15 Most Amazing Abandoned Vehicles In The World


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    We all have a dream vehicle: the nice, but far-too-expensive, car we wish we could get our hands on, but might never be able to afford. That’s why it’s so bizarre that so many gorgeous cars, that many of us would dream of getting our hands on, wind up abandoned- tossed to the wind as if they are nothing but scrap. These are vehicles that have been found left as junk, even though most of us would dream of owning them. These are the most amazing abandoned vehicles in the world!

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    1. MKfishing

      i hate to see those poor classics sitting to rot,why can't people just put them up for sale to at least try to get them to someone that can restore them and let them roll on just for a little longer.

    2. Bill Carns

      Who's in charge of your spelling? "Chaina"? "Sydnet, Australia"?

    3. Hectīc

      this guys voice made me click off the video so fast, i had to come back and comment this. lol

    4. Watson45// T. maxwell21

      #1 is pronounced "Or-Ris-Ka-Nee" and NOT "Ora-Scan-Neee"! Ugh!

    5. Trackster 144

      Please get someone new doing the narration this guys voice stops me watching and liking the very interesting videos.

    6. Silvia Vallejo

      Yes of course- because every time I come up with a new transportation idea, my main concern is abandonment of said vehicles.

    7. Silvia Vallejo


    8. Silvia Vallejo

      The spelling mistakes... I understand a couple but like... There's way too many in here to NOT correct..

    9. arhiona hernandez

      bat mobile upgrade then sell it

    10. Ron A. Bolton

      its spelt Sydney. not Sydnet

    11. shaun cross

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    12. Greg Mogensen

      #odd topic. Since Im legally blind and I can't drive it i would have some fun restoring it with my brother in law. Then I would allow him to sell it and let him purchase the car he wants

    13. Ishaan Vlogs


    14. Johan Julius van Zyl

      Batman forever? that was the Batman '89 or Batman Returns batmobile

    15. gizzy guzzi

      The saying it 'more dollars than sense'!

      1. Silvia Vallejo

        *reads comments* sees: comments about spelling mistakes, plenty of comments about dudes voice, mentions of incorrect information... BUT NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THAT SAYING; IMMA CALL EM OUT.

    16. Braxton Dozier


    17. steve yagello II


    18. Gord Price

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    19. Thriller26

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    21. Babydoll zx10r

      #Oddtopic beings that it resembles the C3 Corvette my absolute favorite car since I was a kid I would support that Batmobile around town!!!

    22. Codysdad1195

      The ships name is the Uss "Or-risk-cany" its named after a battlefield.......

    23. Alex Oliver

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    24. Thebrick Woodward

      This is insane

    25. Thebrick Woodward

      #odd topic if I found a bat mobile I would keep it

    26. Mr Wednessday

      #ODDTOPIC doesn't anyone else see that oddtopic is a stupid obvious way to use "fun" CLICK BAIT ?!?! or am I living in crazy town

    27. armybeef68

      2:23 Thumbs down for smash and slenderman

    28. Jizzo Hateschickens

      I’d keep it#ODDTOPIC



    30. Joshua Ingle

      your facts are off on many of these

    31. George

      Batman and Batman returns were the movies that had that particular bat mobile. The one from batman forever was way different

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    33. Holyman 1978

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    34. Eusebio Simoes

      why aren't these vehicles recycled or restored, rather than pollute.

    35. Pasquale Nicosia

      ma come caxxo parla questo!!?

    36. Jay 7

      The voice wasn't bothering me until I read the comments 🤣

    37. Jennifer Jeanson

      Its a lie everyone because beggar 293 is real it's still works in Germany

    38. clairvoyant

      1:43 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, SAVE IT!!! :(



    40. Larry Walker

      Made it to number 8, but 2 ads every one to two item......way too many, even if you can skip them. too bad, it was interesting.

    41. Neil Hamersly

      that ship is in gta5

    42. Neil Hamersly

      fake news

    43. Markus laabs

      Keep it

    44. Roger Jones

      Comic/Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham owns one of these Batmobile replicas...wonder if this was where it came from?

    45. Reyna Morales

      I buy you a car

    46. Reyna Morales

      I will buy you a cat

      1. Reyna Morales

        I buy you a car

    47. MBPS the mc Gamer

      Come'on guys everyone have mistakes

    48. MBPS the mc Gamer

      Hey the bagger is on the ghost rider movie

    49. Meño Gonzalez

      SS United States in Philadelphia?

    50. R0CKL0BSTER1000

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    54. tlimb813

      I love your videos and we all love you 😘

    55. Flynn Cureton

      You spelled Sydney wrong

    56. Kris S

      Ok im calling your bluff.....bring on slinderman. And if he doesnt come, rosie o'donnell will come out from under yours factsopedia guy!

    57. Limpet 7R

      What's a Citrowenn?

    58. SteakLover

      Also titled "How to professionally mispronounce common and well known historical names"

    59. Zander Austin


    60. Humbulani Munonde

      In chats they write about EnotGlobal , maybe who knows what kind of thing?

