Rolling NITROUS PULL on BOTH KITS goes TERRIBLY WRONG after we weight Tommy’s S10!

SRC Garage

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    1. Russ Tuttle

      Liberal moonbats Tommy watch out for those liberals they're coming for the guns

    2. Andy Wright

      Damn liberal moon bats! U guys are great 👍

    3. Jeff Collette

      Hey old man you going to speak up so I can hear you you're Whispering can hear we're just saying

    4. Nicholas Fantini

      That's right, it was a great idea

    5. Lauren and Gary

      Never do pullls where hill is you can't see what's coming at you

    6. Craig Leigeb're a bad influence on your boys! 😎

    7. samp700sp

      Liberal moon bats, lmfao. Coolest dad ever

    8. Blick's Life

      Y’all guys are bad ass ... love both the trucks... we’re is the 55 chevy

    9. clif Alton

      I like that a dad telling his son hit it

    10. Brian Vello

      Your videos are incredible, I enjoy watching, especially the stories of how you guys got started. You have a great family Bill and you all keep up the great work.

    11. Pascal Junger

      Cool video, renew your tags you won't have to pay the ticket.

    12. Maximum Energy

      Me and my dad watch you all the time

    13. Joe Guilfoyle

      Liberal moon bats,sounds like a trump bitch in denial

    14. Jefe Moreno

      Pops I didn’t kno you had a channel . Hell yeah I’m here for ya .

    15. luvdady

      yeah expired tags >$$ then speeding he could have got for ""assumed speed""

    16. Sherri Gaskin

      Plate it and go to court and they will toss the ticket. Steve

    17. Alexander Jones

      Should of left out the political views it's distasteful

    18. TopCity AutoMechanic

      Nice Truck :-)

    19. John Clarke

      Why did they pull you over? DeWine just extended our tags until July 1st 2021

    20. Motor City Mike

      GREAT to see a legacy SBC in the truck. Everyone is so wrapped up in "LS Fever" that they've forgotten that the same power levels can be made with the "old" small block by those who actually remember how to build an engine to make horsepower. I wasn't far off, I guessed 2900lbs The police visit reminds of a "white lights to rear" ticket after a four gear run. With no backdrive linkage on the shifter the backup lights stayed on unless I remembered to turn the sleeve on the steering column. I knew I was golden when the police wanted to know more about the engine than to give me crap about 130+ in a 45 at 2:00am.

    21. NJW

      What's under the hood on your international S series? I love those trucks!

    22. rasheed nembhard

      Ahh trump supporters

    23. Wendell Rountree

      Your channel popped up on my feed and I'm glad it did I will be watching thanks...

    24. Lee Wright

      ? How did cop see tag sticker while moving?

    25. Mathew Bolles

      Cheese and crackers man! Owned by liberal mom bats! OMG this guys hilarious.

    26. Danny Alford

      the biden flag lmao...

    27. LMLDissell

      Subscribed after #libermoonbats comment...right on fellas

    28. Brandon Odell

      Wow that truck is fast

    29. Harold Caldwell

      With the covid pandemic I didn't think they could get you for expired tags

    30. straps&chains rwjdriver

      Yes it's quickly becoming one of my favorite channels too love The old Man and the boys

    31. Michael Nelson

      God dam thats a very clean dime....

    32. Kelly Bentley

      You running E85. And what compression you running

    33. Joe Momma

      The idiots giving this video the thumbs down, are probably Liberal Moon bats !

    34. ZAXXZ

      Liber crazies farm! Run!!

    35. ZAXXZ

      That crooked steering wheel would drive me nuts!!

    36. Pyle81

      "Moon Bats" Priceless.

    37. chris Garland

      Love your channel! Is he turning around lmao love it!

    38. Joe

      Looks like mom's going to be giving it to the old man this time. God bless America!

    39. Joe Cunic

      How much nitrious can I run with a 106 lsa

    40. ricvis44

      Cool officer! They have a tough job. Being polite and respectful goes a long way.


      The look on the ole mans face was hilarious!

    42. James Robin

      I think that frog under the truck is a gearhead kinda frog...Kermit wanted a ride?

    43. Sid May

      Lol you should never listen to your dad. My x wife tells that to our son all the time.

    44. Lw Pendleton

      Hey don't b beating on my 2700 lb foxbody LMAO

    45. Dave Johnson

      That is one pretty truck..pretty and gos also..i had 3 of them and i miss them..still have a 92 but dont have it in me to do other one which sucks..i miss them days

    46. Gary Burbank

      Truck is badass we need to link up and throw a race event

    47. vibrant93

      Good stuff! Got a chuckle with the fox body comment. They are like a belly button. Just couldn't imagine not having one ;)

    48. land usa

      Liberal what? Biden won lol. Eat it fat old man.

    49. Guy Noir

      How could any farmer think Biden will be good for his livelihood , GREEN NEW DEAL will have him plowing with a mule instead of that big tractor . Great couple of pulls there .

    50. Tony

      All that money and performance into a shitbox S10 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    51. Studio G

      “Never listen to your dad, bad ideas”… Trump supporter pos

    52. Waylon Axe

      The “Liberal Moonbats” comment convinced me to subscribe immediately!!! 🇺🇸

      1. ron r

        Me too!!!

    53. BACrites

      Farmers for Biden? That seems really odd. lol

    54. Robert Lawrence

      Man that blue truck is beautiful.

