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    1. xLegehnd

      LEAVE A LIKE ON THE VIDEO SONY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT UPDATE 8.00! 👇👇👇👇 Timestamps 0:00 - Introduction 0:13 - Sony Fix The Update 8.00 Issues! 1:43- Sony Announced A Fix For 8.00! 2:20 - PS4 Party Chats Being Recorded! 5:14 - Party Chats Recorded New PS5 Feature! 6:47 - Are We Still Being Spied On By Sony? 7:14 - IMPORTANT Closing Statement!

      1. oshane bailey

        The 8.00 keeping the game to freeze

      2. xLegehnd

        You can’t downgrade

      3. oshane bailey

        Can I get the link for the update 7.55 ps4

      4. Aj Green

        Dude can you help me before the update I could text people and I could play fortnite but now I can’t please help me please legend bro

      5. H Grimes

        If it's for the ps5 then why is it on the ps4? UK spys on everything if Sony UK said they weren't spying, they've been spying and are trying to make it retroactively legal.

    2. 1SwoleNole

      Please Help Me with some technical INFO issues. I Just recently purchased A PS4 Pro (NEVER BEEN UNBOXED) I was wondering once I do a System Software Update in 2020, will It Have all The patch(s) (JUST on a PERFORMANCE BASE not the DLC) needed for games like this *The Last Of Us REMASTERED, Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Etc,* or will I have to download separate Patch(s) to *Maximize Game Graphics, Bud Fixes, Dropped frames, etc. (You Know what I Mean, lol,)* I just Want A Smooth Operating System with Update(s) To Maximize The PS4 Pro Full Potential Any STEP by STEP Download tutorials Videos you have to Address NEW Beginners of the PS4 PRO like me, WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! I JUST ORDERED THE GAMES so I Should have them in a couple of days. Thanks for all You Do!! *PS as Stated I Have a NEW PS4 Pro (or PS4 in general), Isn't a System Software Update Mandatory,, because I Know normally, on Some New Games It .Will prompt you to update your Firmware before you can play the game? I'm Nervous because, I Don't want to damage my NEW System, and I've Been Hearing That The NEW System Software Update 8.0 Will and maybe damage the System? is this True? Please give me the 411.*

    3. Mr. Object Show

      I aint updating my ps4 until this is fixed 🙄

      1. Mr. Object Show

        Yep, this is a siezure having this installed lol 🤣

      2. xLegehnd

        😂😂😂 their gonna make a new update for PS4 unless they lied cus they messed up the parties and messages

      3. Mr. Object Show

        Oh wait im on the latest version.

    4. Moka2 Moka2

      Honestly this update wasn't that bad for me, my friends barely swear and we speak another language not english that's it

    5. CombativePlays

      I hate this update because I can't even access game applications because of this 8.00 update. My PS4 keeps freezing and acting very slow ever since I installed this update.

    6. Pentagon Jr 304

      To be honest it really a good idea they do it because on NBA 2K there is a lot of toxic bully on there

    7. Magic X1

      so pretty much if you say “Hi Wanna play” and they commit suicide there’s a chance you get in trouble

    8. Immortal Babylon

      They should fix their shit and give us a 50$ psn store credit 😤

      1. xLegehnd

        No bs lmao more like give us the normal party chats back & 100$ make sure to subscribe if new bro 🙏

    9. Outlaw GamingYT

      The thing is how are we going to update it? Or, maybe it will automatically update or just come in out of nowhere.

    10. reggie gimmix

      It's laggy and crashes my console often and also browsing menus sticks for at least 30 seconds etc... really bad firmware update. This is the only time I've had issues with an update. I also had issues with my audio not working then locking up in the party menu ...had to power off twice before audio would work on my controller. Im looking to backdate the firware to previous one. They need to fix it as console is struggling to even work properly. My PRo is only 1 year old this month and is only used by myself at weekends. Sort it soon SONY.

