still pisses me off.

    6. La Nu

      I feel that boys pain with the taxes man n stay strong brother!! 🤣🤣🤣

    7. herakleitus

      4:52 the moment he becomes a Republican

    8. TheDing1701

      Man, that Siri bit killed me! She sounded like Peter Griffin right off the bat! LOL!

    9. TameInk347


    10. Molly Burch


    11. John Daugherty

      [First check] /sadface "NO ONE MENTIONED THIS!?"

    12. Tincho251

      3:47 Alguien que sepa español que me traduzca ese vídeo? Porfa

    13. Stunning and Brave

      Taxation is theft

    14. jeff robinson

      Why is everything vertical?

    15. jake lee


    16. Zero Entropy

      3:43 That moment when you switch from being a liberal to a conservative.

    17. Grizzly Dave85

      can anyone explain 3:09 ?

    18. Scott Choi


    19. Anthony Ramírez


    20. GoGoGadget Gore

      "but I got my social security number!"

    21. XLandmarkSix69X

      2:38 if Peter griffin was siri

    22. Jharryia Cartwright

      The siri one took me OUTTTT! 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Jalu_der_Budenbaron

      3:42 thats why i dont work . fuk taxes

    24. Art Vogt

      3:48 - The look on your face when you regret voting Democrat.

    25. uncommon_name

      I got stabbed 3times and they stole €400. Anyway I almost died that night. And the dude in video is worried about taxes. Lmao.. Welcome to the real world kid.

    26. Ryan Mcneal

      nba youngboy

    27. Ladd-E

      That the day young Malcolm started selling drugs

    28. IILP


    29. BG Hoody

      3:36 Birth of a Republican.

    30. Giorgi Miqava


    31. Jessica Lopez

      elton john

    32. Pedro Rodriguez

      forza horizon 4

    33. Pop Tart boys

      Most of these were not even fails...

    34. fishman

      in israel you dont get taxed if your under 18

    35. Vintage News Network

      Paycheck boy just became a Republican.

    36. Steve V

      The fact the kid doesn't know about taxes is a failure on his countries school system

      1. Steve V

        @longdrums my school taught us in a one day electoral class in the seventh grade what taxes are. To say it was a vague lesson would be an understatement

      2. longdrums

        Steve V same here in the UK. You get taught nothing of how the economic or political systems work. They're only the two most important aspects of adult life though so...

    37. Douglas Gladney

      That first Check, If feels so good to have it in your hands.... then you see how much FICA GOT.....LOL


      elsa and anna

    39. State Line

      The only video I have ever see where they start with the Thumbnail👏👏👏👏

    40. DK viking KD

      3:40 I'm sorry, but how can you be in your teens and not understand taxation??

    41. Sly 697

      idk.. looked like that dog was living his best life @0:44

    42. Lastman Standing

      That last kid..."But I already have a Social Security number". LOL And welcome to the real world.

    43. Lj Demaris

      I have to say not a damn thing in this video was funny

    44. Lee

      I’m about 6 seconds in and I’m scared for this girls life

    45. Scott Lavergne

      He is upset that he had to pay more taxes than Trump. 🤣

    46. Tetra

      Bruh I got $7 from my very first paycheck lol

    47. Ruben T

      The Siri clip may be the best FailArmy moment in the history of this channel.


      fortnite dance

    49. S Villa

      Slow week uh?

    50. The Worship Lounge

      That Siri one!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Vanessa Vella

      i honestly didnt laugh once, what a shit compilation.

      1. Vanessa Vella

        and even reading through the comments, wow, he got taxed like all of us do? How is that even funny, we all go through that. How fucking boring.

    52. ph 88

      I made that much why cant I get it all? Why are taxes so high? Well, stop putting Democrats in office lol

    53. Daniela Mejia Lopez


    54. Christine Daaé

      Guy at 1:31-1:41 was Michael Scott

    55. Vaishnav Mk

      WTF 😂

    56. Mark Allison

      To the lad with his first paycheck, welcome to the real world!

    57. James Willauer

      Man, he's that mad over paying 8% in taxes... Just wait til he's paying 35%

    58. volacticgorgon

      (2:01) Guy: "Hey Siri." Siri: "Uh-huh?" Guy: "Change my nickname." Siri: "Ok. What would you like me to call you?" Guy: "h, a, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, h, a, h, a, h, a, a, a, a, h, h, h, h, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, a, h, a, a, h, a, h, h, a, a, h, h, a." Siri: "You would like me to call you: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHA?"

