This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

Kurtis Conner

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    I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
    thanks for watching!
    comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


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    1. Morena Alia

      The official food of Kurtistown is Ketamine

    2. Leann Warkentin


    3. Elpida D

      i want collab with lauren brodauf now. NOW.

    4. Maverick Moto

      Having 5 people chained together gave me flashbacks of jail transportation. Instead of 1 woman and 4 guys it was 5 guys who would rather be anywhere but stuck with their hand chained to the people next to them.

    5. vbddfy euuyt

      i feel like she should have picked the locksmith, they had an unspoken connection

    6. Beanut Butter

      You can laugh at a fart but be warned, it's embarrassing and they might be offender

    7. Carmen Gomez-Punales

      Why are the cc's defaulted to spanish that is not my default

    8. Latin Salad

      Pete, my favorite recurring character

    9. Penguin Leader

      ....I think everyone could agree that Jason deserves better

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        This show really said: Slavery, but make it a dating show

    10. Josette Zahnle

      I love that extra greeting (except for that one time).

    11. Maddy

      I need to see the locksmith as a horror movie villain. Like, imagine the scene in the hockey rink, but the locksmith has an AK-47

    12. chocolat13angel

      Pete is dead with all those likes.

    13. soapy gee

      steph more like dumb omg I hate this woman

    14. evf

      Honestly lost respect when he was defendbtge pronouns people

    15. smolbean

      yo , just tryna say that 'Christmas' spelled in Malay is Krismas .

    16. maggy achidi

      mhhhhmmmmmm that Kristmas sweater sure looks ugly... want it

    17. Himara Gamage

      Kurtis and Dean's episode of bestie picks bae flashing on the screen after he said dating shows are fake is the most artful thing I've ever seen

    18. Felicia Höglund

      When he said "And I'll watch television, just so much television". As someone born in 95, I really felt that, like, REALLY felt that. Also I love the sims 1 music in the explanation :)

    19. Verdie Sawls


    20. brookewtflmao

      quit being such a steph

    21. Kayl A

      I'm just wondering why she chose to give money to any of them.

      1. Kayl A

        @Raven G hehe, same! But still, even if the guys were interesting, I think I'd still just keep the money instead. Ha.

      2. Raven G

        For real! If I was on this show and none of the guys were interesting, I'd simply just keep all the money for myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    22. hahaha made you look

      i’m 10 min past it but i can’t get over the fact he called me out for cheating on heads up seven up

    23. Mary Thomas

      This show really said: Slavery, but make it a dating show

    24. Mikaela Hall

      Talk about the show "Parental Control"!!

    25. Gaby

      Can we have another "kurt boy" baby pink tee like the one you're wearing? I'd like to have one for Christmas pls

    26. Alisa Diaz

      I bet you if she picked Jason, the relationship would have lasted FOUR days

    27. Jannat Riaz

      im home alone and your videos make me feel safe

    28. P!!!

      This video was so good lol

    29. sadie rose

      you were born the year kurt cobain died and your names are suspiciously similar...

    30. olivia

      is there a picture of gooby?

    31. Pluto The Planet

      2002, I missed the golden age just barely. BUT, when I was growing up, I would watch "Bibleman" He's a superhero, but for God. I had a scary childhood.

    32. melaanieification

      Can we please talk about the Sims 1 music in the background while the show was explained?

    33. Myr Rosen

      The staking sauce immunochemically rock because siberian numerically earn lest a little cherries. pointless, greedy pantyhose

    34. Valerie x

      PLEASE KURTIS talk about the show "Next" !!!! It was my fav and it's so much funnier now and I can't find anywhere to watch old episodes, i feel like not nearly enough people remember that show 🥺💌

    35. krayokay.

      everyone gangster till kurtis plays super fast build mode

    36. Emily Duden

      I think it's time for Kurtis to realize the bathroom humor doesn't really resonate with his predominantly female audience lol

    37. xXCookieXx123

      What if you have to use the bathroom

    38. Franz Pattison

      It only took 89 seconds for me to dislike and move on from this vapid trash

    39. -kc

      We're never gonna let him forget about "that one time" are we

    40. Emily C

      Quit being such a steph

    41. bocoy noiu

      i feel like she should have picked the locksmith, they had an unspoken connection

    42. Marin Green

      “Curvy girls make my junk twitch” I had to take a bathroom break after that one

    43. Camy Club

      I just watched my worst nightmare

    44. saladnips

      i saw a comment that said we need to make the locksmith the sheriff of Kurtis town and i couldn’t agree more

    45. skylar blue

      Kurtis there is no extra greeting! One was for new people and the other was for people coming back (which you don't even have to subscribe for)

      1. bocoy noiu

        anyone else peep that Sims music? 👀

    46. SlaM Ù

      I was born in 91 bro Nd those shoes were hilarious looking back on them good ol days tho having bbqs w the whole apartment complex

    47. Giorno Giovanna

      Alan is nasty 🤢

    48. Sanjay spam

      ok where can I buy the gooby painting in the back

    49. Peaceful Painting

      Almost as if she picked the arsehole to try and change him and try to prove herself worthy to a wanker.... 🙄

    50. Manuela Santiago

      Jason is the new Jonnaton

    51. talia zur

      20:33 so.... so we ignore it...¿ aight keep going

    52. J R

      What was the song playing when you were talking about Audible?

