I Made a $50,000 Player Building Competition!

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    Thank you to America’s Dairy Farmers for sponsoring this video! We hosted a 100-player building challenge for $50,000. Who’s gonna have the best farm?!
    Check them out! bit.ly/MRBEAST_DMI
    This giveaway is not sponsored or administered by DMI. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the giveaway will be directed to MrBeast and not to America’s Dairy Farmers/DMI.
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    1. Gunter Hunter

      Dani will be proud

    2. 115 J

      Go check my music out on my channel man ,you don’t even gotta like it , I appreciate it 💯❤️

    3. Jay's World

      Yea he Like *crying*DAD

    4. vesolje1


    5. TRAP Music god

      The mystery is who is the one that make meme?. Who is he?

    6. Adam Salik

      Will no one appreciate Mrbeast's generosity on giving $10000 to a person who lost and making them happy?

    7. deyan zaara


    8. Kgalexy Art mix

      I love it when kids get money from u

    9. Rose Sun Flow

      I'm 17 and I don't even have a cent on me

    10. # SQUASH IT

      I gith 30/30

    11. jared andrew madrid

      I see dream

    12. iPeridot

      Did the farm work?

    13. The Arty Spider

      Everyone going to ignore karls pun at the start. Udderlylike a cow get it?

    14. Lucid Drip

      I feel bad for the guy stuck in the spawn

    15. Clyd e


    16. dhivya dayanand

      Thx god he got money for his collage

    17. DerpyTurtleYT

      wow a vid were everybody is happy

    18. Remix Zon

      Hello giys ohgakughehehhehehgeggege

    19. Colin Wyeth

      Nice teddy bear Chandler

    20. Villian Izaka

      It's cool cause you have the same beard as my dad lol

    21. Ayyoub

      Invite grian to one of these challenges

    22. Science Driver

      Oh showing the welfare of cows for like what 2 seconds. How about you show all the footage of what happens to cows during their life. But you wont do it,will you? Cant believe you are scamming people to drink something that comes from abuse of animals. Watch Earthings to know real footage for what happens to cows...

    23. Science Driver

      Promoting Dairy Industry . really? cant believe they have to come to you for their promotion as their business is going down. All those things you told is just pure lie about dairy. cant believe u r promoting most unethical business for money...

    24. OmegaRubyDragon Gaming

      I like milk


      was i the only one that thought bob sounded like harry potter

    26. Autumn Bonavita

      I live on a family farm and we milk about 300 cows twice a day

    27. Raisson Matic

      MrBeast / Jimmy, could you create a Minecraft game where there is only one block, then drop 100 players from the sky and whoever lands on that block wins?

    28. Glitter Bandit

      Wait I wanna hear what his dad said :,(

    29. Rexville Pratt

      Mr Beast is a legendary youtube narrator.

    30. GOLDGAMEING 37

      Mr Best os gana make evry kid rich lmao

    31. Nathaniel Bringham

      At 2:39 someone making McDonald’s lol

    32. Jordan Levine

      I disliked this vid because Karl abuse

    33. How to draw gaming

      What if secretly the people who do the bruh meme are accucailly hired by mr beast

    34. Neko Davis

      Dusty the crop duster hey that reminds me of a-🤔🤛. Pixar:what was that

    35. Giahoa do


    36. Blakebird SR71

      Nobody: AV Geeks like me: YEEAA THE CROPDUSTER!!!!!!!

    37. browdy 170

      MrBeast: Drink milk Me: ok Dani

    38. Ani Lloyd

      Chandler should have won the Minecraft challenge

    39. Gianni. Perdikis

      Bob talks like ferb

    40. Saunders Forrest

      How can I join Minecraft with the boyz

    41. Reagan Miller


    42. GlitzyRumble585

      For some reason I want milk after I watched this

    43. RexF

      8:29 "its a crop duster that way they dont get any bugs or any other bad crops on them" Yep bugs are crops now i totally agree lmao

    44. CalmestGecko311

      bob sounds like ferb from phi east and ferb

    45. CalmestGecko311

      When Jimmu tells you too drink milk but your lactosintolerant

    46. peanut butter

      yahh, screw peta

    47. JohnnyPlays

      MrBeast when he runs put of ideas: "Selling my friend's organs and buying them back"

      1. Death Itself

        Did you just say noice to your own comment?