    11. rebelsoldier284

      The thing that disturbs me is this update *and* the ToS is that things like 'hate speech' are now punishable offenses. So now, paired with this recording tool, I see this thing being ridiculously abused. I'm not saying their aren't legitimately toxic people. But I don't understand what was wrong with people blocking people who were harassing them. Block, report and go about your game. But this sets a really dangerous precedent. This is being done in the name of safety, and I get that. But if we're willing to accept being recorded and possibly reported for making a crude joke or voicing an unpopular opinion without our knowledge, what else will we agree to?

    12. Damian Rodriguez

      Do you know how to fix the issue where I cant ad ons??

    13. The Rookie cop

      I'm sorry, but NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED! if anything its just been made worse!

      1. xLegehnd

        It’s be honest either 8.00 8.05 or 8.10 be the last ps4 update before Ps5 releases next month

    14. Death

      Parents are responsible for what their kids get involved with on PS4 not us or Sony. You cannot force ppl to get along nor should you use Orwellian bullshit to monitor what you the player does. Btw Sony can listen in on your device anytime they want including recording you out of chat. To say they won't because Sony claims they won't is very stupid thinking. Btw Sony and Microsoft is working with China in order to spy on you the user.

    15. Jay Martin

      to late sony you already destroyed my hd and stuck me in SAFEMODE!

    16. MitzyEditz

      Good thing I don’t use party chat. I don’t really use online features except when I installed games. That is an invasion of privacy though

    17. Tepek Trail blazer

      The only thing I hate is the fact people you have blocked can join your party.

    18. Jackal

      I agree with Sony 100% that's a smart idea if people bullying other people and if they are killing yourselves sony can put a stop to it right away they should have done this a long time ago. People need to know they are safe online no matter what.

      1. ForgivePerc

        @xLegehnd They aren’t being recorded, Sony’s support team cleared it up and they said that someone who is in your party would have to record you and send it to Sony. They’re basically letting people snitch on each other which is actually smart to prevent bullying.

      2. xLegehnd

        I feel like they need to pull back on ps4 and Ps5 voice chats being recorded leave that to the ppl who are on Ps5 only with other Ps5 players & ps4 with ps4 people only or get rid of it all together but it’s a step forward until the next update I’ll be making a video for it!

    19. Connor Belay

      How do you get it installed my can’t install

      1. Connor Belay

        @xLegehnd it’s all good I got the update fixed thanks

      2. xLegehnd

        Go to system software updates in settings

    20. Mohd Goku18

      The solution is to play on pc And talk in discord while playing with somebody

    21. Gemini DaPotato

      Say something stupid Get recorded Get fcked over Sounds fun, I wonder if there will be people that will use the records for threaten others now...yup, there will be..

    22. The Dude abides

      Is he saying future or feature? Lol

    23. Thomas Pehowdy

      No its not like that sony don't record your videos if something happens online between u and some one else the person thats being threatened or bullying makes complaint you record your own complaint between both of u of what happens what the complaint is about the threatening or bullying or what ever else up to around a minute or two then you send the complaint to sony and they will take it from there they will do what they got to do the only time son listens to your conversation is when you send sony the complaint or conversation thank you but thats how it is

    24. jellyfam LeeLee

      im not abut get a ps5 or a xbox im go get a PC i do not like what thay did it was not cool so im abut to get a PC

    25. Clucxy

      For some reason all my games say “hidden from other players” and every time I undid it and press confirm it still shows it says, “hidden from other players”

      1. ForgivePerc

        All that means is that when someone looks at your account and go to your games, they won’t be able to see them

    26. TyZen _X01

      The only thing I want fixed is where I can see my friends in a party or not

    27. ツKyzerカイザーツ

      I can't even update the system software 8.00 in the first place

    28. hop hopsin

      I still cant update my ps4 so cant go online somebody help me pls its been 6days without gaming

    29. Ghous Gailani

      Yo my games that don’t crash EVER like EVER have been crashing the party chat update is stupid, to make one you need to invite another person it’s just annoying ykwim?