    59. Woody

      :45 dog has worms...🤢

    60. Fun and Cute

      This video is awesome. I love it!

      1. Paul von Kerczek

        Why do you comment on every video FailArmy makes-

    61. Meme Kampf

      That kid crying over $20 hahaha

    62. antonio alvarez


    63. Xena Jada

      I am SERIOUSLY CRYING over the milk jug mask!

    64. the bear with a crown

      3:48 In This Moment he knew....... he became a Republican

    65. Will Hollbrook

      OMG! That dog taping it's back feet....such a fail 😐

    66. No Copyright Music for Vlogs

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: A metal drummer: 0:44

    67. Miller Boer

      For more information check out Max Igan, Deborah Tavares, Ole Dammegard, Jordan Maxwell and William (Bill) Cooper on youtube.

    68. marklola12

      @4:18 lol shame the US does not have what the UK can earn up to £12,500 per year before they start paying income tax. So if you've got a part-time job and earn under £12,500, you won't pay a penny. Above your Personal Allowance, the amount you pay depends on the amount you earn.

    69. Firebourn94

      The fail was her bikini

    70. domonick Gregory


    71. SWWonders

      6:12 I felt that shit on my shin 😬

    72. SWWonders

      People talkin bout lower the voting age & you got some like this kid who didn’t know you have to pay taxes

    73. Croaking Frog

      4:40- "If I earned that, then why can't I get it?" A good question many people are still wondering. If you want even more taxes, vote for Biden.

      1. Eme Rose

        Even though Trump's tax plan is literally giving breaks to billionaires. Since his tax plan, the 400 most wealthy people in the country paid less than any other group, including the middle class. Biden is a better option when it comes to taxes, trust me. At least he'll prioritize the majority and not the rich minority.

    74. Kitty Shenanigans

      Doggo: x2 scratching power

    75. Lisa Ulander

      In Sweden we pay AT LEAST 25% tax on our income.. But then we get free healthcare (for everybody) and completley free education too. Taxes are good!!

      1. Dan said

        when you have to pay, it is not free! Nothing is free, it has to come from somewhere!

    76. onenikkione

      $20 is nothing, child-support leave you with $2

    77. CrossOnyx

      The one with taxes pisses me off. I earned that money, not the government so they need to F off and stop taking my money.

    78. Schmike

      that guy with taxes xd im german in germany you have to pay nearly 50% taxes...i would get nearly 5000€ a month but after taxes i just get about depends on your "taxes class" others who earn 5000 are getting more others less...welcome to the (fucking) world

    79. jdefabs2112

      "Why do i have to pay if i earned it?" Because taxation is theft.

    80. Sterling Gorham

      The day he earned his first paycheck was the day he realized, he was a libertarian.

    81. Sunny

      You are lucky your taxes are only $21 from $280!

    82. Ale

      I missed these...

    83. Joseph Gunnar

      The tax talk... Even worse than the birds and the bees...

    84. Joe Macdonald

      3:35 that's why you always do "under-the-table" work whenever you can because the government can fuck you, and they have the thugs to back them up to do it, but to fuck them back you have to be sneaky! ;)

    85. David Metal


    86. Bryan P

      The worst fails, were the fuck knuckles with their vertical phones!

    87. Ishida Gorou

      that hey Siri actived my ipad lol

    88. Mhafiz Azam

      Best one prank with Siri,😀😁😂

    89. Special Order 937

      The kid with the taxes is HANDS DOWN the best. While we all find it funny, we can also all relate to the pain he’s feeling. HHa!

      1. Joe Macdonald

        3:35 that's why you always do "under-the-table" work whenever you can because the government can fuck you, and they have the thugs to back them up to do it, but to fuck them back you have to be sneaky! ;)

    90. jayxfrost

      3:45 -- I feel his pain :'( the first paycheck is probably a huge disappointment for everyone.

    91. Emma East


    92. Hugo N

      My Siri went on when he Said hey siri

    93. 19Delta Retired

      5:00 WTF is he running from?

    94. Luke Tanner

      He got less than 10% taken out for taxes. He should be grateful😂

    95. john smith

      And if you think those taxes are bullshit just consider what other shit the government is selling you 😉

    96. E Lowe

      Jokes on us that black kid will be taking our taxes through welfare soon.


      Ah life...... 3:38

    98. Loki D. Wolf

      This was probably the best group of vids yet.

    99. Chris V


    100. uglyguyfe

      Why ppl shot videos vertically. 😡😠😡