    61. Travis Dragcura Hargiss.

      It’s China not Chaina

    62. Jim Gagne

      I feel sorry for any woman that has to suffer through one date listening to this guy order off a menu. Oh, and please add more commercials, cause 20 is not enough. I shall not subscribe today. DOUCHE !

    63. Maine Richardson

      I’ll build a Bat cave for it

    64. Chris Usrey

      #1 is pronounced "Or-Ris-Ka-Nee" and NOT "Ora-Scan-Neee"! Ugh!

    65. gene lappe

      Maybe you can learn how to pronounce the name of the aircraft carrier. Nails on a chalkboard

    66. David Williams

      sounds like the announcer on the phantom gourmet on boston tv. very annoying

    67. Yiannis Monos

      I can't stand listen the narrator!

    68. Kurt Snyder

      Downvoted as no editor to correct spellin'. Example" Sydnet" not "Sydney".

    69. 1 TRAINER THE

      Click bait

    70. Boop Boop Globetrotters


    71. Boop Boop Globetrotters

      SORRY GUYS THIS ANNOYING VOICE is on several channels including nukes top 5 , Amerikano and several others! CONGRATS DUDE FOR HAVING THE MOST ANNOYING SURFER VOICE EVER! coming from a fellow you tuber and narrator. (mine needs more training but sounds better than this! lmao )

    72. purpletrance

      Yes...that voice is soooooo annoying that I just couldn't bear to continue watching and listening beyond five minutes! Definitely won't be subscribing or watching any more if these! #selfsabotage

    73. Russell Dawkins

      I would think a few sticks of dynamite would accelerate the rotting/rusting process on some of those shipwrecks. Seems kinda lame to let them disfigure the landscape for two centuries. Muting and subtitles made this watchable.

    74. G. Tom

      50-100 years latter someone gonna make an abandoned vehicle in space video .

    75. DeathBane 208

      #oddtopic id keep the batmobile

    76. Altema00

      By #13 I knew this video was trash. Time to move on to another video.

    77. B McK

      All that value going to waste. People are stupid.

    78. crocketgsxr6

      the "abandoned" bat mobile was still on the Six flags property storage lot at the time and Is still owner by DC. Six Flags leased all their rides and stunt show props. I heard because of the Internet buzz, they were they were going fix it up to use for special events but they weren't going to sell it to the guy because they couldn't legally. if you look at all the pics you can tell it's a storage lot. You also have to be careful about fixing one up and selling it or using it for profit because DC. owns the Licensing rights to the character and WILL SUE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. it's trash but it's still their trash.

    79. David Latham

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    81. Kaiden Stockton

      2:13 who tf is that?

    82. Ash Niel

      He need to fix the spellings.

    83. R D

      Solution for ''The Voice'' .....MUTE and Turn on Subtitles! ;)

    84. Fusion Boy

      Your voice is the same as the guy who speak on finest media or is you?

    85. bearbon2

      Nice video, but the hokey "announcer" voice attempt is distracting.

    86. Ryan

      I actually seen the s.s American star when I went canary islands when i was younger ...didn't know much about it at the time ..but feeling appreciative now after finding out what it was used for and knowing it probably isnt still stood today ! Was actually mint to look at thinking back 🤨

    87. Kurt Abke

      nice voice

    88. Carey Mantiza


    89. Johan Blom

      Most irritating voice ever.

    90. Haruna Colley

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    91. ahjuicy

      the trixie mattel music 6:28

    92. Stanley Keith

      CHINA and you have misspelled it as CHAINA ? I just saw my Stolen Bike ! I like how everyone junks up the ocean. Cut it up ans use the stell to make new ships, cars and planes. Use the scrap, save the oceans. They will start to Junk up the Moon, Mars and any place else that they can leave there junk.

    93. OldSkool

      @1:19 ... charger rotting away ... just lost all respect for Belgium ...

      1. Olivia Rinaldi

        @OldSkool He says Americans left them there cuz they couldn't afford to bring them home after the war. Thank God it wasn't a 70 Charger or a Cuda ;)......

    94. toadman506

      The Ling was scuttled by Vandals in 2019, they attempted to steal Brass and Bronze parts, and broke the seacocks, flooding the hull. They've subsequently been arrested and Charged. There has been a group fom the St Louis Naval museum working on the ling for about a year now, clearing the water damaged artifacts (Uniforms, mattresses, and the like) Power Washing the interior, Blowing out and patching the Ballast tanks, and doing everything possible to get her ready to move to a new home for complete restoration.

    95. Gary Carpenter

      I used to know a couple that had a car graveyard and they were good friends of mine. After her husband's death, she sold everything to another person and he got rid of everything. She's gone now but she let us have any parts that we needed because we had little money and she knew it

    96. Gary Carpenter

      I can't believe someone found a Batmobile in a car graveyard. At least they fixed it up and sold for a fortune


      Always nice when *the thumbnail is a topic the creator has to question us on, in the video*

    98. Dr. Jack Kevorkian

      The voice ruins this video. Completely kills it , unwatchable with the volume up.

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