The Team Marble Race 6 in Algodoo


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    Which team will be the winner?

    Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
    1. Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release]
    2. Krakn - Aurora [NCS Release]
    3. Different Heaven - Nekozilla [NCS Release]
    4. NIVIRO - Memes [NCS Release]
    5. RetroVision - Puzzle [NCS Release]
    Spotify :

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    1. Bia Chocolate ツ


    2. Justin Cardenas

      I'm the guy on yellow who did something stupid and caused his team to go from first place to not even placing.

    3. dima ivanenko

      😡😡💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👺👺👺👺💩👺💩👺💩👺💩👺💩👺💩💩🖕💩🖕👽🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🖕💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩✍💩💩💩💩💩💩гуй не я а нейта

    4. tobunia73

      I Pick yellow

    5. The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus

      Who in there right mind chooses olive? Me, I'm that guy, I hope they do well

      1. The Burning Toast Monster of Uranus

        3rd, I'll take it, best I've ever seen them do

    6. Puskesmas Sungai besar

      Me love marble:)

    7. Biviana Gallego

      blue not win

    8. Raimunda Barbosa Luz


    9. Eva Díaz

      1 yellow marble don't want to win XD

    10. GKCFUF

      yellow: yes win the last yellow: no

    11. Traxzus Namikase

      13:28 yellow team: COME OOON YELLOW 5 yellow 5: I CANT

    12. Traxzus Namikase

      8:13 Rainbow train: THAT IS CHEAT WTF

    13. GoodJack

      F for yellow

    14. Seva Caballero


    15. Galaxy Endaya

      I hope rainbow wins😁

    16. Esdras Flores

      You lime

    17. aryasethya kenzieprayata

      Brown winner in Tram marble 6 👏👏👏 Brown 👑

    18. Thomas Decker

      Yellow: hey guys what is this red thing? The rest of yellow: NOOOOOOO!

    19. Mutsel

      Well done Orange 👍🏻🧡

    20. NOTiiiProzmike

      Wow yellow was first now last, that one yellow ball lost it for the team...

    21. Sidge

      Perfect video to have in the background while going insane when thinking about life.

    22. Potato_King693


    23. rahimah madon

      is this a game or test huh.

    24. Andre Orozco Lujan

      cafe es el ganador

    25. Blockman 10195

      Yellow waiting for the last marble like: “Where has Jimmy gone?” “I thought he was with you.” “I thought he was with Tom.” “I didn’t have him.” “Who was with Jimmy?” “No idea.” “You guys get the feeling he’s nowhere close to finishing?” “No. Why?” “Oh, just wondering.”

    26. El Pista

      11:20 POGCHAMP

    27. João Batista


    28. TroyNotYT

      I haven't seen Yellow win bruh I always pick Yellow and its disappointing

    29. Matthew's Marble Racing

      Cyan nice comeback

    30. Mina Jayne

      what's the name of the song I love it

    31. osvaldo gurrero

      Manco yo tenia que ganar

    32. •Luphønia•

      The 12 yellow marbles: hurry up yellow number 13!! we are going to lose! Yellow number 13:geez have patience The 12 yellow marbles: welp we are going to lose

    33. • Your Worst Nightmare •

      what game is this? lol

    34. Albert Makushin

      everyone who picked yellow at the start, and then saw how the last yellow ball could not go to the finish be like:

    35. Kokichi Ouma

      Cyan had a pretty epic comeback in the mid-end, they went from last to tied for first, but that one cyan ball refused to pass the hexagons xdnecoevirni

    36. Logan Bennett

      And always going to vote for blue regardless of what place they get

    37. Lizzy&Mliens

      MIKAN is good wow

    38. ProOmer999

      Go yellow gooooo!

    39. Clover Cutie ASMR

      Yello went from killing it to not even placing. Damn

    40. Daniel Buttram

      Who would win? A team of cyan marbles that can't seem to even get out of the first section, or a team of yellow marbles that held a strong lead for over half of the game?

