3,000hp ZL1 Camaro, Trailer Burnouts, LOW 7 second Passes! (RaceWeek | Day 4)


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    Day 4 of RaceWeek 2.0 is absolutely packed with action! Fred hopped into Tom’s 3000hp big block ZL1 Camaro, which was surprisingly just as (if not more) comfortable as the Racevan. Kyle rolled coal with the Diesel Chevelle and Matt convinced a half dozen racers to shred some tires with the trailers still attached! Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you don’t miss out on Day 5!
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    1. andrew bergeron

      sweet racing

    2. Boopadin

      It seems so odd that you can get 87 octane in the US

    3. Dean Moore

      The Chieftain did

    4. Norman Cork

      Chiefton hands down

    5. Elijah Montgomery

      Now I feel better about my MPG on my Ram TRX

    6. ohio player1177

      His steering wheel sets to the right. That would drive me crazy. I wonder how that doesn't effect the stability control system.


      Thts life 💯 🙌

    8. Bryson Fields

      A hour a day keeps the (real) jobs away!! Lol

    9. Mike Balasis

      The old Pontiac

    10. Brenna Waters

      The squealing comic observationally admit because fountain emphatically trade unto a flimsy work. whole, imported health

    11. Blue Balls

      they should race the black 2600 hp dodge viper

    12. coopers chreiberazki

      The crazy periodical informally desert because santa approximately bow onto a smart united kingdom. violent, materialistic color

    13. Jacob Smith

      Car doesn't have 3000 hp, dislike and unsubbed

    14. TGI

      Chieftain won

    15. IsThatASupra?

      Damn 7.5 is good for 3k hp thats like how muck my 2 stroke dirtbike gets

    16. Jose M Villarreal

      the silverado was the best burnout

    17. 305 Dade County_GrabberBlue Martinez

      87????? who is that guy? ......we should get him a job reverse engineering UFOs at Area 51. He can put a trailer hitch on a UFO and head to the track ....Awesome. This guy knows his stuff. Wow...

    18. Braden ublish

      next year record this mans speedo during a pass😳😳😳

    19. Dat50go

      What was the fastest car period on 1320?

    20. WILDn WHEELING304

      In the " do a burnout " I liked the high score kyle called because it was so long but the chevette did 2 so he did good but I really personally like the silverado that went last and got a bit squirrely

    21. WILDn WHEELING304

      Bought the Camaro in 2013 and now on 1320

    22. Old men rule racing

      Burn out contest was the chieftain

    23. chemical

      30:38 , talk about weight reduction

    24. Pacero

      Give me a 4 sec, and i'll be happy.

    25. Pacero

      Let it pop! If its done right, nothing better then that. I still think the teachers should take care of the alumnus. Reaching for high ground.

    26. Paul Ashton

      This is legit race car, not a pro mod on the street.Apeciate this car with a trailer. MAYBE 1 DAY. PERFECT.

    27. JhonDiick 420

      3000 hp is awesome only a camaro as car sucks

    28. Michael Perez

      Damn mad respect they actually drive their race cars to the track and tow shit with them wtf hahahahah mad respect

    29. bUd D Dove

      Anyone know who built the engine in the 3000hp camero?

    30. Steven March

      I vote for that chieftain sonnn

    31. Gk Gamurot

      I love the Nissan hardbody

    32. Mcbeef .m

      "what were the troubles?" "Yes." lmaoooo

    33. Callum Burton

      wow that camaro is fast.

    34. Callum Burton

      thats a nice camaro

    35. Callum Burton

      good video dude.

    36. Cdub

      500 horse 7.3 we need a video on that

    37. James Pepper

      Cheiftan, did the best burn out!!! :)

    38. Attes

      dam they got a lot of gas money

    39. Jay Bud

      The black Mustang at 45:52 is the fiercest competitor I've ever seen. Plus the man CAN DRIVE!

    40. JT H

      Tom is the man! I love watching how happy that guy gets.

    41. Hawk of the North

      Don't 3000hp usually get into the 6's? I mean 1500hp cars get mid to low 7's.

    42. name's Zeus

      He has 9k miles on his i have damn near 60k on mine..

    43. Bob Thompson

      Fun fact 87 has more btu or power than 91 93 97 98 octane. Its just more volatile and will self ignite more easily causing preignition pinging knocking and engine damage.

    44. that guy

      Ahahahaha 3000? Thats just insane id love to feel that kind of power. That camaro is pretty dam beautiful an the owner makes it look easy like a boss

    45. Dan H

      Fred, when a pro race team pull an engine the warranty stays intact. When Jim Bob and his 2 by 4 destroy their backyard drinking paps the warranty is void lol 😆. Also I love that red hat it just needs an American flag. #Trump2020

    46. david mahan

      Would he race Tom Bailey with a few lengths? Just asking?

    47. Cody Webber

      To the man with the idle problem try the fuel pump had the same issue couldn't figure it out untill the fuel pump went out completely changed it had no more stalling at stops and rough idle. #1320video

    48. Loud Mike Media

      I have tv

    49. Wolf Party

      New to comment! Cheften did the biggest Smokey burnout

    50. TCDallas

      Love Tom's ZL1 and Chieftan gets my vote!!

    51. Taste Connusier

      I like how the 3000hp are legal

    52. Jess ?

      love the ending ahahah

    53. G Crauwels

      Who has that Volvo 740? Interested to know what they're using for the drivetrain. Badass.