    30. John Doe

      I'm buying an Xbox fuck Sony

    31. Guy Sensei

      Solution just use discord

    32. Mr Snowman

      First of all moving over to Xbox will do no good because Xbox is already listening in on the party chats, second of all people are in parties but it's only linked to the group chats you're in so there's no more public and private parties

      1. xLegehnd

        They are already doing it too so we gotta go to PC 😂

    33. Ghost_Slayer141

      I'm still getting ps5. I'm ok with Sony spying on me atleast I'm covered when someone calls me nigga when I'm white. I'll get them band permanent done it to 2 people all ready.

    34. ferrouAY

      For everyone worrying about spying on partys Sony has said that they will only be spying in party's for users that report them. Just don't get involved with people you dont like

      1. Etixia

        Thank you, you understand it everyone is acting so weird. People are switching to xbox even tho xbox does the same thing. Much love

    35. Retro Moe

      Bye bye acting sus with my friends The Good Days

    36. TRAPZ LEDZ

      Prevents people from booting and getting away with it

    37. dXb 06

      Ye i dont really care that much since im switching to pc with my 3070, when i will get one 😂

    38. DeceptiveSmoke

      people do realise that your smartphone camera, mic listens in on you and watching you. lol. y'all tripping over this playstation recording. everything that is technology is monitoring you.

    39. Ttv Relax

      Lol me and my friends couldn't give two shits about this update were still cursing my friend is calling Sony a bunch of pricks and thier ese dropping ur not gonna get banned

    40. Per Steinar Sørensen

      R.i.p. psn fuck sony. Xbox is now ordered and my ps4 go in Junkebox. My psn pluss i cancel.

    41. hiyori

      I hate how badly they downgraded the chats. Everything can be easily abused with this new recording system, meaning anyone can ddos you, make you look like the bad guy, lose the account for not doing anything wrong yada yada. Also hiding games feature is broken to bits on Playstation4. It should not be the customers fault, if Sony were listening on it why didnt they stop it in time? Why now?

    42. Savage DBD54

      Yea I'll just talk through discord

    43. Large Kreampuff

      Fuck it. I think I'll update anyway. If someone wants to talk to me they can dam we'll drive to my house 😂

    44. XxBartSimpson447xX

      Why can't my party be private? Whenever I record a video I don't want no one to talk in the middle of my video

    45. Tokken

      I gone change to PC fuck Playstaton!!!

    46. Tokken


    47. beckecko 2007

      Why do they neeed to spy on people

    48. J.W. Childers

      Xbox's camera spy's on you at home hell I'll stick with PlayStation

    49. doccu

      Where did u found out they have fixed it? Been fact checking and found nothing, Will be waiting for the update fix for real.

    50. A. B

      Go to game chat then

    51. ONE-EYED king

      just so everyone knows if you mute someone in the party they can still hear you i tested it today when someone said i could hear you when i muted them

      1. Etixia

        I know

    52. Oscar Gomez

      I just got a ps4 and I keep getting an error when downloading that update I don't know if my ps4 is broken or it's the update

    53. Reaper The ghost rider

      The only ones who are scared are the toxic one 👌🏾

    54. -AbPz- Gaming

      Bye bye PS4 hello my old friend xbox I had Xbox 360 and Xbox one then I went from PS4 to PS4 pro and now I’m about to claim the new Xbox

      1. -AbPz- Gaming

        @Etixia they tweeted it out clarifying everything I just said

      2. Etixia

        @-AbPz- Gaming you know that if they record everything (while you are not in a voice chat and whether your microphone is off) without you realizing that sony is breaking the law of privacy or that sony is then criminally engaged?

      3. -AbPz- Gaming

        @Etixia yeah but they don’t take it as far as Sony did they track everything inbuilt controller mic they can hear u they record u

      4. Etixia

        Lol you know microsoft does the same thing, so there is no point to switch.

    55. -AbPz- Gaming

      3:28 HOLD UP WHAT???