    41. Logically Sound

      I know rainbow never wins but i root for em and get sad about it every time

    42. greninja1034 felipe

      if you followed the rainbow you saw that there is a A specific little ball that got stuck EVERY TIME

    43. likes moi


    44. Bailey Snowdon

      who else just vibin with the music

    45. İlker Çevik

      Rainbow= Never win

    46. İlker Çevik

      Last yellow ball is fucking dumb

    47. DockWonder


    48. Sam Farrar

      Everyone else: in the funnels That one marbles in Grey and Cyan: triangles go sideways wheeeeeee

    49. Hakeem McCoy

      11:16 yellow team punchin the air rn

    50. Zippora Gunaratne


    51. Kudou.K Tayika

      Why don’t red is win😡😡😡😡😡

    52. Bowser Jr Imacasualshutup

      legend says the last yellow is still stuck to this day

    53. Hulfe

      Second pog!

    54. Urnukhbuyan Namkhai


    55. 大久保隼次

      っくぇつうp、、、、っm123456 788890

    56. Olivernew70

      I finally won

    57. Ганна Несторишена

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    58. Вероника Никонова


    59. suprakirby

      Always that ONE red that chokes everytime.

    60. Steph Moi

      I hate yellow

    61. david LE BER

      what is algodoo

    62. FuriousMaximum

      For all the yellow fans HUGE RIP MAN Although I was voting blue and blue was the seconds to reach team capsuls while being 7th in the end

    63. Random people

      Yey !! Grey was gray was tenth

    64. 주인

      아니 왜 맨날 노랑은 1~3등 못하는데....

    65. David Neftali Espinoza Garcia

      someone knows if yellow wins in any video????

    66. Timothy Crouse

      God dammit yellow. First to finish the first leg and had all but 1 in the end, and the last one just kept messing up

    67. Christopher Petrie

      When the one you think is gonna win ends up being last in the first round:

    68. Julia Rodrigues

      Boot Yellow for win

    69. pedid peda

      I love you so much fun and addicting but I think the best way

    70. Salty Goblin

      that last Yellow marble is why i hate group projects

    71. kent cyril golez

      whts that game

    72. Dwinda sri astuti

      I'm pink and yellow

    73. Kristine

      Rip yellow. Yet another victim of The Curse of the Last Marble

    74. Jason Mikhael

      I love musik

    75. Cerebral Cloud

      Red: O N E G U Y

    76. ꧁ღBsp Mavişღ꧂

      Winner is BROWN

    77. James A Clouder

      It is said that the one yellow ball was disowned by their family and friends

    78. Bruhnter

      poor yellow :(

    79. Just Human

      Когда болел за зелёные:)

    80. NickaToad M.

      Why is there always one member from teams that stalls and makes it really difficult for all the others who already made it? And then there's the try-hard, who just speeds through lul

    81. Ram Reyes

      ok he won

    82. Ram Reyes

      yellow sus

    83. The Twin Bros

      The last yellow screwed his team

    84. Mika Uchiha

      This is really cool!! (I speak Portuguese and English, Ok?)

    85. Dragon Emperor

      Team red: Bruh wth are you do in there? This is not time to playing around, we have no time to lose and we've got a race to win....

    86. Dragon Emperor

      13:16 the last yellow marble who still haven't join his friend in the ''waiting room" : Why am I even here? (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

    87. Jaxon Ferrentino


    88. Jaxon Ferrentino

      I want blue to win

    89. Minecraft prox2


    90. Ao J

      Wow rainbow car is not having a good time

    91. levi harper

      Lol the ball made the blue switch to the floor and then to the roof

    92. Great Parmesan

      Imagine if zefrank was narrating this *Zooming in on that one yellow marble (you know the one)* "David. David. You're holding up the team, David. You-" *sigh* "You know the red parts aren't gonna help you win, David. You know what, screw this, let's look at a more interesting team."

    93. Williams Montenegro


    94. Williams Montenegro


    95. 1234heyhihello

      Nice 👍

    96. siusiwon lee

      I am a korean 그래서 한국어 쓸거야! 알흘라 깔라뜰라

      1. Tdog500


    97. DirectorA

      All the comments about yellow make laugh

    98. DirectorA

      One of the most epic fails ever from yellow

    99. Sebastian Camacho

      Rainbow did fight, he was almost the last in the cars and yet he almost won i love him

    100. BrianComm

      Poor yellow...