    54. Aubrey Whaley

      Is it just that noticed he resembles the character from "UP"

    55. Warranty Killer Motorsports

      Must get like 3 miles to the gallon 🤣

    56. Tim Ruiter

      Loving it! Love the PFI hat! 7.5mpg with 3000hp! Wow! What a cruiser! Love this whole clip Kyle!

    57. Jeremiah Truman

      Chieftain wins burnout for sure

    58. Todd Baker

      If a diesel has to spool up before its launched I can beat them every time. Been there done that! And that was with a 4X4 extended cab Tundra with a loaded tool box, Can't Touch this. I did race a Viper and got spanked bad! but no other truck could touch me! And yes it had a tune and a cold air intake. It gave it 11 more ponies. I'm working on the tune for my 7th Tundra as I write this.

    59. dachba


    60. Todd Baker

      I LOVE the ventions cars with modern engines. I was restoring a 71 chevy truck but had to sell it due to a cheating wife. Crate motor, Headers, I replaced every bolt I took out of it with stainless bolts that I hand polished. My daughter cried when she saw it drive away! she knew how much effort and time I put into it. I think she loved it more than me!

    61. Todd Baker

      The John deere truck needs to go home. I can piss faster than his truck can move!!!!!!

    62. mark im

      The truck won the burn out contest

    63. Cong Bui

      The moroon and white wins the burnout.

    64. Darren Sice

      I can’t believe that you haven’t exported a XR6 TURBO over to the states yet and show what we have for daily driver’s. You could easily have a 500-600rwhp car and have so much fun with LS V8 2JZ and skyline motors and they would be so shocked. There’s a company exporting barra’s over there

    65. sean kelly

      I’d rather see the camaro do half-mile drags.

    66. Brad Cochran

      The Chieftain killed it!!!

    67. Derek g

      That much horsepower I figured more k to yhe 6s

    68. Fletch

      I never did my recall either on my 2013 Camaro I still get the notices too.long live the switchblade key!

    69. Alexander Agung Wirabumi

      Nice ZL1 Camaro, one of My Favorite American Muscle. Greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩, Southeast Asian. 😁🙋‍♂️

    70. Rebecca Kenworthy

      The Poncho deff won the burnout comp.... Australian worthy, for a street skid

    71. WoW Guy

      I bet his grandson says in elementary school, my grandpas Camaro is faster than your grandpas. Then grandpa rolls in for show and tell

    72. Antz19Coyote

      That has to be the slowest Turbo lambo I’ve ever seen.

    73. Brandon Abel

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but if a 700hp car will do around 10-11 second pass.... then shouldn’t a 3000hp car fly away or at least run the 1/4 in 2 - 4 seconds? I’m calling shenanigans🤣

    74. Rusty Wells

      It's about time you talked to the boys I was beginning to wonder if you were even going to talk to them I know you have probably seen and interviewed them at a bunch of street races this year that you all covered. I'm happy to see them guys coming out to RaceWeek and I am hoping more will come out next time!

    75. Joe Aviles

      Chevy best

    76. Matt D

      Thumbnail Camero run @ 50:14

    77. JuanCarlos Juarez-Lopez

      That mustache Won that Burnout!! Way to hustle😎

    78. Darren McFeaters

      How it pass emissions testing?

    79. Viking

      80miles on a tank lol

    80. Joe Pike

      Chieftain for the win

    81. Anuskasv0

      I love the old guy's shirt.

    82. Kevin

      ...and the internet probably loses it's mind to see 87 octane in Tom's Camaro

    83. Richard Knight

      Really cool dude.

    84. Jakee Clouse

      Chieftain for me. He did the best burnout for sure. Easy choice.

    85. LaJuan Hughes

      The cheiftin for the win.

    86. michael s. clark

      When you have 3000 hp you don't worry about gas mileage its more like bald eagles per a mile

    87. cody sanders

      My god I love these videos keep up the great work Team 1320!!!!!!!!!! One year when my sons are a little older we will do Race Week and Drag Week in the same year.

    88. Michael Hughes

      Obviously Tom deserves our praise, Larry and I take it is, Larry Larson also deserves his do.

    89. Xavier Muniz

      Most Cars are from Texas 🔥🔥


      Great video. I completely enjoyed it.


      I'm gonna go also with the Chieftain for the burnouts. You don't see a Chieftain doing a long burnouts like that everyday. It's just cool.

    92. Bruno Allen

      Start a Florida race week please. We have plenty of 1/4's, 1/2's and 1/8's mile tracks

    93. greg h

      yea but mine has 5000 hp

    94. Sam C.

      The Chevette Was A Cool Burnout But Definitely, The Chieftain Did The Best Overall With, The Straightest, Smokiest And Longest Burnout💪💪👍

    95. Carson Albright

      Chieftain I love it

    96. Terry Willis

      What a great story !!! I'm in awe that it will run on 87 and be able to race all week and win !!! This is a car that is incomparable to any other !!! Total respect !!! Thanks for covering this 1320 !!!

    97. Brady MacDonald

      am i hearing boost leak at 40:21?....and seeing a mid 10 second pass out of a heavy boost leaking caddy? LOL

    98. Skylerrrt

      Single cab wins the burnout!!

    99. Zach Ballzach

      That diesel Chevelle is sweet! The owner is cool too! Tom is a legend! I love his Camaro...

    100. Cpo lt