Big Wave, Bigger Trouble: Fails of the Week (November 2020) | FailArmy


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    It's #FailFriday so that mean's it's time for The Fails of the Week! Happy #FailFriday everbody!
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    1. X Ricsi

      I think the pole dancing unicorn broke your vase.

    2. Johan Elvgrip

      Any1 know where to get that lamp in the background at 1:56? :)

    3. charlie piggin

      the girl that had her hair cut is a little fucking cry baby

    4. E M

      The kid wanted Nike. Instead he got Sharpie. 😆

    5. plazmatix XPRmental

      я дурно потратив свій час!

    6. Calin Apostol

      Those shoes are like 90% of Nike shoes in Romania 🤣

    7. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂

    8. TRM1C Corp.

      The Fuckup is definitely who it is that you're thinking that caused you 2 fuck up

    9. Bryan James Dawson

      Those fake nikes looked convincing!

    10. cbxk1xg

      4:32 If you don't know and therefore cannot appreciate a skylight in your house, maybe considering going back to the projects. I really feal bad for this feller. She must have some other hidden talents.

    11. Carlos Hernandez

      Es raro pero yo no queria la marca nike en mis tenis haci que se lo pinte del mismo color de todo el tenis

    12. Carlos Hernandez

      Esos nike estan chidos

    13. Wangchuk

      Grandma got art skills. At a distance it looks legit.

    14. Lazlow Rave

      So FailArmy is just nickin TicTok vids now?

    15. Gramza

      girl who cut their own hair and expect it to go superb, explains why we have humans on planet earth that is 10IQ

    16. Bill

      Looked more like the Shocked Face then the Sad Face instead of the North Face.

    17. DjTheDon614

      I dont get why the wood one was a fail

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    18. vieraeugigerZyklop

      3:35 because Hair does not grow? Just cut that longer part and in half a year , maybe 3/4 year everythings like before

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    19. Zukiman600

      Most of the people need to go ahead and end their lives. Way too retarded for normal society.

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    20. Sydney Baue

      she cried because her hair was uneven

      1. Top Fails YT

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    21. Irene Torres

      Lol 1:45 is something my mom would do to us because we broke something

      1. Top Fails YT

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    22. Your Mom's Creepy Uncle

      Mom: "who broke my vase!" Kid: "Kamar did it" Mom: "Stop lying or I will take away your PS5!" Kid: "Would you like to know who really killed Kennedy?"

      1. Top Fails YT

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    23. Amadis Demitrius

      Nothing more american that wearing a stars and stripe wife beater and not understanding how the sun works.

    24. BNL Asafa

      Did you make this one intentionally bad?

    25. Cristopher Gore

      2:22 so he was supposed to cut BELOW the rope? hahahahah

    26. Jhonn Anderson Bravo Asenjo


    27. Carlos Risso Patrón

      Hey the content tik tok it's boring I do not say it in a bad way but I say it to take into account in a future video anyway your voices are super fun😂😂😆😆😉

    28. GameDjeenie

      Are girls really crying over hair ?? Jeez... I'm becoming bald at 35 and I don't give a shit lmao

    29. ToP FuN VideoS


    30. Wyatt Simms

      No need to cry over hair that's a little uneven, most hairdos look like accidents these days.

    31. Kampffisch97

      When you didn't got enough cash, to get a new Haircut 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    32. apriliana p

      Lol the sun light tho 😂

    33. Elias

      this water coming out the bathroom is such a karen move....

    34. Callum

      Some fails are better than others

    35. Jkayski22

      5:42 MORONS

    36. Сергей Федюков

      Фалс файл ролик

    37. ms salient


    38. Timon timmy

      04:10 harry potter out here playing with vingardium leviosa(sorry if its wrong spell)

    39. XLandmarkSix69X

      3:40 she still looks pretty tho 🥰

    40. Pets Awesome

      omg. shoe super fake

    41. Mr 583


    42. ARE _


    43. Asuna

      Covid19 is not the proper way to decrease the population growth. Considering the method at 2:09 commonly called "TheBallBuster" is very much effective, less lethal and more humane. 👍

    44. Honda Ryda

      Imagine crying over hair that grows back ..

    45. Nah GTFOH

      0.43 -> c'mon now literally No one believes he didn't know exactly what she was doing. Pathetic. Get out

    46. Satan's Butthole

      Imagine crying over hair.

    47. Hugh Mungus

      5.25 cant handle a slip

    48. Clark Kent

      Gay pride preceeds the fall....@ minute 1:50

    49. Jazzon

      worst failarmy video ever. for feal...

    50. Russy W

      piss off its just hair, it'll grow back.

    51. PaigeElise123

      I've never understood why girls cry about a hair cut. Its hair. Itll grow back.

    52. PYRO cookie

      Dirt bike fails pls🏍️👍

    53. RamblinRick

      "Water coming out of the bathroom" is not a fail. Followed by the guy's reaction. Awesome. That chick is a keeper.

    54. Miguel Guerrero

      Haircut girls!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Awesome

    55. Tallowyck62

      4:33 Wow, that’s new levels of stupid. Though the tats should have tipped me.