    53. honeyaardvark

      "the date lasted 3 days" with royalty free happy music is a whole energy

    54. The Majestic Manatee

      They were all aweful. I would say Jason was the nicest/cutest/most good looking guy but he literally rated her a 4 so....What a show. Jesus. Reality tv ladies and gentleman.

    55. Sophie Notbom

      All men must die? Naaah. One man must go

    56. Rob Smith21

      Wish you would bring back bestie picks bae

    57. Rob Smith21

      Saw it coming

    58. carliee meadows


    59. Olivia Webster

      anyone else peep that Sims music? 👀

    60. HippieBohoBS

      All of these men look like a walking, talking, meme

    61. jess

      okay so nobody else is wondering how they’re able to strip if they’re chained together

    62. Emily G

      Imagine starting a relationship likes this where you see your partner treat other guys like that right in front of you. Lmfao. Asking for a divorce.

    63. RoySapien


    64. Katie M

      Can’t believe we have to cancel Kurtis for looking at people’s shoes during heads up seven up

    65. Nancy Rivera

      Finally, I watch a video with Christmas merch when Christmas is actually coming and not in the middle of July 3 years later

    66. Carrot Kiddo

      I swear to god that hermitcraft background music kept distracting me

    67. Jouta Kujo

      7:01 looks like a scene from a B rated horror film

    68. Latifah Yahya

      I remember the old TVs we had one in our living room and I thought it was cool and it really was

    69. Kaydence Gambrel

      Except for that one time

    70. rivera rose

      Merry Kurtsmas

    71. Steve Cheney

      This show explains a lot about how PUAs got so much traction.

    72. M.

      the sims music lol

    73. ChermahSeephran

      I forget you're Canadian, then you say, "On the piss"

    74. Angela Benitez

      shout out to the '94 babies! :)

    75. Erwin Rolls

      Straight people are why

    76. Salem Xander

      But have you seen the dating show “Naked Attraction” ? 😂

    77. Kellie Heitman

      Calling me out for how I played seven up was stone cold man

    78. Melanie Lennon

      17:24 is that- the Oshawa mall sjfjskakla

      1. Melanie Lennon

        Omg it is the Oshawa Centre stop that’s so funny

    79. Eric Coffey

      Holy shit, that reveal at the end! I had no idea it was Kurtis, I really thought it was the locksmith until he took off the glasses

    80. MyLyfeThruTheLens

      Alan is the WORST dude and Stephanie is an idiot and super shallow 😬

    81. Isabella Genova

      20:40 does kurtis watch goodtimeswithscar?

    82. MyLyfeThruTheLens

      Parental control was the funniest show omg 😂

    83. Arrington

      I was hoping she would pick the locksmith- he's kinda a cutie \

    84. Ramon Batista

      If my ears do not deceive me, I believe I heard Mall Rat from the Sims Original Video Game Soundtrack at 3:21. All I have to say to that is... nice 😎

    85. Aurora Ness

      Christmas? More like kurtmas!!!!! Dad jokes are the best!!!

    86. 2theMax86

      Another review would be cool, but I'd love to see Kurtis talk with The Locksmith or Jason! Like JonTron's video where he talked to someone from Kid Nation years after it ended.

    87. aslindehecate

      No but srsly, why would he give her the six pack?? 😔

    88. Callmepoptart

      M U S T A C H E

    89. Something Else

      Rip Kurtis's search history "Guys making out"

    90. Emilija Juškevičiūtė


    91. Charlie G

      Khristmas? Or is it Kristmas? I dunno, but it sounds fun so I'm in!


      0:20 kurtis eye acting up

    93. Dragonball What If Bro

      guess im a steph then, cos i be like :| at every fart joke, but thats one aspect of jokes, and its a good thing you are way funnier than just fart jokes.

    94. Jessica

      How do they go pee pee

    95. Valentina Magnan

      the joke about dating shows not being real doesn't make Kurtis' friend less of an asshole

      1. Valentina Magnan

        @Vulnerable Narcissist if you can’t watch it look for Justine belle bestie picks bae and in the description for part 3 of the history

      2. Vulnerable Narcissist

        Wait, what is this in reference to? Not knowing is really bugging me for some reason, lol.

    96. Regan Parenton


    97. Grace Futhey


    98. - emii -


    99. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer

      Who knows when Alan made that statement bc things are edited to create the narrative they want

    100. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer

      When I heard Chainz of Love, I was expecting Rock of Love or Flavor of Love type show