      2. JohnnyPlays


    48. Ethans channel Hello

      No dairy farmers do not milk them only 20m depends what breed

    49. Ethans channel Hello

      Barns are actually usually blue or gray cause I’m a farmer myself and are barn is aqua

    50. Cliff Sundstrom

      i was having lunch and having milk during you said to drink milk

    51. Jeezy400 YT

      Mr. beast I got drunk of drinking milk

    52. Mohamed Wayzani

      Mr beast I would like to make IRvision video but I need some helppppp

    53. August Hall

      Crusty435: "I need to tell my Dad! Dad!" Everyone liked that

    54. Harper Richardson


    55. AB vlogs

      I am watching your vedio on my 7 year old mobile

    56. kayla odonnell

      thatveganteacher🇺🇸🌿😃✌🏼 is typing....

    57. Michael Gibson


    58. Mr Beast FANS BASE

      50000dollars LETS MAKE 50K SUBS IN THIS CHANNEL ,

    59. Matthew Zimmerman

      I was rooting for Doctor Phil. You have let me down... now he will send YOU to the ranch😂

    60. Galaxy Monkey

      To all my Connecticut viewers out there

    61. WadMan -

      The winner does have a yt channel It’s his name

    62. Arnav Angra

      I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee milkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    63. Evan's Magic Clay

      plz if yes do it tororow

    64. Mohanruban V

      Mr beast best fan I am in Tamilnadu video game and computer setup fan I have Minecraft

    65. Evan's Magic Clay

      can i be in a vid

    66. Chanedog

      Create the amount us Map

    67. Eliza McCarthy


    68. menuka thapa

      I think dream was there

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      The gaming revolution has begun. Want a better industry? Report at the HQ!

    70. louis rodriguez

      That guy at the end was like "SEE DAD? PLAYING MINECRAFT DOES PAY OFF!"

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    72. Rushgame123

      Don't u think it's funny they copied RT gaming

    73. Isaiah Thomas

      bro u git sponsored by flipping dairy, that big even for u

    74. Mora Malik

      The dude that did nothing Be like: crap I can’t build a farm well I ll win next time

    75. Ashley M

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    76. space_raccoonz 123

      da reson why mrabeast ise note billonair is cuz he beh giev mony toe da chikens who eat pizzaao :P

    77. Lars


    78. No Body

      Send him to the ranch send him to the ranch

    79. Kaylee Alsup

      I thought that it was nice of Mrbeast to pay for that persons collage degree.

    80. Unknown Potato

      Bruh Meme

    81. Citrus Gen

      Thank you Mr beast my sister is a dariy farmer that is in Blacksburg,VA and I have seen the dariy production it is in insane also if its a dariy farm it should have a pateure and the production area where they milk them

    82. Gezxs

      me watching this lactose intolerant:/

    83. Austin Sims

      Can I be in one of your vids for gaming I’ve watched every video you have ever made

    84. walKing saraberus

      Hello there I only come for suggest you to change your icon like beast playing game

    85. Ghazi Hatk

      Crusty: "I need to slow it dow- DAD!"

    86. Fat Man

      I wanted the reaction of the dad

    87. Thomas Corrigan

      O hell no

    88. Dope Gaming

      Dani: Drink some kids Mrbeast: Drink MILK ME: I didn't know Jimmy was milk🍼 gang!! OMG!!

    89. khua le230

      I wish for chandler

    90. Jaron

      Yeeeeeeees minecraaaft

    91. amber

      Mr beast could buy EVERY game on the internet

    92. Chen Ruilin

      3:10 'The fact that you don't see a single bruh meme' Me literally staring at the 'Breme farm' in front of him. Like literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.

    93. Eva Taylor

      Buy everyone a fit bit and who ever walks the most gets a prize

    94. Sarahchu

      I don’t know why, but the ending just warmed my heart when he shouted “DAD”

    95. Julian Chan

      I just got Karl's joke: Its *Utterly* insane Because Cows... Utter .. get it? No? Aight imma go hide in the corner now

    96. julius padilla

      Milk gang is growing.....

    97. MoXxSn1p3 1

      imagin if all the players were youtuber

    98. max&samu SP

      Me: MacDonalds Me Beast:Talk Talk Talk

    99. Naram Hsaiky

      He is really the best person ❤️❤️

    100. S1cK_ShocKz