    56. J Randall

      That's all Nike does is draw-on swooshes...why can't I?

    57. Sir Knight

      ATV flipped over wildly 😂😂😂😂

    58. To Hell

      That guy with the arrow ... wtf?! 05:41 ... imagine straight on the head. RIP

    59. hXc Hector

      You need to do a compilation of all these people trying to cut their hair during lockdown. It always ends up with "What did you do?" "I don't know!"

    60. YouChwb

      Could the woman with the fake Nikes, get done for consumer goods forgery? The Nike slogan is a copy written symbol.

      1. Jedgar

        Only if she tries to sell them, and claims they are actually Nike's. That is what trademark laws are protecting. Copyright has to do with intellectual property like books, art, or music.

    61. Adam W

      Please. No tiktok garbage...

    62. Ross Kane

      So many of these clips are obviously planned out and rehearsed. Can you at least attempt to stick to genuine fails?

    63. Cristóbal Letelier

      A lot of these videos I couldn’t understand for the language. At least put subtitles please.

    64. Blue explosion game

      1:50 oh amk iyi olmuş

    65. Howard Shubs

      "Water coming out of the bathroom"... nice.

    66. Shannon Gomez

      0:20 NIKE send this kid a pair of shoes

    67. fillg

      That girl with the messed up haircut looks like the same girl that messed it up a few years ago doing the curling iron tutorial

      1. Erika Stevenson

        I was thinking that too! I'm pretty sure it's the same one!

    68. Asif A. Ali

      Stupid girl! Crying over how her hair got ruined. Why bother messing with them in the first place? 🌚

    69. Jamie and his magic torch

      3:43 aah my heart's breaking for her. My two darlings are 24 and 18 I miss their little selves.

    70. Matt Jasa

      Did he really just shoot an arrow straight up? 5:42

    71. venqor

      02:50 you cant cut your own hair and think it will be beautiful af

    72. Вадим Соловьёв


    73. Territory of Laughter

      hi) come visit me)🙈

    74. Andrey ShoppingLive

      чет гавно какое то в этот раз

    75. JL Ribeiro

      Finally some new contents!

    76. jdmsai

      This one was prett funny

    77. Krabby Patty Krabs

      Who broke the fucking vase haha

    78. Fun and Cute

      Don't ever tell your friends to cut your hair, they will make fun of you for sure LOL... Bc I did the same to my friend :)

      1. Malte Hagedorn

        omg only hairs.....

    79. Hey Ya!

      5:07 I felt pity for all human life !

    80. Average Xennpai

      5:27 The most genuine "aduhhhh" I've heard on IRvision

      1. Niko Bellic


      2. Alifiandi Syahputra

        That guy is from Indonesian

    81. Great White North Life

      "Theres water coming out of the bathroom!" Classic lol!

    82. Scottish Unicorn Glitter

      Typical- show all the videos everyone else has posted

    83. 1NFECT3D.

      Bruv,The First Kid Is A Puma Fan...

    84. Tetra

      bro did u really name ur vid after the shortest clip of the compilation? lol

    85. David Gangler

      46 seconds in lmao

    86. ba-zou-KA

      why she crie its not that bad lol

    87. Michael Tatum

      5:04 Wow, that's stupid on a whole new level!

    88. donald deluxe

      “It was sikai!” “Why did you snitch on me?!” Honey, you were already snitching on your brother and yet you act surprised your baby brother snitched on you? I feel bad for the brother being blamed for the vase.

    89. Nemo Ciau

      These were trash falls

    90. Doc Holliday Gaming

      Props to the kid with the fake nikes. Humble to the core.

      1. camelway

        He was just happy he didn't have to go to sweat shop to make them himself.

    91. Alex Stories

      0:57 We have a vr masterpiece

    92. KShed

      this channel should just be called "dumbest people on earth" not fail army.

    93. Brian Daniels

      3:30 Haircut girl... 1) Don't cry, get control of your emotions before they jeopardize every relationship you will ever be in. 2) No need to cry, just next time get someone to cut your hair for you that you trust. Your sister can only be trusted when you are truly in an emergency. If you're okay, your siblings will mess with you. 3) Sill no need to cry, it'll grow back. 4) Further still, no need to cry, it looks good if you just even it out. 5) Absolutely no need to cry, because people don't care about your hair nearly as much as you think they do.

      1. Zedek

        There is something in the civilized world called, uh... one moment... a barber. Yes, that's what they are called. They are professionals for professional results. Take advantage of that. Cost you only a bit.........................

    94. Ava_Angel 077

      Always liked and subbed!!! Love ya

    95. Bacon Hair

      My dad after drinking somthing special in 3 am 1:49

    96. Josh PaperDragon

      This is why you don't get new videos often. But Fridays are still the best

    97. zuhn

      i watched this

    98. Connot Licelave

      2:50 thats why i go to the salon

    99. Chris - Trail name: Thumper

      That light never goes out. It's a skylight. Damn... How are these hot chic's just so stupid? Common sense is NOT where we are in the US. THIS proves it (on a small scale, I get it) why we are in the state that we're in.

      1. Владимир Круглов

        Hot checks are hot, they don't need anything else :) The same goes for guys too.