Our First Mystery Guest | Dinner With The D'Amelios

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    For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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    1. Ice Coffee


    2. Madison Dean

      Okay I think the distorts are good , the parents are pr*cks

      1. Madison Dean

        Wait Charlie’s being mean :(

    3. Stephie

      Heidi is really mean to Dixie

    4. Madonna Rolusta

      lol Dixie is so dramatic (no hate) I love you guys

    5. lenel du Plessis

      Charli d'amelio I subscribed to your channel but never mind every little count s but I realize wait you sad there break my HART in millions of pieces ( charli said it is over a year and don't have a million subscribers) give us time but u could not wait here I want just to say I could just be a gril 13 year old but you are going to lose 2 million subscribers just you could not wait and we allls harts are broken I am going to unsubscribe to your channel I could just be one but the people Will realize I am right are right and wrong are wrong so I hope charli d'amelio you realize you were wrong but just sorry on Tik tok life will fix nothing all the hard work we support you and subscribe to your☹️ channel we all where wrong about you and here is advice DON'T JUGE A BOOK BY HIS COVER! We all support u but not now and not enywhere word make pain and just sorry no! :(😭 and I am sad to say this to you I where a big fan of you but not enymore! 😔☹️😔😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣😣😣😣😖😖😖

    6. Jessalyn Teixeira_25

      omg everyone in the comments can chill, first of all id spit out a snail if i had ate it i would not have even touched it, the way charlie and Dixie act is just there sens of humor and James is just a over all talkative person

    7. Daniela Frank

      EW why TF is charlis face ln the thumbnail like that 🤣

    8. Guido Grünwaldt


    9. Rangga Sahputra

      James: ewwwwwww Back to eat

    10. Natalia Motoc

      When is the next dinner comming?

    11. Dragon Slayer

      D'Amelio family: *feeds dixie snail as a prank, knowing she's a picky eater* Dixie: *pukes* Internet "omg you're a horrible person you should be canceled" like calm down

    12. Kristin Harmon

      Am I really the only one that doesn't really see a problem.

    13. Trevio GTX

      12:44 what??? Did anyone saw that lol

    14. Heaven Guevara


    15. Heaven Guevara



      All y'all busy insulting. I don't wanna see any of y'all here again. Let's unsubscribe people

    17. Elise McWilliams

      When they said Charles Damelio and then Dixie said it was only good cause it sound like Charlie 🙄

    18. Mira zayter

      They really thought famous celebrities were coming? Who do they think they are?? Lmao 🤣

    19. mr epix

      can you be thakfull for having over 100 followers im stuck here with 60 subs im not either famous or rich i may not have a great future but atleast be thankfull for the stuff that you have you are blessed im blessed too i have 60 subscribers and im thankfull for that you are getting atleast 2 million followers every week only for dancing while im scripting games and trying to get my dream goal wich is 100 subscribers my family doesnt give a single s**t about my youtube career or my career in the development you get 1 millionn freaking dollars only for dancing i dont even get any money and im still thankfull i eat cheap food every day while you are here with a talented chef and then you talk about how you dont have 100 million followers you need to be cancelled please just be thankfull i dont want your career to go down hill but just be thankfull i hope you have a great life

    20. Kiwi Katy

      Bruh who edited this video.

    21. Rose

      This is boring af

    22. Kiwi Katy

      I think James was the only one thinking about this as a IRvision VIDEO. He knew what he was doing and what to talk about while everyone else didn't care-

    23. CHSA GROUP

      I hate u charli, you and ur sister are soo rude

    24. Low Zee Qian

      8:10 like she was very proud of it lol

    25. weed demon97

      Idk how they’re saying that was a bit. The chef was overcompensating with his explanation of the snail and seemed like he felt bad

    26. cjjohn silorio

      Bella poarch is better than charli bruhh

    27. egg sheeran

      who's here from insta live?

    28. PO1SON 1VAN

      Chef Aaron's food actually look good and Dixie just treat Aaron as a idiot or something, *fuckers* always want everything.