      1. xLegehnd

        😂😂😂 yeah they getting serious

    56. -AbPz- Gaming

      I made the vid first before anyone and it didn’t even blow up

      1. -AbPz- Gaming

        @Large Kreampuff people like short vids they don’t want to watch a 90 min long vid about a 30 second topic

      2. Large Kreampuff

        Get fucked :D should have made the title more clickbaity. Edit: oh you did. The problem is it's fucking not even a minute long

    57. Angel Gill

      Shittt Sony is working with the FBI now

    58. Griffey 🔥 Light ⚡

      LOL if someone kills themselves over a PlayStation chat party I don't think they should be in chat parties then on god

    59. 2k Plug

      This is obviously a government thing, PlayStation we’re most likely forced to do this.

      1. Sxlent_ CD

        No a kid killed himself cause people were bullying him in a party

    60. 2k Plug

      God forbid psn servers get hacked say goodbye to all of our accounts

    61. Dashaivan

      That intro song is fire, what is it?

      1. xLegehnd

        It’s a unreleased song at this moment until it’s out I’ll get you the song :)

    62. OneStop4Sports

      This is sus as fuck ps5 has a build in mic now this update wtf is Sony doing ..this shit is creepy

    63. Breadfan 225

      This isn’t my problem at PS4 wont even turn on properly to let me play the games on my PlayStation

    64. Captain Crunch

      Nah, people have been getting banned in parties by themselves. Fuck this.

    65. el cuhh

      My friends list wouldn't load and I thought it was my internet but now I know thanks for the information

    66. SuperYoshiJr

      what if i use a vpn

    67. SuperYoshiJr

      discord is the new party chat

    68. BlaZeX Furrysnake911

      My man go sleep its almost 2am go sleep bro 😂

      1. xLegehnd

        😂😂😂 👀

    69. ColorlessHD

      If y'all are switching welcome to xbox 😊

    70. Samuel Straker

      For everyone worrying about spying on partys Sony has said that they will only be spying in party's for users that report them. Just don't get involved with people you dont like

      1. LemonarchyonFN 223

        I got banned yesterday while playing a whole different game no party chat

      2. Adrian Cadillo

        thats not possible because blocked users can join your parties too

    71. Marcin Puchalski

      Thx a lot

    72. Im Nozhyy

      playstation got everyone switching to xbox😂🤦‍♂️

      1. XxBartSimpson447xX


    73. Misaka Worst

      The really sad part is that people will abuse the new "report" system.... Its like HR at work now...sum poor bastard hates you, acts like they're offended and shed fake tears just to get your ass "fired" or banned

    74. Misaka Worst

      Being muted by someone does NOT prevent you from STILL hearing them... IE: You cant mute someone then talk shit, and expect to get away with it

    75. KxnG Tut


    76. Christopher Gutierrez

      It’s pretty ironic how you mentioned the term “suicide” a lot because I’ve seen comments on other posts that the whole reason why PlayStation did this party update was because apparently some kid killed himself in a party because he was getting bullied.

    77. Live Lively

      What fixed i still cant play gta5 or apex .wth are you guys also having the bug still f- i cant play im suffering

    78. -

      I always knew that if they really wanted to they can pull up audio but you aren’t watched 24/7. My biggest problem is them taking away the original party and message system

    79. jovan masse

      I got banned for saying the F word the xbox is looking good right now

    80. N / A

      Cheers, man. Thanks for clearing up the situation.

      1. xLegehnd

        Your welcome bro thank you! Subscribe if you haven’t!

    81. Rehan Alshehri

      Can someone tell me how to fix my PS for because of this update I can't watch IRvision I can't play any of my games any more for some reason

      1. ForgivePerc

        Try restoring your licenses in account management, if that doesn’t work call Sony support and they should be able to help you

      2. Reginald Vannison

        I had the same problem you did. Have you tried restarting your modem? That’s what I did. After that, you should get a notification to update to the new firmware. Hope this help.