    55. Michael Byrd

      Liberal moonbats?....y'all should put a Qanon wrap on it and he could deliver pizzas to help pay for the fines. Btw, forget zombies...America has converted to moonbats because Trump won't ever see a 2nd term LOL

    56. Pressure Cooker Performance

      Liberal moon bats😂

    57. Larry Norem

      Yes to watch him pretty close because he'll watch you after while

    58. Larry Norem

      You guys need to get a radar detector to put in there they help a lot they save a lot of tickets

    59. danny breeding

      Creepy Joe will not come President in this lifetime and to put him in prison and that his loser son with him... Nice truck.. Trump wins hands down..

    60. Donald Spieker

      I have a Chevy S10 with a flatbed

    61. John Bowen


    62. Jimmy Forshee

      I love your truck I love Drag Racing I used to build top fuel drag cars And pro street and pro mode

    63. JayMoe 5.7

      Damn dad is cool as hell haha, I took my dad for a ride in my 79 Plymouth with a built 360 small block and he yelled at me when I was at 1/4 throttle, so naturally I punched it and he punched me LOL. Wish my dad was cool like that, hats off to you sir!

    64. SirSloop

      classic young man mistake... never goose it before a blind hill. Sure fire way to get popped!! Hey at least you got off pretty easy and didnt get towed!

    65. MrMotofy

      Record EVERY interaction with officers. We always have the right to record our employees regardless of what they say

    66. Yannick Stevenson

      What mufflers you running

    67. The Wandering Heep

      When I was a young hoodlum terrorizing the streets with my driving antics, I got far more fix-it tickets than moving violations. To this day, I still believe it's easier to get out of a moving violation IF there's at least something else the cop can write you up for instead. Even at 53 , my cars are still never fully legal! Haha!

    68. Cool Name

      Liberal Moon Bats LOL

    69. Douglas Corley

      You guys are awesome

    70. Justin Phillips

      “Liberal moon bats”- hahah that’s funny

    71. Kevin Johnson

      Excellent video clean ass truck is that original paint if so very nice looking and she really rips. I'm a ford guy but I like the warmth of the family race team and the story's. So il let the little fox body comment slide haha

    72. Ralph Dempsey

      Trumptard Asshole Inbreed

    73. Countryboy Scooter

      You went behind enemy lines! LOL!!!!

    74. keep on truckin outlaw life

      I laughed my ass off at pops TRUMP 2020

    75. byknutz

      This has to be one of my all time Favorite videos!

    76. mike stewart

      liberal moon bats love it

    77. Robert Weitlauf

      way cool truck with an angry small block. your luck is like mine, make a bunch of noise and pass the only cop in the whole county. all that dirt on the outside imagine how much went in the carb. air cleaners work wonders.

    78. trillrif axegrindor

      doing wheelies and sprayin nitrous out front of the house with expired tags,jesus......i love you guys

    79. tdfitch

      liberal moonbats hahahha

    80. Kris Bottoms

      Where at in Ohio is this? I’m in Cincinnati, soon to be Harrison.

    81. Douglas Reinecke

      Moonbat comment earned a sub!

    82. Dustin Floyd

      Love how you get along with your sons.. awesome dad big man

    83. SUNN RAYY

      GM BILL😷

    84. Sean Ray

      Throw a trump flag on the back followed by a police flag and they would wave at you hauling ass🤙🏻

    85. Sean Ray

      Can’t knock the foxbody bro.. that’s one of the best cars to mod and fun to drive. Anyone can drive a s10 with mods.

      1. trillrif axegrindor

        either or,rather have a third gen to be honest.....just better all around.oh ,wait i do have one!!

    86. Dan Mcelroy

      Nice little toy! Gotta love the liberal moon bat comment! ✌️

    87. Randy Gibbs

      He is one of the luckiest kids in the world to have that for a first car

    88. Marty Burden

      My 84 extcab had 406sbc it was 2850 with no driver

    89. Johnathan Alford

      I voted for TRUMP yesterday

    90. Jerry hablitzel

      Every Supporter of the side you aren’t on isn’t necessarily what you think they are. Just a little info. You are a hard working guy who loves his family. I’m betting so is your friend the liberal moon bat guy.

    91. Brandon Knight

      Biden sux

    92. Easy Pete

      Was that a ky state trooper that stopped you?

    93. Bob Payton

      Lol Liberal moon bats

    94. jimandskittum

      How much did you spend on that custom diamond pleat headliner?

    95. MrCarnutbill67

      Reminds me of the time my dad and I were having beers for my birthday. I asked him if we should get going and he says "nah, wouldn't be the first time I got woke up by a bartender ramming me in the head with a vacuum"

    96. Art Mchugh

      I don't know what is wrong with these people !! Funny, I say the same thing about TRUMPTARDS!!! DUMP TRUMP 2020 !!!😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎😎😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🍺

    97. Jake burch

      Thats should be a fix it ticket. Get that new tags an gonto court and they should throw out the ticket. Atleast thats what they do in South Carolina. Shit if you get pulled over and have a suspended driver's license and show up to court with a good driver's license they will drop that ticket also.

    98. Terry's Speed shop

      Liberal moon bats ! I know I love this channel for sure now

    99. JR Byers

      Love that little bobtail :)

    100. Paul Janssen

      For these guys have to sell a lot of moonshine I keep them cars going big Power big money on a budget😁