    29. _lyricvibes

      Charli: do we have any dino nuggets? 7:46

    30. iitsKara 15

      Ok the only one really being rude was Dixie and when charli said even numbers I didn’t like that. But a snail. Like ew I would puke too. And the chef and the camera people did it to be funny and they weren’t offended. Y’all assuming all this stuff like shut up you don’t know like there was a comment that said “they cooked a 5 star tasting meal don’t complain” like you don’t know you didn’t eat it. And another said “they didn’t say thank you”. when I heard them all say thank you the whole video. Y’all are stupid. Shut up. Your dumb and don’t know what your talking about assuming stuff like that-

    31. Lasheenia Evans

      Charli mad she ain’t get Dino nuggies


      I’ll eat a snail for good luck I could use some

    33. Spongebob SquarePants

      James wanting everyone to say there favorite food in the comments. The comments: 🤔 ummm... no

    34. liamstea

      i wouldn't dare to do that infront of my family.

    35. liamstea

      My respect and love for James went from 0 to 100 real quick

    36. Ugly potato

      I'm having mixed feelings about this. The edits on this video makes the family, especially the sisters look really bad and disrespectful people. I don't know them personally, so seeing them on video is all I got to make judgments on them. And so far, it's not good. I don't where the behind the scenes are because those are important too... I don't know, I'm stuck between dislike and like, but it's closer to dislike. I don't know what's going to happen next. But hopefully it will be something wonderfully truthful.

    37. undermoon.

      Que asco de video,Ver las personalidades de todos me da verguenza ajena.

    38. Althea Garcia

      Is 95 million is not enough? Your so humble james by asking that, you didn't expect more u just contented of what u have and appreciate.

    39. Cookie&Cream 27

      Why all these hate comments like, why you going to watch it if you going to hate!

    40. Yahir Gonzalez

      Of she mad bout losing 1mil then she might as well quit cuz y asa is just overrated and ur sis is too Like a get a da on life for freak sak e

    41. the fire

      احبك تشارليAMS

    42. JSchoop

      15:10 even their mom is appalled by them! Just look at her expression for the outro

    43. Jana notes


    44. s x l v e r s o u l

      Would u eat snail?

    45. SierraLikesPie

      15:04 JAMES SLAY

    46. SIU TOU G7L-22


    47. Jana notes


    48. Jana notes


    49. britt finch

      i love how everyone is talking bad about there family over a joke like you would be upset over losing allot of followers. this was two weeks ago let it go. charli and her family are amazing people there is no reason to still be talking about this treat others how you want to be treated. yall have no reason to tell her to kill herself. charli has done nothing to yall. charli has inspired so many people she dosent care about yalls nasty comments. but shes upset cause of how yall are saying it. yall really need to grow up she might not inspire you but your not going to change my mind. she has always inspired me to be me and to always smile so maybe yall should take some adive from her. love you charli

    50. Javion fernandez

      James Charles annoys me when he said * was the 95 not enough for you* like SHUT UP

    51. DIEGOGAMER 245

      8:40 épic moment

    52. Jada Griffith

      Did anybody notice Dixie is picking her nose in this no hate to Dixie or anyone else because we all do it


      la unica pregunta que quiero saber cuantossss perross tienen

    54. Billy Mor


    55. Billy Mor


    56. Hugh Mungus

      I can't believe how vitriol you guys can be over an eating video. I highly doubt you guys actually care that much about manners

    57. Hugh Mungus

      They were just having fun. They know the Chef It's called HYPERBOLE relax guys

    58. Lady kim

      7:35 that's one of the reasons why I don't follow Charlie Damelio, the only person who is respectful is James, but especially Charlie and her sister don't behave well.

    59. Savvy Mahoney

      the chef: cooks a giant super expensive meal the d'amelios: literally throwing up, asking for dino nuggets, eating like 10% of the meal

    60. J B

      Just keep eating booger 🐝.

    61. UnicornGirl T

      MmMMmMmMmm yUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *casually throws it up *

    62. Adrian Martinez

      So the family been getting a lot of hate and lost a lot of followers but honestly I’m pretty sure when you where eating something and it was not the best you start like throwing up sorta and just cause they are celebrities why do they get hate.

