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    Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you're anything like us, you'll be spending it alone. Here are a bunch of fails to remind you that love stinks!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. Aldito

      What's the song at the end of this video?

    2. Shohan

      2:10 it's Azan time ❤️

    3. Paige Romero

      4:05 what a scaredy-cat that person is

    4. Pibita lópez

      Wat the café la mujer yo soi de chile

    5. Emilien LM

      What's the song at the end of the video ? PLLLSSSS

    6. crazy Tricks

      ന്നുമ്മ സീനാണെ 😁

    7. crazy Tricks

      ന്നുമ്മ സീനാണെ 😁

    8. Bizzard •

      I want gurdians

    9. corey walker

      You make me laf🤣

    10. Karneol Gaming

      0:33 With a golf club... The Last of Us 2 PTSD intensifies

    11. Tesla Joyride

      4:11 21 Pilots: Heathens

    12. Dizzy A.

      it's frustrating that you just categorize any fail involving a man and a woman as a valentines fail. A lot of these people could just be friends or siblings and a lot of them have nothing to do with couples or anything.

    13. Смальков Пётр

      He Boy 5:33??


      2:11 This guy got a girlfriend when he meant to get a golden retriever.

    15. Han Mas

      Well, No one is gonna talk about the Muslim prayer in 2:10 while the girl was playing with a tennis ball doing headers

    16. Gage Huffman

      Lol I died at the very first one

    17. LovelyDovra

      2:10 is that Azan

    18. Lizette Svensson

      05:06 That was below the belt. 🤣

    19. Emma Sanford

      Im forever alone too.

    20. Loopy Germs

      2:55 chilled me to my bones

    21. Plymouth Mechanic

      Selfish sticks.... o yeah

    22. solrac legnar

      Anyone know the song at the end?

    23. Negative

      “fAiL aRmY iS gOnNa SaVe ThE wOrLd wItH hOw mUcH tHeY rEciClE”

    24. Gurl B


    25. Katelyn Plays It Safe

      0:55 me and Merula broom racing fail where we fell off our brooms.

    26. Diana Spence

      I Love you.

    27. Unklerukus37

      Man, that failed proposal with the huge crowd hurt

    28. KM Erga

      The doom mom

    29. Random Thing CH

      I Just Want To See Parent Smashing Electronic And He Doesn't Realise He was Sorting the electronic making Fire And High Electric Bill

    30. Mimmi Miri

      this title describes my life

    31. Εντυ Γαβριλ

      The gye 3:02

    32. Home_Run f

      0:32 is we're u dump her

    33. Dr. Westside

      You still suck fail army .

    34. Steamed Hams

      3:39 is somewhat wholesome. I'd love having a marriage like that, it seems like the perfecr chemistry between them.

    35. Aaron Wallace

      03:08 my man being a lad

    36. Paul Flores x 2

      0:32 why?

    37. Morgan Drotar

      Im forever alone regardless

    38. Si__xty

      std gang think your gay

    39. Trevor Ross

      3:05 she runs better than Scott in Austin powers gold member 😂 🤣

    40. Lohilu

      theese are prank not fails

    41. Aban Rbbn.

      2:14 whoa, i heard adzan

    42. 85Eskil

      1:16 This guy's weight just shifted slightly ;)

    43. Ordinary Mo

      Stare at the thumbnail and imagine what's going through her mind. You will lose it like I did. :-D

    44. Tim O

      0:00 That is the last suction that guy will be experiencing for awhile.

    45. Mad max

      The last clip was double failed

    46. Al Gireaux

      Dose anyone remember the "Forever alone guy?" Cuz that meme was hilarious!

    47. Mark the weirdo

      *Pause at **5:26* ehem...

    48. relics species

      But they're aims getttin better

    49. Nafiz Jamil

      if crush reject you just remember that your friend will always be there 3:01

    50. Primal Legends

      Can someone please tell me what the girl says at 0:32? I know she says after smashing the monitor "Here. Now you can play golf.", But I can't seem to catch the first thing she days

      1. Y8KK0 [ɢᴜɴ ꜱᴇᴘᴛɪᴍ]

        I think he watches porn so thats why she smashed the TV for 5 times Btw i saw that TV Screen was blurred

    51. Mr Pindrach

      jaka patola XD

    52. Will Wright

      Thx for funi content

    53. Kyle Finn

      I immediately got pissed off when that girl smashed the guy’s monitor with they golf club

    54. Jack shadow123

      3:11 bro, that guy that hugged him is a hero. I'd do the same thing

      1. Audrey M

        @CeilTheDeal you make 0 sense

      2. Lfomod

        @Art3zyy That's the risk you take when doing it in public hahaha

      3. CeilTheDeal

        Serial Killa gold diggers

      4. Art3zyy

        I just skipped that part. I can't bear to watch that guy being humiliated

    55. Real Rafay

      2:14 y'all in a Muslim neighborhood?? Could here the call to prayer "Azaan"

    56. Christopher Bogie

      Freakin breeders....

