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    Don't miss this BACK TO BACK! 2 hour special of the BEST EVER X Factor auditions from X Factor around the world. Including performances from X Factor UK, X Factor USA, X Factor Australia, X Factor Romania, X Factor Ukraine and X Factor Lithuania!
    X Factor Global brings together the very best acts from around the world, keeping you up to date and ensuring that you never miss a thing!
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    1. X Factor Global

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      1. Lydia Garcia


      2. Lydia Garcia


      3. Savella Groverrenton

        @Henry Parra what?

      4. AnaliseTV

        4th power was amazing 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

      5. Heydi Nunn


    2. GnomeXD

      I wish there was a golden buzzer for the 1st audition GO DAMN

    3. Phurpa Lama

      Me too. X

    4. Örn

      14 year old shy Malisa resembles Linda Ronstadt-face, voice.

    5. Crime Documentary 2021

      amazing good

    6. lost alone

      I truely miss that

    7. malinda Concepcion

      Yes I am Enjoying Whatching them all Singing on Stage..

    8. malinda Concepcion

      Wow for me they are all bests Singer I love them all..

    9. Jana Brosius

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    10. Michelle Friedrich

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    11. d sg

      Yoo! My pinay sisters KILLED IT!!!!

    12. Jaroslava LANSKA

      I enjoy loved

    13. James EFC

      4th power was my fav they were to good and i love the hair

    14. Georgia Rose

      Who was that group from 15:40!!!! They are amazing!!!

    15. DILCIA

      When simon said something really nice people cry because they know when he said something he mean it

      1. lincoln breen

        Yep. He doesn't B/S.

    16. John Fleet

      I wonder what was the name of that song grace sang it was really y

    17. family mcglown

      Happy easter from your bud at 5:00 am

    18. Pegasus 74

      How sweet four powers are

    19. Julie Dorval

      James Arthur is the best in a long time!!

    20. Julie Dorval

      Love the couple and toxic from Britney Spears!

    21. Valdir Ribeiro

      With friends like Grace's, nobody needs any enemy. What kind of friend pins someone down that way, right??

      1. Anthoni Gardner

        Exactly. She needs better

    22. Kenneth Abel

      The skinny peony exceptionally breathe because sunflower concretely laugh between a reflective verse. uneven, voracious xylophone

    23. Mavis

      Nothing worth having comes easy, that’s why they are humble and kind

      1. J Peveto

        I would normally agree with you but after seeing and listening to the last audition in this video, I am in awe. Obviously this kids talent does come easy. It seems as though every day life may be his struggle but then he rips out and Eminem song nearly flawlessly. He found his place and it was beautiful to hear.

    24. Yep It's Me

      One word: JOSH Best singer I've ever heard on any of these shows - he made me cry *___* That's what music or any art should be able to do.

    25. Barry Caminiti

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    27. Blair Kruse

      Simon THE ROOTS by Grace Davies NEEDS 2 BE , , , , , , , ,

    28. Jrbr 549

      Darth Maul is a X factor judge?

    29. Leonie Arries

      Australia girl group......hip !

    30. Jana Brosius

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    31. Lisa LaBar

      She was so cool 😎

    32. Barry Caminiti

      The dark psychology booly produce because hell optimally turn underneath a possible surfboard. swift, cut gray

    33. Wade Crowe

      the very best

    34. Tea Cakes

      HAHAHAHAHA she really said “Aloha” when the Fourth Power said they were from the Philippines (For the friend’s who don’t know, Aloha is Hawaiian)

    35. Latasha Martinez

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    36. Howard Brock

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    37. Trayce Dunn

      Was that the best couple ever!! Man they got it all!! Loved tgem!!!

    38. Zanna Brooks

      Yes, she was good at singing the Whitney Houston version of the Dolly Parton song. Dolly wrote this song and recorded it first, but she never gets the credit. I would like to hear someone do Dolly's version.

    39. Eric Maynes

      I hate that people keep calling i will always love you Whitney's song

    40. Howard Brock

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    41. Pong Kwaila

      somebody to love rocks !

    42. Hazel Pringle


    43. Jacquelyne

      The girl that was bullied literally made my cry, her voice and the song just showed how much pain she was in and you can really hear her pain. I love her

      1. Michael L

        She was very brave! i know this pain and adore her for the strenght she shows!

    44. Windy Slayman

      The capricious innocent peroperativly cough because january controversly impress throughout a holistic edward. illegal, relieved smoke

    45. TMG

      Wow seeing Simon after that audition knowering his mother’s past away a week before and she fills in simons spot

    46. Howard Brock

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    47. jenny speegle

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    48. carolyn pederson

      What extraordinarily people in the world!!! I've been watching these compilations for 2 days now. Lol I don't cry much, but this show is amazing and makes me cry. What a show. Thank you all

    49. jillhbaudhaan

      Do they say Aloha in the Philippines? 0:30

    50. Heydi Nunn

      Bullies u are not. Winning🥀🥀🥀🥀🌼u. Are a warrior🥀🥀girl🥀🥀amen🥀🥀heidi

    51. Heydi Nunn

      Standing ovation 🥀🥀🥀go🥀🥀James🥀🥀heidi

    52. Heydi Nunn


    53. Heydi Nunn


    54. Heydi Nunn

      Wow from 🥀🥀Orlando🥀🥀cute. One🥀🥀🥀heidi

    55. Heydi Nunn

      4girls 🥀🥀🥀l. Have🥀4sisters🥀🥀🥀heidi

    56. Charlie Glew

      I so envy Alex & Sierra's relationship ! That relationship is an influencer.