    63. Observer Owl

      When education, morals and decency do not flow in their genes. This attitude, ignorance and behaviour will be surely passed on to the next, next, next generations of the family. Bottomline: Pathetic bloodline. Do not dare have kids with these two if you care for your future family.

    64. stranger things lover

      I'm actually kind of annoyed by how they act.

    65. Anime_Pineapple_

      Who else realized James Charles is the only respectful one at this whole dinner

    66. Jaylah Louis

      That food looks delicious and I would want to now the recipe

    67. rakkaius jine

      did charli just say LIAR while dixie is trying to eat that snail?

    68. Bad Conny

      Detestable su actitud

    69. Brandon Bird

      I’m still going to follow you guy even if you did not eat the snell I do not like snell to

    70. Josiah Pantaleon

      dixie: pukes james: oh she is really puking charlie: do we have any dino nuggets

    71. morenita Diaz

      Like si hablas español y no entiendes ni madres pero viniste a ver de metiche :v

    72. Amelia Kate

      Ok all u guys commenting on this video saying that they are rude and ungrateful It was a little prank that you guys have taken to far Ok 2020 is already bad so just stop hating this family

      1. Amelia Kate

        @soinu foig what

      2. soinu foig

        Charlie et en particulier Dixi ne sont que des petites merdeuses irrespectueuse 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


      I’m really upset at Dixie and Charli for being very rude at their chef. The chef worked on the dinner hard and Dixie and Charli have a bad attitude

      1. PSYꜱᴛᴀɴ

        @soinu foig I really want to explain what she meant but you seem so dumb it feels like it'd be useless to even try.

      2. soinu foig

        This video annoyed me because we are not even numbers we are supporters we are people

    74. Nina Meas

      Dixie: *throws up* while Charli asks for Dino nuggets 👁👄👁

    75. Sarah Randazzo

      Dixie: barfing outside Charli: do we have any dino nuggets?

    76. Ellie Pendergast

      Dixi throwing up Charli do we have any Dino nuggets

    77. Nicole Dsouza

      I liked for James Charles beautiful ending.

    78. Lilli Nicole

      Why isn’t NOBODY talking about this part right here:13:10 I hope y’all get what I’m trying to say 😐

      1. Lilli Nicole


    79. Aaini Bumi

      james was talking what’s important to him and entertaining the damelios.. but they were just ignoring him

    80. Aaini Bumi

      damelio’s: eating james: trying to entertain them

    81. Althea Stansbery

      This kinda makes me not like the Damelios. As Dixie threw up her parents showed no pity for the chef.

    82. Tami Hegadorn

      I knew it

    83. Tami Hegadorn

      I feel like it’s James charles

    84. Antonio Law

      14:53 is when charli says she wants 100M and James Charles say his thing

    85. star riku

      i recognised that haircut from miles away😌😌


      Xddd no tiene modales en la mesa y menos el respeto al cheff

    87. Anna Smith

      This video annoyed me because we are not even numbers we are supporters we are people

    88. Phoebé B.

      Charlie et en particulier Dixi ne sont que des petites merdeuses irrespectueuse 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    89. Jennas Only World

      I have no more respect for dmaileo

    90. Jairus Yonson

      Wtf just happen😱Disrespecting😦OMG

    91. anna

      wait is it just me or do you guys see charli and dixie making random faces in the beginning?

    92. erl justin

      7:29 Dixie *spits* 7:50 "do we have any dino eggs?"

    93. sophia baez

      I love how James walked in with the sass of an angry soccer mom

    94. catie cho

      Like Maya Rudolph would want to have dinner with the D'Amelios. Smh.

    95. merida merida

      Quien aquí a La español👽😁😂😂🙈

    96. FATHER

      Guys be carful charlie fans are on A RAMPAGE i wish you luck my brotherin

    97. Leia Le Luherne

      i really liked concepte of the video, but i tink that some time it was a little boring. But i still love you all ( Dixie was so funny ) you are great

    98. Isa Verdusco

      Why are all the comments about James?

    99. Blossom Virus

      These r just kids that like being bratty on camera bcuz they think it’s funny...

    100. OCR

      Tipical paella dice...