    82. Harley Atchison

      I would imagine that sooner or latwr xbox and pc will do something similar so y switch

    83. batfear007

      if this is the future of PS5 they can shove it up their ass

    84. airael

      I've worked on computers and I know that if something doesn't work right you just roll it back to the last version until you fix the new version why can't they do that? The message system in messenger on the main part of the PS4 was not broken no people that are blocked off your list can come into the room, like X's or people that you don't want to talk to and just be there and listen to you, that's bull. And they changed it so your friends on your friends list cannot join you what the h..... Unless I hear differently I'm never going to use that thing again and I'm considering not buying the PS5 I am so glad I did not pre-order it.

    85. Cutler Dutko

      I’m not playing ps4 anymore this sucks

    86. Lewis

      Okay okay... I need to know... can I still have banter and swear in party chat without risking being banned? Cause if that's the case me and my mates are gonna be chatting on skype from now on lmao

    87. H Grimes

      This is why I'm done with Bitchmade console companies. PC is the place to be if you dont want to be censored and spyed on.

    88. H Grimes

      If you're in a party chat with your friend cussing Sony will kick you but of you're hacking and moding they're going to ignore it. Fuck these Karen ass cunts.

    89. haruto kenji

      fuck playstaion

    90. M Mendo

      I don’t have a mic nor do I like to trash talk so I think I’m good

    91. M Mendo

      Ok but some one killing theselves cause of u I kinda do feel like u do need to go to prison cause that’s like murder

    92. Wayne Hoxit

      I need help very much

    93. Samuel Isger

      Ps4 Safety > Privacy

      1. Death

        Privacy is greater then the false assumption of safety.

      2. Etixia


    94. Beau Birkin

      This update kinda creeps me out. I find it horrible that they can listen to everything me and my friends are saying. This update sucks

      1. ForgivePerc

        @Mohd Goku18 They aren’t listening to you, they’ve had this system since 2013 it’s nothing new. Players in your party have the ability to record you and send it to Sony. They don’t actually listen in on our every conversation. I would’ve been banned and thrown in jail a long time ago if they actually listened to us. Just make sure that you don’t let anyone in your party that is sensitive or gets mad easily. I agree this update was unnecessary but they were trying to stop bullying.

      2. ForgivePerc

        They aren’t listening to you, they’ve had this system since 2013 it’s nothing new. Players in your party have the ability to record you and send it to Sony. They don’t actually listen in on our every conversation. I would’ve been banned and thrown in jail a long time ago if they actually listened to us. Just make sure that you don’t let anyone in your party that is sensitive or gets mad easily. I agree this update was unnecessary but they were trying to stop bullying.

      3. Mohd Goku18

        I know because they can listen to personal stuff I feel uncomfortable now because they listen to the party

    95. Bunny Mirko

      Ya let me break my ps4 real quick

    96. Warrior J Gamer

      This is more information that I needed to bear that makes sense as everyone including me was freaking out over the fact chats may be recorded but now you explained it I feel more at eas to download the update

    97. Juan Roberto

      I still can’t see my friends

      1. Mohd Goku18

        @Chance-Kun this update dosen’t let you swear. So you can’t say shit/fuck/bitch and more

      2. Chance-Kun

        @xLegehnd bro my Friend got Banned for calling a kid a "fucking noob"

      3. xLegehnd

        You still are having issues with it? For me it’s been fixed

    98. She Loves Gohan

      idc if they spy on us but taking away parties and calling it voice chats ain't cool

      1. Etixia


    99. Ripper Розпушувач

      Guess no more talking shit for fun PlayStation is PG13 now 💀💀

    100. Shreyanshu Raj

      All those people saying "I going to buy Xbox, PC, Switch". Look first of all the very device you are using to comment these types of stuffs that device is also recording/watching you. So what you are going to do now, going to live in a jungle?? so that govt can't watch you just to have some privacy 😂 Edit- still the worst update not going to install untill it's necessary for me