      1. Charlie Glew

        @PafMedic,Jan Thats ace!

      2. PafMedic,Jan

        @Charlie Glew ,And They Won The Show

      3. Charlie Glew

        @Valerie Tenneson oh I didn't know this ! Thats sucks

      4. Valerie Tenneson

        It is sad that they broke up

    57. Janet Macdonald


    58. Lacry Fodor


    59. Asterix Obelix

      I don't understand how is Jillian bullied - she is beautiful and her voice is Angelic - God, please bless her soul.

    60. Sam Adams


    61. Iliana Trinta

      me encanta como canta la muchacha la cancion de Whitney Houston los unicos que han logrado cantarla como es igual que la cantante ella, Paola la nina Cubana de la Voz Kid y los dos muchachos el mulatico de factor X y el Rubio ya mas nadie ha hecho ;e performance de la cantante bendiciones para ellos,

    62. Addya. Addya.

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    63. 卫随德

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    64. Nana Gurung

      duh just who gave demi a seat to judge talents . She is so bad at it .

    65. Irma Padilla

      `que feo se peina paulina rubio, o se despeina’?

    66. allgaeueratze 666

      What a ... Oh my God

    67. Donny Burklow

      It gets so frustrating trying to watch some of these. It's like the Producers want to see how many edits they make. We want to see the acts, not there editing technics. Love the acts though.

    68. Ryan Peterson

      she is falling flat

    69. Tyler Cheung

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    70. ESOJ REYES

      Where will they go to hire so many winners among others If some famous artists have not been able to get contracts?

    71. Henry Phiri

      Awesome performance gals

    72. Melissa Hinson

      I just love watching this, again. Now that I know that she won. The judges just sat, paralyzed, for a few seconds. They were stunned into immobility after hearing her haunting, pure, voice sing "Yesterday". Then they jumped to their feet, with a standing ovation. Lol. I love it. So, happy for this shy, gentle girl's success. So grateful to be able to be here, and listen to her sing. Thank you, Marlisa.

    73. Michelle D

      Why was that one in Spanish like all of the sudden we will understand.

      1. Alondra Cano

        When did the Spanish part come up? I like what hour or minutes if you can tell me you don't have if you don't want to 😁

    74. Love You

      That 1 judge looks like she could be a sister to this 1 actress, but idk either of there names so keep strolling

    75. Massimiliano Fabbri


    76. ecco

      ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Song 2021: > THE CHANGE < :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    77. Ruiz Arellano Jr

      James arthur is the weirdest song...

    78. Barbara Botanica

      i wish that this channel operator lists the names of all artists

    79. La profe SOL

      Edtaria bueno que tenga "subtitulos"

    80. shelley annette

      Alex and Sierra made a big mistake. People liked them together and now that they are broken up where are they. Sad. I hope they can make it on their own, but I'm not sure.

      1. Barbara Botanica

        I guess it is not working - so sad

    81. shelley annette

      4th Power is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    82. Jenny Friedman

      JOSH DANIEL.I'm obcessed with this performance 🥲💙🙏🏼. I've been in tears. G-D Bless You ❣️. You Sound Better than the Original singer!!! I Hope you're Doing Well ❣️ Your Friend well ALWAYS Be In your Heart and Memories 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    83. Merrilee Lee

      Miss Grace Davies, You've got the whole package! Beautiful demonstration of ability & will. I do believe that I have found in you an all time favorite. Bless your heart for sharing with us your 'very first time' with this song. We should all be honored. Thank you.

    84. EasyCome EasyGo

      Sooo, Louisa...where the f’ did that come? That voice is a trip..

    85. Robert Farrington

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    86. Robert Farrington

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      1. Jeff McQuade


    87. precious_Marlie

      fourth power is my fav!!!

    88. Jason Daniel

      "I'm gonna go to Paulina" 9 Hours later.....

      1. Neta012

        What happens 9 hours later?

    89. S Tob

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    90. Vomiting Confetti

      It literally blew mey meynd!

      1. Anaghim Hamdi

        It literally blew my mind

    91. Bird Nest Code 7 Center

      Did you do anything about this Gangsters Generals Bank Robbery rime Rings, or the Gangster FBI and Gangster Attorney Generals bank robbery crime rings?

    92. GymnastRobloxGirl 28

      I can’t believe no one is talking about the fact that the girl who got bullied and cried on stage still crying! that so incredibly brave. so brave

    93. Isobel Lyall

      I didn’t even realise this is how James got attention

      1. FrannieFine

        His audition is one of my all time favourite 😊

      2. precious_Marlie

        james who ?

    94. Isobel Lyall

      There am so humble about them self too and it’s always them who are the best

    95. Chris Rimbey

      Why should we not let blood flow!?

    96. Chris Rimbey

      We are so far behind like stopping stuff is cool.

    97. Chris Rimbey

      This talent is of the plebs not the Royal's they are made of us.

    98. Nano Vahidy

      Who doesn’t?

    99. Leon Kennedy

      Pray tgey stay together ... loving .

    100. Becca Fraser

      I really love Ashley Williams she is phenomenal I hope someone picks her up recording I have she has her own recordings since America's Got Talent