    57. Jeremy H.

      5:25 Bounce!

    58. Bay Parodici

      çok komikti tşk

    59. David Mowatt

      What is the song called near the end

    60. BigBalloon19087

      *Friends and Family are just enemies who haven't attacked yet*

    61. sjh0010

      Vac the mouth can cause collapse lungs. Very difficult to inflate them again without hospital ventilator. Really bad!

    62. GASGi

      02:10 EZAN SESİ 😍

    63. - Neero

      2:22 damn, thats hot

      1. Ritchie Navarro

        that is sex

    64. Derby dumb dog 123 ABC

      Lol,these are so freakin funny 😄

    65. Hari Trendy Talks

      2:45 TChala

    66. Desaz Music

      3:21 is that woox??

    67. Depressed Skeleton

      What game is he playing 😂

    68. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

      This is so funny

    69. Sel Vic


    70. Skachi

      *4:57* *SONG* *please*

      1. Gulag Shakur

        Did you find it? Please say yes!

    71. Malcolm Taylor

      1:29 I legit feel bad for that guy

    72. Alen Gunnery

      What is the song at the end

    73. Aige


    74. cameronxvibes

      2:54 So glad a bro hugged him after that 😭😭😭

    75. FPV Stealth rc

      amazing content my guy like

    76. FlorianV

      3:09 even the police'd been called...😅🤣

    77. MSK xiong channel

      Sib pab os py. Kuv nias rau koj lawm .thov pab kv thiab os

    78. Drika Andrade

      Flip dick lip bum bum linguiça

    79. Justin Dundon

      You guys rock! Whenever I need cheering up, I can watch your videos, laugh and be glad I’m not the people in the videos eating shit. Keep it up 👍

    80. Michelle Wap

      0:06 I am sucking you up girl lol

    81. Michelle Wap

      6:00 I am sucking you up girl lol

    82. Paul Colbourne

      2:55 Im not sure why but seems fake. Broke that guys phone though.

    83. AQ UA

      If your looking for the song at the end dont waste your time no one knows or cares to share it

    84. rgman2858

      What happened at 4:15? Just see a kid doing a cartwheel and then people screaming??

    85. 1891 HARAS

      Man I'd be pissed if my expensive wedding cake was destroyed because of a flimsy table. Bad planning there

    86. Liane Cajipe

      4:00 *Vietnam war flashbacks*

    87. Surfin Turf

      0:34 that's why I'm single.

    88. Dino___PLAYZ

      3:44 im dead😂😂😂😂😱

    89. Sertan Özcan

      sound that plays on the back.🙏🌹

    90. PN Motorworld

      1:05 cute ❤️

    91. crni_tekac

      Those huge wedding cakes always on some shady tiny tables....

    92. The Howie

      On a real note y'all really need to stop proposing in public

    93. Arlex

      What’s the song at the end?!

    94. Taylor Hargis

      Anyone know the song that was played at the end?

      1. AQ UA

        @Bronco Dalton HA HA HA 👏🏽👏🏽

      2. Bronco Dalton

        Taylor Hargis OH. No

      3. Taylor Hargis

        @Bronco Dalton not that one..the one that plays during the last few videos

      4. Bronco Dalton

        Taylor Hargis The song is called Building Walls By Honeycutts

    95. Joe Remnant

      yeah, love doesn't exist, it's an illusion, seriously it's easier, cheaper and healthier to be addicted to something

      1. Joe Remnant

        seriously save yourself now... it's not real, get out.

    96. ItsJuddIGuess

      Fail army is gonna save the planet by how much they recycle ♻️

      1. Kris Jones

        Because nothing is allowed to be funny any more. Someone will get offended or sued

      2. Emma


      3. Maria Bravo

        Stop watching

      4. joe mama

        *MEGA RIP*

      5. Sunset Palms Productions

        That took me a hot minute to get it, good comment 👍

    97. Rishab Chaudhary

      Most bj references ever

    98. Demon Dutron

      Why these guys even propose I mean having crush is good but true love that could end up being depression

    99. TheLoneCabbage

      0:32 1) You just broke the monitor. All that does is cost him

      1. Sophie Clein

        On the full video the reason why did that was cause he hadnt givin to her for a month

      2. Diddykong7

        Pretty sure she’d want to go golfing too. Yes I’d rather them go out more since they are a couple.

    100. KrayZ~GamerNinja

      Dunno the full story of the one where she breaks his computer but judging from her statement, he was most likely ignoring her for the sake of his video games.